Ring of 1000 Lakes

At the weekend we were bikes in Masuria. Where exactly? Everywhere ... it required to do over 600km at a time, but we visited everything.

Jarna Klasika

If someone asked me what I know of the ugly word for the letter "h", I would not hesitate today that Hrebienok. Because it was a hard race. Really. After Tatry Tour, which starts in the same place, I thought that nothing would surprise me.

Cycling race around Częstochowa

First race of the season. Immediately from a thick tube, because two days - the first standard loops, the second time trial. From the very beginning described as technically difficult. A lot of bends, a little mess on the road. Moderate pace, as expected. Although the race takes place near Częstochowa, we can see many familiar faces.

Winter, road Beskydy

To celebrate the start of the new year, we decided to do a few kilometers on my favorite loop including the most important cycling peaks of the Beskids. A pretty long movie came out ...

Tour de Rybnik 2013

On the occasion of the race in my home town, I check how the health service for injured cyclists works. In the end, we managed to make an interesting movie in which there is some action and not just the butts on the bikes.

ŻTC Góra Kalwaria

There are races that are important for certain reasons. The reason may be a nice route, good competition, media prestige or simply rich rewards. Góra Kalwaria does not actually meet any of these elements, but it is undoubtedly counted among the key moments of the season.

Tatry Tour 2013

My first really big road race. As it turned out later, probably the best race during the whole season. It will definitely be permanently added to my calendar as a key one.

Ośka Warsaw

There are routes that everyone travels more than once, not five times and not twenty. Routes that you know by heart - turn by turn.

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