Compression clothing is a sensitive topic. On the one hand, one hundred thousand blogger entries about how much it helps in life, on the other hand, a million skeptical voices. From one hundred and five hundred articles on the producers' websites about how much we get from it, from the other 300 studies that prove that nothing.

It started as usual: a nice gentleman from the company wrote to me Run Center ( that we could co-operate. The name may not be the best, but the gratuities are falling - I think. So I click on the link, and there are 3 guys in triathlon foam (and one lady) greet me. They look like they were about to ask if I have a problem and take my bike. It's no better, I click on something and take me to the site I quickly switch to porn site, because I'm afraid that someone at work will see how I watch triathlon equipment - I would not explain it for the rest of my life *.


compression socks velominati
A book with the principles of Velominati so repels the compression bands so much that when you try to place them on it, they begin to levitate and rotate in the air


I come back to the subject at home, switch the browser to private mode, so that I would not be popping out bananas and I will start browsing the offer. Compression garment from compressport - an unexplored subject that always wondered me. There are socks, leggings, sleeves, calf bands, thighs, forehead, long and short pants, T-shirts ... you are - it will be difficult. Ultimately, I decide on calf and thigh bands, because some of the most practical ones seem to be. They probably work worse than entire trousers, but the socks are smelly, and the shorts are probably opposing places that already saddle me for half my life. Well, the calf bands can be hidden under short pants and do not look like a clown. Because unfortunately:


Compression clothes, or Halloween outfit, are ready


Cycling compression clothing is associated badly. There can be many reasons:

  • you do not see cycling professionals in compresses, (write in google images: cycling compression and look)
  • because the compresses are banned by UCI (just like your too light bike)
  • but they could regenerate in them,
  • instead, they see triathlonists in them

The cycling leg is specific. I do not know if other people can distinguish when the leg is: wooden, fresh, stale, compacted, pulled, inflated, tired, gas, burning, shaded, rendered, flooded, strong, weak, giving, bad, strong and so on. Each of these states can of course connect freely with others. Who else could fully write how compression clothes work? Well, do it!


compression clothing eats a sandwich
I have no idea how to make an interesting photo with armbands, so I add a picture of how the band eats my sandwich with ham and cheese


The first point: I pull out the measuring cup and measure myself. It is important that, contrary to habits, do not add centimeters to the measurement. I'm getting 2 in a 4-point scale .... Panda too - well, I have legs like a girl. Orders COMPRESSPORT FORQUAD for PLN 239 and COMPRESSPORT UR V2 for 179 PLN. All in all, if I took compression legs, more body would be compressed for less. By the end of the day, I also wonder why, as a cyclist, I did not just take my cycling compression pants. Somewhere in the back of my head I remember sometimes running (here, for example, a relationship from the half-marathon in Lisbon), so maybe the wristbands will be useful also then.

Second point: we assume. At the beginning it is a big feat, because it resembles packing for a long ride (reminder herewhat must enter there). You look at your leg, look at the armband and think only one thing - it will not work. But it works, amazing how flexible and durable material can be. I was convinced that I would kidnap or kidnap during the week. I could not break them - success.


Following Velominati advice, the length of the sock is measured by the formula:

S = A / π - √B ± (B / A) / (1 / CS¹)

where, in a nutshell:
A - length of the leg measured from the ankle to the end of the tibia
B - the distance between the ankle and the half of the calf
S - the height of the socks measured from the ankle
CS - Calf Shame factor, i.e. calf shame index, where 0 is no shame (maybe even glory), and 10 is a total shame


Compression clothes - What does the internet say?


I will not get into the way how this clothing works - it is said that blood flows faster because it has less space. I do not fully understand, but I do not have to. I am a simple consumer for whom the product works or does not work ... unless I do not know if it works - then there is a problem and this situation will occur here.

All sensible internet is clear - you will not be able to drive or run faster in compresses. Which most probably is not true, because some not-so-reliable sources say that it's not true and it makes sense for a healthy mind. It turns out that in fact:


SZOK: it travels faster in compresses


and that's not enough. CEP socks are said to save 73.8 seconds during a 40-kilometer time trial at 225 watts. Another study talks about R2 calf sleeves and a saving of 90 seconds on the Ironman route. That's a lot considering the price. That's why (well, I do not know if that's why) UCI ​​does not allow high socks - max is half the dis-balance between the ankle and the knee. In general, what UCI allows is quite complicated, because when a compression sock becomes a compression sock, not just a leg? For example
- you can not ride without sleeves
- the shorts should reach before the knee
- do not wear opaque hoods
- only allowed necessary items of clothing. Do not put anything that changes the shape of the body, or support in any other way. Unless we explain that weather conditions forced us to do so.


compression clothing plays the game
In times of boredom, I play with my Compressport headbands in Rushing Turtles. Sometimes I win.


But we are not (mostly) controlled by UCI and we can wear what we like and ride what we want. Compression clothing, as the name suggests, compresses, so we are smaller, ergo - we make less resistance. Do you want to be fast? Dress up with compression ... or stretch foil and cut holes to make it breathable. Cheap profit!


You want to be fast, be ugly


[pullquote] Compresses at the rider are like trainers with a suit. Nobody is wondering if it's better and more convenient, because just not [/ pullquote] But let's be honest, life is not a time. Nobody wants to look like a pimp just to win. The riders do not put compresses on the ride, because they do not. There is also no sensible study or even sensible blogging opinion that the compression is going faster.

People who drive in the winter know that there is nothing worse than long pants. In long pants it stops going. Long trousers will even make the best cyclist of a grandfather. The legs are just behind them. No normal person would put it on their own free will. And the legs (presumably compression wristbands) plus a short sleeve at the top would be a faux pas as from here on Tourmalet. In addition, the bands, however airy, would not be - heat up. Heating your legs while driving is the last thing you dream about. That's why compression clothes fall out for me when it comes to riding.


Excuse me, where is the instruction?


What else in the case of running. On the internet they write that they only make sense in the case of long distances, but I simply run better in them. Although I doubt that I would like to put them in every time. I do not know, maybe it's a matter of the fact that the muscles do not fly, when I hit the ground, but I will start the autumn beginning of the running adventure with them. Maybe it will reduce some of the trauma of being in the first month of living and climbing up the stairs like an invalid, which follows each run. But let's get back to the bike.


compression wristbands
The bands lie on the table


First of all, nowhere on the internet I have found the exact information on how to use it, when, etc. For almost no one tells us that using compression in a lying position is by definition senseless. Or that before using it is worth keeping a moment of your feet above the level of the heart. I do not trust things that do not have clear instructions. It's like this robot in teleshopping, which can do everything you can think of. Or like talking to the boss at the corpo, who explains to you that you can be whatever you want and that you can achieve it there. Or magical herbal drinks that heal everything. Well, there are many people who believe and have actually been cured - the effect counts, not the action.


Secondly, every review (except those suspicious) ends with: generally I'm not sure, but if it does not bother me then why not. It bothered me to the point where I did not take myself for using this invention. After a few weeks, he objectively states that: I DO NOT KNOW.


I rejected driving in this invention for good morning. I will not show up on the calves in the city, and I will cook on the thighs, under the pants. Remanufacturing remains.


I do not sleep, I regenerate


After the race, you usually come home by car. Alternatively, go to the city to look for a pizza with the best ratio size / price (should be an application that calculates this ratio, dividing the area obtained from the diagonal by the price.). Because after the race you can: if you lost it to consolation, if it won as a reward, if you came in the middle of the rate - it is simply deserved. And now, if someone tells you that while doing these mundane activities, you can simultaneously support regeneration, why not try?



And here, with heartache, I have to admit all other tests are right. I can not judge if compression garments help. I mean, maybe it's different - it helps, but I'm not sure if it's her. Maybe it's just a placebo effect. The fact is, however, that subjectively, the legs feel a bit better after they are taken off. Paradoxically, it can be a similar effect as carrying mesh nets with you everywhere. If you stop wearing it after an hour, your hands will also feel relieved ;-)

In this whole sea of ​​uncertainty, the fact is one - the bands are useful for travel. If you get into the car right after the race and take 5 hours to get home, or you just have to spend a lot of time in a sitting position - the compression of the legs is useful. Muscles do not jump, they do not telepia - who ever caught a cramp on the highway knows what I am writing about. After a long journey, the leg comes a little happier ... or maybe rather less unhappy. At least when it comes to calves, because I have reservations about thighs, as:


My leg is more than Yours


Choosing the right size is generally straightforward. We check the circumference of the place and match one of 4 sizes, and if we are on the edge, we take a smaller one. Only people have very different legs. I have the impression that the band is much more squeezed at some heights. This results, for example, in discomfort at the top of the thighs. The elastic strap prevents me from sliding down into my body, while above my knees it could, in my opinion, be squeezed more. While in the case of moving in the vertical it can somehow survive, in the car it becomes a nuisance.


Buy or not to buy?


Can you say that a bubble bath after the race supports your regeneration? Or maybe you go in it anyway, because why not. If so - buy compresses. What's more, buy them too, if you plan to start as a cyclist in autumn, and remember that your legs do not hurt so much at any other time of the season. What set I recommend?

If you are brave, take full legs. If you are getting a little bit scared, take the calf bands and depending on how much you like them, consider buying them on your thighs.

For the time being, I put them on every long journey and after every race that I remember about it, but I have the impression that I will forget about them one day and become one of those things that lie in the drawer and what to do with them .



* of course, we all know well that one day I will start in a triathlon, but for the time being I stick to the trend that you can laugh with the tri with impunity. I'm asking the triathlonists to keep a distance.