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Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.

~ Dave Barry


Jak is winter, it is cold and snow is lying. At least it should be. Due to the fact that I do not want to be freezing again on a bicycle, and for long journeys I do not have time, I am looking for an alternative. I am rescued from the oppression, on Thursday evening, by phone asking if we are going on a weekend in the Beskids. The answer can only be one: Wisła is one of my favorite cycling base camps. This time, however, the bike stays at home. A year ago, also in January, we were there with a pass. Now I will check the sport that I have never understood. I tested the cross-country race once in my life. I remember that, contrary to expectations, traveling on skis is not faster than in shoes. In principle, it is a lot slower, but it is definitely the wine route in Kampinos. After well-prepared mountain routes, it must look different ... It does not look like it.


900km by car to run 37km


We leave on Saturday before 7 am, check in around noon on the spot. We go to the headquarters, change clothes and go straight to the route. We start with Kubalonka - one of the best-known cross-country trails in Poland, with the FIS license. The cost of renting equipment on the spot is 30 PLN / 3h (skis + shoes + poles, everything is decent). We decide to take on 2 days, so it costs PLN 60. I do not know, I do not understand, I do not ask. The route is quite tangled, but not long - after an hour we have all been deceived. For training: great. A lot of intervals, run-ups, descents, etc. For us, ski, tourist beers, there is no crazy. One viewpoint, some intersections, thanks to which we have the feeling that you can get lost. We make 13 kilometers in more than two hours and each of us has enough. As befits young, lively youngsters, we go to a pizza, then sit in front of a large, flat screen TV, watching Rocky III, holding one beer in one hand and MilkyWay Magic Stars in the other. In this position, we wait from 18 to 21, waiting for the first of us to throw a proposal to go to sleep. 

Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.

~ Steven Wright


Partisan lookout point in Kubalonka

On the second day, we wake up for seven minutes - early fall asleep has its advantages. We decide to attack the Czech Republic - after all, as it has often been shown, everything is almost the same, but better. We are not wrong. 20 kilometers by car (ie a 40-minute drive, thanks to a very loose approach to the issue of clearing roads) and we are in the village of Mosty u Jablonkova - a local ski resort. We park some 15 minutes walk from the beginning of the route, because like real Janas, we are afraid to pay PLN 5 again for the car park. We're standing so much in the city that the guys are going to the police to ask how to get to the nearest running route - luckily it's Sunday and the police in the Czech Republic probably do not work, because the police station is closed. We are guided, therefore, for signs found a moment later, depicting a man with cross-country skis. In contrast to downhill skiing, the advantage is that the routes are everywhere free, the shoes are very comfortable and the equipment is light. I have the impression that I would move faster by wearing skis under my armpit. We move the worn rails deep into the forest. Then, there are only runs, descents, viewpoints, forests, fields and all the best. We have developed the perfect downhill technique - the spear is down and we overturn on the first corner so as not to hit the tree. The racers do not turn, from what I saw on TV, even the professional bends are defeated. As followers of cycling style, we prefer to dump rather than twist. We refine the method many times - in principle, at every exit. Sometimes also in the driveway, and at the end, even standing still. What worries me a little is that the skis do not get out of the dumps - I see Maciek with my knees knocked out by the eyes of my imagination. It leaves a total of 24 kilometers and a little over 4 hours of driving. Paweł assured in the morning that the route would be easy and pleasant. The essence of this was a driveway that took us 45 minutes, or about 4 km with elevations reaching> 25%. Fortunately, I did not take bars or drink with me - I'm not distracted by thoughts, when to grab them. The last kilometers are heavy - the more tired a person is, the more ski slips. The more ski slips, the more man does not move, and the more he does not move, the more he goes back instead of forward. In addition, we forgot that the skis need to be handed over to 16.30 - we can not afford too long breaks. We suffer in silence, moving slowly but uniformly.



Czech Republic - just like that


What remains is the nicest moment of the day, that is dinner. Pizza, then ice cream, then ice cream again, then chocolate bars and ice cream. For my part, I can recommend the Colorata pizzeria in Wisła. Maybe it's not a classic Italian cake, but it's big and fair. Other dishes also look good, although the building in which it is located suggests the opposite. The problem is only the choice of size - a good 10 minutes takes us to develop the optimal order. We count the cost of a square meter of pizza in relation to the price (available 20-50cm in diameter) and optimal come 2 large for 3 hungry. Counting in the post-exercise state is not easy.

Return even though it is the last weekend of Mazovian holidays without major problems. Cork, just like at the entrance, catches us only in the Vistula.



That's how most of our sports weekends end ...

Two days is probably the perfect length for such a trip, if we like to spend intense and active time. Cheap gasoline (we are refueling in Tychy for 4.08), quite good road, decent accommodation prices (about 40 PLN / day) encourage more frequent visits. However, I have little hope that the next visit will be on two wheels.

* I write the text from the perspective of a person who does not know about running on skis and tried it once in a lifetime. All observations are subjective, and statements may turn out to be wrong ;-)

Some photos (from which it appears that our main hobby is lying on the snow):


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