"Tradition is why everyone shaves the first time. If you're a bike racer, that's just what you do. "


There is a moment in the life of every cyclist when he has to make an important decision. The decision on which depends on who looks at him strangely: people on the tram, or colleagues. All the reasons for shaving the legs on the internet have already been written. Each of them is quite abstract, but let's agree: shaved, muscled and rendered leg, it looks just better. So if you've already convinced yourself that you have to join this elite group, I have a handful of advice. 

"Their eyes appeared forest ..." hair

On a good day, you have to reconcile with the fact that if you do it for the first time - it's like with most things in life, which is done for the first time - you have PROHIBITED. You can take day L4 and try the classic razor. You can also try an epilator or slices right away - then you'll probably get your release for the whole week ahead. Painkiller Tramadol nurse will prescribe you in the clinic for free when she sees your watery eyes and you will be like a pro from SKY. So I suggest making the initial selection of hair using a depilatory cream or electric machine - this should make the next steps a little easier. However, if you do not have such complicated devices - it's hard, Mach3.


"In terms of actual aerodynamics [not much]. But I know that if I immediately felt down. "I immediately felt down."

- Davis Phinney

Basic shaving can be carried out in several ways:

1. One-time machine - definitely not recommended. Not only is it expensive, but the amount of swings to be done is terrifying. It's just not ... unless you have little or blond hair.

2. Mach3 or similar machine - classic. In the end, you'll probably end up using just her, because most pros do. Exactly, painlessly, in the tub, in the shower, in front of the TV with a full bucket._MG_5628.. for soap, for water, for shaving foam, for cream. Everyone does it differently and it takes a different amount of time for everyone. One thing is certain - this is the most accurate domestic way - only the area around the knees requires some practice. I am a shadow and I use foam, a bucket with water, I turn on the series and it takes me one to one and a half episode.

3. Depilation cream - honestly, I was surprised. Despite the first fears about applying anything that dissolves part of me, the method is quite effective and painless. We take a deep breath, put the cream on the feet, wait 10-15 minutes, pull the hair with a spatula and rinse the rest. Then we repeat, because the first time probably will not come out perfectly. I do not know what to do for a quarter of an hour waiting with white legs, but surely the cream stays wherever we appear during this time. I know, because even if it does not leave a visible trace, its smell probably feels three settlements further. I think it is as enjoyable as the dissolved protein left in the shaker for a week.

The manual was also written to check the action first on a small section of the skin (allergies, etc.), but I decided that it is for the weak and immediately flew all over my legs - I live.

Hint: apply the oil instructions and cream with your hands, not with the included spatula. Trying to make it a spatula, my legs looked more or less like the sky in Van Gogh's paintings. Similarly, in white, everything around was also grimy. You get used to the stench on your hands - you still go in gloves.


"Nothing hurts like life"

Krzysztof, singing these words, did not know what depilation is.

4. Hair removal depilatory - good morning, welcome to hell. Imagine that you are standing on the floor ... now jump up and fall on the floor with your chest, on the top like the pool. I feel similar pleasure with every single stroke of the patch, and how much you use it, count yourself .... I think a dozen or so. The process is quite simple: warm up the patch in your hands, stick it on your leg and remove the strong, decisive movement - along with your hair, our dignity and conviction that we are tough. If the movement is too delicate, the glue will stay on the leg together with a part of the hair, so I recommend that you hire someone else for this - unless you do not like very much or just have a reason to punish yourself for something. I do not know, however, if you want this squeak and crying to see your other half. Due to the potential vulgarity, get rid of children from the neighborhood ... also from neighboring flats and blocks. When it comes to accuracy, it can be different, but usually you have to improve the device - especially the knee (yes, I have hair on my knee)


5. Epilator - I could say that it hurts for the first time. The second one also hurts, but minimally less. Each one is still a bit less. This, however, would not give away the meaning of the word "ache": it took me 3 days to shave my unprepared legs first - I spread it out in time, praying every morning, so that it would not be the moment when one has to go to the bathroom. You can get a similar feeling like this: place a spoon over the fire, heat it for 2 minutes until it is red, and then stick it on all subsequent places on the body. Nevertheless, it turned out that over time, thanks to self-denial, I started using only the epilator, because the issue of accuracy was proportional to the amount of time spent on shaving, and the cost was the best. Even the smallest mess. The legs remained smooth for the longest time from all tested methods. Unfortunately: the first depilator moved out, the second one burned ;-) Before borrowing, you can consult the girl if there is anything against the fact that you are sneaking up this little pain generator, but I am betting that she will also steal your leg machines, so you are a kwita.

So if you really want to depilate, start by shaving your legs in a different way. This will definitely simplify the whole, tedious operation.

There are of course depilatories that are a bit more enjoyable, for example by freezing snacks and other cosmic inventions - in my opinion, on a 10-point scale, they reduce suffering from 15 to 13.


"Pain is temporary
glory is forever "

6. Razor - if you're not playing in the Hitchcock movie, do not go showering with it. Really (* not for Bear Grylls and John Rambo). Ie. you can try, but remember that it is slippery and you will stay on one leg at times.

7. Lasers, coke, strange.... it means lights, waxes etc. - I do not know, I can not afford it, and I'm ashamed of it. In addition, laser removal is quite hard to undo as soon as you get lost.


Regarding regrowth, you have to accept that whatever you use, anyway in a week or two, the process will have to be repeated. After the razors a little faster, after depilation later.



"Higher, higher than yourself (...)
Above, breaking the fear higher. "

Guys from GCN explaining how to shave in the sink suggested that to the height of cycling shorts. It makes sense ... if you do not go to the pool. Generally, the higher the better, but remember your own Johnson (I really recommend this link to read about different types of Johnson, in lengjda) and that creams can damage it, and the razor the more. In addition, there is a good chance that the freshly shaved groin will initially rub you off. Here we come to ....

Do not do it!

I definitely do NOT recommend shaving my legs before going out on a bicycle, especially if you plan to sweat or put on long pants. Do not do it right before the competition. I would leave my first shave for the time when it's raining outside, and we can sit the next day or two in pajamas. Not only can they pinch, the abrasions of the thighs are almost certain - it can be alleviated by the children's topping or Sudocrem.


"In your mind, having shaved legs makes you feel faster. I always shave before a time trial. You feel the wind flowing over your legs. "

Chris Horner


 And finally a small bonus: GCN interview with pros, which clearly shows that the guys shave, not depilate ... and they do it in the range: from "daily" down "every month" ;-)

* as usual, I write about things I do not know about - they are not supported by any papers, but only by their own experience.