"Rise and shine. It's 6am and it's too late to get out of bed. (... blah blah blah ...) Because we've got a work to do. "

The Grind, Red Productions



Pain, suffering, renunciations, rigor, dedication, training, death, fighting against oneself, overcoming weaknesses. Sounds familiar, right? These words scroll through Facebook every day. No wonder: on some 450 carefully selected friends, somewhere that I met 300 on a bike. Then I liked about one thousand five hundred and one hundred and nine hundred fanpages. After I have devoted a few days (for which I sincerely apologize to my employer) to block all sites that publish boring and stupid content, it turned out that on average every second post I see has more or less direct connection with cycling. That's good, cycling is my hobby that I enjoy. Not only practicing but also watching, reading, analyzing and planning.


Just do what you love doing. That's my only advice

Peter Sagan

Autumn is the time of the year in which we put on clothes that we had long ago forgotten and we were well with it. It is also the most beautiful time of the year for amateur cyclists, because it does not drive so much on a bike. A little strange, no? The proof, however, is as simple as the streets in Doha: I start my computer in the morning and the first thing I see is the entries that have come to school and it's great. Wonderful because you can do what you want. You can go to the cinema, you can go around the area. You can take the girl for a walk, without looking at your watch, waiting for the interval of 6 and a half minutes to come. This is also the time when blogs come up with the news that they can look around, leave Garmin at home and live a life at all. Like an ordinary man. wow.

Marcin Cieluch from the blog My Strategy he wrote recently that: "I have to train - come back! - I do not need anything - I want to! I WANT A GREAT DIFFERENCE"- this is a beautiful approach.


Or maybe you do not need anything?


You, must not 'nothing in your life. I do not, must 'nothing in the life, just die. It's important, yeah, but I have also a future in front of me.

Peter Sagan

Well, maybe you do not have to do it in the high season either? Do not get me wrong, I'm not saying that training is bad. That getting up at 6 o'clock only to put on a workout because "In the afternoon, unfortunately, I have to take care of my family" It makes no sense. The approach is wrong that you have to do something - because no, you do not have to. Because if you must be sincerely sorry, unless you pay for it. If I would return home from the office after 8 hours knowing that I MUST take care of my hobby, I would be a sad man. A sensational training plan for an amateur, like me, assumes, counting slightly, some 10 hours a week. However, it's 10 hours of training, not rides. Statistically in our country during the year we have more rainy days than dry ones (source), and as we know, rainy weather is not optimal for cycling. I mean, everyone is saying that there is no bad weather, only badly dressed cyclists, but I suspect that they write it right after they left to take a selfik and return immediately. Because regular training in wet and cold is pleasant or safe, I will not believe it. Adding to that for half a year outside of working hours is dark with us, it turns out that we have to be either very motivated or come to terms with activities under the roof.



I know I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I know I'm the luckiest guy in the world. .

Mark Cavendish



Here the question arises: is what we gain thanks to so many sacrifices worth it. If so, it's great. However, it is hard for me to imagine that a few hundred hours of activity, which does not necessarily give us pleasure, and for which nobody pays us (as opposed to work, which you also may not like, but you must do) could be compensated by anything. Every time when I am riding a stager for Stravę for more than 120 minutes, someone writes something about mental health, tightness, compassion and stuff. These are usually people who, before each pedaling in the place, throw in a status on how much hard-to-end it requires. I like to ride a trainer. I like long and boring workouts in the place and those after which I fall from the saddle. I like to sit completely mindlessly without external stimuli, in a place where there is no one. Just like outside, only an hour of pushing through the city and fighting for life. Because are the same Gasses for the thousandth time so much better? Not for me. I do what I like.



The vast majority of the fastest amateurs I know are approaching this sport with ease. Of course, they exercise regularly, have well-designed plans (at least on a macro scale), but I have never seen them publicly complain that they have to "do training". "Doing training" is for professionals who often treat it as a job. It takes away some of the fun. I've seen a lot of elite players who, speaking about going out on a bicycle, sound exactly like us when we talk about going to work. But even they do not publicly complain about the coercion of training. Because it does not fall out. Because they know why they do it. Because unnecessary stress adversely affects the results - always. Does making a martyr out of yourself make any sense? Let the results and achievements speak for us.




And why am I writing this like Mrs. Ania from the "Life Guides" section from the serious Glamor magazine? It is not that such statues annoy me. Usually, I simply "hide" people who suffer 4 times a week. Sometimes I scroll them with a mouse with a slight look of contempt. The problem is that they demotivate an average person who would like to start. They make simple matters, like dressing up and going outside, in order to make the world's most ordinary, primitive jogging, become an amazing challenge. That preparing for this requires a huge fortitude and being a sports ubermensch. And it should not be like this. When things that should be pleasant take on the aura of coercion and coercion, like going to the factory, they lose the idea of ​​being a hobby.




Create positive content. Show that it is worth exercising, not that you need to. Real successes are born in silence.