It was supposed to be an entry by Fr. Kaszebe Round, but I thought that people burn their fingers with boiling soup much more often than they look for information about the event, which I have probably written about - and you know SEO and the most important cliques. Because Kaszebe itself, at least in the years in which I take part in it (because I am competing would be too strong a word), is unchanged. It consists of a perfectly secured route, hills, forests and people that I meet every few years. It's nice to meet old friends over scrambled eggs and lard sandwich instead of the airport at Gassach. These are so-called meetings full of dignity. We know very well why we ended up where we are and where we are going (to the next buffet). What happens between them does not matter much, and at 188km you can cram them a little. If you came here by accident, looking for information about Kaszeba, and not the history of a guest who has second-degree burns from a tomato, I invite you to the old entries, for example:

Kaszebe Round 2018 - we gave our best

Kaszebe Runda, or Tour de Bufet. Kashubian cycling

The entries actually differ in that instead, there is Sylwia or Piotrki in the photos. And unfortunately with the fact that in 2017 most of the area was covered by forests, and a year later it was driving like through the scenery from a post-apocalyptic film.

I will not cheat. I wasn't planning to go this year at all. The decision was made less than a day before departure. It started with a phone call from Przem informing him that he was going and asking where to sleep there. Who reads the blog knows where to sleep in Kashubia. Somewhere between Klock and Sworn Gaciami (which are in fact Sworne Gaciami), in Męcikała. Several hours later, I was already sitting at the train station in Bydgoszcz, waiting for a lift. Especially that I haven't seen Przem since the time when we both thought that racing for 3 hours in a large, golden gherkin road group is the highest form of cycling. It was somehow before the epidemic and before the war.

I don't know how it is that when someone visits us, instead of taking them to the best and most enjoyable loop in the area, I always draw “all at once”. This means that instead of moving along the gravel road, which is the Kashubian Route, I try to make a cross-sectional presentation. So we spend Saturday with Przem, driving through forests, sand, good and bad asphalt, grater, cobblestones and any other surface known (and unknown) to mankind. Route It looks like this. I have an overwhelming impression that it creates an escape syndrome in Przema. Let's say that a bicycle parked in front of a shop in Męcikale with an electric saw attached to the handlebars fits in very well with the local folklore.

One thing's for sure: no matter how many photos you take, everything looks the same.

On the other hand, it can be thought of as a tattoo:

"If you don't appreciate me when I'm at my worst, you don't deserve me when I'm at my best."

Therefore, as a compensation and reward for survival, three days later I send him to the loop, which is much better both on the surface and in terms of view, about this. He was even about her once video on youtube. The Kulawa River Valley is a champion, and anyone who thinks otherwise is the Tufo tire.

Kaszebe Round

We set off to Kościerzyna on Sunday morning (i.e. a day later than our joint route and two days earlier than the one mentioned above).

Ladies and gentlemen, my approach to cycling training is very serious. At the beginning of June 2022, I have done about 3000 km, which is so lightly 2 times less than normal. I don't remember when my average exceeded 25 km / h, or when I last rode in a group. Kaszebe in this year's training plan, the culmination of which should be a week later (there will be another entry), takes a very important place. First of all, it allows you to remember that 188km is not much, and secondly, it allows you to eat. Exactly 4 days later, I will be driving through the Bieszczady Mountains, still burning this Sunday lard. Then I will also remember that 188 km on hilly asphalt, in the group, is completely different kilometers than their counterpart in the field with nearly 4 km of elevation. But let's not get ahead of the facts. On Kaszebe, I completed a six-hour training plan and that's what counts.

The most important discovery this year is the pizzeria To the furnace in Kościerzyna. Not only because of the use of Caputo flour, which seems to be exactly the one I need for a bike, but also because of the quality / price as well as the quality and price itself. It is so good that it can be treated as a legitimate excuse to go to Kościerzyna.

We are almost the last at the start, so Przemo, fearing for the availability of goods on buffets, generates under 300W, fortunately he gets a bit of a break with each slice eaten. Or maybe he just discovers that the faster we go, the more people we get behind us - a bit like a snake from Nokia. This means that we fall into more and more buffets. Nia matters a lot because the food doesn't stop, but the forewarned is always insured! Ultimately, we are very successful, because not only do we stand at each buffet, but in my stomach there is "one at a time". Just so that no one would be sorry that I missed him. Really, I'm not lying. I can't honestly judge the caloric balance that day, but I'm not hungry in the evening.

Important things:

Eat fatty first, then sweet, not the other way around.

Really, not the other way around.

But from two bad sides, once a mistake has been made and it was sweet at the beginning, it is better to eat fatty foods than nothing. Even though it will seem like a mistake for the next few kilometers.

The longest section of the route, i.e. Zaborski Park, is definitely the most beautiful

It is better to go slower and longer than faster and shorter, because then you want to eat more

This year's special prize is given to buns - the best I've ever had in my life

The punishment is given to the wind that started blowing in the face all the time a few years ago, it has not finished until today.

I do not know what more I can write about the event, about which I have already written everything, so I invite you to take photos (in reverse order, because after 7 years of IT studies and several years in the profession, I cannot reverse this order).

And when it comes to burn my finger, as I have mentioned many times - cycling is a very dangerous sport. At one of the very-important-stops, I clumsily grabbed a plastic plate and the soup poured onto my hands. Hot (he he he) so I recommend using gloves - thanks to them the bubbles are only on the middle of the finger. When 3 days later Michał and I set off on a tour of the PGR route, their gloves are cut off fingerso that I can wear them at all. In any case, the situation when a cyclist enters the pharmacy in full gear and asks for something for burns and the following dialogue takes place to the delight of everyone in the queue is quite funny:

- The sun burned?
- No, a tomato.

I constantly recommend the event itself - in my opinion, it is one of the most enjoyable in the season. I think in 2-3 seasons, when blood fat levels drop a bit, we'll see you again. With the same people who I will probably not meet by bike until then.