A gift for a cyclist is bought very easily, it is enough to have a machine for printing money. He keeps telling us about his dreams all year long. Because everyone has a pass, and he does not, because the drive has already made the way to the moon and back and you have to change, because the power measurement has less accuracy than 2%, because the pants are holey, too slippery stripes on the road, because the shoes are cold in winter, and warm in the summer, etc. Let's assume, however, that we have not heard the monologues for the last half year and yet we do not know what to choose. Alternatively, you are looking for a gift for your friend.

Before we start gouling and we will definitely find one of the most popular cycling sites in the style of a city biker and we will buy a stylish bell matching the 6.8 kilo road, let's consider alternatives.



I got one of the CoCon by mail, the second I bet on a competition. This is not a sponsored gadget, I have not used a wallet for a bike for a year ... and in my civilian life too. A small wallet that holds several cards and a pair of banknotes, in perfect shape for the back pocket, works perfectly. The possibility of personalization, appearance and stylish packaging should sweeten a little high price.

129zł – http://carbonworkshop.pl/zcarbonka/


Water Bottles

Water bottles are never too much. It's one of those things like cross-country cycling socks - it's easier to throw away and buy new ones than to clean. Criteria according to which the water bottle is selected? We check if the favorite teams, websites, websites, etc. are donated, and we buy one. We choose the color for the frame / clothing. We buy a Camelback Podium, which is a bit more expensive and uglier than any other, but also the best (although I choose ordinary one for racing).



Well-worn topic. This is how to get a T-shirt with the text "best dad of the world" But .... there are perfect cups. You can buy such with a road bike, but a real estimate will be obtained (at least in Mazovia) for:






A weekend trip

A ticket in two ways to Canary can cost PLN 300-400, to Bergamo PLN 80. To find a date covering the weekend you have to try a bit, but it is possible. On the spot we rent a bike or suffer lying idle on the beach. Ideally, the stay can last 4-5 days - it's the length of the same time, to ride, and at the same time not to unduly reduce your holiday limit. Usually, after 3 days of intensive riding, a break is needed. I got a 5-day trip to Norway this year for the 30th birthday, see here Was she cool?



Such a weekend trip, only with a pump. Not for me, because instead of training away, I prefer tourism, but the choice is huge. If you do not know what to choose, like some facebook fanpages and wait for the ads to pop out themselves. Anyway, it will end on Calpe with the trainer, who will tell us to drive up to Coll de Rates, but not longer than 4 hours, because it's not healthy.

Alternatively, we can work the bank and send someone for a small adventure with Veloart Travel or Rapha.

Veloart Travel - a week in Calpe, price PLN 4900 (at the moment, promotion: PLN 3900), although I recommend more springtime

Rapha - prices start from 5-digit, but in return we get an impression that we will remember forever, for example: 10 days - 100 passes. 7 days in Japan with daily runs of 150km / 3000m? It sounds great? € 5,400 ... without flight, bike and insurance.




The socks are like water bottles. We choose them the same: for color, preferences and cool-factor. If we do not know what to buy, we can support some native producer, who is probably from a million or a blogger at the moment. With the latter you have to be careful, because in exchange for socks you can get a divorce petition. Of these funnier, quite good, for example, SockGuy. We can find a lot of choice or u stylish or in foreign stores.



Glasses are the equivalent of women's handbags. One of them is enough, but it is known that different outfits and bikes are chosen differently. As for the functionality, I recommend any of photochromes. Automatically darkening fast is probably the greatest invention of humanity - it solves half of the problems with autumn / spring cycling. Oakley is always the safest choice, although I must admit that I'm not sure why. I've changed Radars for Uvexy lately and it's just as good for me and half as cheap. If we have a bit of a sense of humor, you can try a vintage / oldschool like Briko or similar. On planetx there is currently a -65% promotion.


Intelligent weight

Few people in the world obsessively observe their weight as riders. Any self-respecting athlete that comparing his BMI (weight to height) is rather pointless. Even in cycling, not always losing a few kilos translates to better results, because the power to weight ratio matters (unless we are in Mazovia with our beloved winds, then a heavy leg can be useful). Adding love to charts, tables, numbers and monitoring everything - "intelligent" weight turns out to be a hit. Instead of counting how much lighter we are, it will show us changes in the amount of fat, water, muscle, etc. in our body.

For example, the Tanita or Garmin Index Smart Scale devices:

Garmin-index-scales smart-2-


A gift, after which the first words coming to mind are: "why do I need this?". People are divided into three groups: those who like to read; those who like to have nice books on the shelf and those who will give our book as a gift to someone else. If you do not look at it - everyone will be happy. There are at least a few items to choose from in bookshops - we choose the one that is the prettiest. Albums are preferred, because if we take another Armstrong biography or endless "train with ..." collections, it's a good chance that we'll double up with someone. We have a nice and nice to choose from, for example, the Grand Tour Cookbook with pictures of food or foreign languages ​​with pictures of the best trips of the world. Once again, he comes to help us Raphy page.



You have to walk around the house in flip-flops, or the mud enters you between your fingers? Buy yourself a portable, currentless garden sucker. To get in any DIY store for little money. You will not clean this bike on the roll (there is a word like that?) Without a cloth, but to shed mud from it enough. My choice of Marolex - good, because Polish (although a little more expensive). 5-6 liters should be enough for a bicycle, and even a little more for shoes and outfit.



Lights are like socks in the washing machine - you put a pair, pull out two different or only one. No one has too many lights. A good set can cost 3 digital amount (even positional) and will please everyone. For this they are nicely packed in tasteful boxes, so ideally. Bajeranckie are Bontragers ION and Flare, the problem is that they can burn the eye of an accidental passer-by and we will not pay for the rest of our lives.



Lightweight gadgets

A hanger for 100 euros, a fancy mirror made of a carbon wheel, an iPhone cover? Lightweight creates everyday items for people who have a lot of money: most available on bike24.

2012-09-15-lightweight coat-hanger-a

Funny dupochron

Probably every self-respecting company, cycling site, or magazine already have their dupochrons. There is no wonder, the cost of manufacturing is negligible, and the gadget is perfect for autumnal blows, if you do not want to disfigure our road with ordinary fenders. Between the hundreds of ordinary, there are gems like those from Riesel. Last year I ordered them from some German store, now they are available, e.g. Sport Guru.



If photochromic lenses were the best invention of the world in the "from the waist up" category, insulated trousers are the undisputed winner "from the waist down". They can be with or without insert, depending on which pants are used. E.g Pearl Izumi - if someone likes longer trips in the winter - an obligatory position. Trust me before you make my winter mistakes ...




With a seatbelt is like shopping at a pharmacy. You go with your head down to the shop, you choose the best medication for a rhinitis with 50 of the same and you feel like a beater. Did John Rambo ever buy drugs for a runny nose? It is known that you can survive without them, just as you can survive without patches, a pump and a few other unnecessary things that would certainly fit in your pockets. With time, however, you become old and you come to the conclusion that convenience is more important than being John Rambo. The seat bag (small) as a gift solves this problem. Not only that you do not have to go to the store and feel like a tourist, every time explaining to your friends, you can say that it is a gift and you have to use it. Generally, we are guided by the look and price, because it can be roughly assumed that the more expensive, the better. Among the well-known companies like Castelli, Lezyne, Evoc etc., we probably will not find linden ... until we buy a huge, multi-lingual one.


Board game

Board games is such a nice gadget that lets you do something during L4. They allow you to save huge amounts of money, because instead of rummaging through the boredom of shops, we play the game. There are several to choose from Peace Race, which is a modern copy of the game in the caps, by board games (which due to the difficult availability begin to look like white crows) Leader 1 or Giro's card, for projects straight from Kickstarter like Cycling Party.

cyclingparty-SFG-cycling_party _-_ strategy_sports_board_game-cycling_20party_202

Jeans with pamper

A relatively unpopular invention and let's be honest: quite unusual for a gift. Who would like to get denim pants? It's almost like a book. Crank comes out, however an interesting initiative - civilian trousers with a cycling insert (pampersem) that can be easily removed. Interesting, practical and cool.


Sporting camera

Because everyone likes to immortalize workouts or views during weekend trips. Which one to choose posted here.



The hats are never too much. Even if they do not ride in them, they look nice. The bigger the old school the better, the harder it is, the better. I recommend eBay for searching rarities.

z-team-cycling-cap 2

Funny cycling shirt

Cycling shirts are never too much. There are many possibilities:

you can buy a decent company like Castelli, Sportful, Assos, Rapha, etc. We're going out to boring, but decent.

you can buy a decent price from Decathlon (the top series are really top). We will go out for money, but it is reasonable.

you can support one of the Polish producers like Mack, Raso, AM Cycling, Contour which will confirm that we are tracking the market a bit. Most of them available in style.

one of the top but less known producers like Chapeau or Cafe du Cycliste

or some funny one from the internet. While the shirts straight from the Chinese majfahs with the huge Castelli inscription rather do not belong to the best ideas, it's ridiculous anyway. They definitely break copyright, but I honestly admit that those with Kubus Puchatek or Krecik usually occupy the most important places in my cycling wardrobe.





Highway subscription

If someone drives on the road, it is basically the only sensible choice among native magazines. Even if you do not like to read, because nice covers look nice on the shelf. In addition, you can always put one in the bathroom, so that our guests' fate could look at her for a moment and at least start any topic related to the bike, if the conversation does not stick. We buy the subscription hereand when we're ready, you can order:





that is, art for the poor. It's hard to find a nice one, but it's possible. For this antyrama and we have a large and heavy gift, that is, everyone else will envy us. You can choose a classic that is probably not very beautiful and expensive, but you can treat it as an investment and think it is more expensive - just like here, the original from 1965 for PLN 480. I do not know about art, but we can also choose such a for $ 1,200 or just run google and enter "cycling poster". With a bit of luck, we'll be able to find a nice one, whose shipping cost will not exceed the already high price of the picture.


Shoe covers

If someone would organize a contest for the fastest-destroying element of cycling clothing, 100% would be autumn / winter covers for shoes. The tip of the covers lasts for about 3 weeks, then their slow end begins. Every day the amount of material on the fingers decreases until the day when you need to use the adhesive tape of the wrapping shoe. Each new case, regardless of whether it is expensive or cheap, is better for a ride with buddies than the one with holes. Alternatively, instead of covers, you can order swanner "post-workout" slippers, in which the frozen foot (because it will be cold anyway) will return to normal temperature. For example, these: women or men's.


Cleaning set

If a gift such as soap or a hair shampoo may not be a good idea even for those close to you, then any "cycling cosmetics" are definitely like that. Something for cleaning, polishing, waxing, rubbing and generally giving the state "as new, ridden only on Sunday (on the roundabout)" are always useful. Even if you do not like to clean your bike, they are placed next to our machine and give it a pro look in the room.


Torque wrench

Years of observation lead me to the conclusion that one of the things that everyone would like (and if not, it should) has an allen wrench. In times of the equipment wylajtowanego to the limit, finding the optimal point between "the steering wheel crumples and breaks", and "the steering wheel turns on the bridge" is sometimes difficult. The markings on each of the parts in which it is clearly determined how to tighten are coming with help.



Emergency gift. If you have just discovered that you must have this gift and everything is already closed, hit an expensive supermarket and buy the strangest coffee that is (or the most expensive). Break all labels and say that your aunt brought her straight from Ecuador and that it was supposedly one of the best coffees in the world.


Cream for ...

A little awkwardly buy someone sudokrem ... fortunately, the help comes here the majority of cycling "known and liked" brands that make it can enjoy even such deviatly from our Mazowieckieg. A brave gift, but practical and with a slight sense of humor. Examples of good creams are: Chamois Cream 101, Rapha Chamois Cream, Hoo Ha Ride Glide, Assos Chamois Creme, although I suspect that all work similarly.



i.e. a slightly sarcastic gift. If your husband / son / wife starts 73 times in the season and never won anything (which is a completely normal situation), buy him a cheesy Decathlon goblet or any other sports store and engrave a dedication. For sure there is something in what is best. For sure….


Italian Gran Fondo

Italian Gran Fondo, a marathon ... only from our Mazovian or even Polish point of view - epic. The world's largest and most recognizable road racing in the world is basically at your fingertips. A dozen or so hours by car or a few planes and train combined with only 1 or 2 days of vacation and we have once again one of the best adventures in the year. Closed roads, beautiful views, exemplary organization and thousands of participants: from those with a typically competitive edge to the "luzaks" who spend the same amount of time on the road as at the buffets. The problem with the record is that you usually have to think about it six months earlier and count on a bit of luck. You can find the list of the best races in Italy for 2017 here.



The need to do bikefitting, if nothing disturbs us while driving, is debatable, but you can see it after you have done it. Any decent place where we can do such an operation certainly has something in the style of a "gift card" in its offer.



If we meticulously put aside the gift budget for 3 months, then as a result of temporary weakness we misappropriated Black Friday to buy things that we did not need, but it was cheap, you have to look for an alternative. The easiest way to do it is by putting a poster / bidon / magazine / whatever and getting the signature of a known cyclist or cyclist. There are several places where you can catch them easily, just follow the cycling pages, or wait for them to appear at a conference or Veloart salon. The naming dedication of an idol is always something nice.



He often goes outside? Do not you like your neighbors? Do you think that the house is too quiet? Are you tired of watching the frostbitten parts of your body at home? This is the moment when you should consider buying a training simulator, which is equivalent to a hamster roll. You can write about it for hours. I recommend reading the annual recommendations dcrainmakera. So roughly:

with moderate (ie the cheapest from the Smart category): Tacx Satori Smart, or Elite Qubo Digital Smart B +, BKOOL Smart Go

from cheap: As usual, in the case of cheap things, we have to rely on some luck: sales, used, exhibition etc. By limiting ourselves to well-known companies like elite or tacx, we will be able to catch something sooner or later. If we really want a new one, then you can challenge B'twin or wait for some super promotion in Decathlon.

from moderately expensive: Wahoo Kick Snap, CycleOps Magnus, Elite Rampa, Tacx Vortex Smart

from almost very expensive: Tacx Flux

from very expensive: Tacx Neo (because it's quiet), Wahoo Kickr (immortal but loud - I use it myself),


Civil clothing

The safest choice. T-shirt with a bicycle motif, cap with a bicycle, etc. With more ambitious parts of the outfit, which I will be put in three times in my life, but for a gift are not bad, such as an apron: