I often read things on the internet like everyone else. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks that I hope will lengthen my life. Usually, after the title question I see that I should not develop a list of comments, or launch a video, but it is stronger than me. I imagine then Maciek, who stands next to me and asks one very simple question: WHAT DO YOU DO? Sometimes, however, it is too late and the seeded particle of stupidity is scattered in the head, generating many questions. Unlike many people, I do not know the answers to most of the questions and divagations start to last too long. Well, for example: should the helmet be mandatory? I do not know. Then again Maciek stands next to me with another question: WHAT IT MEANS WHAT I THINK. It helps, it usually does not matter. I would like many people to understand this.


Worse, if the same, the seemingly meaningless statement repeats too many people. Then it is worth asking yourself: or maybe I'm wrong? Such statements as the following can be multiplied indefinitely, all you need to do is enter any topic about paths, but it's a shame to transfer yours to do it.



That's how the question arose in my head:


Is it possible to ride an expensive bicycle on the bike path *?


because apparently not. This is what both the most professional of professional amateurs, the most cycling bikers and the most authoritative of the authoritative cycling influencers, say. I decided to check it, but not anyhow. Good, like a German engineer checking the angles of the head of the frame during the sprint ... as much as I can.






I have a problem, because the vast majority of tests of expensive bikes in which I took part took place abroad. In the west it is known - everything is better. Nobody has to follow the paths, there are no curbs, the drivers avoid 13 meters, and as soon as you have to take the path, it is an asphalt highway. Such Italians, for example - there is a road class and culture there, not what is with us! (I recommend an entry from Naples). I do not remember that any of the bicycles I used had a problem with driving on the paths. The last very expensive equipment that I traveled around in Warsaw is probably Factor 02, a dozen or so months ago. The frameset itself is some PLN 21,255.75, which is not much less than the bike I ride every day (if I was not cebulakiem and bought it at the catalog price).

Unfortunately, I quickly realize that my bike is not suitable for this test. Not only is the price not so, it's still a brand - Rose, what is it? Almost a German marketplace - splendor zero. Besides, what a price. On a daily loop, I come across bikes whose frame is more expensive than my whole bicycle, and I will be using it to say "can an expensive bike do something ...". Well, there are no cones, so it's free, I do not have to add anything more.

A real bicycle was needed here. THE FASTEST WORLD (capslock). I quickly started looking in my head: Merida is Merida, Giant is Giant, Canyon is a bike for those who can not afford them, other brands are plebs some or boutique projects from Veloart, not the FAST BOOTS. The right players are two: Trek and Specialized ... great. It was on the second brand, because Trek never visited me, so like a respectable internet man, I would say that Spec is better (just like Xiaomi).

I sent a specialized e-mail to the Friendized company, which sounded sad and honest, exactly like this:





In response, I received info that is available only Venge Pro version for PLN 31899. Poorly, even on the site they write about him like this: Venge Pro accessories are the optimal combination of performance, performance and price. I feel like I bought Canyon - I have expensive and fast equipment, and people say "oh, nice bike, good price". It's like having a BMW sport diesel in the price of a flat in the capital and repeating to everyone that it's cool because it does not smoke much. That was not the point, but it's the best I can come up with right now. I will not borrow Trek for 50k from my friends, because as it turns out, however, it is impossible to ride a path and break it, I will have to buy it, and Trek's frame will be glued on which I will ride until the end of my life. As one well-known cycling blogger said (quoting): I jebie. The same blogger that contacted me when I asked him to take a picture on a hopeless path in Jelenia Góra. Either he's looking for her now, or he could not drive after her.




First attempt.


I went outside and the problem started. I live in a different Warsaw than everyone else. I have several kilometers to the legendary loop on Gassy, and some 95% of this route is over the asphalt road. In order to find a route with an infamous cube, I have to work hard. Although here the pluses of the 26c tires can appear - why have the tires narrow, I do not know.
I made the first dozen or so kilometers hanging around the city and did not encounter problems with driving on the paths. I know, however, where my mistake lay, so amateurish. I behaved like people on the internet saying what I am doing, that is, I can do it. E.g: I travel all my life without a helmet and insurance, i.e. they are not needed. I started thinking ...


The bike was riding, but I missed something. It's something between an amazing sense of speed, ceramic fluidity, the advantages of Dura Ace Di2 over Ultegrą Di2 and overall splendor and prestige. It's like the difference between a cheap, well-chosen saddle, and an expensive, completely un-checked, but also possessed. On the latter it may be less convenient, but you ride it on it.
I traveled on a similar bike Speca presentation in Innsbruck. That one, however, had the words S-Works, not Specialized. The same frame after all - you say. Yes, but the inscription is different - I'll answer you. As an experienced tester, I knew what to do. My most talented girl in the world turned into famous Chinese hands and remade inscription Specialized bike on S-Works. Yes, now it was it! The bike was flying, and I did not feel shame anymore.



I still did not have a problem with cycling on the road in the city. I was driving slowly, when something entered my line of fire, I released the device, which is called the brake. I do not know, maybe if there are no shields, it can not be done, but expensive bikes have. With the help of derailleurs and terms, I was able to choose the speed to the conditions. Something was still wrong.




The second attempt.


If it's not the equipment, maybe the rider? I decided to change each other clothes (... well, but also yourself - the outflow from the bathtub is jammed today). With pants I did not have a big problem: Rapha Pro Team was both expensive and fast - worse with a T-shirt. I went to Rapha Club Jersey, which may be expensive, but for tourists. It was a mistake, although until now I do not know if the problem of entering the paths is road or fast equipment ... This set did not work, it was still possible to drive properly. Ba, I even stood at the red lights and let the pedestrians pass. Terrified, I went back home and put on the fastest set I had: the Absolute Bike Team outfit (with the Trek logo, just for a snack), I won it in the future in ping-pong competitions Sunday, Masovian Championship of the Universe.


Here I am riding on a standard, very bad Warsaw track - most of them look like this. In the distance I see a lady who goes illegally, so I will die for sure, because I'm going 78km / h.
And here I found a 100-meter section of cobblestones. I am sure that the wheels will fall apart and the frame will break.



Natsas Chamois Creme, of course, does not clean, which of course does not work. I know it because I always smudge it when I sit down to read the internet, and my ass hurts me.

The desired effect was also not achieved. God damn it!




Third attempt


I started to experiment with additions.

Thanks to the integrated Garmin mount I was unable to mount the fastest counter in the world - Wahoo Bolt (I would like to retract my Wahoo review at all, they are no better than the Garmins). I put in a way (sometime) Garmin's watch, I hope it equals. If not, I inform you that I put 100 PLN in one banknote in my pocket. To get rich, I will buy a ball of ice cream for them the best ice cream parlor in the city - let them know! ... worse than you will ask if I can not use a card. I also strategically added the iPhone. In the other pockets, they land the hand-made Rice Cake according to the pattern in The Grand Tour Cookbook by Hanna Grant.


Here I wonder if the path is VERY VERY dangerous, that it is better to drive alongside it - along the sidewalk.
And here I wonder whether priority is given to a guest who has driven a scooter on a late red, or a car that does not stand on the green arrow.


There is a problem with water bottles. After a home review, I found that maybe Lightweight is a swindler, but there is no other, more right choice than the legendary copies of We Ride Warsaw. A little bit of fungus inside did not discourage me (or even better, because it gave away some old atmosphere of the team), because there is no more splendor in the world than to have such a water bottle. I pour them, of course, hand-prepared isotonics from a mixture of Alpine salt, freshly imported from the south of Spain lemons and organic honey from an apiary located on the outermost corner of the Suwałki region that exists.

Then there were shoes. Every day I drive in Van Ryselach, because I got them on tests in Spainbecause they are the most convenient. Here, however, there is no room for imitation of expensive equipment. They may not have a logo and they look good, but who knows, he knows. For the needs of the test, I changed them to hated by me, tied Giro. Only laces give prestige.


Here I pass an intersection where I know I will die if I do not slow down. I beat them each time I leave Gassy.


When it comes to the helmet, I drive in Limar, because I got it because it is the lightest helmet in the world. Here I had to put Giro Synthe on my head, because it was not enough that it was black (i.e. faster), it still matched the brand, so +5 to look. I added Oakley to the set so old that I can not see it anymore, but it's irrelevant.

The choice of socks was simple. I would like to mention here some company that sent skarki in freebies, but I can not. The fastest socks in the world are Oska Warszawa socks, in which I have entered into an illegal way in a large number of times. So I'll use them.

It did not do anything.




The fourth and final attempt.


I quickly recall that I am committing a standard plebe mistake. Being fast and rich is after all not only the equipment, clothing and accessories - it's the whole lifestyle. On the day of the final test I perform a series of activities that will make me the main character of "Magda M.". I am going in the morning to my "for whom such an expensive squadron does not make sense" with a bicycle to work in Powiśle, with an Apple computer, through the Świętokrzyski bridge. For breakfast, I eat millet flakes with corporate fruit, and for lunch I go to a vegan pub at BUW on falafele. I am ready as never (and hungry).

I'm going back to the only right loop - Gassy. I'm going along the Vistula boulevards. After returning the key the streets are so fancy that more fancy is nothing: Świętokrzyska, Marszałkowska, Tamka and so on. It's really hard for me to stick to the infrastructure in the city. After all, even if there was an exceptionally bad fragment, I could go with an alternative ... I do not find that unfortunately. I even look at Wilanów for a while, but I quickly remember that the iPhone in the pocket is version 5 - if someone calls me and someone notices it, they stab me after spoiling the image. I run away sooner .... paths, so slowly.


Here, I miss my VERY BICYCLE and FAST BIKE Mazovian temple of cycling. Thanks to S-Works, I can finally look at her without any remorse. I wonder how very fast riders come here when the access is from the ankle?


Nothing of that.

I am disappointed very much. It turns out that the bike is very expensive and very fast, it is also possible to drive slowly. Just like everyone else, then dangerous paths become as safe as streets. It takes me ~ 26 minutes instead of ~ 21 to travel to the "training loop". It's hard for me to find these famous 7-meter leashes with a dog at the end, the older, lost people, two-year-old children let loose, people looking for the center of gravity, bouncing off curbs on the Veturillas.


What did I do wrong? 


I must admit honestly: I was expecting a bit of such a conclusion. Thousands of kilometers of a ride in a city squadron drew my attention to one very important aspect: perhaps, if you are riding a road bike on the road for bikes and you have the impression that ALL around you want to kill you, it is probably you that are the threat? Perhaps, when you're driving the tempo pace the same as everyone else, you see a road that bypasses everyone like a Hamilton starting after a defect from the last place in the race, you realize that it is he who is the threat?






Yes, an expensive and fast road bike can be driven slowly. If someone does not know, then maybe you need to start such training: "how to ride a road bike around the city"?

Yes, going fast on the way for bikes, it's dangerous, but see the previous point: you can drive slowly on any bike

No, you do not have to go fast. The network of cycling routes in Poland is not developed to interrupt your training for many hours. A few to a dozen or so minutes of slow driving will not deprive you of the opportunity to achieve a better place in extremely important competitions for the whole world.

No, decent wheels do not break from entering the curb at low speed, and the frames do not break from it.

No, on solid wheels with minimum 25c tires (if you have narrower, think about life), Bauma is not really that bad (edit: for a moment - if someone who is designing a track reads it, I inform you that it is generally six hundred times worse than asphalt). Besides, what's going on with the fact that in the spring everyone rains in pavement, in the winter all are cross-breeders, and in the summer it turns out that every inequality first kills the cyclist and then breaks his bike?



* and not a path just a bike path ;-)

** and yes, unfortunately, sometimes I also break the law. For example, every morning, driving a bunker with the speed of a runner on the pavement, because I'm afraid of the street. It's bad for me, but in this case, nothing depends on me. The path to be relatively safe, just go slower.

*** and yes, there are paths that should never be allowed to be used - however, giving a single example to justify the whole theory leads to reflection on the education system.

**** and I have the impression that people who mention too often about the cosmic price of their bike, after all did not buy it at a price they keep repeating about, which, as we all know, is only catalog. I'm going to smear ASSOS Chamois Creme again ....