Cambrills, mid-February. I walk slowly along the seaside promenade. I'm heading to one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. I do not know why, but I have enough time to count on finding a valid justification before I get there. I can not help feeling that I've been here before. Maybe it's one of those few holidays spent with parents in Spain, a dozen years ago? Those in times when to take a bit of natural vitamin D, you had to sit in the car for 3 days, and then another 3 come back the same way, refueling on the way a thousand times. Now we've come here for about PLN 200 in 3 hours. At 9 am I walked in a winter jacket at minus 10, now I go in exactly the same dress with a plus 12. Shit, it's cold, it pulls from the sea somehow ... Or maybe it's not the holidays. Maybe I'm wrong with the Italian Bibione in 96 ', where every fourth Pole sat at the time, able to leave for two weeks. It's hard to say, at this altitude, all the towns look similar.





Much has not changed here, still a few-story, modern (years ago) hotels, they fall straight into the sea. They are separated only by a wide, sandy beach, which, however, is far from ours - a golden one, a sidewalk, a bicycle path and a street where you can easily spend your last money. This time, however, it's a bit different. It is like in Ustka, in November, if it were to forbid Germans (and at the same time condemn the locals to starvation). Or maybe like in Sochi, a few months after the Olympics. Looking at the horizon, it's hard to see any human being. This is a dead city. I have the impression that I am in some clumsy attempt to create Florida with us, in Europe.





Building embrace, palm trees, surf shops and pools with azure water. Basically its the last thing. And only those that are not currently under renovation ... i.e. probably five. But cars as if smaller and those hills in the distance, which we will have the chance to check tomorrow, do not match Florida. I think I've never been to Florida, but I've seen The Florida Project recently, so I'm probably a specialist, not wanting to? It's funny, because the day after I go on these hills and think about how much similar to those from California, Maciek from bikeBoard begins his story that the place reminds him of California. He probably knows what he says, he used to live there. When it comes to nature, it's hard to find unique areas.



Why Why?


[pullquote] Thank you to all readers, lajkującym, komentującymi [/ pullquote] After two hours of walking and searching for meaning, I get the idea that I have no idea why someone would come here in the middle of winter. Who are we, why are we here? Is it just because the French are close, and they invited us? A little further north is one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Barcelona, and one airport lower, I could probably take off this damn winter jacket. But no, we landed here - why? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to present the latest Decathlon road collection. I once told myself that when companies start to invite me for premieres, it will mean that someone reads the blog. The first one was Kross and Świeradów-Zdrój. After this text, contact has unfortunately stopped, but I respect the company very much for this decision. This year, Decathlon went a step further and I am in Spain. Well done, bravo you, bravo them!




CambrillsWe live in Cambrills Park - it's probably the busiest place in the area. When I leave the house (are they already cottages or concrete shacks?) Somehow after 7 am and head towards the most beautiful place in the world - a free cafeteria with a Swedish table, passing boats, playgrounds, swimming pools, tiny and colorful houses, dinosaurs, elephants, a pirate ship, a lighthouse, an artificial beach and a few other elements detached from reality. It would not be so strange if it were not for the fact that dozens of small people pass by - all dressed equally. I feel like in the town of Playmobil, which I built as a preschooler. Humans are small drechoes - 96% of them have 3 UMBRO stripes or logos clearly marked. FC Concordia's club logo quickly explains what is going on - youth soccer players come here for groupings. Even the female ones! It is almost certain that there will be sports millionaires among them in the future. Fortunately, there is the Decathlon U19, so I feel only old, not old and not matching. This is great at all, because for the first time in history I do not have the impression that the object will go bankrupt after my visit to the cafeteria. Imagine a hundred tired teenagers, a dozen almost-cycling professionals and some journalists coming to the Swedish table. I would say that what was going on there will only stay there, between us .... but there is nothing left there.


decathlon press camp


And cool, 5,000 characters, and I did not write anything about bikes. I must think if I really want to write about them.
So let's start with the most important information that I got from people described in this company as important or important.



What did you want to know, but you had no one to ask:


No, typical cross-country and gravel are not planned. At the end of 2019, however, a road is planned, which goes up to 38mm and looks like a purebred British steel. It is beautiful and for me it is one of the greatest hits of this presentation:




No, the shields on the racing road are not planned.


B'Twin as a road bike brand disappears!


There are no time limits / triathlon bikeand if it was, I could not write about it. Someone, somewhere in the city, apparently, probably, I think, he saw ... Unless you look at Instagram AG2R U19, it's there. But there were no presentations, no other copies were found, and the marketing director said directly that we will not buy TRI / TT in Decathlon for the next 2-3 years; (


decathlon time trial
We have not seen the B'Twin time trial

Yes, bikes are still good, clothes too
(but only those from the 900 and higher model, unless we get a good ray and buy something completely unnecessary or for once).


No revolution, except for the change of names, was found.


Decathlon goes into women's road cycling.


b'twin women

b'twin women
b'twin women

b'twin women


The new whisk does not flutter!!!! 11111oneone ... almost (is it still fluttering?)



The racing Ultra 920 will also be available in the Campagnolo Potenza version!


The men from Decathlon are aware that this great logo is not encouraging at alla. Just in case, I remind them about it several times.





I once wrote a text about a top bike from Decathlon - Ultra CF 940. There are not many bikes in the world that arouse so much emotion. This year, the company went one step further and released the road even more expensive. Yes, in a sports market, you can now leave PLN 16,000 for a bike (plus, of course, pedals and computers). If I intend to write now that maybe it is worth spending so much, does it mean that the world is going in the right direction? I do not know.


Until we started (media) to upload photos of B'Twin 940CF on the internet, we did not know that there are so many idiots in the world.

Stanisław Lem (I think)


One thing is for sure. Reading comments about this bike causes cancer and diabetes at the same time. It was the same after my previous post. You can also go to any portal that has uploaded any info about B'Twin for 16,000, for example (their fejsik), and such comments (even the positive ones cause pain in everything):


b'twin 940cf


"Ugly and cheap colors do not fit the equipment and machine parameters.", "Decathlon for 16k? Seriously?😂 "," Why sell the frame. She beats gianty, meridia and other types of shillies on the head, "the number of faults in the so-called expensive brands is amazing, makes the frame for up to 2 years of use - not very intense.", "Decathlon is not a competition for large corporations


Regarding cycling, Decathlon does not create a revolution. What's more, there is not even innovation. They live a bit in the past. You can even see it at the presentation. The presentation, which, as befits the French, was conducted in the only language that was right for this nation. The obligation to listen to the standard formula "why our bikes are the best" is normally heavy, and if you still have to focus on a slightly dry and dispassionate voice of the interpreter in the handset, it gets harder after the 90th minute than on the lecture on mathematics analysis. I know what I am saying, I passed it on for 7 years. Although this time it was different than usual. Unlike us, such companies as Canyon or Trek got used to us. There were no technical details, no one explained to us what we gain by increasing the stiffness of the head by 6.5% and its more aerodynamic shape, which has been tested in the tunnel for the last seven months.



Big ideas in simple sport


It was a presentation of a vision, an idea. It's like listening to Mr. President summarizing last year on a corporate Christmas speech. It is a river of words, each of which has some meaning, but glued together, they do not carry much content. Small novelties are lost in the river of spoken questions. This river is not kidnapping, it hits like a sea in the cliffs beneath Łeba. Ryje Baniak. I feel like at the Amway conference. I feel like we are all winners. I feel that if you just really want it, you can do it.

Or maybe not, I feel like reading e-mails with reports from the president of all CEOs in the company in which I work every day. My special sympathy aroused by the guest (probably from technical matters) with the Rapha Racing Club sweatshirt (you can read about this club in the previous post).



He hides her cleverly under the B'twin Road Racing jacket, but at the same time shows from time to time, as if by chance. It is as if you were lying to a neighbor from the block, when you are traveling together with an elevator, that your highway costs PLN 2500, so it is expensive, and then you mention this conversation with your colleagues. You are so modest, but still fafarafa (oh, verbal wit!). I do not want to go out on my humpback like last time, when we got dressed in Decathlon on a trip with Raphały. So for the presentation, I'm wearing a company jacket and pants on R ;-)



Our bike is not the best, but it is cheap


There is one key phrase in my memory. A phrase that none of the cycling companies we know would dare to say. Here he is: "our bikes are not the best in the world". They are also not intended for professionals. The message is simple, honest, perfectly suited to how the company works. Probably the guys from U19 AG2R are a bit sorry now. This is the opposite of the so-called classic Polish marketing school. School, which has always been convinced that without CAPSLOCKA, the client will not see the text. That without an exclamation point, no prefixes NAJ and without throwing the same advertisement with a funny cat or tit in a lajk for every possible group, the ad does not work. That the more they are, the better the chance. After all, people lajkująso it must work.


ag2r btwin


But no, besides easily measurable ranges, something more is important. Something that is a challenge even for the biggest. The statement that: no matter what they say, as long as they speak, it does not apply to our road world. Because if someone would believe it, if he had a marketing campaign with a text: the best road in the world? Well, I do not.


Top B'Twin roads are cheaper than the competition, because their frames are worse. The problem is that they are so much worse that I am not able to notice the difference (with the exception of financial). This marginal gains are always the most expensive when creating new equipment.


But again, as I remind you Maciek from bikeBoardu, quoting not-remember-whom, the current bike differs only from dozens of marginal gains from that of many years ago. Minimal improvement of technological processes, yielding minimal profits, is a huge cost for giants like Merida, Giant, Canyon, Specialized, Trek and so on. Decathlon pours on it a little and creates a bike, which marginal gains do not give, but thanks to it can buy more people. I would like to remind you that we are only talking (and only) about the frame.


Because Decathlon does not create things for professionals in the full sense of the word. He creates things for the masses, they have to sell, they are to help start. I am starting an adventure with some sport, I am going to look for the lowest series, I'm growing, I'm going a bit higher. Or I buy a higher one immediately, because I trust them.


Decathlon Ikea of ​​sport.


I am fanbojem This company knows anyone who has ever asked me in a private message about what clothes to buy. I assume that if he does not know, then those from the sports market should be enough. He will drive a little, he will find out what he needs. For me, these products are actually two completely different groups. Things I bought because it was overpriced or at a funny price and I used them several times (unless I got a shot like a pump for a few zeta, cheap candy bars, body heaters etc.) and products that were really good. For me, it's a 900 line and Aerofit. I know that shorts from Decathlon are true and can not be good ... but they are.


b'twin enduracer


Their biggest problem is the look. Come on, who would like to ride with the big B'Twin sign on the leg. Maybe it is cheaper thanks to being a driving advertisement? Maybe this way they can reduce the number of billboards? Fortunately, there is hope. It turns out that designers are aware of this and after coming rebranding (about which a little further in the text), there is hope of dying. The new clothes start to be one color, with a small B'Twin Road Cycling sign - or something like that. Nicely and minimalist. Although if you have a nice font, it's really difficult to do an ugly thing with a minimalist design.



A musical exhaustion for which I am sorry


Decathlon is like Zenon Martyniuk, which we get when we move the station in the car, when we chase our buddies. You come to him and there is consternation, which lasts a fraction of a second, but stretches like a driveway to Harrachów. The fullness of unhappiness is when Zenon just shoots from:


Through your eyes, these green eyes have gone crazy!


Deep in the soul, you would leave the song, but you catch eye contact with your buddies, cast a shadow of contempt, a slight curse and go to neutral Golden Chases. All of you will have this song in your head by the end of the day. Just like you, the reader. Like me, now.


"ABOUT! But you have cool B'Twin on grazing! I have one too, "nobody said, to anyone, never


No one buys in Decathlon. Sometimes we meet friends there, but after all, everyone is just for a moment: check something, buy a tube for emergency, because Sunday, after all, they were in the area and came up. Decathlon is like Zenon Martyniuk, who has what the hate juror from the TVN program and fashionable lady journalist say about him deeply in the pump. Zenon does his job, he hits the crowd and he does it well.


In Decathlon, nobody buys, but everyone has things from him.


I could break this text into a few different texts: women's, carbon, aluminum, tourist, clothes, shoes, accessories, city, Decathlon and so on, but I will not do it. Why? I do not know. Probably only to reduce clickthness and cause nystagmus in readers. And of course, because the photos surrounded by the text look better than lonely ones.



Mass is associated badly.


This begs the question: if they are not the best bikes and aim at the masses, have the right to be good? Is Decathlon right to exist in a slightly snobbish and somewhat detached from reality cycling world? Well, the mission is simple - popularizing sport. You can say that all these great Pro Touru companies shape demand, but it is not. We owe sports supermarkets a growing interest in sport. It is thanks to them that it becomes popular mass and easily accessible.



My first running shoes were from Decathlon, the first swimming goggles, swimming cap, tourist equipment, kite, skates, skis and probably some other equipment. With time, I exchanged everything for "company". Why? There is probably no other reason than vanity, but I see nothing wrong with it. If Decathlon were selling triathlon foams, I would go there and buy it for the first time. I just trust the company and its higher models. In my opinion, the highest product lines of Decathlon set a sensible quality and price boundary, while maintaining a good ratio of these parameters. In principle, good is often little said - it is exactly the same way.



"Aero? I heard something. Give me a windmill here ... "


The guest who designed the top frame - Ultra 940CF admits that aspects such as aerodynamics were not taken into account at all. Shock, disbelief, contempt, smile under mustache, tactless comment when I leave him. How?! As in times when every company shoots us with a text about saving tens of seconds, about solutions that make it stiffer but more comfortable, that their innovative technology makes something-there-what-not-understand works in a way - which I do not understand and I'm better than my colleague, can you say something like that ?!


Attention, it's a joke: on no other bike, it does not run as well from the peloton as on French.


Oh yes. You can. Thanks to this the bike is cheap and available. Well, cheap is not, but price / quality is a master. Both top aluminum and carbon models just go well. We admit it all, with a slight sadness. We are sorry. A man rides around the world, tests solutions, listens to news, and here comes the "gentleman of the bikes department", gives a bike shelf, as if he served jam, asks if he can help somehow, and you - a professional cyclist who completed a great race like Cycle Gdynia, or Tatra Road Race, you have to say with your head that it is good equipment.



The girl is standing next to you, you have just met each other, she thought you were the second Armstrong, and you like the bike from the market. Well, how to live? You would like to accuse him of something, but a little bit. You are saving yourself with the text that your equipment saves 3 watts thanks to the head profiled in the shape of an hourglass, when you drive 350w. And yes, somewhere in the back of your head you just remembered that on Ultra CF 940 a guest in the U19 category won the championship. Damn him.


Why can not I fit the crank, the heart and the bridge in a bike that theoretically only on the internet ?! Everything costs.


I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying good equipment if it does not negatively affect other elements of life. What can it mean for good at all? How can something be good? In the case of this B'Twin, it was about finding the optimum. For a golden line of price and quality. That is to create the best possible bike, while maintaining the highest possible availability. Cost cutting is so serious that this model will be available only on the Internet. We will see it live at most in Targówek, and it is only as a demonstration. What is the new B'Twin Ultra 940CF?



B'Twin 940CF - Ultra controversial bike


The moment everyone was waiting for. Newer, more expensive, even more controversial. There is no revolution, nothing changes in the frame. It is light, nice, colorful - not everyone will like it. It's interesting, because the use of bold colors will certainly not facilitate sales. On the other hand, bold colors can be a key element when choosing: I am a fan, I know many antifas. What immediately throws you in the eye, and which at the same time makes this expensive bike even more expensive (well, try to tell someone that you bought a bike for a dozen or so thousand) is a change of wheels. This is the best decision I could have made. Zipp Firecrest - they look beautiful, expensive, professional, fit perfectly in the style of the bike. Especially, as I always confirm it, I am not a fan of Mavic Cosmic - neither in appearance nor in action.



At Press Camp I have the opportunity to beat the same round three times, with three different versions based on one carbon frame (differences are accessories and wheels). Amazing how many transfers from Cosmic to Zippy. Exactly this is ZIPP 303. Profile 45mm, weight 1570g, price? I just found in the promotion for less than 2,000 euros. It is like jumping a few shelves up. It is obvious that if I ride a carbon fiber, I am much faster, even moving at the same speed - everyone knows. What I did not know was how beautiful Firecreasts work on side winds. I am a lamera - my mastery of the bike stopped somewhere near the primary school. In the corners I brake, at the descents I slow down, when I get the wind shot in the mountains, I panic. On the day of testing we get to the beautiful weather: for a few days the tents are flying so that tents fly. It's the perfect moment to feel the difference. And in fact: just like when I was going to Cosmice I had to fight, I can not feel the wind here. I have the impression that it is better than on Axios, which I change later. It's probably a trick, because I'm focused with a cone under me, but I reverse all the bad words I've said about high profiles in my life. It was not the fault of high profiles and wheels. Zippy makes the B'Twin Ultra 940CF look so good and drives so nice that I would like to buy it. These wheels are perfect - a dot. I wonder just how they inhibit in slightly worse conditions ... Because you know, the time of shields is coming, and my experience with carbonates is mediocre. I have alu in a private bike for a reason. I hope to find out how expensive roads in syphia work in Warsaw in a while.


The wrong setting of the blocks hurts very much. VERY.




In the race roads, there will be no plate marks. I have the impression that Decathlon is in all about 2-3 years behind the competition. Whoever has ever worked in any corpo can guess why this is so. If shields appear, it will mean that people have already become familiar with them, for now - they remain only in endurace equipment. If one day a gravel / crosswalk appears in Decathlon, it means that it is already a popular sport. Two years ago he was not, so he will not show up. The same as with the time / triathleton, but in their case, it is possible to wonder if they should ever show up (safety on the move).


I would feel uncomfortable buying a bike for 3,800 euros and being aware that the 1600 euro version has the same frame.


Returning to B'Twin 940CF. One would like to say that it is an optimal bike, but it is not. Who came up with the idea to put Dura Ace in it ?! I mean, I already know who and why, because I had to ask this question. The answer is not that now people are on the streets instead of shouting "You, look! B'Twin on Zippach, but the pathology! ", They will shout," Oh, damn badge! B'Twin on Zippach and Dura Ace! "The truth is a lot boring, apparently Shimano did not make any production with Ultegra Di2. Why would anyone take ordinary Dura Ace instead of Ultegra Di2 - I do not know. Of these people is probably 7. It's probably the same what they send SMSs instead of messages on the net. But! Apparently somehow the expected version of Di2 will appear in autumn.



There is also a cockpit discussion. The components used are great, but I can not help feeling that I'm holding a brush stick, not a carbon ball. An unnatural shape and wrapping somehow ridiculous. Nice, comfortable, but strangely - probably a matter of habit. And of course, hiding the lines in front would be perfect, but the competition is not good enough with it, so probably some water in Wisła will pass before I get it. I do not understand why, since we order the bike anyway on the net, we can not choose the length of the bridge and the width of the steering wheel. After all, half of the users will have to choose them for themselves - but this is also a common problem.



I do not know fast, for sure "cheap"


It's hard to write about B'Twin 940 - it's just a decent frame, with very good additions. There are no cheated parts, wheels for almost 10k, steering wheel for a thousand, group for at least 5k, very cool saddle Fizik Antares R3 and even tires are a decent Vittoria Corsa with graphene. The whole, in size M, exceeds the minimum UCI by 150g - I do not know if it's a lot. The whole costs PLN 15999. Seemingly a lot, but not so. Can you talk about a bike from the market for 16k, that is not much? Hard to say.


I'm starting to think about the 940CF buyer and dismantling it on the part and changing the name to Mirek or Janusz.


However, I have an ideological problem with him. I have an overwhelming impression, especially in the version with Dura Ace, that someone wanted to simply create a show-bike. That the two guests sat bored at the company's lunch, checked what they had good access to, and one of them shouted, "but now we've got it!". ZIPPY are pretty and elegant, Dura Ace too, but it's all screaming: we're the best! I do not know if it should be this bike. I think that the Mavic wheels with the dark braking surface of the Exalith and Ultegra Di2 would be more appropriate here - more reasonable. But maybe it was not supposed to be reasonable? Perhaps these guests have had enough to do sensible things every day? On the internet, this bike was already there, even in black and black painting - why did I miss it ?! (link to Bikeradar with review 4.5 / 5)



A week ago I wrote about caves (but on the shields), how would B'twin 940 appear on their classic counterparts? Well, I have no doubt that Canyon is able to make a much better frame. A bike at a similar price will, however, be much worse equipped. Here the question arises: do we want to have a bike in which we will sometimes improve something, or absolutely target. If we get a position, it's hard for me to figure out what we could change in CF ...



Amelinium good as wine


And you know what is the worst of the worst. In addition to the carbonates were also presented alu bicycles - both sports and such for longer routes and quite long routes. And they all drive very well! Regardless of whether with or without shields. A bit sad. You can read the exact texts about them in the other media, because it is information on a completely different material. We are focused on high-end ;-)


And what if it turns out that the amateur all marginal gains are unnecessary? I do not know, you can not think like that ...


Looking at the reactions of the editors, who know the equipment better than me, I have an unambiguous impression. They look like this guy (whom I just invented), which runs a blog with very good wines and only a moment ago he discovered how good the wine from Lidl is in Spain for 2 euros. He's a little bit younger and a bit awkward. He wants to show some praise and is a bit afraid of the consequences. He knows a little that this wine is worse, and it turns out that it is not at all. I guess because I do not know about wines or reading emotions from my face - I may have come up with it.



Decathlon enters the girls


The embarrassing subtitle here is not accidental. The approach of companies to women's cycling, and basically anything women's, is sometimes embarrassing. If something is for girls, it must be pink. You can also add flowers, then there is already some success. But let's do just that, every girl wants to be in pink. The approach to girls' equipment is different. Manufacturers, citing advanced research, in which women undress for the first part, and then put them on bicycles in different positions (as I imagine), argue that women's geometry should be different from men's.



Because you know - girls are different from boys. On the other hand, the guys are also different from the guys, so I do not know myself. Decathlon assumed that they were a bit different, but not very much. Instead of changing geometry, they put a shorter bridge, a narrower heart, a shorter crank and a more pleasant wrapper. I'm not sure about this solution, but as the bike is aimed at beginners, the step seems right. Buying a 38cm steering wheel is not enough, it is not always easy,
so few beginners know about this possibility.


Men's collection very nice. I would not buy any shirts from a lady. Well, maybe one.



The equipment is a classic, sensible entry-level. On the one hand, as cheap as possible, on the other hand, maintain the quality that does not discourage. The combination of Tiagra, the same frame as the men's AF and the branded wheels before Decathlon makes the bike weighs just over 9kg and most importantly - it works. His presentation is quite funny - there is not a single woman in the room. That is, there are 3, but on the wrong side - among the presenters, not among the viewers. I meet one of them later on the route during tests. Do you know how it feels when you try to hide your breathlessness while riding up, just so that you do not go out to the bream during a call? I already know. Then the ride tires twice. If this woman is a woman, she doubles in the head too. The conversation does not last for a particularly long time. When the opportunity starts, I have two: die on the band or pretend to stop at the photo. Only then I find out that it was Elize Delzenne.



For me B'Twin 940CF, for you this white-gray with pink dots.


I'm talking to a designer, I'm joking that in a bike it does not matter. This bike is nice and that counts. In the depths of my soul, I go out to the chauvinistic pig in front of me. I must admit: the bike is nice and discreet. He does not shout that he is for girls, but he does not hide it either. The white-gray frame with pink dots on the inside of the forks came out very well. He reminds me a bit of my cross-country croquet, but it is uglier. My bike is so cute, girlishly glittering with delicate brocade in the light. Here I would see the same solution, but I understand - cutting costs. I am very pleased that in the next plan there is also a version with a carbon frame (i.e. probably based on CF) and 105. In my opinion - it has potential. I suspect that releasing her, they plan after checking how the model will handle alu.



Of course, new trinkets also come to the road. Several designs, most fitted to current trends, i.e. colorful and abstract. It does not convince me, but looking at the development of domestic companies that produce clothes, I think it works. In the higher models there is even a zip, waterproof phone pocket and side pocket to make it easier to reach with your hand. I wonder if they are still as hopelessly cut as their precursors. I do not know, maybe French women differ somewhat in the waist, proportions and in general. I have no way to check - we did not take naked women with us.



Sport B'Twins are over!


It would be a beautiful clickbait. Information that Decathlon is retreating from the B'Twin road would be a good and clickable headline. Yes, it is, but ...

Decathlon plans to change the naming of its models. B'Twiny will now only be for children. It may turn out that the top models bought now will soon be white crows and are a good investment. An interesting fact is that, for example, Aptonia will now be a triathlonist brand. Tribany will be for cyclocross tourism, and Rockridery is MTB. It is a pity that no one can come up with a good name for the road. Presenters admit with a lowered head that the project has stretched and they still have nothing good.



The idea that guides this is probably good. Cutting off the names of individual models depending on the application, can only go out for good, especially in the road world. The question is how the accessories will come. Because how to determine exactly in which group falls, for example, a water bottle, helmet or shoe.



PanDa Free


The rider's equipment was also in place. Okay, freebies always on propsie. I always have a problem with his judgment. Well, how to judge objectively whether the shoe or the helmet lies well? I can do it subjectively, but it has major drawbacks:

We got some glasses, they cost around 15 euro. So ordinary, pretty cool, different colors, so I take white and pink for eggs - they stick out from my head so that I can put my finger on the top. Cool, they will not evaporate in the cold, but this is not how it should look. Maybe it has some hidden meaning, you can probably scratch the pupil as it sores while driving. It turns out that they are all good at all others. Does this mean that my head is non-standard? Am I different? Like glasses, and they generate so many questions that I will never know. I will not judge them. They are bad for me, others like them. Maybe it's them, maybe my head ... now I'm sitting at work and comparing my foreheads.



How to extend your life with shoes?


There are also shoes, at least theoretically, because they are, but you can not ride in them. The factory was not overwhelmed. You can come in and out of them for it. Two models, one for 50 euros, one for 150. The first one, compatible with MTB and roadblocks is the perfect product for each of my friends who asked me what shoe to buy for good morning. It's a shoe for those who have heard that it is easier to plug in pedals in life, but they are a little tricky. There are so many colors that everyone will find something for themselves. It's nice, because it's usually hard to find a shoe under the color of an unusual frame.



The latter will have the pleasure to check soon. They look sensible, but most importantly - each shoe is in a different color. I think it is a nod to me, a man who can never fold his socks. I mean, he can, but it's not my fault that you can never find two of them, and I'm always in a hurry, because it's a waste of the day. What will I do with all this time saved?


We also got socks, model 900 - the highest. Black with a pink element. Cool and I have no comments. What can I write more about socks?



To look like a mushroom, or like Bob the Builder?


The most pleasant surprise is the helmet - at least for a time. Somewhat reminiscent of S-Works. I think that after attaching the silver letter S, I would be inclined to make mistakes. It is extremely good on the head and, more importantly, it is small. It does not stick out from the roof, so I do not recall the mushroom trying to catch Marian - the plumber. Other heads also do not complain, it looks like we have a really solid product here. I get white. Elise, with whom we rode has black, with white dots in the back - probably even nicer. I do not know if it's female or what's going on. I'd take.



Panda, after putting on the helmet and seeing yourself in the mirror



Everything falls to the rubble in the driveway, when I recall that it will be awkward to have a spot on the face after cycling tanned during the morning visit to the kitchen staff. It's not possible to put on goggles in a helmet. They come in somehow, but it does not look either aesthetically or stable. The problem affects both decathlon goggles and my private Uvex. This disqualifies me for a helmet, which, after all, has only two functions: protect the head and hold the block. Given that it costs 50 euros, it is quite close to me: stroke. It looks funny, but it's great ... just the glasses.





There is also a new flap. Jacket Ultralightthat curls up into a small ham, and earnestly worked for her slang name. Whoever has ever been in the mountains knows what's going on. At the downhill a bit of a Michelin man is reminded, and a bit of foil caught by a gale. After crossing 40km / h, a child running with a stick is reminded, pretending to be a rifle, shouting TATATATARATATA. The new jacket is still pumped, but less so. It does not flutter so much (but still more than expensive), and it is more waterproof. Unfortunately, it is also a bit larger and it is much harder to hide it to itself. Now I thought that maybe it was just the effect of my doing the right mass through the winter and I started to get a little stressed. I leave the topic until summer ...



Faster you can read this text, will you drive Mortirolo?


A lot of letters came out here. The subject is probably interesting and controversial. A huge responsibility lies with the French company Decathlon. It is she, more than anyone else, responsible for popularizing sport in this country. If the seller discourages us during the purchase or starting an adventure with a bicycle we will buy an unchecked eyelash, a good chance that the sport will be abandoned. We can say that the equipment has little meaning, but it's a lie. In things that are nice, comfortable and decent, activities are better and more comfortable. So if someone is able to sell them cheaply, optimizing the quality to the cost, let him live happily ever after. This is the promotion of sport.



And just as I do not like French or very (VERY) rich families (company owner), I wish Decathlon best in life. It is always the first place I visit when I need something quickly and first place when I start my adventure with a new sport. As far as cheap things from this company can usually be said only that they are very cheap, and medium-sized so much that sometimes they are good, and sometimes not, then the upper shelves probably never let me down. All you need to do is not to service your expensive things there that you bought from them ;-)