"It's not your fault, it's me. I was unreasonable, I did not think it would come to that. I was tired, it was raining, my friends invited for a beer, I did not want to go after my clothes. I got busted, it was unprofessional. Farewell - one day we will probably meet again. We'll start again. Everyone we built together was in ruins. I hope we will be happy again someday. I am dying and nothing will be the same again. Dear cyclist - a male catarrh came to me. "


Am I sick?


If you've found this entry from Google, you probably feel an upcoming illness or have already spread you. The old proverb says that the treated cataract lasts for a week, and untreated for 7 days - does it mean separation from the bicycle? Well, if you search the internet for answers, probably in a thousand different opinions, you want to find the one that will say yes - you can. So you can find her here - you can ride a bike with a runny nose ... but it does not have to make sense. Look no further - obsessive search for details about the disease leads to 3 places: you have cancer, you have leukemia, you have hypochondria.



The most frequently repeated rule, both in books and on anonymous forums, is the "rule of the neck". If you feel sick only in your head - no problem. If the disease has also affected other parts of the body, you stay at home. In skin: if you cough or muscles are weak as in times when you were fat and played Warcraft - you stay at home.


For your job, but without exaggeration


But how is it at home ?! After all, letting go of training is for the weak! We, raised on the Tiger Mask, know that training is a holy thing. An interview with Adam Starzyński about the title has appeared on Maratony MTB / XC: amateurs have self-destructive tendencies. The interview is long, but you only have to remember the title itself. At a time when every profile on Facebook puts you in the face, everything is possible if you work long enough and systematically, how would you leave the training? Or a week of training ... or two ?!


Well, it turns out that you could. Because if you are not a professional, driving during illness will bring more harm than good. Most diseases do not come out of nowhere. Just like injuries, except for random ones, such as stepping on the Lego brick, during a night trip to the bathroom. It's a signal sign that maybe something is not halo. Exits for a bike are generally divided into two groups: the tourist and the social ones, and those aimed at improving the racing condition.




Let's start with the latter: it does not make sense. We all know that the condition improves from resting, not from riding. In order to earn for this rest, you need to provide the right training stimulus. Do you know how to make high-speed repetitions with a stuffy nose and aching head? Poorly. As if that was not enough, getting tired when weakening the body, so objectively, does not sound smart. There are some moments in the world where there is a concept defense by attackbut in our case it's like trying to go away from the peloton, just because we're too weak and we're running down the driveway. Not only that, riding with a bad mood destroys the psyche. More will be a good sleep for the afternoon than torturing with a workout whose values ​​are close to Post-race-reco-beer-cake-and-ride.

Chance that the training will give anything is small, and such a deterioration of its state - huge. The main minus of being sick is that you can die. In principle, death is certain and it is a matter of time. Because a male catarrh is not just an illness.


If you can not do something, but you really want it, then you can


Colleagues will be grateful for you
source: http://tinyurl.com/ycphlcau

Let's assume, however, that we are sick only a little and our mother / grandma / wife / girlfriend confirms this. We have a planned trip to which we must go and the end. Here are some points you must follow.

Tell anyone that you are sick. Ideally, many times before driving, while driving and after driving. At Stravie, add something about the fact that you drive despite the disease. Of course, not to let others approach you, and to emphasize what you are tough. If, after returning from the ride, it will completely unfold you, nobody will notice.

Gloves are an absolute duty. Emptying the nose is easy while driving. The problem is that the sick nose is completely different. Famous shot with glutait is more like launching Spiderman's network than a single shot. This network usually lands on the shoulder, on the eyepieces (which are also required for this reason), on polikach or on shorts. With a bit of bad luck and proper speed, you can even hit a friend. Unlike racing, you will not be afraid that it's not your glut. It will connect you permanently, like a pasta in a Lovers' Kundel ... only that the title 'Zakieny Kundel' would be more appropriate here. I do not need to say where your buddy will put a pump in thank you.

Skip the hills (greet Mazowszan), avoid fast driving, do not let yourself be provoked. Because you can forget about smooth driving with a runny nose. That means for a moment, but then comes a quick crisis. I would say that it is best to go out alone and drive your own, but not. We will probably soon be attacked by the feeling that we have been alone on the road, it will get cold and the first thoughts of lonely death on the road will appear.

The beard and mustache are cool, because they protect against the wind, but keep the glutes on. It's hard to choose what's better.

Drink, because you always have to drink, and if you are sick, all the more. If you collected the total amount of gluten during a 50km ride, it would probably fill the full bottle, and the balance must match.

Do not try to make up for lost trainings - you can not.


Positive pluses


As we already know what is above, it turns out that in general a runny nose has many advantages:

 - you can legally cry looking at your bike when you compare it to others, because these tears are after all "from the cold"

 - you can legally eat booze

 - during the illness you lie in bed, that is, you regenerate. You can spend 20 hours in pajamas and 4 on a bike. We all know that you lie down in bed. But not during a cold! Thanks to the cold you lie and lose weight!

 - you can eat chemistry that would normally be considered doping (ephedrine)



- You can finally be tough and show that despite the disease, you are a better version of yourself from tomorrow today

 - you can have an excuse and watch the race from the side. You will feel like all these wife-careerwho spend the weekend with their boy who, being the bravest cyclist in the world, comes to 34th place and talks about it for 4 days non-stop (because then begins the story about the upcoming, next). Like us, on Tatra Road Race.

 - you'll remember how life looks like, you'll clean the house, buy civilian clothes, shave your beard,

and above all:




But how is this guy without any background of the medical-coaching language ?! It's nonsense. And the fact, you may not believe me, but it turns out that if we are responsible, young people, the disease break is doing well (I am asking you not to deliberately fall into a catarrh now). You know your friend, what he went for two weeks with his family for a vacation to the seaside, he ate ice cream there and lay a cake, and when he came back he was stronger than usual? Badam-TSSS! Because illness, unless it excludes you from your favorite start, can be a salvation. I know it sounds stupid, but still.



Wise football and fitness books say that a week without training is really nothing. Two weeks are changing a bit, but it is still not a drama. Very often, they forget to mention another, very important thing: the psyche. Indeed, a man suffers without going to work, while not being able to go outside. Especially when the sun is setting the world and the birds are singing. During all this time, however, the hunger for driving is growing. You start to dream to finally go to your Gassy and pat a busted round. It turns out that a decrease in efficiency by several percent (which sounds like the squandering of a whole, bravely worked winter) can be made up. Because what about the fact that FTP is 350, if for the most part we are too tired to get closer to these values. Now the heart is beating faster, legs are more painful after training (wow, socks from the bike ?!) but we are happier, and most importantly - subjectively faster.


Tomorrow will be fur


When to go outside? A day later than you will leave. Whatever I write, one way or another you will go at least one day too soon. You can tell yourself that today, gentle, calm and crossover. But this is not possible, as one of my favorite cycling bloggers says humancyclistI am an All Out Idiot ™. As soon as I sleep, my inner master takes the lead, the plan lies in ruins. I am like a little dog who sees snow for the first time. As with the repetition: if the first one is going well - I will not break it. Nonsense, but aware.



The first ride after illness is like the first steps in life. It's still dripping from my nose, something is clogging my lungs, but you're going! The second or third ride is dynamite. Your legs are so strong that you are afraid of them yourself. If you have a power meter, it turns out that the watts are smaller, but this is irrelevant - subjectively you drive like a missile, like Flash Gordon. This condition lasts longer, remember only that the first week after the disease should be calmer.

The most important thing is that you want again, you have the second spring of this year.


Jan Kowalski, an ordinary man


[pullquote] What's the best way to get a cold? - Two Laxigene tablets and fearful sneeze [/ pullquote] You've been an ordinary person for the last few days. You spent the beginnings on eBay buying things that will make you faster and better when you leave the disease, but the budget is quickly over. Then you thought about your diet and modified the food plan for the coming weeks. Bicycles are clean for the first time for a long time, just like the day you saw them for the first time. You spent the next days doing nothing. You came from work, you sat and watched as life flies. A shop, something on TV, a show, jump off somewhere by car, the day ends, sleep. You remembered that average people live like that. From weekend to weekend, and in the weekend nothing special at all, but at least do not have to do. Just until August, because then two weeks lying on the beach.


After the storm comes the sun


One day you wake up healthy. You stand in front of the mirror and you are glad that you have such a nice hobby, and your life is interesting. You can ride when you want and do not drive when you do not want to. You remind yourself that in amateur pursuit the legs are important, but the head of the ride is also important and even if you get further, you know that you have done everything you can. The second spring has come this year.


In all this mess I know one thing for sure: in most cases, the worst effect of the disease is stress, guilt and other strange feelings accompanying the missed training. They weaken additionally. Cycling is our hobby, and hobby should be the last thing that provides negative emotions.