I do not know how this happened. A month or so after I pulled my winter clothes off, promising myself that we would never put on a winter jacket again. Two months after we promised ourselves that we're not getting on tires wider than 1.5 inches ... again, we're sitting on a thick wheel in a winter outfit, because MTB is great! ;-) 

The forecast for the holidays was unambiguous: wind, rain, sadness, unhappiness, mud and yet another wind. However, the wind in Pomerania is a different phenomenon than the gusts we know from the center of Poland. Strong the wind at the sea means that our KOMA bike can do it alone. Years of living in the north of the country taught me that he is divided into two categories: from October to April when he is very strong and very cold and from May to September when he is very strong and cold. Only forest can save us. Considering that after the winter passes they are still on the site and recover, we decided to take something else with us - evil incarnate.



With Absolute Bikes (fejs, website) in Pruszków, we rent two bicycles: Trek Stache and Trek Remedy. I do not know about MTB. For my part, I can say that one has full suspension and thick tires, and the other has only the front and VERY thick tires. For this smoothly running gears, working shock absorbers with knobs steering something and a few other goodies doing something. Remedy has, for example, such a pussy, which makes it as if we click on it, the seatpost goes down or goes up. In fact, if we do not click it, it also goes down thanks to him ;-) Both are turbo heavy, but people on the internet write that they weigh very little on the MTB. It's as if you were changing someone to a little elephant and saying that your pet is very light, because normal elephants weigh 200kg, and this one only 150.

With other technical details, to keep the text full of professionalism, it should be mentioned that Stache is so purplish-blue, and Remedy black-and-white-gray, very nice. The tires are black and rubber. They do on asphalt zzzzzon beaten and soft szzzzzzin the field zzzzz.

A moment for the trip sponsor - you can buy these models in Absolute Bikes: Staszek in the promotion with almost 11000 tweens per 6,500 (link), Remedy for 13,000 (link)

We have traveled a bit by the sea, counting one of the best singles in the country (and at least those not on the mountainside) - between Rowy and Ustka. We also drive up the largest driveway in the area: Rowokół Mountain. Almost a kilometer in the field with an average of 12% and light flattening (segment). The end is vertical - on my plate, I can not drive. A few (overtime) hours are of course not enough to write something about bikes I do not know about. I can, however, show you some pictures to present how the Easter was in Pomerania and to make a serious statement: "Why is MTB great?„.

I would like to publish Panda's opinion here too, but as a young, well-mannered lady, she should not curse her, especially in public. Every time I asked her about the experience, she answered with an ugly word. So I assume that we will not be doing more of this sport anymore.

Let's answer one very important question and then look at the picture:


What do we love MTB for?

Here is a comprehensive, multi-point comparison of why mountain bikes are the best: 






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* this entry (as all) is obviously very subjective. MTB can certainly give a lot of fun when it can ride on it and has the right flow ...