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Jarna Klasika, the first mountain racing in the season - admission to this year's Tatras Tour. A point in a cycling calendar that can not be omitted ...

If you have read Kolarska Tenerife: bike, logistics, prices, restrictions and you have found out that it is worth visiting the island, here is a list of subjective places that you should not miss when planning your routes. The best descents, driveways, asphalt ...

A brief history of the cycling day near Barcelona: Tibidabo, Montserrat and Coll d'Estenalles on one loop - it could not end well. ...

Not a short story about how I got on a bunker at the airport in Lisbon and traveled to Faro in a roundabout way ...

Festive 500 organized by Rapha and Strava. An event for people who do not like their families and have no friends ... at least normal. A few words about how I managed to join those few who have traveled over 500km ...

About how we visited Kaszebe Round 2018 and became professors of cycling ... or maybe more professors of cycling buffets and smooth movement between them. Monthly preparations had to pay off ...

Report from the annual cycling holiday in the very center of Warsaw - the 7th Memorial of Stanisław Królak through the eyes of a road amateur. A handful of tips on how to drive a race in the least painful way possible ...

You get up at 4, you go to Wroclaw, you pat 210km in strangers and come back home at 23. A short guide on how to do something good on the bike ...

The best race of the year. In fact, it's 3/4 of the best race of the year. Last year's mention is definitely the best racing adventure of the season. Beautiful route, well secured, long, a lot of riders, nice surface and a little bit of everything: with ...

Autumn is coming. If you ever wondered how do you feel clothes put on a long program with a spin to a washing machine with a broken thermostat, and then hung in the wind, then I can tell you. If 6th September 2015. in Gdynia, organization ...