Look at the map of Poland and imagine that you have to prepare a list of "Top 10 places that you would like to visit on holiday". I do not know about you, but for me Rzeszów would not be there. I would never think about going to Rzeszów at all. Because what for? Probably just to pick up something from OLX. Rzeszów is for me Częstochowa on the way to Zakopane - a place where you can make supplies in Biedronka and buy the missing parts in Decathlon, going to TRUE MOUNTAINS.
Yes, Rzeszów is a city that was created to pass them on the way to the Bieszczady Mountains. Maybe you hear voices somewhere that it is fancy and more and more fashionable, but I am almost certain that such opinions create Rzeszów jars in Warsaw so as not to laugh at them. Because is there anything interesting for a man who is not a pervert?

... because this one Czestochowa she has been a little surprised lately.

Is this really the case ?! We decided to send a 1.5-man test team there to check it out.
... I sent myself, then Panda joined me, but I wanted the sentence to sound professional.

I came to Rzeszów at the invitation of Michał from blog 53 × 11 and nologo socks (for language purists: yes, I was invited by socks).

Most of the time, they also accompanied me colleagues from Luxawho, as you can see in the pictures, probably supply the entire Rzeszów cycling in clothes. And if that was not enough, other representatives of local cycling also joined other trips, for example Rzeszowski Shark ;-)

Perverts online, I inform you that girls appearing in the entry can be filed on their Instagram: sylwia_panda, eva.ruszala


What is Rzeszów.

I threw in some instances some time ago for Instastory, that somewhere I would go, so if someone turns around and can recommend a reasonable accommodation, I will be happy. Michał, from the 53 × 11 blog, said that he had a run, there at home, in Rzeszów. I thought it was great - I go two days, get bored and be able to calmly prepare for the planned one 2 weeks a week of epic departure. The first step, location of Rzeszów on the map ...

It turned out that the acid had come out, because in the vicinity of Rzeszów I had tapped over a thousand kilometers and returned only after the next weekend. I always thought that a thousand is enough to be able to objectively object to something. today I'm already a grandfather myself I'm not sure anymore.

Carpathian cycling
Carpathian cycling
Carpathian cycling
Carpathian cycling
Rzeszów cycling

4-5 hours are coming to Rzeszów from Warsaw - twice as long as in Świętokrzyki and not much shorter than in the year normal mountains. The crossbar is suspended so high, especially that you are overcoming the roads about the existence of which a man has already forgotten a bit, that is, ordinary, single-lane majors ... and a great way to Radom, where you want to get out of the car and shoot anyone.

Nonsensopedia defines this city as the "most civilized bastion of Polishness in the Eastern Borderlands" similar to the 1-1 screen from Super Mario Bros. There is something in it, because actually leaving Rzeszów you get the impression that it will fall out of the map. The most important advantages of the city include:

  1. The presence of Decathlon
  2. The presence of Biedronka is open until 23.30 !!! (Hetmańska Street)
  3. Direct train connection with Warsaw, which costs +/- the same as a direct air connection
  4. Proziaki (that is cheap bread, which you can hip hipsterically make a sandwich on the road. Local answer to the kebab)
  5. Braseria Pasieka, or pizza
  6. River, thanks to which the city looks like Bydgoszcz, and which names the Vistula river.
  7. Gravel pit, or the local Palm Springs - a city beach with palm trees by the lake (artificial and artificial palms, but I would not laugh, because in the capital we also have an artificial one)
  8. ... and the location where we will focus below


Shock and disbelief.

The list of the biggest surprises in the history of the blog probably prevails Albaniathen it can be Montenegro, optionally Azores... and probably Rzeszów. But how?!

It's not like Rzeszów is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. It should not be. There are no great mountains, glaciers, crystalline lakes, blue beaches, and on the list of major pluses I mention a long-opened ladybug. Rzeszów is not at all a list of places that I could recommend "an ordinary man"Because I have no idea what he could do there. Typing TOP 10 attractions, the internet talks about: the market square, the fountain, the town hall, the Rzeszów shopping mall, the Millenium Hall shopping mall and perhaps the only thing that I regret missing Museum Goodnight.
Nor is it a place I would recommend as a vacation destination. Rzeszów as a city is like many other cities, only a little more is currently being built in it.

What's going on? Well, that, as I often say, we do not belong to people who fit in with the "normal people" trend. Eat for visiting the citywe leave it at once.

Look at this photo and think about what you see. Perhaps you can see here "no forest, nothing interesting" - then you do not need to read about this area anymore, because you will not be interested in it. Not only that, I will go out into a freak. However, if you see here a place where you would like to find yourself with your bike, the case looks a bit different:

bieszczady cycling


Sza, it's quiet, it's time for silence

What has happened to me there is completely disproportionate to what I was expecting. Perhaps it results from my geographical ignorance and the fact that "everything on the Polish map is located on the right below, it is either crowded or there is nothing there".

What can you expect, this professionally made map shows me along with the marked roads that I passed. Yes, from Sunday to Sunday I have traveled well over 1000km, not trying to "color everything". It gives food for thought, especially analyzing my year-round Heatmap Mazovia rides ... although, of course, Mazovia is not just around Warsaw and I would like to come to this topic someday.

Carpathian cycling

I would describe asphalt on 95% of these roads as very good or Swiss and in this very fluid way we go to the heart of the entry:




This place is sick. I have the impression that an internet could be created here paste beginning with: "My old man is a fanatic of pouring asphalt. Half of the voivodeship occupied with the worst asphalts. On average, once a month, someone will enter the area and have to pull it out with the tractor, because it is in such a shock ... ". Here the guy who likes asphalts lives, so they spill asphalt on asphalt so that he could put asphalt on them. Where you will not look - asphalt.

And unfortunately this is a very difficult entry for me, so it took me so much time to create it. Otherwise I would write: "Two loops, nice, quiet, empty, maybe, but I will not be back". It is not so.

I approached the subject in many ways, but none of them turned out to be satisfying. It's hard to describe metaphysically without going too far into the details how pleasant it is to find yourself on the quiet, empty and even roads in the middle of the forest, for a man who is attacked every day with thousands of difficult words on each side openspace'u.

Approaches were 3 ...


An entry that is romantic

romantic cycling

romantic cycling

romantic cycling
romantic cycling
romantic cycling
romantic cycling

It was supposed to be about the fact that there are a lot of road cyclists in Rzeszów. Because MTB cycling is already dying out by the passion for asphalting everything. This is how it is: if the commune leader promises that as the only right party wins the election, he will pour new asphalt onto the road that leads into the middle of the forest. If there is no such road in the commune, then it will pour asphalt onto already poured asphalt, thanks to which an even road will be an even level road. About the fact that every day I was able to find a quiet group, called recently romanticdriving. 100% romantic, because elsewhere locals use the hill as the destination, from which the sunset is best seen. On the way, of course, the flying bonus is passed, which loses rode in the first place (because it means that he took the least photos), and on which everyone wins a visit in the store after Radler. There are a lot of places on the west, even from under the tower "RTV AGD HD XD„.

cycling in the Carpathian region
cycling in Rzeszów

Bieszczady cycling
bieszczady cycling
Rzeszów cycling
Carpathian cycling
Carpathian cycling

I would mention how, on the first day of my stay, I join the group that restores the positive calorific balance in the most painstaking pizzeria in the city: Pasieka and I do not believe what I hear. Here are the locals talking about where they recently discovered which way. For the cyclist of Mazovia, this is a serious shock, because such talks I can do at most about Majorca, and there it is difficult to find a place that other visitors have not seen.

I would write something about how funny it is to go with people who (relatively) knew well, but you have never seen them before and how strange it is, for example, all your stories intersect. Someone will mention about Tenerife, someone will add something about the shop in Villaflor, something else about the bench in front of him and it turns out that we can calmly talk about the smallest details of places thousands of kilometers away, because we all know them.

Such an entry would be cool, but I would probably move too far into the spiritual side of cycling blogging, which I try to avoid.

The entry about "top 10"

The alternative was to create a list of "top 10 places to visit by road bike in the vicinity of Rzeszów" - the most classic, preferably clicked. Looking at the network of roads, it would be enough to apply such points on the map, connect them by any route (apart from the main ones, in principle only: 19) and we have a ready route. What would be on such a list?

classic in Podkarpackie

Perversely, I will start with:

Craft Brewery ZZ Wojkówka

The mandatory point is Mango beer (of course not during the bike, because you can not). People who inform me that beer beer is not a beer, I would like to warn you that I am not interested in their opinion completely ... and PLN 6 for half a liter. As an addition, you can look at such various things related to brewing, which I know as much as on bicycles - that is not very. From my observations, it seems that good cyclists take "a set for the youngest" to beer or while driving. Beers are also different, both flavors and ones from fancy names like Wojkówka Summer, but I do not know, I will not say it.

Holding on to the food I will add: pizzas in apiary, proziaki w prose, pancakes and dumplings in Bezmiechowa and border dumplings (with groats) or anything else in the inn "Under Semaphore„.

< >


Ruins of Kamieniec Castle

This is the castle from Aleksander Fredro's "Revenge". As the locks interest me more or less like MTB bikes, there are no photos. It means it was done, but nothing came out - such a castle. If you are disappointed, I refer to the entry about Trail of the Eagles' Neststhere were enough such designs there.

< >



If you think about the "suburbs" of Bieszczady in the road context and your first association is not Wujskie (map), I do not know what's wrong with you!

Wujskie is a nearly 6km driveway with an average of around 4.2%, but this is not important in them - the essence is 4.2km with an average of 5.5% twisted as in the Alps. To get to the top - the Przysłup Pass, one must overcome 9 safety pins.

serpentine uncles

Supposedly everything is great, the asphalt is perfect, the streamers are very good views, but in the imitation of the Alps the road has gone a bit too far and the main memories are the squeak of car and motorcycle tires going up and down. The road is being cobbled here so much that if I practiced ramps every day, my tires would grow rather than shrink.

Compensation for this is the exit towards Tyrawa Wołoska. Of course there are no photos, because at such a meeting it would probably be the last shot on this blog (4.6 km - 6%). Why? Just look at the KOM - despite 5 narrow downhill skippers, the average speed is well over 60km / h for 4.5 minutes. The nice thing is that it descends into the forest wall in front of you. Such a forest fjord on the scale of local possibilities ... he he.

serpentine uncles



Interestingly, it is not Wujskie that are the best serpentine in the area (in Poland?). Much better and paradoxically quite pointless at first glance, there are Izdebki (map). The driveway to Izdebki (in fact, next to the village of Izdebka, because the driveway itself leads somewhere out of nowhere) is about 2 km and less than 5%, the part with 7 serpentine has a dizzying 1.5 km with a similar slope. Adding to this the possibility of driving on the outside of the road, it gets very flat ... although I would probably say otherwise, beating this fragment during the Klodzko Podkarpackie.

However, going to the clou: the driveway is located somewhere at the end of the civilization known to us, and thus - much more empty. Widokowo, from the side of the road, is also definitely more interesting, because although it is not accompanied by us in the distance known from the Wujski Bieszczady panorama, the lack of trees between the roads makes you see it all. Because you know, between the pictures from the drone, and the view Live the difference is however big.

If Wujski is "worth going once to find out that it's not worth it", I'd gladly repeat it through Izdebki several times.

streamers and rooms

streamers and rooms
streamers and rooms
streamers and rooms


Snake tracking and other Ardennes

On the map with the regions marked, I placed something that Michał called the local Ardennes. They were supposed to be road walls. I admit, I did not think that way ...

Thinking about the Podkarpacie and the walls, I had something similar in my head to combine words mountains and Agrykola. So walls, but so vertical "for the conditions here." No, it was not like that. Fact, maybe they were not climbs known from the Tatra Mountains, where the person loses hope, but the computers are still able to show clearly over 15% through a noticeable fragment.

The best known is probably "Tracking the snake", 400 meters with an average of 11%, 1100 meters with an average of 9% or 2750 meters with an average of 5%. But it's not the average that's difficult, and the fact that it's really easy to lose your grip at times. There are many such places here, and although the numbers do not indicate this, it should be remembered that on most of them there is an element of flatting out:

Glamorous segment - 1.56km / 7%
Siedliskaberg - 1.23km / 6%
Lubienia from Babica - 1.24km / 10%
Mur de Gbiska - 0.2km / 17%
Wall of truth - 900m / 9%
Bicycle riding uphill - 2.9km / 10%
Żarnowa mountain pass - 2.71km / 8%
I will be Climb 0 2.29km / 7%
Sołonka from Baryczka climb - 2.32km / 7.5%
Połomia climb - 2.15km / 8%
Michałek - Scar DH - 2.9km / -7%
Castle – 1,42 / 8%

and maybe it's enough, because I'm a bit quicker, and it seems to me that you can do it for a long, long time.

Who is it for? Who needs it? Why?

tracking the hose



There is no Bieszczady without a snowmobile in Bezmiechowa and everyone who read ours entry about the Bieszczady on the squares he should know that. It is not even about these 300-meter-high walls with 15%, but what awaits at the top, as an award: dumplings, pancakes and probably one of the best views within a radius of many kilometers. On the scale of hills reachable by the highway, compete in the country can only with Łapszanka. Let us add that it takes you on a practically zero road, thanks to which the traffic is negligible and we have a recipe for success. You can die in a beautiful place. Picture not taken:

the pressureless shelter

a mindless driveway

a mindless driveway
a mindless driveway
a mindless driveway


End of the world

Behind Dynow, magic begins, though I'm not sure how to describe it. Take a look at this one, for example route on Stravie and photos. Not only that there are great roads again, on which there are practically no cars, then something similar to the Tuchola Forests begins ... unless, let's check:

river (San): is
mountains, forests, fields, pits: they are
canoes: are
peace and quiet: it is
lakes: there is no
people: there is almost no
bitumen: they are very

cycling in the Carpathian region
cycling Rzeszów
at the end of the world

We can get across the San River mainly with small, single-person widths of hanging bridges or with ferries - this probably explains the lack of cars. And why the end of the world? Well ... try to see the neighborhood on Google Street View - to se ne da ;-)

end of the world

Unfortunately, it would soon turn out that on the one hand it is very difficult to make a top 10 list, and on the other, I'm not sure if it would be fair. Due to the fact that I could only go before 8 and 16 (work), most of the routes overcome the famous "golden hour", that is when everything is orange-gold ... and here I have to interrupt, otherwise I will go back to concept number 1 or romantic entry.


Entry of TOP5 routes

Such an entry would be the most convenient for everyone, also for me. I would podlinkowałbym 8 routes here with information why they are great. My inner, honest Maciek can not do it. Despite over 1000km, I have the ungrateful feeling that I have traveled up to half of what I should do to be able to speak honestly. Certainly I can honestly be mentioned above loops for Dynów and the essence of the Bieszczady suburbs, i.e. something like that.

However, I do not dare to write here: this is a loop I recommend and she is the best. You have to wait for a specific loop until Michał from 53×11 (I'm sorry in the Ardennes) will finish his post.

The route entry is over, you can find it here:




Departure from Rzeszów usually takes 10 to 20 minutes, but I honestly say that having the opportunity, it's better to get a bit lower, for example in Tyczyn - especially since I have never seen such narrow bicycle paths as in Rzeszów. They were probably designed as one-way, but users changed their concept. It will save a small amount of time .... unless you, like me, like to have Lild, Biedronka and McDonalds at hand.


An entry about how it is.

If I had to sum up with one phrase, as it is south of Rzeszów (because only those who like flat are going north), I would describe it as:

cycling is very pleasant.

This is confirmed by the local patriotism that I know from other regions. Just like in the Karkonosze you can die for saying that the Tatras are nicer, in the Tatras, that in the Karkonosze nicer, and in Kashubia, that anywhere else is better, so here is the worship for local loops, which I envy so much. Here, however, it is more difficult to justify them to a person who has never visited these regions.

Is this the best place to drive in Poland? I do not know. The views in the Tatras, or even the Giant Mountains are much stronger.

I have not met in this country with another place where there would be so many, so good and empty roads. I think that the routes based on the assumption "I will go and check the new road" can be patted here for weeks, and when it ends, the list will be obsolete anyway, because in the meantime new or old ones will still be refurbished. Add to this good company, sunsets, pleasant hills and recipe for success ready. Though on the other hand, I do not know ....

If someone asks me how to spend the weekend and do not drive a car more than 4-5 hours, I am not sure what I would recommend him. Rzeszów and its surroundings are great, but not for everyone. You will not be able to easily take pictures that will rip everyone off the internet. A place for connoisseurs ;-)

But if more than a photo with pain on the Gliczarów Wall, or Karkonoska Pass or more than the crushing view of Łapszanka, you value silence, peace and pleasant ride, and somewhere deep inside, there behind the navel, there is a small explorer-explorer in you, I recommend it in 100 %.