List of places you can arrange with other riders.

If you know about the missing group / set (accepting new people) - insert in the comment at the bottom of the page.

Click here on place, a I will give details below the map for a given place, or search for a list underneath.




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 List of places:

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Open Cycling Training Bialystok


"A group of open-minded (and not only) cycling community in Białystok and the surrounding area. Here, we can and should arrange a joint cycling training (both MTB and road). Here, too, we can simply arrange a joint ride on two wheels, looking for bicycle company. "

Meetings usually under Sprint Podlasie Cycling Center on ul. Sienkiewicz. A different tempo.


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Sunday hours 11, Forum cinema.


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Bydgoska Szosa

Bydgoska Szosa - an amateur group of road cycling

Cycling in Bydgoszcz

A strictly road group. Welcome.


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Every Sunday at 10 or 11, the collection under castle. A minimum of 15 masters on the road.


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Cycling Jura

"An annual and year-long multi-stage race of the Toru de Częstochowa. Stages every Saturday and Sunday. Start at TRW on ul. Legions at 10.00. "


Cycling Jura Women Edition

"Joint training on the road of the women's part of Cycling Jura"


"Evening Thursdays"

 "" Evening Thursdays "in fabrykaroweró all year. Every Thursday at 20 o'clock, we start from the store Częstochowa, ul. Łodzka 52, loc.


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Gorzów Wielkopolski

Every Sunday and Christmas open road training. Meeting point. Cathedral Square at 10:00 (from 21 June to 21 September at 9:00).
On Saturdays open road training. Meeting place Leszek Piasecki's Bicycle Salon at 10:00.


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Amateur cycling training Jelenia Góra MTB SZOSA

"We are setting up here for joint shooting, road and MTB. In the events you can find local pickles, on which we will race "


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Jelenia Góra


Amateur cycling training Jelenia Góra MTB SZOSA

"We are setting up here for joint shooting, road and MTB. In the events you can find local pickles, on which we will race "


Women's workouts mtb / szosa Jelenia Góraóra-1551410705113153/

I am inviting for women's bicycle / mtb cycling trips in Jelenia Góra. The place and time of meetings will be determined on a regular basis.


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Kalisz training on the road

"The site was created to communicate to all those who like to ride on the road willing to train together in a group"


Kaliski Tuesday MTB

Every Tuesday from the bridge at the theater at 18.15


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Infrasettimanale Classico:

"Master Rank training in summer days on Wednesdays and unforgettable weekend classics !!!"


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"We would like to invite everyone willing to bike training together. We meet every Wednesday at 18:00 on the Kluczbork Market. "


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Quiet Corner

"A group of Cracow cyclists. Regular meetings for road training on weekends, at 10:10 am collection, 10:15 start from the corner of the "Cichy Kącik" błon. Welcome! "


 Coffee Ride

"A group of road cycling fans. The aim of this act will always be "little black" on the occasion of jointly turning over 100 km in the vicinity of Krakow. "


 Open Bicycle Training in Krakow

"As far as the time is right, the people who are running are now organizing afternoon and night MTB trainings, road training and weekend tour-training."


IC Krakow

"We invite everyone on the IC - road training with accents of the race near Krakow"


DOTR Women's Open Bicycle Workouts in Krakow

"Website promoting DOTR, or mountain biking training for women in Krakow."


Women's workouts on the road

"We invite all women for joint cycling training. We meet on Thursdays at 17:00 or 17:15 on the corner of Krakowskie Błon (Fosha vs. May 3). "


Easy Ride

Every Sunday 11.00 Kolna St.


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Szosa Kujawy (road and training on the road)


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Set on Sunday for 10 at cpn near Motoru stadium


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Zgrupka Luboń

"Do you want to rotate a nice group distance regularly? Come to one of our open settings and shoot with us! At the Zgrupka Luboń forum, we discuss, exchange experience and arrange joint training. It's all about you here!
Official settings, trips and events have created events on our fan page. Subscribe to The other training sessions get along on the forum. "

Saturday 9.00 a road, Starołęka roundabout, Sunday 10:30 recreation at the Malta Gallery.


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Kolowicz Cycling Club

"KK Łowicz invites you for the law between Łódź and Warsaw. We meet at the Solidarity Square in Łowicz. Regularly in the season: #SzybkaSroda and #KolarskaNiedziela. In addition, several large groups of rides: #NightMaraton, #PetlaLowicka, # 1918KM "


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"Chestnuts is the name of an informal group of cycling enthusiasts. We promote broadly understood cycling in Łódź. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the place, the team and the history of the group. "


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The Kolarska Group GRYF TCZEW

Roads on Tuesdays, Thursdays at 16:00, Saturdays and Sundays, usually 10:00. Details always up to date on the forum and group site.


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New marketplace


IC Podhale

"Infrasettimanale Classico Podhale. Joint training on the road with elements of prosecution. Every Wednesday at 5 pm under the Gorce sports hall. "


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"CykloOpole (formerly CykloZUS) - a group of road cycling fans in Opole. We meet four times a week to make a joint. Anyone who keeps our wheels welcomed.
Main goal: group training. "



"We train regularly four times a week. The collection takes place at the CYKLOFAN store - on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17:30 (such a small change from this year), on Saturdays at 2:00 PM, on Sunday and holidays at 10.30 (gathering at the Szczakiel roundabout - departure at Strzelce Opolskie) - Late arrivals at MAX 5 min, later you have to chase "


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Pondo Obornickie (Sunday 10:00) cast mainly Mastersi, race pace (no info on the net).


Women are shooting

"We shoot every Sunday at 10:00 in Starołęka at the sports club of the" Stomil "cycling section."


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The Przemyśl riders

Famous in the region of "monumental rides"


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BIKE Rabka-Zdrój

"Training / bicycle sets Rabka and the surrounding area"


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Radom's road

"... a group of people from Radom and the surrounding area with a road bike was established to facilitate the organization of joint trips of these recreational and training"


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Collection of ul. Kwiatkowskiego - road training Rzeszów

"Road workouts Sunday 10.15 ul. Kwiatkowski at the bus stop next to the dorms. "


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Siemianowice Śląskie

Silesian Park entrance next to the TV. In season, Saturday, Sunday 10.00. Training with TFF


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Sunday 9.00 am town hall - in good weather


Piast Słupsk

"10.00 a former Millenium cinema. We are a group of constantly growing young people and not only because they are also mature people. We are united by one thing: common passion, because Cycling is our way of life. We all love bicycles and riding on them in every edition, especially on MTB bikes. "


Bicycle Settings - Słupsk

Are you going to train? You have no one with whom? Do you know a nice route? Write and let us know. We'll be happy to join you.


From April to October, on Monday at 16:30 MTB at the monument to the victims of Stutthof

Departure to Krępa,


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Starogard Gdański


GK STG (Grupa Kolarska Starogard Gdański)

Starogard Gdański every Sunday at the Carrefour parking lot 9:30. MTB and highway.


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Joint trainings - collection over the lagoon ul. Country road, weekends 11:00, Tuesday - Friday 4:00 PM


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Near Biedronka on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.00


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Cycling 3City


Cycling 3City Women

We invite you to make a film together on the road in the company of women. In the group more clearly :)


Rondo C3C

"Road cycling training. Sunday, 9.00 am - Chwaszczyno roundabout. A mandatory helmet. Share on your own responsibility! "



TRI cycling training + people wink emoticon 100km - 30-32km / h April-October every Sunday at 9.00 parking at the tank streetBergiela, Gdańsk.


Gdańsk Osowa - Castorama roundabout. Every Saturday and Sunday hours 11. Highway


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Cyclist in Warsaw

"# Loose sets [ROAD] [MTB] [BEER *]"


Copernicus loop

"Here we arrange loose rides, stronger workouts or joint trips to competitions. But if you also have any questions about Loop or other about equipment, etc., go ahead. "


Night bike

"The meeting place is Only One - Metropolitan. More precisely, the courtyard of this office building, by the fountain. Metropolitan is located next to the Saski Garden in the center of Warsaw. "


AGK Pruszków

"Amateur Group Kolarska Pruszków invites to training. We meet on Saturdays and on Sundays at 10 at the Church in Komorów. For those who want to cycle a week, we have additional dates - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 PM, meeting place: Pruszków - Prusa and Powstańców intersection. N52 09 31.3 E20 48 07.9 "


Frame on Cyclocross

"CYCLOCROSS-CYCLING CYCLING. Trainings Racing Training "


Babka Team roundabout


Wilanów Group:

Rozochata 03: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, niedzela, 10.00


Kolarska Starobabicka Group

"Amateur workouts on the road on Saturday at 9:00. We are starting from Stare Babice Street Rynek. "


Dupery on the road

From late spring to October, we do light training and stronger pace workouts - for the grandmothers themselves. We always start from SieJe on Sarmacka 6. We announce trainings on our Fan Page.


Girls on bikes

"Do you want to ride with girls on a bike? At Kazurka we have a pumptrack, tables and 4x, let's get together for a ride, a lonely bike is boring "


Legion Service

Workouts on Sundays o
9:00 (summer season)
10:00 (winter season)
meeting place:,+01-189+Warszawa,+Polska/@52.238794,20.904687,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x471ecae10e37d98d:0xdd52c29ab8580397?hl=pl


Rowerowe MTB / Szosa - Praga Poludnie / Wawer

In this group, we set up for driving / training in the area of ​​Praga Południe / Wawer / Ursynów. Both road cycling and MTB. 

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Wieleń nad Notecią

Sundays 10.00 before MGOK ul. Sports

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Mitutoyo AZS Wratislavia

Mitutoyo AZS Wratislavia organizes Road Classico road scenes on Wednesdays on Wednesdays at 17 mostly in the north of Wroclaw (dog's crown field, etc.)


Open road training Wroclaw

"Do you want to go to road training? Are you looking for a friend? Do you want to organize training in your area or simply join others? OTSW in its intention is to help in communication between road cyclists in the vicinity of Wroclaw. "


Ciclismo Wroclaw

"The purpose of this group is:
- training together
- common starting at races under the common name
The group is open to everyone regardless of the level of skills and preparation "


Open PM RIDER TEAM training

PM Rider Team invites you for joint training / We will be here inftalk about our joint group trainings to which you can join, and "promo" campaigns / equipment tests and any PM Rider - Szosa and MTB events / invite you to join the training sessions / / post post / contact us /


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Zabrze Triathlon Society

"Zabrzańskie Towarzystwo Triathlonowe in short ZTT. Simply, Triathlon is our passion! "


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"Having fun is the basis of smile emoticon and in the group more clearly. We are setting up here for a "tour of the island" and the latest World Cup route: RICHMOND 2015. To start driving in ZWIFT, please visit: and download the free applications !!! "

Zwift Riders

Everything about Zwiftta + calendar of upcoming events


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Cycling in Szczecin

#Szczecin #kolarstwo #rower Timetable GRUPY GŁĘBOKIE: SB / ND / DAYS FREE: 10.00
WT / CZW: 17.00 (only in summer)

54.5188898 18.530540900000005, Gdynia ,,


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North road league

The Road League of the North is racing on trainers organized cyclically in the Intersport showroom in Gdynia. Come, make the best time !!!


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BBC Dębica

Saturday / Sunday hours 9-10 BBC petrol station near McDonalds on the national road No. 4


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Cycling settings - Grodziec

Traditional joint Saturday and Sunday trainings. In the summer period, ie April-October at 10.00, and in winter, ie November-March at 11.00

Dąbrowa Górnicza Dąbrowa Górnicza Cycling Bikes A joint weekend and weekly tour. Collection: Dąbrowa Górnicza - Strzemieszyce, intersection under Saint Gobain. Time: determined the day before. Going for a bike, write about it, maybe someone will join you.

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Cycling and tensing

"... for some time now I do not speak anywhere like in Tits. There are several reasons, but the most important is that you want to ride everything! and they enjoy a lot of pleasure. In addition, you are all buddies. you will go to the road, to the forest. for a long trip of 200 km, and for BEER !!!! FAMILY. no matter who has a BIKE or a jacket. or a flashlight! it's important that you go and like it. THE END "


KTC Kielce

Sunday at 10 Radio Kielce

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JURA cycling and boating

Cycling and cycling - it's a secret, freemasonry group of positively fucked people who like to ride on two wheels, drink beer, take pictures and have fun at it all. Guys - they like boobs, and muffins - male butts.
The group comes from Świętokrzyski, I met them there too, and even though I was not allowed to live with them, I do not know how they infected me with their positive energy.
I would like the JURA Cycling and Boating group to gather as many members as possible, no matter if they drive on roads that get cancer, zjazdkach, from which breaks bones, xc, or squares. It's important to spin, spin and get the most out of it.


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KTC Kołobrzegłobrzeg-176712809186263/

Saturday and Sunday, BP station at zieleniewie


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Highway and MTB is our passion :) Start the adventure with cycling. Join us !

Cycling Rawicz and Vicinity (BIKE RAWICZ)

Do you drive very, very much ... a lot on a bike? Are you addicted to him? You come from Rawicz or the surrounding area, do not have someone to go with or just start your adventure with cycling? - You've come to the right place!
In the group we write about: cycling parties nearby and not only, curiosities from the bicycle world, we add photos from expeditions. We also plan trips, bike routes in our free time, which we cover together in a nice and cycling atmosphere. Also invite to your cycling friends or if you are interested, join us!


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Elbląg Roads

A group of Elblag highlanders - joint training in a group, trips to races.
We train permanently every Sunday:
spring, fall - 9:00
summer - 8:00
winter - 10:00
Collection points:
Modrzewina (before the bridge)
Dębica (intersection next to the military unit)
Bianka (intersection at Bianka)

Information about the meeting place no later than the day before the training.


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Cycling PIŁA

Sunday 11:00 (summer 10:00) at the store Aleja Piastów 2) Tuesday and Thursday 18:00 ul.Koszalińska at Grapil - evening settings with lamps


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Kędzierzyn - Koźle


Sports Club Koziołek - Cycling Section

Sports Club Koziołek Kędzierzyn-Koźle

KS Hala Kędzierzyn

Kędzierzyn-Koźle, under the sports hall - every Sunday and holiday at 10:00

52.1368197 21.235426599999982, Józefów ,,

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JCG - Józefów Cycling Group

Club on Facebook and STRAVA for road, mountain and triathlon cyclists and freaks of two wheels from around Józefów near Otwock.


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Old Love


Squadra Ciclismo Stara Miłosna

Kolarska Stara Miłosna Group, Common cycling training on the road, Przełaj. Meeting at the KFC Trakt Brzeski restaurant.


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Nowy Sącz


STC Road Group

STC Grupa Szosowa. Common trainings - every Saturday and Sunday at 10 o'clock near the bridge on the beltway of the Barskie housing estate (Sucharskiego St.)


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9:00 Sunday "at Atlas" in the center



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Garwolin Cycling Association "Horyzont"

We invite cyclists and enthusiasts of bicycle expeditions.
Our forum


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Tuesday at 18.00- road, Thursday hours 18.00 - MTB. Collection at the store at Mikesz, ul. Victims of Terror. A different tempo


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Olsztyn Roads

Road settings in Olsztyn. Did you get bored of lonely riding on the road? - Here you can try your hand in the peloton.


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LUMAC WTR Włocławek

Sunday 10.00 square of freedom


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Fenix ​​Tychy

As a rule, from September to April we meet at 10:00, while in the remaining months we set off at 9:00. In winter months, due to the uncertain aura, the time of each setting is set separately, as we are trying to inform on the forum with a larger number of volunteers. We often start on weekdays off work. Exit to the parking lot at the Paprocany resort, just behind the "Pyramid" hotel.

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Mrągowo Bicycle Settings


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Sunday 10:00 ul. Toszecka opposite the Shell station

Thursdays at 18:00 or until the summer time at 17:00 ul. Dolnych Wałów next to the Bike Atelier store


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green Mountain


Rant Team

Sundays and holidays 11:00 am, Amphitheater


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Gniezno bicycle settings

It is obvious that we meet at 11 on Sunday in the market, while this group is to facilitate all other meetings.

51.6549856 17.80682580000007, Ostrów Wielkopolski ,,

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Ostrow Wielkopolski


Market - every Sunday, at 10


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ul. Zielona 36 every Sunday at 10:00 am a strong group of about 15-30 people gather


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The Wągrowiec Highway, tuning, training, competition .......


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Jelcz - Laskowice


Tuesdays and Thursdays (in the summer season, I think) at 18.00 and Sundays at 10.00.

Spot spot - a gas station near the roundabout and the Intermarche store. How is the weather this road, if it's not weather it's mtb. Due to the cycling traditions in Jelcz, it is no wonder that you can get on the stake at the wheel of Zdzisław Wrona or Mieczysław Karłowicz. Here is a hardcore and jerking, so for ambitious people.


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In the spring from the autumn to the end of autumn, road bollards on Wednesdays at 18.00 at the bridge on the Odra river.

Here is only a hardcover, without jerking.


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Piotrkow Trybunalski

Saturday, Sunday 10:00
ul. Polish Army (square by stone)

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IC Tarnobrzeg Sandomierz Stalowa Wola Nowa Dęba Gorzyce Nisko and others

Cycling Wednesdays around Stalowa Wola, Sandomierz, Tarnobrzeg, Nowa Dęba and around.
Every Wednesday at 17:30, the route is 33 km in the form of a loop. The ride is in the nature of a race.

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Every Sunday, road cyclists meet at 10:00 on ul. Broniewskiego - parking at the sports and entertainment hall.