Time trial bike (for triathlon) I have two months. It's probably long enough for me to speak like an online specialist.



Goat? Szto eto?
Time or triathlon.


It has not happened for a long time to let me lie in the very title of the entry. It will not be a text about a time bike, it is a text about a triathlon bike. Let's be honest, most people who want to buy a goat think about the triathlon. Because a triathlon bike is used for triathlons (ie longer distances), and a typical time trial is used to (here put an ugly word) for up to an hour, and usually for less than half.





The difference is not obvious and very often the same base is used for both purposes - the Canyon Speedmax bike, for example, people win both time trials and triathlons. So what are the differences between these bikes?

Cycling has its own wooden UCI, so in the time trial there are additional regulations. The tip of the saddle is at least 5cm from the center of the carriage in a straight line and the famous rule 3: 1 (max. Ratio of part length to width) makes all magical inventions in the style of CERVÉLO P5X have no reason to exist in cycling races. Therefore, it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that the top time bike can handle TRI, but the TRI bike is not available in the time trials.



In addition, the differences are:

- a slightly different position: the hips are more forward, to run better, a bit less aggressive, to die only after running, and not immediately after leaving the bike

- tribajerki: water bottles for the steering wheel, behind the saddle, built into the frame, storage, shelves, cabinets, tools. If the apocalypse comes, the triathlon bike will allow us to survive a minimum of a week. It's a camper in the world of bicycles.





How to buy a goat, a bulbs guide.


I admit: buying a triathlon bike was one of the most difficult purchases I made. It lasted several months (not that I was in a hurry), but from the perspective of time I'm explaining that I had no idea what was going on.

Starting a new sport as an onion, I have two options. Buy new equipment in Decathlon or other Planet X or look for a stimulant. As I wrote before: Decathlon officially does not have a time bikeso the first problem solved. Planet X has it and one that I really like: Exo 3 in painting British Lion is a stunner for me, but I feel a little pity. Maybe someday…



Driving a time trial is like someone tied you with a rubber band to a tree. Moving is a murderer, but the moment the gum hits it is worth it.



So I decide on a reasonable solution: a stimulant. Hunting for a good price is a great alternative for renting things. Mainly because it just goes cheaper. There is a serious chance that it will be sold at a price close to the purchase price.




The requirements were simple: it was supposed to be ridiculous, with an 11-row drive (because the simulator), in the price of a mid-range bike (say 5k-7k) and a size of around 58cm (I'm 188cm). The last condition turned out to be destructive. Virtually no one sells such big time bikes. As it turned out later, he was also the most pointless, about what in a moment.


Time is cool because it solves the problem of having too much money ... not only at the time of purchase, but also after it.


Ultimately, the choice falls on Planet X EXO2, which is the previous model, a stout "budget" from the UK. With 11-row Ultima, large size and hopeless wheels. It somehow came out somehow around 5k. The fact that I bought a bike coming back from KarkonoszmanaOn which bicycle people made me on the time trials, there is nothing to do with it ;-) It was a shock, it turned out that the time trial is faster than the road even in the mountains (well, it is not the fault of the leg).

I believe that if we start a sport and we are not sure if we like it, it's best to start with stimulants.





What size of goat to choose?


Finding information on the internet about what size to choose is a drama. It's a bit like finding a solution to a problem that should be solved by a doctor: if you want to find information that the pain of the middle finger in your left leg is the beginning of diabetes or cancer - you will find it. So I will spare you time, advanced timers will laugh at me now, but:
Choose a size one smaller than the road. If there is only the S / M / L nomenclature, take the one that the manufacturer recommends on your site according to the table, seriously.




Because I do not believe that I say it, but generally in the time-scale, the size is a bit smaller. The range of regulation of the saddle (seatposts with two holes or even two holes on the seatpost), lemondki and bridge give such a setting potential that basically the only criterion is the height at which we can extend the saddle. Here again the advantage of stimulants appears, only after a few rides we will understand what is going on in this bike.

And I know that listening to a guy whose bridge looks like ... I will not say what is doubtful, but you have to trust me.

... oh, choosing a fully integrated cockpit for good morning may not be the best idea. Ugly but well-configurable solutions are welcome at the start.





How to sit on a goat?


I sit on a bike for the first time on a bike. I thought it was safer for me and for all the participants in the movement.



Shock I. The first ride on the trainer is the power lower by an average of 30% compared to the highway



I set the position as-so, feel a bit, and a bit according to what I saw on the internet. The first five minutes are like hitting a small toe of the right foot with a hammer. All my ideas about how much more comfortable I will be watching you through the whole winter, has been ruined. Comfort is more or less as if someone told me to simultaneously make a board (plan) and bury the hole with the corpse behind me. Drilling and changing, the grip lasts for about 70 minutes - this is the biggest mistake of this season. The next day I can not move with my right hand, I do not get on my bike for two weeks. Today, more than two months later, it still hurts and I am just signing up for a physio. I will say this: I can not imagine the beginning of an adventure with a time trial without bikefitting.


time bike
photo stolen from the Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon profile



Fitting is more important than fast wheels, tight fitting and everything else taken together. Unless you have a large flush or rich experience, I do not have one. I go as usual to Wojtek with Absolute Bikes, who sets the position on one that I would never think about. Is somehow higher, much more forward, hands somehow closer, the bridge is so torso that the output with it is comparable to the first exit in lajkrze. The difference is that I feel like a rocket now.





There are problems with goats alone.


Seriously. I do not even mean financial problems and finding the right model for myself. The real ride begins then - literally.

It turns out that once you have picked up your new time trial you can not put it on the roof, because the wheel straps are too short to cover the high wheels, and the frame too massive to grab the gripper. Then you discover that the trunk of your largest estate car on the market, however, is not so big ...


Riding a time trial around the city is a mistake, but not as big as I thought. The upper grip is not so bad.


Even the most mundane things, like attaching a lamp, are a challenge here. Because how to attach it, how the cross-section of each pipe is at least as large as the drain pipe?


Do you want to inflate the wheel? Buy a valve extension.
The tire is slightly curve (I greet Continentale) - it will spawn on the frame.
You want to pull the wheel - remove the clamp, because there is a horizontal hook.
Do you want to enter the elevator? Wait for the freight.
Do you want to leave the city? You will look like a fool.
Do you want to buy anything? Pay 4x as much as on the road.
Do you want to go with your friends for a ride? You will be permanently changing.
Do you want to move your bike to another room? You will turn back "for three".
Do you want to mount Garmin? Look for a new handle.
Do you want to put on your goggles? Look for an integrated quick helmet, because in the current you will be looking over them.
Do you want to drink? Buy a bottle holder for a saddle and suffer from aero deficiencies or spend half a salary per bottle attached to a lemond.
Do you want to ride, and it's windier outside than usual? Dress up the fat pampers.
Do you want to watch the views and take photos while driving? You will have to go again, with another bike.


This list does not end. A time bike is a nuisance.


I thought that roadside supplements are expensive until I bought a time trial.


I do not want to go too far into the details of bicycle accessories, the time will come. I will just give an example: a bottle attached to a lemondice: PROFILE DESIGN FC25 System (because I have a place on the frame for one) costs slightly PLN 400. It is hopeless, it splashes from it in all directions, and it is folded like it was printed by someone starting to play with a 3d printer. Such gadgets are multiplying with time.





The first time cycling


I got on my new bike, drove 20 meters, got off. I checked if the wheels are inflated, everything is tight, nothing is crooked. I got in again, the effect is the same. Time is going completely different. It was the day when I stopped laughing at the guests sticking their legs while turning back.



Twisting is overrated.



Riding a time bike is a little like riding your old, heavy bike, in which you also put your backpack on the steering wheel. From my calculations it appears that a minimum of several rides are needed to get used to this crap. Initially, it is like driving a TIR - every acceleration is a muzzle, and each uphill becomes 3x steeper. Returning to the road makes you want to check again if everything is good with the bike, because it is like a satan.


time bike



Acceleration, twisting, moving in city traffic - I can not imagine that any of these activities would be pleasant. Not only that, if you start your adventure and drive slowly, I have a very bad news: slow horse-drawn time trial looks extremely bad. It looks like this guy, who goes to work on a bicycle with a half-meter long lemond placed vertically, the flag at the back, 6 panniers and a flag stuck half a meter to the left. Before leaving the house, I recommend to pour water and kick with a small finger in the door frame. This will guarantee the appearance, as if you were coming back from a very heavy training already at the start. Then you can drive slowly.


Everything changes when a man learns to ride (ie to negotiate bends without going off the bicycle). Then there is time to invest in the wheels. My goat in the advertisement was exhibited with a propeller and a disc, but I am a bulb and I bought it in the cheapest, driving version. Do you know how the appearance changed? More or less like the Titanic before and after the sinking. It was logical to invest in wheels. This is one of the most important aesthetic factors and the greatest gain in aerodynamics.





Wiater in spokes


There are many things in the world that arouse disgust, sadness, sorrow, disgust and other similar feelings. The unquestionable prime lead here is the time bike on wheels with a low profile. As a bulb, I bought my goat with some of Shimano's cheapest wheels. It was certain that this state of affairs can not be maintained. The eyes in the house were tearing every time we passed him.

The choice fell on RON Wheels. I saw that probably all bloggers used their triathlon at some point in their career, so why should I be different? Everyone praised. In order not to kill myself, I decided on 67mm and 85mm. Today I regret that I did not choose the disc backwards. So I took the wheels for tests with great certainty that I would not give them back. I am so lazy that I do not want to send things back after testing and I prefer to buy them. Especially if I break them ;-)


time bike



I break the wheels before I make the first kilometer. Setting up a tire is a challenge here even for the well-known strongmen Mariusz P. Koło are probably created mainly for tubelessach - I respect, but if I have to change the tube on the road - cry. The carbon overlay breaks after more or less 3 minutes waving with the spoon when setting up the tire. This, however, does not bother me at all, and even fits with the sticker that leaves the rim. I assume that this is how it should be, after all this is an additional problem, and from what I understand it is all about it.


The first ride with lemondką and very high cone (everything for 50mm is already very high for me) is more trauma than showing up in the city on the time trial. I check again if I have a slipper. I check again if everything is well fastened. It's a little bit like a cross between driving with downcast air and driving on a tram track. The mysterious force keeps your steering wheel straight and counteracts all your movement. On this day the wind blows more than usual, I place myself on the lemond for the first time after about 20 kilometers of driving. A bit ashamed.


With a lemond is like riding a bike - the faster it is, the easier it is. It is said that the reasonable minimum speed is around 25km / h. It is also the same as with eats - the more confidently you drive, the less chance you will die in the bend.


Goat's position makes you feel like this wooden log, which was once balanced with the gates of castles.


After adding almost a kilo bottle to lemondkę (which of course costs as much as a few very-very expensive water bottles on the road), it does not get any easier. But it does not really matter. Yes or no - it's hard.





Everything is nothing


All these disadvantages, problems, difficulties - it does not matter. The day you go out on a time bike that you can master a little bit. A day that does not happen. A day when you have a leg. The day that changes everything finally comes.

You do not know if you are running, or the effect of a sports car that sits on the soil, and everything is "more", but when at home you see that without unnecessary pressure the average of several dozen kilometers is around 40km / h, you can already know. Speed, noise of wheels, new position - it makes you feel like a bullet. You discover cycling again (for a while).





What matters in life on the street?


The time / triathlon bike is slightly different. The initial costs are also slightly different.


time bike



fot. Panda


The POSITION on it is the most important. The position and position are on the next places. In my opinion, a good fitting (or a lot of luck with self-matching) gives much more than good equipment. Then there is the drive. But not his class, and the state of maintenance. Because it's much better to drive on Tiagra in perfect condition and beautifully greased, than Ultegra, which is creeping. Then there are circles - the higher, the faster, unless it blows - then the higher it is, the greater the chance of death. The back of the disc, from the front from 50mm up, depending on the faith in its motor coordination - I do not have it and 60mm is a serious challenge for me. Then there are all kinds of magic accessories (water bottles, handles, etc.) and the rest of the bike.





Are the goats faster?


Yes, they are. This is the moment when you forgive your bike for all disabilities. Man - car, speed addictive.



Goats are faster because they sit more in the front, so it's closer to the finish line



According to my calculations (drawn from ... finger) based on very serious variables that arose deep in my ... head, the time bike is faster by about 10%. The faster we go, the more it gives us. Analogously in the other direction, the slower we go - the more we receive. You can safely assume that on routes with inclines up to 5% (if leg is obviously), the time trial gives clear profits. The more flat and less speed changes, the higher the profits, of course.


time bike
photo stolen from the profile: Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon


In addition, in the case of a triathlon bike, the main advantage is one more. After riding it you can run with other legs. Seriously, you can go on the bike on a corpse, and go on the run with other legs. In the case of the road, after the first kilometer of the run I usually fold my back and I feel like crying in a fetal position, hiding in the surrounding bushes.



Shock II. Time is even faster in the mountains.



With this bike, even if you drive slowly but try hard, you get the feeling that you're going fast. On his first race, during Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon I traveled 90km at 2:14. This gives an average of under 40km / h. Can I go faster than a bike on which I have traveled 5 times in my life? No way. Especially taking into account 8 rebounds on the route and my hopeless style of going off the bicycle, which also counts until the time of the ride.





Time bike - is it worth it and why not?


One Rabbi will say yes, different that he does not - as usual.

I will tell you that it is not worth it. Do not go this way. I say this, however, only because I consider the time bike the most dangerous cycling invention on our roads. It may be due to poor maneuverability, perhaps by the distance to the brake handles, perhaps by people who drive them. When I see the time trial on the bike path, I descend to the pavement. For me, a resident of Mazovia, this is the discovery of the year - as if someone had built a new one for Gassy. I wonder just how long this phase of excitement will last ...



cover photo: Piotr O.