That people have not read letters for a long time. After the release of the first issue of "Szosa", many of us got text messages saying: "Hey, I have not read the magazine yet, but the pictures are nice and the paper is nice." It turns out that this phenomenon is more common than I thought. Alternatively, if they are very bored, they start with the signatures under the pictures. So I decided to shorten the number of letters to a minimum and point out how, in my opinion, should take place a winter visit by bicycle in the Beskids. We have been going there for years at any time of the year, so there is a chance that I will miss a few.


1. Drive to Góra Żar


Despite the altitude of only 761m, it is, in my opinion, the best viewpoint - the panorama of the Beskids and the Międzybrodzki Lake. Over 8km with an average slope of 5%, of which the steepest 700 meters have 13%. From more or less half, the road is partly closed to cars. At the top there is also a queue that brings our downhill brothers and civilians.


2. ... and make a snowman there


You can spend a moment at the top. If there is no snow, you can just sit and observe all the possible sides, while checking on the map what we currently see. Then we set off on the Red Bull Road Rage route, which we also reached the summit, from which one of the few racing games takes place, on which, foursome, all types of bikes compete with each other.


3. Be like a rally car and get Salmopol


There is nothing on Salmopol (934m). Views during the driveway are also not amazing. You can only take a photo with skiers. In fact, even if we do not have a camera and we will appear on the slope, someone will do it to us. It is not without reason that the Rally of the Vistula risps here. Over 13km with an average slope of 4% - it is quite hard. Personally, I recommend the direction of Szczyrk-> Wisła because of the quality of the asphalt - it is better to pull down better. But what a cyclist who can cover this hill only one way. I think it's good to drive from both.


4. Surround the Beskids with Ochodzita


7.5 km with an average of 4%, a viewing terrace upstairs. At the exit towards Milówka, watch out for a short but quite surprising section of pavement. Not one of my travel companions swore there in a godly way. It's nice, just like that.


5. In silence and sadness, climb into Przegibek and look death in the eye

With Przegibka I do not have a photo - one way too boring, the other too fast. If we are going highlander or passing through, we can try to get up from the summit, 4km to Magurka, but I have never been able to check it out. The driveway towards Bielsko is quite poor - no views, no altogether anything. The congress, however, rewards everything. 7.3km with an average slope of 4%, with perfect asphalt, well-profiled corners and an even slope does its job. It's fast, very.


6. Crashed down the driveway to Glinka


Heading towards the Polish-Slovak border, we encounter roads where snow will not soon disappear. Let's enjoy this pleasure in the middle of the forest, on an icy 12km uphill slope of 3% and turn over. The pain of the tipper will reward you with the feeling: "oh, if I'm lying this way, maybe I will stay in this position for a while and rest myself."


7. Drive along boring roads for a view in Nova Bystrica


Our way to Slovakia was hopelessly boring. Similarly as later to the Czech Republic and home. However, we found a place that largely made up for the hardships of driving around flat towns. Coming from Oravska Lesna to Nova Bystrica, we are completely on a bridge with a magnificent view. Then it is not much worse, numerous streamers for over 5km, 6% downhill. The movement is negligible, as is usually the case with our southern neighbors. Only somehow, all other parts of these countries seem to be nicer ... 


8. Eat like a pros from Kubalonka


From Kubalonka to Wisła we drive 6km of tarmac with an inclination of 5% with numerous corners. There are cars on it, but the main problem is how to overtake them, not the fact that they are coming after us.


9. Drive as far as Zameczek


The castle is known mainly as a descent from the Beskid Loop. Short, only 2.6 km - however, the 8% slope does its job. On the way we pass the residence of the President of the Republic of Poland. Worth doing on both sides - loops can be extended for the Czarna Wisełka Valley, but in winter it is impassable, even for our cross-country .... It means not that you can not - everything is possible. Just another bruise on my legs will not fit after the last bicycle and ski exploits.


10. Search in the Czech Republic and Slovakia ;-)



Look for and you will find. Both on our side of the mountains, as well as Czechs and Slovaks are undiscovered places. In which the store can be open from 12 to 13. In which civilization ends, the road breaks off and people disappear. In contrast, you can then enter the beautiful concrete cities abroad :-)