Let's consider what thought process had to take place in my head to leave the Kłodzko Valley and go to the city of Rybnik, not necessarily known to the wider public. Maybe it was like this:

  1. Create a list 10 50 100 500 locations that you would like to visit with a bicycle
  2. Think about how well your post will click from that place
  3. Consider where it is safest at the moment (beautiful pandemic times)

When you have this list finished, use the trick that you know very well and accompany you throughout your life (especially in the case of sports with classification):

Reverse tables
Rybnik at the forefront

And ready, you can go. The alternative version, of course, is that I went shopping grandma, but it would not sound so good. One day I would like to prepare a proper entry about Rybnik and the surrounding area (especially about the area), because there is something about it, but unfortunately it will not be now. For now, on the blog about Rybnik, you could find out mainly about hospitals, because in one I was born, and the other I came when the turn on Tour de Rybnik turned out to be too tight and the grip too low. Now I will write only what this entry should be about and it is not.

First of all, I'd write if it's worth it.

And I would answer that question for a long time because it is difficult. In fact, in the area, apart from the Rybnik Lagoon and forests, there are not many things that can convince you, and you probably have a forest under the house. So let's use a trick to speed up the process. Look at the picture below:

Or for this photo, taken a bit further, also within the range of the "shoe" from Rybnik:

In total, just like in Tuchola Bory, only lakes are less, and even smaller hills. It sounds a bit like "Bory Tucholskie, only without the main attractions", it was supposed to sound like that.

If you felt warmer - you can go,

otherwise you probably have a similar one under the house and you don't have to come ... unless you are encouraged by something from the points listed below.

In addition, they write on the Internet that there is one of the country's largest cycle path network and the longest sewage network. I have not yet found a suitable correlation of these facts, although my girlfriend did the necessary research (as in the photo).

I stole the route Nor from 25/7who drove her a few days earlier with several bicycle personalities.

Because besides, I would also write that:

They will try to kill you by trickery

The most important information before going to Silesia is: DO NOT BE KILLED WITH SWEETS. A visit to Silesia resembles a rat's visit to the basement, who discovers that someone has put some candy on his plate. It's like: you go to the store, you see local sweets (local, so black, because you know - coal), buy, eat, die. THEY ARE ANISE. Before buying anything edible in black, check whether it has only been colored with some coal, whether the description contains any variation of the words "anise" or "licorice".

If you plan to leave work, and in tradition you have to leave sweets in the kitchen, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED, because the sweets look extremely good.

It is worth visiting the Gryfnie store

This is a must, because it is known that when you go somewhere, you should spend money there, buying some local souvenirs, which will later change the owner (because good for a gift, and generally unnecessary). Something like the Little Princ book, miner's socks, or Polish-Silesian phrasebook. Unfortunately, we live in sad times in which instead of going to the store, you can buy everything in online store. It is probably worth adding here that this is not a sponsored entry.

... and blocks houses

This is not somehow specially selected staff. The area around Rybnik consists mainly of buildings corresponding to Lego 2x2x2 blocks and their minor variations. Perfect form

Like Morocco, like Hong Kong

With the picture below, something is wrong, but it is so there, I do not lie!

The two districts to visit are Morocco-Nowiny and Mexico. Let me quote you from nonsensopedii:

Mexico - Legend district. From 10am to 6pm, no one should cut your kidneys with a blunt instrument. Local grandmothers throw trash through the window so as not to be attacked when visiting the trash. In turn, going out here at night without an ax, brass knuckle, kitchen knife or baseball is entered in the city hall as a heroic feat, and at the same time the receipt for forced examination in Gliwice is due to suspicion of suicidal thoughts.

Morocco-News - district symbol. A dozen of the most disgusting monolith blocks, pathology, unemployment and the largest church within a hundred kilometers. Jadwiga. Still, it's fun and there is no time for boredom. There is a culture center, a forest, a modern playground for children, a circus arrives. Name Morocco obliges, so residents make Parisian suburbs in Rybnik - smoking Car belongs to their favorite pastimes.

Generally it is such a (very) small Hong Kong. Big blocks are so scary that they are pretty. And unlike some other "classic" Silesian settlements, it is so safe that even with WX * registration I don't have to go with a grenade launcher. I'm serious, I like it.

Visit the great wall of Silesia separating from Gorola

We find him somewhat by chance somewhere around Rudy. To tell the truth, I thought that the famous wall of wit is a little closer to Warsaw, but apparently not. He stands in the middle of the forest. What is behind him - we do not know, because the Night Watch did not let us through.

Warszawiak, Ślązak and Kaszub went on holiday to Egypt. As they sailed the boat, they fished out a clay jug with a strange seal. After a while, they broke this seal and the Genie flew out of the pitcher.
- You released me, I will fulfill your three wishes. One for each.
- I love Kashubia so much ... Let the water in the lakes always be clean, there will be plenty of fish, and let tourists be decent and rich.
- A boring wish, but if you want. Done.
- Build a huge wall around Warsaw to isolate my city from the rest of this backward country and that no villagers come to me.
- OKAY. Done. Now you - Dżinn turns to Ślązak.
- Tell me more about this wall around Warsaw.
- Well, it surrounds the whole city, it is concrete, one kilometer high and three kilometers wide at the base. The mouse will not slip.
- Okay. Pour water to full

The maps say that it is the KSM Dziergowice Kruszyw Mine, but we know our ...

Rybnicki Lagoon and power plant

Local sea. Perfect place to catch 56 kilogram Tolga, over 2.5-meter sum (100kg) piranhas or simply corpse. The reservoir itself is very nice: a bit of Masuria, because there are sailboats, holiday houses and fish fry.
Very cool, especially because Rybnik Power Station stands behind it.

The Rybnik power station gives megawatts for this

for the pigment to come on Beata's skin

Beata! Beata! girl like a cannon - gunshot

Her skin is dark as herbal tea

Hi Fi cabaret


You can read about Rudy and forests, paths, lakes, castles and other boring things on other websites, for example Bicycling in Silesia. Generally, the point is that, contrary to popular belief, Silesia is not gray and smelly at all, but green and pleasant *. In the vicinity of such Rybnik there are about one hundred thousand forest paths, and if you look at the mountains you can see in the distance.

* summer

Everything doesn't matter, because abroad

Although, as you probably suspect, we did not go to Rybnik at all because there are paths in the forest - there are a lot of such paths all over Poland. Even black fudges were not the main reason here. During our "trip" the borders were still closed, and the internal temptation to visit another country was stronger than us. As you know (mainly from road signs), Silesia is a bit abroad, just like Kashubia.

... and even less important, because frankfurters

We also have a principle adopted at home that was created for visits to Asia and that keeps my girlfriend alive. She is a vegetarian with a dispensation abroad, and it so beautiful that it is not enough that Rybnik is almost abroad, she also has the greatest gift of the German people: Frankfurters. There is nowhere else as good Frankfurters as there, and in combination with Silesian bread they are twice as good. And in fact the whole trip and the desire to make an entry were only an excuse to eat it:

So if you read it here, I'm sorry. I was just looking for an excuse to stick a fork in a Frankfurter out of the pot in the morning and experience this nice feeling when the sausage explodes with fat-water directly onto clean clothes, right after the fork is stuck in it. I promise there will be content in the next post.