As of: May 2019


I dreamed about it for many years: drone with which you can ride a bike: pocket, safe, making nice photos. I've got ... and I regret.



Which bike drone?


Important information at the beginning: I do not do vlogs. All the information I put here is written from the perspective of a person who only takes photos - it changes the viewpoint diametrically.

Meaningful choices are currently in my opinion 4 and below info what and why.



Zerotech Dobby.


-> Photos (few;)) for example in the entry o Garda or Azores <-

The entry for Dobba was here. Since the time I wrote about him, an important thing has changed: there are a lot of things available now better batteries. It's pocket-sized, it makes decent photos, you can not remotely control the webcam up-down (a big minus) ... and it's typically a Chinese invention, which entails all the obvious as a bad soft, but also a lot of parts on Aliexpress.

Tip: this drone will sooner or later fall or run away and it's good that the only fear was lost ~ 1000 PLN. Flying it is like riding in the 17th row of the Ronda Babka peloton. It can be, but it requires cojones de ferro.




DJI Spark

-> Pictures can be seen, e.g. entry from Montenegro. <-

Everything is great, but: the lack of foldable wings makes it happen moderation handy.

Tip: despite what DC Rainmaker said, this drone does not fit in the pocket cycling jersey (at least this standard), and putting it in a bag under the frame, requires additional security (which adds time when folding).



DJI Mavic Air

-> Photos eg entry from Albania. <-


According to me optimal (today) drone on the bike. Good photos (with RAWs), reliable soft, solid construction, proven solution. Generally the same as Spark, but everything is better and a bit more weight, compensated by folded wings.

I think it will stay with me for a longer time, because I can not see a better (or even similar quality) alternative now. It's a bit sad because I've always been a fan of alternative solutions (cebulackich) from majfriendów.




Parrot Anafi

It's a bit bigger rozdziałka pictures than in Mavic, like a slightly better shape of a drone, but:
controlling apparatus much bigger, much more delicate (or at least gimbal), uncertain (yet) soft, no sensors you think you do not need, because you are a PRO, but you need it. What's more, the price is lower, but the DJI accessories market and their availability compensate, so WHAT?



How to drive?


I drove both DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Air in such a bag while driving (with equipment and spare batteries). It does not bother you at all. Zerotech Dobby could easily fit into the pocket. Mavic Air also fits in the pocket and so I drove him on Island of Usedombut it was a pleasure to have little in common.



Before buying


Buying a drone can not be a serious strain to your budget. I know that for people of the 21st century, controlling anything is trivial. However, you can not predict your reaction when the drone suddenly starts to run away: a thousand thoughts and panic. And this will happen. True story. Really. It falls quickly.



Expectations vs reality


Everything is perfect, but not so. That's not how I imagined it.

It turns out that the drone is not a camera. It's not like you see something cool, you take a picture, it's ready.
It's just that you see something cool, you stand, you take out the drone, you open, unfold the controller, plug in the phone, start the application, start to go up, wonder if this place is for sure, and nothing looks the way you imagined . At the same time, you look at the percentage of batteries falling down. Something like spontaneous pictures from the drone is practically non-existent - every place must be carefully planned on Google Earth including frames. I have never had the equipment from which so much material lands in the trash.


Add to this all matters related to safety, regulations, insurance, responsibility, pressure and several other factors that you do not know until you first get airborne. For example, when you fly 200 meters away, birds start circling the drone. Of course, each country has different regulations, applications to check the zones are as it is, but as it turns out, you still have to spend an evening to develop shortcuts and search for the right application for your country. For example, in Warsaw, on the west bank you will not be able to fly very much, because the city center, the eastern stadium, the airport in the south, and the Kampinos in the north (you can not go in national parks).



For this feeling similar to driving quad into the forest. Nobody likes what you do: you make noise, you create danger, and by the way you get privacy by looking at people in the garden. The last thing that separated me from ordinary tourist she was buried. I joined a group that commutes to a nice place, and then: warcy, hucy, czaczy. It deprived me of the opportunity to garner people, making noise on the motorbikes in the passes, ticking pictures and going on making noise - unnatural.



In addition, taking joy in the search for photographic frames. With the camera you have to go into places, squeeze, wonder how to get to the rock, jump over the river and combine. You simply fly and do the drone. A bit like an electric bike, it's cool, but you feel like a cheater.




What's next?


Very many people ask me what drone I use and what I recommend. Honestly? I do not recommend any. 



Riding with the drone, as an addition to ambitious cycling tourism, does not work. Owning a drone tilts the cycling scales so much towards tourism that you lose that kind of immersion - unity with the bike and the surroundings. I bought the drone and now I'm suffering because I can not decide whether I prefer to have unique (for now) photos or focus on driving. Do not repeat this mistake, because like me, instead of enjoying the ride, you will wonder is this the moment and shouting to Panda to turn around ... like in this movie (1:05)