[dropcap] T [/ dropcap] o there is some serious pathology te gravele. Two copies of Canyon Grail bikes have been living with us for two months. During this time I was able to sell a trainer with whom I spent hundreds of hours, almost sell a time bike, set up my meter and give up all sporting ambitions. Gravel is a cancer that slowly destroys our sports house from the inside. He starts his attack from the brain ...



Many people ask about gravele, and I do not know how to answer them ...




Introduction about what we do not.


We used to ride Canyon's top highways (light Ultimate and fast Aeroadem eg In the Tatra Mountains and in Berlin) We also used the Inflite model (e.g. in the Azores), or top grade from the same manufacturer. In our review of narrow tires only a typical gravel was missing. Now I do not know what I want in my life.

Panda had once professionally answered the question: gravel or trans. Exactly in this movie and this minute.


It's probably a good moment to write what I think about gravels as bikes, in general. Because the difference between the cross-country Inflite and the Gravel Grail is, to my surprise, as big as between the road and the pass.


Inflite was so fast that he smudged on the pictures. Grail is so slow that I fall asleep before I take a photo.


In my opinion, paradoxically, gravel is both highly specialist and ideal for beginners. When someone at work asks me what to buy, I say: gravel. When someone from the world of cyclists asks whether to buy a gravel, in 86% of cases I say: no.



Endless possibilities


Panda a moment after she read that gravel gives you unlimited possibilities.


Electrics in the road and MTB, shields in the road, pass through, fatbike, 1 × 11, 1 × 12 ... sympathizes with people from marketing, because the possibilities end. The old beehive proverb says that you can not always sell the same, but it also says that if you can not come up with anything new - kick the cutlet.
So now everything is in ads endurance and graveloweand everyone is a traveler. It seems that the bike regains its original function - movement.

Gravel allows you to experience an adventure, go on an expedition, escape from the city, go through everything and find yourself at the same time. Everybody's dream korpoczłowieka. Other bikes also allow, but gravel gets into this one sweet-spot offering a golden mean in the comfort of driving around terrain and asphalt. In short: on every ground it is better than something and worse than anything. On the one hand, this means: you (almost) everything, on the other: you will almost always be able to tell "Another bike would be better at this moment".



The best marketing ever


I bought a jojo in primary school. It's so cool and expensive that if I had a blog King-joja, every entry would start with: "Here is my yo, if you have PLN 50, you can have it too, because life is too short for a poor joja". Older people laughed that marketing can do hype on everything, even yo-yo that was popular 20 years earlier. I was outraged because it was not yoy like it used to be. You could do different tricks! ... today I know that it was still yo-yo. Gravel is similar.


Let's leave, however, the consideration of whether gravel is a new bike, because it does not matter. hype the traveler is accelerated like Cavendish at the finish. You just need the right equipment ... NOT.




I think that gravel is a bike that gives you the best opportunities for an adventure of life and a tour like no other. It gives freedom ... and this is a bit true, and a bit not:




Gravel is like GoPro, you bought to record your extreme adventures and after the first recording you realized that they are not extreme.


Gravel is not a solution to your problems - it will not give you freedom, travel and adventure. It is a tool that helps in this, it is a compromise.

As an average citizen, I needed more or less a week to discover that gravel can be used to unevenly combat sand and roots in Kampinos / MPKu and drive along the embankments towards the Gassów or Nowy Dwór - everything else is looking for strength. You intentionally reflect on the road that leads alongside the road that you drive normally. In a heavily urbanized environment, you really need a lot of perseverance to use gravel.



If there was a book called "Rower dlaremnych", there should be a gravel on the cover. This is a beautiful thing, idiot-resistant equipment. Leg out, I'm waiting for a dump in the sand, and the bike goes on. It's a bike-bore, but in the case of expeditions, it is expected. The only question is how often do you do the trip? I am stripped of such equipment from all sporting ambitions and before I leave the house for several kilometers, I feel like standing in an ice cream store ... or falling asleep. The average speed from the route with this bike never exceeds 20km / h. Bah! 20km / h is a good impression! What else is Panda, her gravel is: "The same as the highway, only more convenient".


At gravel, I miss speed, agility, lightness. On the highway I miss roads without cars.



Well, as usual, the point of view depends on the point of sitting. It seems that the faster you go every day, the more the change on the gravel hurts.

One thing is certain: if you treat your bike as an adventure, you will not be disappointed. Let's be serious, however, how often standard loop is an adventure?


Asphalt? Gravel? It's all the same: it goes just as slowly ;-)



Do you know where my gravel problem is? I will answer you.

The solution is obvious and is already in the name: it is a bike on gravel. How often do you see a nice, gravel road? Well, when you live in Tajikistan or even in Albania, you probably have a smaller problem with that. If you can designate a reasonable, forest or field gravel loop, then I am very jealous. For me, this is serious acrobatics, even when using Google Maps. In most cases it will be further asphalt with pieces of gravel, which were added only because they should be added.



 Gravel on 25mm is a road?


Gravel makes you become a pensioner on the trekking in your soul


Of course, only these tires will never change. The only reasonable solution is to have a second set of wheels with a cassette mounted on them. It's a good solution, because you'll quickly discover that you're too lazy to put tires on. And then it seems to be a road ... but not as I like it. There remains the question of the position: on the road loop, however, you expect a bit different than in the expedition bike. Unless not, then there is no problem. Generally, if you do not like to drive fast, then this whole entry does not make sense to you.


This is not an entry criticizing gravele. This is an alert to warn you about your travel vision. Because yes, gravel is a brilliant travel companion. A tool that allows you to achieve a specific goal or just a bike for a man who does not know what he wants or wants almost everything in one. Only if having him will make us 26-day-old vacationers to become travelers? Will we discover undiscovered?



In fact, it does not matter when you enter such a road: too good on the highlander and too weak on the road ...


Well, maybe some will and then it will be the best bike for them ever. For me, not and spending many thousands on a bike that I use max several times a month is ... hmmm, I'm not sure about it ;-)

I would like to say that no, but then I remember these Albanian wilderness and the whole text loses meaning. I'm reminding myself Jura route and I do not know ... Because maybe this weekend, terrain and asphalt adventure can compensate for everything else?

Sometimes a few kilometers is enough for the rest not to matter.


Gravel is a holiday bike for me. All you need to do is ask yourself how often you can have a holiday.


Last weekend I was tired with my buddies in Świętokrzyskie - the road seemed the only sensible choice. Now we are going to relax with Panda for a long weekend somewhere Suwalki Bornholm. I do not see any other option than taking it Gravel Brompton ... (changes: Panda)