The first race this year is behind us. As usual, we did not win. So I prepared a handful of advice for those very beginners and those who are unresolved, which should be remembered not to lose the good morning. I think that as a man who regularly does not win, and this time he missed even the finish of the first group, I am completely incompetent to speak on this subject. Fortunately, the internet is the perfect place for people like me.


1. When traveling, fasten your bikes.

After last year Jarna we knew that packing five bikes on the Mondeo roof is an ambitious plan, but it is possible. We focused so much on stuffing them on the beams that we forgot about the right clasp ... three times. The following observations have been adopted
- it is possible to drive with a roof rack fastened to 2 out of 3 fasteners, but it is very telepiece above 100km / h
- it is possible to drive with a bicycle fastened behind the fork and not attached to the rear wheel, but there is a good chance that the wheel will jump off the beams and hit the roof
- it is possible to drive with a bicycle fastened only with one fork (fork?) On the roof rack, but there is a good chance that it will fall over and it will be maintained only by the adhesive tape that has been secured back. In particular, I do not recommend such actions on the motorway:




2. Tour the route

But seriously - if the race is on the loops, it's good to pass it once in a walking pace to take a look at it. Then again, this time with a decent speed to see in which corners you can afford a little more. We were gently beaten by laziness and a café located at the start. I would recommend it if not for the final dialogue:
- how much do we pay for an espresso?
- PLN 12
- but for three?
- no, for one thing




3. Set well in the sector

Here we have rocked: more than half of us stood in the wrong (grandfather's) sector, but completely behind. Let's be honest, if you do not have a leg like a horse and have the ability to push like a bus grandma, then the proper setting is more important than a good warm-up. Standing in the back you have the chance to never see the first group again. However, it is good to measure your strength and if you are a physical retiree do not stand in the first line, because you will be lynched and then trampled. In cycling, the rule prevails: the first will be the first and the last last.




4. Check your equipment.

and I'm not talking about pampers and content here. Generally before the start it is good to fly all possible gears, tap the bike and check that nothing is falling apart. I, despite the fact that I earned it exactly, at the start I was slightly surprised. I lost the first few dozen positions trying to throw on the table - then I gave up the use of such an unnecessary invention as the front derailleur and I had to fly everything from the only gear available in the front. 1 × 11 reportedly again in fashion





5. Be careful because you will be alone.

In general, the race was going well for me until it stopped. The first lap was a fire, because it was necessary to sprinkle the tops after a not very successful start due to technical reasons, and the second and third were basically a relaxation. I was traveling in a completely satisfying group. Not too fast, but I would not squeeze myself any more. A few escapes departed, but because of the fairly solid wind, I thought I would not go crazy. So I held myself politely in the back, up to the middle of the last circle. Here, unfortunately, I remembered why such driving is bad. Someone in front of me let go of the wheel, there was a break - by throwing everything on one card, I pulled myself up .... to the next group, which also turned out to be fired for several meters. The following kilometers have already begun me to look at how the peloton, far away from the stone, is riding without pedaling, while my lungs seem to have been smeared with Neo Capsiderm. Generally, if you are not moving forward in the peloton, it means that you are moving backwards. Even if no one is ahead of you, then most probably you will be at the very end. In sadness and with my head bowed, I reached the finish line. Seeing almost all the time in front of me a large group, and somewhere behind them in the distance small groups of pursuit.




6. Watch where you sleep

We arrived in Wroclaw on Friday, despite the fact that the race was on Sunday. We counted on acclimatization. I must admit that she went all that well. It turns out that they have excellent ice cream, excellent pizza (I definitely recommend San Lorenzo in Mokronos - next to Warsaw Ciao and Tutti, it is definitely the best I've eaten), they also have a good beer, and the market will not let you sleep. However, I am not sure if these factors are conducive to winning races. In particular, in conjunction with a week-long visit to the sea a moment earlier, allowing you to consume post-holiday remnants.




7. Search for the photographer

Despite the fact that I am going on a race for every race, I am convinced that this time I will win, I realize that my chances for it do not usually exceed ~ 1%. Well, well, it will fail 99 times, and once you accidentally find yourself in the right place at the right time. Considering that cycling is not running and you probably will not get the place for the fifth place on the medal, and you will not hear that you won, because you have arrived, it is worth getting some other souvenir. Only photos remain. Below, if I am not confused by my watchful eye, one of the best cycling photographers, Mr. Szymon Gruchalski.



8. Dress comfortable and checked clothes

From bad looking outfits, they are only uncomfortable. Just here I will paste this picture and go further ;-):



 9. You're going to have fun ... and try to fuck the room, by the way

When you think about 10 hours in the car in order to drive 65km on the spot, it may seem silly. In truth, however, the race is just an addition to a great weekend. All in all, during the whole weekend, we spent 3 hours on the bike (well, maybe 4 counting the seat in the iceman on coffee.). I treat it as a perfect springboard from our tourist trips, where the principle "do not sleep, visit" and waking up is at 7 o'clock, and at 17, after returning, no one has the power to even reach the bathroom.



10. Cheer

If you're already there, then look at other categories, not necessarily the elite. However bad it sounds, cycling is a hopeless sport to watch, especially for people unrelated to bicycles. Most of the fans are outraged people who can not cross the street or start a family. Take this moment to cheer others. As far as the elite is used to doping (supporters;)) and the splendor of women or young people, I think that not much. It will improve the atmosphere and help riders.