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On the 30th birthday I got a gift in the form of a trip to the Norwegian Fjords. About whether it is worth, how to survive in this absurdly expensive country and the organization of such a tour a few words (thousands) ...

Kaszebe Runda 2017, the only marathon that I end up with a calorific surplus. Kashubian paths, beautiful asphalts and food dripping with grease. Perfectly!…

A short visit to Manchester - the British capital of cycling. Velodrom, National Cycling Center, BMX track, Raphy, Assosa and Pinarello salon, basic training and how not to do shopping ...

Majorca - on one side the cycling paradise: perfect roads, road atmosphere, sensible driveways, on the other: the feeling of being a lemming. Prices, routes, points to see with the bike and a bit about the island ... ...

About the Polish Cross-Country Cycling Championships - Koziegłowy 2018. Why nobody went to them and why everyone is indignant as always. ...

Not a short story about how I got on a bunker at the airport in Lisbon and traveled to Faro in a roundabout way ...

A brief history of the cycling day near Barcelona: Tibidabo, Montserrat and Coll d'Estenalles on one loop - it could not end well. ...

Jarna Klasika, the first mountain racing in the season - admission to this year's Tatras Tour. A point in a cycling calendar that can not be omitted ...

About how we have traveled 310 kilometers of the Milan-San Remo race route, as we supported the pro-coach run by Michał Kwiatkowski and Liguria in general, a few words ...

In the break from skiing and riding around Zakopane, we decided to go a little further. We visited the Slovak part of the Tatra Mountains and Slovakia Paradise. I would recommend. ...