Jul '13 23
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"Still round the corner there may wait,
A new road or a secret gate .... not "

JRR Tolkien + me


Ośka Warsaw, 23/07/2013


SThere are routes that every year passes not once, not five times and not twenty. Routes that you know by heart - turn by turn. It was a year earlier, two years earlier. People generally do not change, new ones appear, sometimes someone will disappear, but the trunk forms roughly the same. What the most-frequented tour by the cyclists in Warsaw looks like, shows the movie above. Recorded in the heyday of training at Ośki Warszawy. Every Tuesday, every Thursday, Rosochata stop, dozens of people.

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Every day I work in IT: I restart servers, I click on things and I ask if it has already been repaired. I spend my free time with friends on cycling. We visit the best parties, overcome the most spectacular routes, we ride in the toughest races. Blog allows me to develop my passion and describe the best of adventures, so that you do not have to repeat our mistakes. I am trying to stick to the unpopular rule that quality counts not quantity.