Good day.

This is not an entry about the need to ride in a helmet and goggles. It is not about thinking, turning on the lights when it's dark, braking in front of the corners, and not on them and telling someone where you plan to drive. It is not even about the fact that modern technologies allow us to share their location throughout the ride and automatically inform contact person in an emergency situation. We all know that. It is also not about the fact that drivers are angry and want to kill us, everyone else is writing about it, and I was explaining that it is not like that this entry.

This is an entry about how to survive in the city. It is based on many years of travel to work through the center of the capital. He gives no guarantee that you will not die, even on the shortest route, between your apartment and Biedronka 300 meters away. However, it increases the chances, and that's something. Maybe you know all this. Maybe you have your own tricks?



Each of us has such a friend who every two weeks throws a movie from the collision with the car. Do not be this friend. Cemeteries are full of those who had priority. Life is more important than ideologies.


Eye contact

A good cyclist knows that the eyes are for the following purposes: to have an excuse to buy even more expensive equipment (for what a head without Oakley's), to observe the route, to capture and show emotions. Standing at the start of each race, you do not need words to know who is strong. One glance (?) On the gaze of people standing next to it and it is already known who does not belong to this sector, who is too confident, and who will admit in the winter that he did nothing in the winter. The same eyes betray us 10 kilometers before the finish or during the heroic escape. If someone has made a cardinal mistake and has transparent glasses instead of black, he will not hide the words I do not change because I'm out they are a lie, just like the fact that there are still 3 dynamites hidden in the pockets for firing when a line appears on the horizon.

This is the vision that most often saves in the city and not only because we avoid visible dangers. Thanks to eye contact with the driver, we know what will happen in the future. When the bicycle path that I drive is crossed by the street, I always slow down and seek, these one eyes - like Adam Miauczyński at the Polish lesson. Those one eyes that see and respect me, that I have priority. My eyes will meet with those eyes, I will stop this tone of ironwork telepathically, I will pick up the message that the dear driver had to slow down a great grace and gasoline left him. Maybe if we lived in California and everyone had an automatic transmission, it would not be a problem. But we do not live, and that's a problem. Someone must slow down, reduce, lose time - eye contact allows me to assess it.



Stereotypes are evil, but they do not come out of nowhere. When it comes wonsaty (from character, no whiskered from the mustache) Janusz in a taxi, nothing matters. He can see me, our eyes can meet, he can calculate that he will not make it, but he will pass before me anyway. Unless I look mad, then his uncertainty about the current technical condition of the car and the vision of covering any losses and delays at work will cause that he will slow down ... he will swear, but he will slow down. He knows deep down that he has no priority.


Through your eyes, these green eyes are crazy (...)


There is also this elegant lady who is busy with 7 other things during the morning road to the office. I never get eye contact with her. Even when it's past me with a safe supply of 17 millimeters. In life, you can get used to it, that elegant ladies do not pay attention to you (it starts probably in junior high school), but it always annoys the same. If I do not tap lightly on the roof, I will never notice that I was there. You always drive at a steady pace, with the possibility of sudden braking to zero. It makes me usually, quite deliberately, just stand in front of her side door. This is the only chance to catch any contact. She will get scared, she will apologize with a smile, I will smile back and in my head, in Maciek, I will think that she is a stupid pipa, and then I will go further. If there is no eye contact (such eye to eye), it means that someone can not see us. If he can not see us, he will pass us. If you plan L4 or change your bike, you can easily take advantage of your priority.



Make a driving license

Everyone has a colleague who threw a research link this year on fejsbuka, from which it turned out that drivers who ride a bicycle are better drivers. I agree with that. Just like drivers who are pedestrians are better drivers and pedestrians who are drivers are better pedestrians. Going further along this line of thinking, we come to a dangerous conclusion. An application that is refused automatically. That is unfortunately the case: the drivers are, in my opinion, much better cyclists / cyclists than the others. Knowledge conflict on both sides, it always allows you to assess it more objectively. I have an aversion to urban cyclists when I am driving a car. Already one summer ride allows you to notice that cars do not go stupid and do not walk without making sense. It's just people who move without thinking - no matter what they're driving. Speeding cyclist on lanes, on the sidewalk, changing direction (or even return) at the last minute, guest writing an SMS - everything is normal and everyday.



Knowing the perspective of the other side, it is easier to assess potential threats. The fact that the path is hidden behind a hedge, and the cyclist is hidden behind a post in the car, does not absolve the driver from responsibility and special caution. However, man is a human being and makes mistakes. Being aware of the fact that some places are potentially dangerous sometimes allows you to avoid direct meetings.



Priority does not give immortality or priority

A car coming down from the intersection hit a cyclist on the path - normal. We see it regularly in the news - underneath, as befits the Internet, hate the heyday of the hate of the pagans. Everything is black and white on the internet. If there was a path, there was a green light, the cyclist took precedence. End of discussion. Every attempt to reflect on the topic is treated as the responsibility of the driver, which is unacceptable. Because he hit a belt on a man who was green. And so it is probably, probably in public it is not appropriate to discuss it.


People have taken the Veturile, they ride like morons on them. To understand that it is not only car drivers who drive as abnormal, it is enough to go to the bike path on the Vistula on any spring spring weekend. Cross on the road. DH congresses is a pimple.


Every driver, however, will add details of this event to his head. The car was coming down from the intersection, he had not succeeded before, because in the capital (and other cities probably also), on the crossroads, uncommon and unexplained things happen. It turned red for others, he finally found a gap, he moved. At the same time, green for cyclists caught fire. Both of them were in a hurry.



I have ideologies deep in pomp, determining who is to blame, fixing the world. I just want to survive. When entering the intersections, especially when I am walking the path - I always slow down. Weekly, during a ten-fold overcoming of a 4-kilometer section between home and work, it saves me from being broken on average twice. Always at the same intersection. Cars ALWAYS go down from the intersection (left turn) when I have green. The second possibility of death is a few lanes away because:


Assume people are morons


Either they are just asleep, inattentive or dispersed. Green arrows are a real hardcore for many foreigners. Especially if the belt is earlier, there is a supply farm, thanks to which neither the car turning right turns to me, nor me. You have to be a suicide to cross the belts without slowing down. I know this guy is lurking there. He has not left the dealer because he is waiting for me to appear there. The problem is that by driving in this way I teach drivers of incorrect habits. After all, I did not have to slow down, a lot of people would not be fired. Priority is a priority and an active society is based on the assumption that everyone will live as-in accordance with the rules. That's why:



I know most of the potential good points for death quite well. I can move them to other places by analogy (although the creativity of the other members of the movement can surprise in every place - even in places where it seems impossible). It is often the case that a potential killer can be seen from a distance. It is this empty, sleepy look staring at the light and the road far ahead. A vision of a corpo-man riding his fat for the two hundredth time this year, always the same route. I know he will not see me, I know he will not let me go and let him go. I could adjust the speed to fit behind it, but it does not make sense. I used to do it, then I discovered that the situation with the same cars is repeated regularly.



I do things differently today. Today I am a visitor who, terrified, almost dies in such a situation. Taking advantage of the fact that the cars do not run sideways, I try to aim at a few centimeters from the side window of the driver with a suitably surprised and frightened face. On the other side of the glass, the face looks identical. It turns out that despite appearances, people in cars do not kill at all on purpose. Wikipedia defines fear as:


one of the basic primary traits (not only human) having their source in the instinct of survival. The state of strong emotional tension, appearing in situations of real danger, the natural reaction of the body is, for example, a reflex of strong muscle tension and, consequently, escape or fight. It is caused by the ability to remember and associate similar situations (a similar situation in the past had a dangerous effect) and in the case of people with the ability of abstract thinking (my decision will result in a situation that will have a dangerous effect).


The element of surprise and the awareness that a few centimeters of difference and you would have to fly after some police and courts is scaring away enough. The problem is the above-mentioned consequences. A robber or apologizes for a tuna with a delicate look in the style of: I despise you, but sorkior there is a scene. And here we go to



If someone yells to you, that you are slightly mildly tired and tired of the time of the male reproductive organ, then the answer can be only one. You shout to him that he is the same, but in the female version. All angry, but happy that they won the discussions, they go their separate ways. Aggression creates aggression, and this does not require thinking. Therefore, for some time I am an oasis of peace, a lotus flower floating gently over the Vistula wave ... at least outside. Today, I usually drive up to a not very polite driver and ask him why he tried to kill me and if he knows that he could calmly keep a reasonable distance. This is problematic, because if someone yells at you with curses, it's easy to answer, but when someone asks a simple but elegant question? It's like the guy on the internet that you started arguing with, and he made sensible (and pretty good) arguments. You do not expect this on the internet - on the street as well.



And of course, there are people who will not help it. Sometimes Sebix with furniture transport, and sometimes this elegant lady. The lady who, when I am on a two-lane street, on a Saturday morning, in which we are practically the only participants of the move to the horizon, bothers me that I am going down the street. I'm going smoothly, so at some traffic lights I will catch up with her anyway, and the one who asks why she is scared of me, answers that I pose a threat in traffic. Then I spread my hands (I'm an airplane) and give in. You can not win with certain things.

Every morning I pass a guest in a delivery boat who parks on a bike lane and carries goods to Żabka. Bad luck, she wants to do it every day at 7.53, which is precisely when I travel with that belt. Almost every day I ask him if he has to stand here, not in the next door, where he would not bother anyone. He says that he can not go in the gate because the car can go there. So he turns on the magical, yellow, flashing lights of invisibility and he does not. Solved problem. You will not convince some of them. I would like you to want me - but I do not want to.

In most cases, the final argument is: I am sending the recording to the police! It's a pre-school equivalent You are a man! Will or will not, nobody knows. The lack of a webcam on the steering wheel may suggest that it will not be, but after all, we have the 21st century and the webcam may well be already embedded in the hat. Thought: will a letter from the Municipal Guard come from? will stay for some time. And maybe it will even have an effect: okay, I will not be like that, because those confidants with pedals will report me again.

In other situations it remains reconcilable and remind yourself that:


You are a full participant in the movement

and you do not need anything. On the street you have exactly the same law as cars driving on it. That you are slower, it means nothing. A bicycle in a modern city should be the preferred means of transport. This, of course, does not mean that you have to be the depth of the bike, which must be the first at every traffic light. If the traffic is large, but smooth, and behind the lights there is a long and empty straight enough for the cars to make the time to leave - you do not have to move in front of them. When there is no traffic jam, I try to set for 3-4 cars, it's probably the optimum. There is no point in slowing down traffic. Sometimes it's worth taking a moment to go down to the bays or onto the paved roadside to let some traffic flow. Just like on a winding mountain road, when you wave the driver behind you, when you can overtake and when not. The crown does not fall from this.



There are other advantages associated with being equals. Have you ever seen cars drive to the right edge of the road? Of course not - there are holes. The bike should also go "as close as possible to the right edge of the road", but it does not mean that it is on its edge. When you keep the right distance, overtake for the newspaper it does not stress so much. You will not make fish under the bus after you see the hole too late (or at least the chance is smaller).



In the city or a cyclist

The city is not used for training. The translation appears systematically on the internet, the fact that we can not drive the 45km / h path is true, but stupid. It is exactly the same as the driver of an expensive car, who parked on a bike lane, because the curbstone is too high for him. I know that it is difficult and dangerous to travel along the roads among children and Sunday hikers. Training, however, is done on roads that you know. Most of the unfavorable places can be avoided sensibly. When it is impossible, it is difficult. I am deliberately breaking the law extremely rarely (but nevertheless). Let's stop, however, to create a group that is overly agonized by the fact that the city is not adapted to road training. Everyone will get it right.



And you know what's the funniest thing in all this? I give advice on how to survive on a bike, I am outraged at drivers, complain about people on the paths ... and throw photos from Rondo Babka. It's us - cyclists ;-)