* the text presents completely subjective perceptions of the world and many people who are sure of what they want can be considered unnecessary, hurtful or blasphemous


Spring is coming. In the spring, each of us will hear a thousand and seven times the same question: "what bike to buy, because I heard that you drive a lot, so you know it for sure". From the family, from the boss, from a friend who wants to pass the first triathlon, from a friend who wants to lose weight, in the spring everyone buys a bike every year. Most of them are looking for PLN 1500. How to react? The answer is one: you roll your eyes, you say that you can not go and leave when going out to bugs and zgreda. Otherwise, you will spend 3 weeks looking for a great drug on Allegro, and you will hear in a company kitchen after a month: "I was advised by a bike, but an expert of mine that spoiled me after a week. Normally I'm driving in the park, and the air has gone down in the circle. Szmelc, I will not trust him more. "


Worse yet, if a man knows a little about bicycles and is looking for something for himself. A hundred thousand read tests, 50 gigabytes of comparisons, seventy-three million watched ads - all saying that this bike is the bike. That this reason is more than yours, because he is the sweetest. In my short life I rode many bikes. From <5 kilograms, through machines straight from World Tour, to one of the most expensive, serially available in the world. From Sora to electric Dura Ejs. Before you, the answer to the most common question of an amateur cyclist:



What bike to buy? What to choose in a flood of many possibilities?





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Buy a nice bike


... which is one you like. Not another seller, you.



Just. There is nothing better than the bike you like to look at. If you're standing in a store and you have two choices: one a little better technically, and the other a little nicer - take a nicer one. Contrary to appearances, bikes are not any rocket science (okay, maybe a little bit lately, but from the perspective of an ordinary user it does not make a big difference in efficiency). The difference in performance between the 105 and Dura Acem is usually in the hands of the mechanic that the last service did. Subjectively - the sensible change is made only by the klamkomanetki - I do not know how much the question of autoperswazja and the belief that if something was three times more expensive, it is more pleasant to touch, but it is. Maybe the question of materials, maybe profiling ...


That Italian bicycle, that French, that from a company with a thousand-year tradition? It does not matter much, except that the chance of meeting the same on the street is less (because they are usually more expensive). On the first ride of my RB1000 I met the same model at Gassami, the next week I met a friend who also goes on such a ride. Until you treat yourself to individual painting it is a matter of time to meet someone for the same. It's a bit like going to the New Year's Eve ball and meeting a friend in the same dress (assuming we're a girl - otherwise it can be fun).


They-see-me-rollin_o_109812Even if we buy Urgestalta with Gipfelsturmami and Schmolke, we will probably meet a dentist at the same during a tour of Bavaria. Here, however, there is the pleasure of pronouncing the words "I drive on Urgestlcie on Gipfelsturmach", which when answering the question "where are you going?" Sound like saying a war. The problem is that no matter what we drive on, until it is a top model in the price of a new small car or one of the dozen or so boutique brands made in garages, it comes from China (Taiwan). Trek, Scott, Colnago (not counting c59 and c60) and some other Italian, American and Swiss brands comes straight from the Gianta factory in Taichung. That heritage, Italian hands? Everything is nice, but in the era of open borders in Europe, our Italian bike will be produced in Asia anyway, tested technologically by the German, visually designed by a man from Great Britain, taped by Hungary, etc. Is it wrong? No, but it's a pity to make an unnecessary philosophy for simple things. Unless you like Italian things, because it's rarer, more interesting, and you do not have the feeling that you're moving on the Germanic invader-invaders. 

The Lightweight people admitted that if they were producing their frames in Germany, their price would be so high that nobody would buy them (I remind you that we are talking about the € 4,500 framework).


Seller your enemy!


Most "Professional" sellers are laughing at this approach. There is even such a joke about a girl who comes to the store and the question he wants the bike answers: "Green with white". They can not understand that someone prefers a bike that he likes, than one that weighs 0.5kg less or is more carbon. Such a person comes out of the store a bit happy, and a bit "cramps, but he was so nice." Fortunately, the crank weighs 78 grams less in it. It is not the seller who will ride it. It will not be in his apartment. Do people buy a Porsche 918 because it's fast or convenient? Well, maybe somehow ... but most of them drive it because it's cool. His Cool Factor is 110% normal. Will someone feed them with newspaper clippings saying that on the Nurburgring track in the tests, half cheaper cars perform better? Not everything can be justified by numbers.




Nice bikes are nice. The problem is that the tastes are many and for one nice, it can be nasty for another. That's why so few companies are choosing bolder colors or patterns. Black, silver, white - it is neutrality and at the same time reaching the largest group of recipients. Like Radio Zet.


"And if it were to be added to a bit better ..."


Weight, stiffness, aero properties are additives that help, make driving a little better. He is getting better. If it is a priority for us, we have a simple choice - we look at the budget, look at the tests and buy the best we can afford. Believing, of course, that the aero tests straight from the tunnel assume that it does not always go straight into the wind and does not always stick to a constant 45km / h for an hour. Worse, if we are not sure if "the head of the frame stiffer by 13% in relation to last year's model" makes a difference. To make it even harder, the manufacturers often started to offer the same bike with various accessories. You sit for 6 hours in front of the monitor and wonder if it's worth paying extra half a salary to change Chorus to Super Record or 105 to Dura Ace? You are combining, reading, looking for confirmation that it is worth it but in the depths of your head the brain tells you that you will gain almost nothing, but that does not matter - you look further. The problem is solved by finding excuses.


I choose Campa. Why? Because it is the only system in which my fingers do not get bored during the ride. They do not feel at work when they are idle on the side of the mouse all day. I give them some joy, let them have something to live with.


You have Cannondale with the words "Handmade in USA"? Take SRAMa and be happy that you have American accessories on an American bike.

Do not you like to use your thumb? It annoys you when you try to type "SRAM cycling" in the search engine, and on the way you get:


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 20.14.36


buy yourself Szimanochy. Then, if you want to enter "Shimano Warsaw", "Shimano rod" will pop up.

That Shimano does not fit Italian bikes? Maybe if you have a classic Colnago from the 80's, there is something in it, but if you currently do not mind Mr. Ernesto or Mario to release their artworks with the Japanese derailleurs, why would you disturb this. We will not be more Italian than them, nor classical ones.

There is no universal answer or is it worth adding to a better group. No decision will be wrong here - all you need to do is justify it well, for example

Is it worth adding to a lighter, stiffer group? The test comes out that I will be 4% faster this way. I probably spend a minimum of 500 hours per year on my bike. It's 20 hours ... 20 hours forward. Enumeration without sense, but calms the soul. And maybe it's not worth it, because for the price of the difference you can spend a month in the Canaries and you have memories for the rest of your life that nobody will pick you up. The options are many, depending on priorities and budget. If you buy a nice bike, it turns out that even if you can change it for another - technically better, you do not want to do it, because how to change it into uglier? No sense.




Can not afford a beautiful bicycle? For obvious reasons, cheaper bikes are usually simply uglier than the more expensive ones. In order to reach as many recipients as possible, however, all of them are roughly similar and slightly boring. The solution here is over-painting. Some time ago I asked on Facebook where to do it best. Below the post and answers - at the same time also came up with some links with ideas:


Verily, I say to you, if you have a dilemma which bike to buy, take the nicer one. The nicer things are better. And remember, have a road bike and be a free fat is nothing bad! Drive yours and see how they hate!