Man, however, is stupid. He supposedly knew, and yet he was deluding himself. So many years on a bike, so many cold winters and frostbitten limbs. Every time, however, from the first winter drive, so much time passes that he forgets. He sees the pictures, he knows how it was, but he thinks it will be different. It never is.

This time it wasn't there either. When we left Warsaw on Saturday morning, nothing indicated that it was the middle of winter in Bory Tucholskie. Nothing but headlines in local newspapers, but you know what it is - who would believe internet journalists in the 21st century. I have to check if the post-weekend editions do not currently start with "SZOK. WINTER SURPRISES GRAVELERS. SEE WHAT THEY DID ”.

And so here I am riding a bicycle, although I am riding it strongly said. Snow-covered forests, lakes, roads, animals and everything else around me. My rear wheel travels the same distance forward as it does to the sides. Something knocks in the bottom bracket, the derailleur shifts by itself, something creaks, the front brake has not braked for a long time… it means it brakes, but you have to pump it up 15 times to get it. This teaches you to effectively predict what will happen in half a minute. And the same thing will happen - the wheel will go away and I will run into a snowdrift. Because the years go by and I don't learn anything. Although this year, I may stop writing, that the bikes we have taken are perfect for what we do. I would describe our relationship at this point in time as: when you don't have what you need, you don't like what you have. Or something like that.

I'm driving and I know it was fun, but for the first two hours. Now I just dream of placing my feet in front of the fireplace and stuffing myself with lasagna from Lidl. I also know that I will take some photos and look at them next year with a thought: how nice it was ... and even my only bike with all-season tires could be done. I'll know it couldn't be done, but over time, stupid ideas lose their stupidity and turn into an adventure. While driving, I had a lot of time to think about the following:

  1. In winter, you ride in winter boots, period. Two pairs of socks don't work and you've checked that 40 times. You know very well that the shoe will be too tight, making the foot even colder than in one pair. Shoes that have not been used for 7 years and found recently in a wardrobe are a nice but risky idea. Even if they seem good, you will quickly find that, thanks to the radiator drying, the mud flapping of the shoe will turn into the flapping of the shoe off the shoe. Buy these shoes at last.

    It's always the same with a bad shoe. During the first hour of riding you think how lame you were in the past, that such a shoe was disturbing you and your foot was freezing. In the second, there are slight doubts, in the third - pain, and in the fourth - you slowly do not care. Then it only remains to remember that when the foot is restored to positive temperatures, it should be done gradually. Same as with hands. It is useless, because the temptation is too great and my guns aim at the fire in the fireplace like a wasp to an isotonic drink. I can describe the next states of the legs by the fire as follows: nothing, very cold, very cold, almost well, burned.

  2. The strategy of saying my one 35mm semi slicks are good for everything is not good. It can be believed very strongly, but the ice cannot be overcome. The first comment I see on Stravie after returning is "what tires and pressure". I am tempted to write off what tires and define the pressure by: 3.1 bar minus 7.5 seconds of venting in the forest. Possibly: pressure such that when the tire is pressed from the side, the milk comes out. Ultimately, I do not write back anything, because I do not want to have a man on my conscience. On the other hand, on a fatbike, I would probably not even start in the snow, so something for something.

  3. Drawing a route while sitting in a warm, Warsaw apartment may be a bit out of touch with reality. The plan "today a hundred cash, tomorrow 150" sounds nice, but a plan would sound better on "this weekend with a hundred." However, it seems to me that if I measured the distance with a magnet on the rear wheel, then from the 60 km traveled, the screen would show 100.

  4. It's not that the colder it gets, the colder it gets. Maybe for a while, yes, but in general it gets colder, the closer to the temperature is 0 degrees.

  5. It is worth remembering the expression on your face, because there is a chance that it will stay with us for longer. Generally, with each hour, the face behaves like after visiting an anesthesiologist, and the ability to speak shifts by about 2 beers. It comes to the point where the head seems to be talking, but the mouth does not move, even the cheeks. Probably a greasy face cream would help, but you know - childhood trauma. The battle with the facial lubrication system continues.

  6. Eating chips, chocolate tubes, lasagne and everything that is at hand in a house that has already been closed for winter is a more pleasant activity in the long run. Although it does not generate photos that will convince me again in the future that it was a very good idea. I hope that by then I will get some winter clothes, which will not be useful this season (and I will not remember that they are needed next season).

  7. Does taking pictures with a camera that may not have a zoom, but is expensive, make sense? I started recently in Thailand and I do not have an answer until today. But I know that he did not die in the snow, nor in the rain, nor in the heat, nor in the cold, and this is already a great success. I am still waiting for the conclusions.

  8. Now is a good time to set a reminder on your phone for the end of March, saying "if there are promotions for winter boots, buy them now". You can set a second reminder 10 minutes later: "no, option: somehow it will be without them, after all it always workedis not good. Buy them.

In the end, we decided to make a minimum plan: we visited the Bory Tucholskie National Park and the Kulawa Valley. Who read the entry Zaborski Landscape Park this one knows what it is and where it is. These are generally routes consisting of forests and lakes. Something like Great Lakes Gravel, just more… forests and lakes. In winter it is terribly empty. So empty in the sense - once an hour you will see a human.

Was it nice? Of course. Is it possible? Of course. Does it make sense? I don't know, but it was very nice for sure. So for two days, because then you discover that you see exactly the same all the time, and the color palette used is one hundred shades of gray.