Roztocze, why?

Let's start with the fact that the first paragraph of an entry about Roztocze must always begin with an embarrassing joke. Something like: if the mite is at home, why shouldn't we be with him? Possibly a statement that we are allergic to dust mites, but we go there anyway. Okay, drummed.

I do not know what must be going on in the head that comes up with the idea of "let's go to Janów Lubelski" during the last weekend of summer holidays, but I inform you what was going on in mine. The lower-right corner of Poland (here I greet my geography teacher, who forbade to write like that - see how I write in front of millions of listeners) is the only place where it was supposed to be warm and sunny. The same Janów seemed to be a safe border of good weather, and as it is about 2.5 hours away from Warsaw on a nice road, we did not think for a long time.

Saturday morning in Warsaw was very bad:

Although not much later we already missed him very much. When planning a route along the trail I am showing you here, it is worth remembering that the area does not abound with grocery stores or eateries - especially its western part

It is also worth taking into account that although I am writing about Roztocze, the trail runs across a slightly wider area and in fact, the best for us was the vicinity of the Janowskie Forests. So when I write "the mite is cool", it may turn out that I mean something completely different. Not only that, the Roztocze National Park seems to be the least impressive of the whole route.

As always, full professionalism.


313km / 1700m

Surface: 90% of very good or ideal asphalt, 6% of poor asphalt, 4% different surfaces, but passable on the road. Just like that.

Traffic: Negligible most of the time. I suspect you pass a tractor more than a car on most routes.

Subjective assessment: taking into account the distance from Warsaw - a very large piece. I didn't think a relatively flat and theoretically boring loop would be that good. I wouldn't go to it twice in a row, but once every six months it's worth it.

day I (138km / 945m):
day II (168km / 467m):

What to change on the route: road 849 from Józefów to Kozaków. The download below contains a patch made by Górecko Stare. Besides, the trail certainly avoids many other nice places, but it's still very good. Very.

It is such a connection between Podlasie (views) and Podkarpacie (road condition).

download .gpx

What to eat. The most important question.

Apparently the most important point is Fisherman's Hut. Maybe it is, I don't know. It would be easier for us to judge if we liked to mess with bones. Let's be honest: fish is not the best choice for bikepacking, and 3 potatoes bought as an accessory will not save it. Trouts are good for sure, but I stay, however, #TeamSchak or #TeamSprot fries. Especially that at the end of the day, when we come to the pub, my favorite fish, i.e. the fillet, is gone.

Besides, supposedly a pizzeria Capri in Janów Lubelski it is worth visiting when someone likes a real Italian pizza. We have such an abundance at home (Viadomo, Viaduct, Piselli, Ciao a Tutti, etc.), so we choose a more homely one, with the same name that dispels all doubts: Smażalnia Ryb / Gigant Pizza. I recommend. If after 170 km you eat two pieces of pizza, it shows something.

Janów Lubelski is great in general and I will remember him very well. Not because of the quite pleasant lagoon under the city with the crown-beach. Not by leaving the car completely comfortable and trouble-free herenext to the park. Mainly because I left the rear light on the bush for about 10 minutes and when I returned for it, it was obviously gone. Someone has become the new owner of my most expensive Flare RT lamp in the world. If you're reading this, I wish you would burn your eye with it. The lack of this lamp saved us from driving at night, because we were afraid. Maybe it's better, I haven't practiced pitching a tent at night yet.

So what is this loop?

Of course, I will not describe the mile by kilometer loop. Let me just say that I really recommend it. There are no amazing views, but I haven't ridden such good forests for a very long time.

The beginning looks like this (and I didn't purposely choose photos without car traffic - that's how it is)

Instead of reading this post, jump over the weekend to the loop described here ...


And of course, nothing special - fields like fields and it is the same in Świętokrzyskie. In the first 70km, we do about 700m vertically. The slopes are short but steep. I would have shot most of it is 10% minimum. Virtually zero traffic.

There is quite an interesting dissonance along the route. On the one hand, we have the feeling that it is a village at the end of the world, on the other: it is exceptionally clean, tidy, empty, but with good asphalt and agritourism from time to time. The closer to the Roztocze National Park, the more such agritourism, of course. The atmosphere is made by little flavors found along the way. One hundred thousand chapels with funny Jesus and Marys, churches, local shops, people etc.

The Roztocze National Park itself is definitely nice, but not in this convention. We fly through it on a gravel road (and the other way, not very smooth, just to confirm) and forget. It is also the culmination of the tourist crowd - it may not be particularly persistent (except Zwierzyniec), but it does not suit the subject of the trip. Maybe if I left my bikes and walked along the hiking trails like normal others…

We sleep in the wild, in some clearing near the village of Krasnobród. The name is adequate to the place where you hear mainly drunk chants at 10 pm, and where at 8 am there is absolute peace and quiet.

I have a problem with sleeping in the wild, because it is illegal. So I don't go into details, but we try to be completely non-invasive (so much so that Panda spits water into the yogurt bottle while brushing his teeth). We have a two-person tent, two sleeping bags, two sleeping mats - the whole set probably weighs 3 kg. It's so warm that I haven't used the tropic again.

On Sunday it is completely different, at least from the moment we start to move back north.

On this day, we are driving on roads so good that I didn't know they could exist in this country. Do you know such a perfect asphalt crossing Kampinos? These are such roads, only stretching for long kilometers, much narrower, but often deprived of (legally) car traffic. For example, the entire, 20-kilometer detour before Józefów. And that forest in front of the Janowskie Forests Reserve, oh, yeah. The photos do not reflect it, but if you are looking for cycling peace, you will find it there.


A real tourist will point out to me that I did not write about a hundred thousand attractions along the way, numerous observation towers (you do not need to, but if you pass you can), churches, monuments (eg Kargul and Pawlak - it is somewhere above in the pictures). Unfortunately, this is not the blog, we like the Orthodox church with "unusual" names, such as the Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For me, it is a loop with a rating of 9 out of 10, considering its availability for the Mazowiecki Cyclist. Of course, I give the grade just as a resident of Warsaw, because if someone lives in Podkarpacie, they may be a bit disappointed ... but they don't have to. Just like Świętokrzyskie. I do not hide that this is not a route that I would like to ride regularly. It is so beautiful, calm and boring that at some point you can start eating sticks to enrich your life. I recommend.


Statistical Krzysztof was supposed to go with us for the trip, but at the last moment he said that he liked Gassy more. If you have read here, be good people and give Krzysztof in the commentary that Roztocze is better - here is his ride ;-)