[dropcap] W [/ dropcap] [dropcap] e [/ dropcap] Ride is cool. We Ride is cool because riding a bike is cool. But not only because of that. It's nice front1502725_10152648123174877_3655858599163235551_oede all for the sake of company. Just one day after returning from a rather unplanned We Ride visit to the Giant Mountains and a week after visiting the Jesieniki and Beskidy Mountains, on the Sunday round of a thousand and the first time, the question was: "Maybe you want to jump into the Alps with us?". Only Szymonbike's colleagues probably have negative answers to these questions, thanks to which, just a week later, I am sitting in tightly stuffed riders, bikes, bananas, bars, gels and car clothes. After 17 hours, 3 chops, 8 piss, 13 coffee and 1500 kilometers, we were there. It is true that not in a hotel, because without prior notice, you can not get to him at 2 am, but still in Italy, in Livigno. The temperature around 7 degrees is not conducive to wandering around the city in search of accommodation, but after checking several possible options, which included: half an hour pounding in the door of a closed hotel, sleeping in the car, sleeping in the billiard room of the hotel where you do not know how to we found, sleeping in a hotel for a million, we were able to take a nap, courtesy of some locals met at the bar.


 Day 1.

Check-in on the Internet. Fota on Instagram from dreptak. Widow shopping in a duty-free zone. Day completed. However, using the amazing weather, we decided to add a bicycle tour. A simple plan - let's see the most famous cycling mountain pass: Stelvio. As always after my return I'm afraid of saying: "You were coming from the east? I heard that from the west it is much better ", we drove up from both sides. It will be 4km vertically at 100km. On the way, we pass Michał Kwiatkowski, who is just pumping intervals - despite all this, he was able to greet us verbally with the last of his strength. Looking, however, how much effort it cost, we have some remorse. To this day, I check his profile, or whether he does not win the GP, Plouay does not drop on us.
As I was afraid, the famous corners are just the end of the driveway. Driveway completely different from both sides. From 20km, 8% driveway with beautiful views and empty roads, on the other 25km, 7% driveway halfway through the forest, halfway through famous safety pins, collapsed by motorcycles, camper and cabriolet. At the top like at Marszałkowska: shops, people, the smell of German Wurst and a burned clutch. Motorcyclists, German tourists-pensioners, German rich people in their cabriolet, riders - all have one thing in common: a photo from a handbook for facebook. Although the view of 25 corners does not look from the top as well as in the pictures - the views from the route compensate for everything. After 4:00 pm everything is empty - we are just us, asphalt and the slowly setting sun. Landscape, asphalts, marmots and goats, leftovers of snow, could probably only be described by Eliza Orzeszkowa. I refer to pictures - experience, from the cycling point of view: not to be told. Przemek burns his hoop and returns with his foot. We manage to catch up before dark. In the evening, classic Italian pizza, 2 kilograms of cereal with milk, 3 liters of tears from pain and sleep. One of those days you will remember for the rest of your life.



Day 2.

In connection with the constantly announced break in the weather, we decide to make the other two most famous passes at once: Gavia and Mortirolo. Both of them, remembered by me as "creeping up" on Giro, when cyclists, in the cold, wind and snow, push the crank to freeze on breakneck downhills. Gavia from Bormio - a complete profession. Driveway boring, practically without views, uninteresting asphalt. If not for Łukasz's rubber and his cut tire: zero emotions. From more or less half (ie the time when the landscapes cease to admire, and the eyes are focused only on the front wheel) the lunar landscape. When at the top, full of disgust, the last force of will, in bad weather, we decide to go further instead of turning back ... we find out why this pass is one of the best visually assessed passes in Italy. A steep, winding, 2-meter road, winding with perfectly even asphalt between lakes and tunnels is amazing. I do not know how to race after it, especially considering the savings on railings and the so-called "limited safety zone" between the asphalt and the precipice, at descents reaching up to 16%. I do not know how cars pass by, but I suspect that a new Italian word that I have learned: vaffanculo, can be very helpful. The temperature rises to almost 30 degrees, the clouds disappear. Thanks to a fairly conservative convention, we all live. Now only Mortirolo: the simplest drive on the map. On the Internet, however, marked with a higher level of difficulty than the previous ones, but the numbers do not lie ... Lied - the driveway of the massacre. The southern part is steep and almost entirely in the forest. No, Stelvio was steep, it was a wall. The wall of crying. 13 kilometers of crying and suffering. At the top: NOTHING, even benches. On the other hand, however, it is even worse: steeper, longer, more beautiful. So what if it's beautiful, when the exit is so steep it's impossible to take a picture. Despite the burnt brake pads, I often fail to stop at the place where I would like to. The only picture from the convention was made thanks to the braking on the straight and the recline uphill. Then an endless 25km of light podjadu to the car. It lasted for 6 hours, although the track shows the time. In the evening, a kilo of pizza, 4 kilograms of bananas and no tears, because there is no strength to cry anymore. There is also nothing, the sun has melted us. Strava, Kudosy, Lajki, Instagramy, Komtu and sleep.

Day 3.

Tightening and visiting the area. In the morning, the rubber at the top of the Foscanio pass. Magical fluid, however, will overwhelm ... A bit of air has gone down, so 30km / 1km from the house I stop at the local bici-mechanico which pumps me down with my italiano-pump. 500 meters away, the sealer can not stand it. Return to bici-mechanico. Time 12:27, so mechanico has already started its break from 12.30 to 15.00. Piotrek is coming for me, a kilo of pizza, a return to mechanico. 10E later a hole covered with magical Italian liquid. Tightening after the Foscanio pass. Beautiful views: a little sprinkles, so there is a rainbow, there are goats, there is everything. 2500m vertically falls, so that the 3rd day I break the border 10km vertically. Return to the house, the end of the last driveway, a rasp. End of the trip - the stroller's derailleur gets into the spokes - the crooked hook, the spokes broken - the vision of the lack of lunches for a month. Piotrek is coming to me. In the meantime, Łukasz visits Stelvio making over 6km vertically on one "trip". We eat all Sagan's favorite dish - pasta with green, in his favorite eatery. We throw in tiramisu, some tears, integration with the masters of the Polish MTB and go to bed. In the morning, chops, piss and 1500km wait. Return through Jelenia Góra to remind yourself how normal hills look. Piotrek's wheel is insulted on him for a small distance on Sunday, so he grabs the slippers in the trunk.

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That's what I wrote - Maciek. However, he could write each of you. Just be on the right We Ride at the right time :)

PS. Because the question will be: "I wonder how much it costs such a 5-day trip", I answer in advance that it can be easily closed in a 3-digit amount.