Probably each of us is sometimes wondering what people who buy everything have. A similar problem arises when you need to buy a gift to a person whose life revolves around bicycles. Most people I know from a bike have almost everything (sensibly or not, price limit). At the outset, one should explain some basic issue, which probably 90% of recipients of this post are aware of, but those for whom the bike is just a bicycle, may not know. Not every cyclist is a cyclist and not every cyclist is a cyclist. Get to know it quite simply: when I am riding a bicycle in jeans for work in the morning, I am a cyclist. Going to the evening training in a lighter, on a bike, on which I lie more than I am sitting, I feel like a cyclist. In our world, being a "cyclist" unfortunately took on quite a pejorative meaning, so if you buy your boyfriend / girlfriend / colleague ... reflective vest with the inscription "Warsaw Critical Mass" to be visible in the evening on the road while driving with the boys it will be perceived as serious FAUX PAS . In the worst case scenario, it can lead to chronic depression, and believe me, a depressed cyclist is a double misfortune at home. Similarly, if you buy a liquid to cover the tubers with a person who goes to the store in the Dutch. So I prepared a list of safe gifts, which everyone should enjoy. Unless it's Christmas Grinch, but then it's not worth buying it. Think of it more as suggestions and ideas than as specific products. Prejudice the questions - no, I have not received anything from anyone for the fact that I recommend these products - they are simply cool.

I am a huge opponent of buying very practical gifts - you can buy such things yourself. You get the best ones that you would not buy yourself because they are pointless / too expensive / strange. Here is the list:



"No socks is a no-no, as are those ankle-length ones that should be worn by female tennis players."

~ Velominati, Rule # 27

The socks are always cool, NOT THAN COMPRESSION. Compression is a taboo subject in cycling. Maybe because it is associated with triathlon and running, and maybe because the regulations prohibit the compression of compression clothes. If you do not want the recipient to hit town with pushups, buy the usual ones? Best long, reaching to the calf. The length of socks is the subject of many discussions, some prefer short, others long. The difference is that everyone will enjoy happiness from the long, only those who like short will be happy. Funny patterns, preferably impractical, are preferred. Examples of companies: Sock Guy, Happy Socks, Save Our Soles, Defeet.

Alternatively, if we are a practical lady of the house, we give up the funny pattern and order a decent cycling sock: Castelli, Rapha, Santini - a safe choice. Best suited to the color of shoes. Rule # 28: White is old school cool. Black is cool too, but were given a bad image by a Texan who were too long. If you feel like it must be colored, make sure they damn well match your kit.


Water Bottles

Water bottles are never too much. If, of course, you do not drive in a professional team and you do not get a dozen or so free tickets each time you need them. Water bottles get lost, fall out, are run over by trucks, cause crashes in the peloton, kill in corners, or finally - they mushroom. Unscrewed after a week of non-use, they restore the memories of opening the backpack after the holidays in primary school - the old sandwich was always there and smelled the same. Water bottles can be bought ordinary and cheap, possibly with a funny print or expensive and good. Personally, I like both types. Those cheap ones are not too bad at races: they will fall out - it's hard. From the more expensive and better, it is well known that the best is Camelbak Podium. As for the size, it is usually smaller = safer.



Let's be honest, not everyone has the time to read these days. It is definitely more popular to view pictures / videos or just a question. I can write an article covering all aspects of a given topic, and in the commentary there will be a question about a thing written in bold. It's a waste of time for people and I understand it. Fortunately, the book is a good gift, because it is not good to be glad of it, and in the worst case it will look nice on the shelf. In principle, it can be any of the bike, although those about servicing are in my opinion well replaced by entries on the internet, and biographies such as "Eddy Merckx. Cannibal ", can be tragically boring or complicated (but they have a nice cover, so cool). From recommended positions (usually to find on ebaj, allegro):rules

"The Rules" by Velominati - a set of cycling rules (pattern of a cycling savoir vivre), described in a quite extensive way. A little ridiculous, slightly ironic, but I read well and should be known.

"Race of Secrets" - the best cycling book with a story. Armstrong story told by a former colleague. The problem is that if someone reads books, he certainly knows her.

"THE GRAND TOUR COOKBOOK" - cycling cuisine straight from the pro-peloton. 350 pages of nice photos, interesting descriptions and good ideas.

"Training with a heart rate monitor", „Training manual with power meter„, „Bible training mountain biker"And many other training books. The safest ones are those written by Joe Friel, but I think that none of them will hurt us.

"School of Life" - a handful of cycling advice for beginners and a very interesting biography (or rather a part of it) of the most titled Polish MTB cyclist.

Subscriptionhighway", The first Polish road cycling magazine;)



We will play the game. A bit oldschool, but a card or board game is really a hicior. The problem is that it's very hard to get them. From older positions, we have a choice: Leader 1Giro Card Game and Monopol in the bicycle world, that is: Cycleopoly. The latest hit is funded by Kickstarter (public fundraising): Cycling Party.



Research, not only efficiency

Exercise tests are cool and we all know that. You can give someone a voucher for 20 minutes of suffering and will probably be useful to anyone who wants to take a little more seriously. Does it make sense, this is a topic for a separate entry. There are a lot of companies that deal with such things, so if we throw in "goule" efficiency tests, we will definitely find interesting offers in our city. However, there is another type of research. In my opinion, much more important, because not only that it concerns our security, it is possible deficiencies, for example in morphology, will allow. This is health research for sport. They blow about it on TV every time some disaster happens, but most of us still do not go to the doctor voluntarily. Almost every private clinic / hospital offers such a package. It usually includes ECG, Morphology, Holter, exercise test etc. Cost from 200 to 1500 PLN depending on the package, for example:

Examples of efficiency tests: 4sportlab, sportslab, Diagnostix

How does the end of such research look like and if it's a nice thing, rate it by yourself looking at Piotr, with whom I was on them last year :)




Send a husband / wife for research!



Then get to know triathlete the cyclist at the party?
After nothing - he will tell you himself


T-shirt is a bit cliché, but for unknown reasons cyclists, like triathletes and runners like to show, even when civil meetings (that is, those without a lajray) that they play sports. Therefore, the t-shirt, especially in winter, when it is impossible to recognize his after shaved legs is always a good gift. Of course finding an interesting one does not come easily, but I have a few tips:

The huge layers of shirts can be found here: It is a pity that turbo is expensive. 

Next we have our native shirt and MTB / XC profile: Even dowcipe.

Quite specific, but also interesting, and most importantly often in promotions:


Cycling shirt

If someone does not suffer from the current t-shirt deficit then it is usually the most boring gift ever, but it does not have to be.
Example: Christmas cycling shirt or costumes from Podium Clothing. A lot of funny patterns have our informers from the east eg Paladin Sport. In the latter case, the quality is, let's say: average, but the design rewards it. My favorite clothes (3 below) are unfortunately temporarily unavailable, because the Podium Clothing website has fallen. The never-ending repository of strange costumes with links to stores is instagram profile of Wtfkits



Shoe covers

It's best to be funny and colorful. The covers have it to themselves that they are tearing - especially the winter ones, when we have to put our feet on the ground much more often than we should. The principle is simple, we buy wet, rubber, cold wool, airy summer (because the cover is more aero than the shoe). The size should not be a problem, because usually there are only 3 or 4. It's also difficult to buy an interesting pattern anywhere outside of China, but you can, for example, pink. We will then be sure that the person being donated will ALWAYS think about putting it in ... he will also think about us every time someone will ask her for choosing a color.

OVS02-Product-AW14-01 (1)


Cycling glasses are like a purse for a fancy dress - there are never too many of them. So we check what color it is and buy another one. If we do not know how we take Oakleye, they are always cool (and by the way almost the most expensive). If we want to be cool then we take an oldschool seen on the Internet by cyclists of the previous era, for example:

Mario with Briko glasses


CO2 pump

The pump is always lost. Possibly it breaks, which is why the new, small pump is great. And if it's a CO2 pump, it's super-cool. This is one of those gadgets that are always a waste of money, because you can wave your hand and do not need to buy cartridges. Do you know how many times you have to swipe your pocket-sized pump to fill a roadblock with these decent 6bar? Usually over 200, so it's a matter to think about. Available almost anywhere, for example in Decathlon.



Winter hat - woolen

I mean specifically about the cap from United Cyclists: I do not know other cool winter hats, but there are definitely some. E.g these, though they seem to be worse due to the lack of a direct cycling motif. Or with bikesin our home shop. If this is not the case, we can look for a person who can weave and make an individual order. If we do not know one and we live in England, we can go to the course weaving for cyclists.




Przysłowiowa "ointment for sore ass". There are a lot of cycling cosmetics: from creams to frost, through creams on the back to shaving creams for legs and sprinkles. Sudocrem or baby sprinkles from the pharmacy work almost as well, but it does not look so pretty, and that's what it's all about.

Here comes Rahpa with its products for thick millions:

English cream stores, e.g.

And Assos with your creams and hand washing liquid for our obscenely expensive clothes:

 And yes ... you see well: a liter of washing liquid of manual baskets PLN 130 :-)




Bikefitting is a very debatable matter. Some say that it is worth all the money invested in it (PLN 200-600), others are disappointed. I belong to the latter group, but maybe because I have never had more serious problems with the pain of any part of my body during longer distances. For someone who rides on the time trial, in a triathlon or with problems with muscle problems is a good idea. It's hard for me to recommend where they are done the best, but there are plenty of places lately. Everyone is already an expert and everyone says his way is a bit different than the others and therefore the best. Interesting.


I did my first BF in AirBike, but only because I did not know what height to trim the seatpost in a new bike





Powerbank is useful to everyone, not just riders. If someone likes to drive longer routes, then with the current battery life in electrical devices is practically necessary. It is a portable battery to which we connect devices (usually via USB). Priorities: capacity, shape.

TeckNet IEP1500
TeckNet IEP1500


Ultralight jacket

Ultralight, like everything in the name combines the word light and ultra have a fairly limited life, so there are never too many. It's a turbo thin rain / wind jacket that can be stuffed into the back pocket. They save lives in the event of a weather breakdown or when we get a bit of a shot at planning outside temperatures. They almost do not breathe, but that's what it's all about - thanks to this, one of the Chinese works just like the one from Decathlon for the stethoscope, which in turn is not much different from the one from the shop for three hundred. The main difference is in the cut - the expensive ones are better. As usual.

ULTRALIGHT 500 B'TWIN, source:
ULTRALIGHT 500 B'TWIN, source:


Orderly multitool

Multitool is an extremely practical and always good gift. As is usually the case with small things - it often gets lost. Even more often, borrowed somewhere on the route, does not return to the owner. I had at least one borrowed myself and I did not know who to give back ... only that I got lost. In this case, the quality counts - better modest, but better made. There is nothing worse than breaking or round hexagons. Examples of companies are Pedros or Lezyne. By the way of screws ....

Folding Hex Set w / Torx 25, source:
Folding Hex Set w / Torx 25, source:


Light shit

There is a lot of details for the bike, which we can buy. Lightweight screws, light seatpost or wheel clamps, light rear derailleur wheel. A subject quite sensitive and for more advanced due to compatibility, but such a gift can surprise.

E.g screw set + Token derailleur or something from KCNC or AX-Lightness.



Poster / painting

The subject is a bit simpler for the average non-cyclist. Something to hang on the wall is always useful, and it happens that landscapes in cycling are good as in any other sport. Graphics with the rest too.
Again, it appears with an infinite number of pictures:
We can find a bit more ambitious here:
And a bit more classic:

But of course, after entering "cycling posters" or "cycling posters" in gugle, we have countless results. Add to this the fact that we can also convert your photo into a poster, it is only the imagination that limits us.



Top cap

I do not know why customization (I do not know a good Polish word for it) top cap (it's probably a bottle for us) is not popular. This is an ideal element, because not only that we see it all the time, it does not affect our safety. Business KAPZ offers some pretty well designed or the possibility of engraving your own. For this own designs for water bottles, steering caps and a few other things. With a bit of graphic abilities, we can do something great.



Lightweight gadgets

There are companies whose products are always welcome. Such a cycling equivalent of Porsche. One of them is known from awesome very expensive Lightweight wheels. As mortals, we can probably afford carbon Lightweight pen for only 65 euros. If we have a little more imagination it can be ... hanger for a hundredth. There are also hats, water bottles and many otherprovided, of course, that we do not have a heart attack at the sight of the 5000 Eurasian wheels.

 84820_00_c 88313_00_c27380_00_c71667_00_c


Bicycle bag

For a person who travels a lot by plane - a must, but you must remember that ONLY hard bags. A material bag is just as useful as an old carton from a bicycle shop, maybe even less. We can choose a soft one, so the bike in the car / bus / basement would be more comfortable.


Volvo Life Paint ... almost

Some time ago Volvo released spraythanks to which we become visible at night. Unfortunately, I want to buy it only in Volvo showrooms in the UK, or on ebay for some obscenely huge money. as you can easily guess, the spray is not produced by this company, so you can buy it much cheaper than another manufacturer: Albedo 100. I come in versions: for metals (bike), for clothes, for animals (if we feel like a horse).

source: volvo



Who has never got under the Christmas tree let the first throw a water bottle. Thanks to "Look mum no hands" we can now buy colored cycling briefs women or men. A funny and practical gift ... at least to the point where we shoot a lot with size. In any direction.




Espresso cups or to capuccino or beer mug from Chris King. For sure, however, there are a lot of others on the internet, so the question of the taste and selection of your favorite company.





Dupochrony they are great. A piece of plastic / cardboard and the butt remains dry several times longer.
Dupochron We Ride
Dupochrons rie: selfunny and great

Of course, the best option is to prepare your own. Here instruction the need is basically just a piece of plastic, possibly a decent cardboard, scissors and kredki / mazaki / farbki. There is nothing better than a fully custom, hand-made gadget that does not give up the buyer's quality or weight.



Tire belt-

Strap with Vittoria tire. Practical, elegant, clever.




A good tool is not cheap, but a decent set for beginners will not be despised by anyone - for example Park Tool. Even if you are an amateur like me and self-tightening the sternum can result in permanent damage to health, it's nice to have such a set. Expensive but great and always useful.



Cosmetics for the bicycle

Cosmetics for a bicycle are just as much for people. For cleaning, lubrication, drying, polishing, etc. You can buy individually or splurge and buy a set full graze ultimate from the Muc Off company



Taps / tubes

Recommended especially for people who often catch gum. It is an expression of understanding, deep compassion and a clear message: "next time, on Sunday noon, do not call me from Lodz, just depose yourself". I recommend this to MTB / przełyja plain, decathlon for PLN 15, and for tubs, as standard Vittoria Pit Stop. To the gift we can attach a hand-drawn voucher to "single-trip from the route within 100 km on any day of the week".




A bicycle shaped baking mold? Why not. It is available little and big.

calendar with known whores ... turns
calendar with girls on bicycles
calendar with even more girls on bikes

funny brake pads (Cantilever)
A bike for slicing the pizza. Such plain or a bit strange.
Umbrella with a bicycle handle if you can not part with your steering wheel.
A water bottle set from Vittoria, or save your inner tube / tire.
Something like this what looks like a spray but is a money / keys box. 
A cool-painted helmet To the city.