"Oh mother tell your children

Not to do what I have done "

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Christmas with The Festive 500 (# Rapha500)

[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] In [/ dropcaps] this year I went with a bike to traditional, family ski holidays. I have become weatherproof and the potential lack of snow is no longer a worry. Somewhere in the back of the head I was guided by last year's Festive 500, a challenge organized by Strava and Rapha (colloquially called Rafał), whose completion last year I envied my friends so much. Few, but still. The first day ahead is 20 km of running around Krakow, the next is over 4 hours of skiing in Mały Cichy and 60 km pass by glitching around Gliczarów and Ząb. Having made sure that all 3 sports are cool, but crossing the asphalt is the coolest, I decided to do the task - 500 km in a week. Big mistake.


Day 1: Tatras made of thick pipe.




[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] L [/ dropcaps] ekko already tired, even though the party is just starting I look out the window and see the darkness. Gray, bleak and gloomy, but it doesn't rain. He learned from experience that if it is bad with us, then in Slovakia it must be great to start from Mały Ciche through Bukowina via the Tatry Tour route. The kilometers are going slowly because the crossroads are not a highway. Like driving on asphalt, but after 3 hours I look at my watch, it turns out that one and some 20km have passed. With time the sun comes out and I go to Smokovec like on vacation. Then there is the drama - the sun melts the snow, which immediately freezes. The wind causes me to slow down to single-digit speeds and my goal is to just get to Strbski Ples, where I will shoot the usual photo from the hotel with a level and return home. As the old cycling proverb says: "it's never so bad that it couldn't be worse" - the surface changes. Plain asphalt crushed quite richly with gravel, replaces plain ice and snow. The wheel boxes in place. Coming back an hour later I discover that the descent is even more difficult. As a remembrance, I recorded a film for posterity - it was just as good to be skating (the fully applied rear brake does not change anything). Then it's standard. 150km in the mountains, doing cross-country tires, I see the next days thinly. Legs are burning a little. Just like frosts.


Day 2: I feel moisture. I can feel the moisture!


[dropcaps type = "type1 ″] G [/ dropcaps] dy I get up on the second day and find that the weather is not bad, I wait straight from breakfast outside. However, I don't even get to Zakopane when something starts to rain from the sky between the rain and snow - let's call it śnieszcz. It rains from above, below, from the side, from the inside, outside, mixing. In Kościelisko, after about 20km drive, I don't care. Socks can be wrung out, just like pants & #8211; I forgot to take cycling and I am forced to ride in cross country, without a pampers. All in all better because it doesn't soak out so unpleasantly, but I will not say loudly what is coldest & #8211; it turns out that the insert also has other functions that I forgot. The landscape changes from autumn to winter within 5 minutes. I decide to turn back home so that I don't risk freezing. 45km, of which almost 90 minutes completely soaked in 3 degrees slightly discouraging. On the positive side: I can see completely empty Krupówki. It turns out that at 8.30 in the morning on a rainy Christmas, there are neither tourists nor locals & #8211; logic. In addition, after returning home and checking Facebook, I see that I got a picture from the friend passing me by car. Nowhere will man hide. Conditions more or less like the video below. The bike cries as it rides.




Day 3: Give up all hope



[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] T [/ dropcaps] ym together Silesia, near Rybnik. Again, I only have time until 11 am, so I run out of the house as soon as it gets a little brighter, i.e. somehow before 8. Already for good morning, leaving the cage, a million small snow needles pound me in the face. Like blood in the sand. Three kilometers later I am completely wet again, and my face, like a fakir's skin, will probably never regain its color. I will look like a drunken sailor until the end of my life. Over time, the street from a large puddle turns into a mixture of mud and snow. The first cars appear on the streets. Slippery, blowing, cold, wet, driving makes no sense. 36 kilometers in 1: 40h and I stop feeling my hands despite the ski gloves. I give up, because maybe the next days, already on their territory, will be better.



Day 4: Outside the comfort zone



[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] 8 [/ dropcaps] in the morning, I look out the window: white Żoliborz, fucking Żoliborz - someone is sliding on the sidewalk, someone is starting the car with cables. Cold, cloudy but not raining. I'm starting to run out of kilometers, I know that on New Year's Eve I won't be going. That would be an exaggeration even for me. I dress, so for Siberia, to be ready to do the kilometers required today with a slight vengeance. T-shirt, thermal shirt, both, cycling jersey, wind vest, sweatshirt, balaclava, helmet with cover, underpants, pants, two pairs of socks, glasses, a kilo of Nivea Baby face cream ... I forgot my Garmin belt - again. I also forgot to pee for the second time. I lean out of the door in the block and the cold shot reminds me that it will be tough. I'm hanging around the city a little bit, because it's warmer. I go a little round the standard round through Gassy, I go back a little bit. I pass several cyclists in total. They should be treated. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes a little warmer, sometimes it's hard and every few kilometers I stand to restore the temperature in my limbs. After 80km, I don't care and there is a state in which you can drive until it gets dark ... outside or before the eyes. 116km falls - not bad, but still a long way to go. I miss 155km, and I have 1 day off and 2 working days.


Day 5: Do you want skates for this?



[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] In [/ dropcaps] I stand at 9, too late to end this torment today. These are the effects of going home in the middle of the night. I hope the sugar supply due to the name cake will keep you warm for a few hours. Outside colder than yesterday. At the 20th kilometer, the thermometer shows -9 * C and begins to beg slightly from the sky. It's colder than cold. I change the route several times, because some country roads are like an ice rink. Neither go nor go. Slightly modifying the route on Sunday Babka goes 110 km - 45 not enough. Average heart rate 129 - I have higher watching any movie with Keira Knightley, even without a picture. On the way I pass one cyclist: Masters 65+ in a pompom cap. He looked like he was planning to make his last trip.

Only one more day ... This one, last day - unfortunately in the dark, because after work. 45km can not be a lot, some run in almost 2 hours.



Day 6: This is the end. There is nothing more. We are free.



[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] N [/ dropcaps] ie I like to drive when it's dark. I also don't like driving when it's cold. In addition, I don't like to drive around the city or on the main roads, and that's all I can afford. I finish work at 16.00, 6 minutes later I am sitting like a real onion on a bicycle. The weather is constant, around -8 * C and sometimes it falls. At 20km, just when I leave the city, my front night eliminator dies. Batteries in the cold are a lottery. I stay in the dark on the Waw-NDM road. I feel a bit, with the help of cars passing me back to the city. I feel like a song from my headphone companion, LUC: & #8222; Before me a tractor, behind me a truck on my back is panting like a pedophile & #8221;. I'm doing an honorary round and I'm killing those damned 500. Interestingly, despite 2.5 hours in the cold, I was not cold at all. I will say more, it was quite comfortable for me. This probably explains why my roommate freezes in the apartment, and I am too hot in him lately. Thermoregulation got in my body.



Day 7: That day the Lord was resting.


[dropcaps type = ”type1 ″] R.goHome[/ dropcaps] ower is standing in the room. Until I go to warm countries, I'm not going to move him. In fact, even then I will not move it, I will take one with normal, narrow tires.

At the time I am writing these words, four Poles besides me have completed & #8211; Rapha should refer to mandatory psychological consultations and type training Life-sport balance. Now it's time for sports in warm rooms. The worst thing is that the idea for January seems even dumber than a bike in the snow ...