Ultracollers, trekkers, knapsacks, backpackers, travelers & #8211; they can all look at this post with contempt. Just like we are for people whose seat is too big ;-) What we did did not have anything extraordinary. For us, however, this is something new. Like giving up corporate shackles and starting a search for yourself. Only you, bike and adventure. Like Forrest Gump through America & #8211; when movement has become an end in itself. Like a guest who dropped everything and went to the Bieszczady Mountains. Like Marek Kamiński crossing the south pole. Sounds like a description of any longer trip on Facebook fanpage & #8217; u. And we, in fact, bored of the fact that in order to ride in a nice place you have to run away from the city by car (otherwise we will end up smashing for the basilio time Gassy / Kampinos / Grandmother in the crowd of people) we thought that you can go a little further. The weekend has two days, so why waste it.


road bike
Nothing more nothing less


How far is it far away?

I think that 200 km on a flat bike or hills can be ridden by anyone with average physical talents. Even when his seatpost dangles. Last year, we did over 300 kilometers along the Milan-San Remo route (link) and over 400 after boring Mazovia, over 3 years ago over 600 around Masuria (link). Everything is a matter of proper attitude.

[pullquote] The Internet says that teeth can be washed with soap. This is a big space saving [/ pullquote] The plan at the beginning was different. We were to take a train to Warka and set off there south, because we know the Wawa-Warka route by heart. Get in bed with booking.com and come back through, also known by heart, the Świętokrzyska route from Kielce.

It turned out that the train to Warka travels with exactly the same average as the average cyclist. We are above average, so we check in Warka faster than he;) Then we thought that such a return would also make no sense, because why 4 people should buy a ticket at the busiest time of the week, since we have bikes. Besides, it's supposed to blow north. You can pass the money saved at the Biedronka stop. In this way, instead of the planned 300km, 501 came out. No one was surprised. We know each other well enough so that when we set off at dawn (weekend dawn, i.e. between 8 and 9) we also take lights illuminating the road. They have no right for good reason, but their plans & #8211; your life. Of course they came in handy.


Decathlon seat support
Compression master level - in the left picture and so missing a few things that went missing like socks in the washing machine, for example, sleeves

How much is enough?

[pullquote] A seatpost is like a tram and students. If the number X has entered, then X + 1 will also enter it [/ pullquote] Podsiodłówka & #8211; I don't know anything about her. I don't know how much is a liter or five and how much I need to fit in the things we need. What do we need? I have no idea. So we bought the largest as if they were (not sponsored link to the product ;-)) in Decathlon & #8211; 2.5 liters, because objectively, in the affordable and sufficient quality segment, it has no competition. That's as many as a few water bottles, so probably a lot. 4 times PLN 70 is as much as we would spend sending parcels to parcels by the end of the season. But that's how we always have them with us & #8211; extra kilos make us go faster.

Authentic, it's hard to get used to a heavy weight under the saddle at the beginning, and when I'm accelerating I feel like I got 30kg overweight, but after reaching the target speed I become an unstoppable force - like a train. For this instead of one bottle I take a Vittoria Zip Bottle (link). We put in a pile of unnecessary things and some necessary: ​​legs, sleeves, vest, ultralight, inner tubes, patches, socks, pants, multitool, powerbank, cables, spare GoPro battery, lenses, flip-flops (?!), Lamps, pajamas and everything it was at hand - the rest (including the selfie-stickiem) went to the pockets. Those of us Beary Grillsy ;-)

Panda can drive for 7 hours in a Norwegian downpour or push through Karkonoskie snows, but without flaps it will not move. One such set allows you to survive all summer. Everything is so compressed that I'm afraid of an explosion at every bump.


How much is too much?

There is a thin line between being a tourist with luggage and a road bicycle racer whose seatbelt is neatly attached to the seatpost. We will gently step on this line - trekkers start waving and saluting. After a dozen or so kilometers, we completely forget about our luggage. The bike obviously behaves differently, but still decent. Does it mean that I would also get used to being overweight?


way to warka
Access to Warka - this is where the sensible route begins


We start the route in Warsaw, on Saturday morning, hoping that the drivers are sleeping off Friday evening. It quickly turns out that this is not the case and we would gladly exchange our shortest-possible route to Warka for a standard loop along the embankment through Gassy, Góra Kalwaria and Czersk. Only after 40 kilometers, after driving from 79 to 731 it makes sense & #8211; you can go side by side again. We reach Pionki with excellent, forest and almost empty roads. It's such a small Radom, a state of mind.


Pawns are Radom, just a small one. I would insert a gallery with Pionki, but this one photo is enough


How far is the end of the world?

And further, the roads are more and more empty and more and more full of small hills, up to Zwoleń, where we return to 79. In these areas it is a completely different way. Surface like a highway, car every few minutes, visible to the horizon. Like Nevada, only more green (hyperbole). After the descent towards the Vistula, we regret that we did not do it earlier, in Solec (the bridge on the Vistula) - as the Lokalsi later advised. It's such a small, local paradise - they say that little Tuscany. Roads brought straight from the EU, numerous bends, hills, fields and empty villages, in which we are probably the main attraction of this day for people who sit and look ahead. We have to go back there.


Autopilot mode


Sandomierz itself is of course a profession. More honestly: a profession for people who have read that this is little Rome. It's nice, hilly, relatively empty. Bicycle paths around the market run through green areas are straight from the cross-country route. Adding to this a cube in the old town and a large driveway to the market square & #8211; ideal grounds for CX. Such a Kazimierz & #8211; only better, about which later.


Sandomierz market
Going to Sandomierz is the best way to go to Sandomierz, because if you get there, it's almost unknown what's next


We sleep in Gościniec Koćmierzów & #8211; meets all the criteria. There are towels, WiFi, it is clean and with 4 kilometers to the center, and PLN 40 / night per person. As if that wasn't enough, it lies along a road that looks identical to our Warsaw Vistula embankment and Gassy & #8211; like home. 4 kilometers to Biedronka is just that you can not reach it in SPDach and that it is difficult to go with the shopping net in your hand. Because you know & #8211; after 230km 4 heads require considerable kilos of food, especially since we are not fans of stops along the way. From stopping, the legs become wooden. Unfortunately, my seat does not fit my favorite backpack for PLN 9 (link). We are saved by the idea of ​​making mesh backpacks.


Its a bird! Well, its a plane! Well, its biedronkaman!


The next day is even better. The cool thing about driving without turning back is that you can go all day against the wind without hope of changing it. This is also how we had Saturday & #8211; 227 kilometers of continuous muddywind. On Sunday it was supposed to blow the same. In fact, we traveled half a day 37km / h, and then again in the snout and depression. It doesn't matter & #8211; we are coming back from the other side of the Vistula, east side. The route from Sandomierz through Annopol up to Kazimierz is GE-NIAL-NA. Again perfect asphalts (with short exceptions), minimal traffic, nice views, sections with bends and indecently long straight lines.


sandomierz by bike


As if that was not enough, somewhere in the middle of nothing, when we have already forgotten what people look like and cars going, we are passed by a group of 20-30 cyclists from the Puławy set-abstraction. The tempo from Babka does not allow me to take a quick photo. Then we meet before Kazimierz to find out that there are better roads in the area. I'm going to return to this area.


road in the village
GoPro does not reflect the true appearance of the area - the road is often visible up to the horizon


The entire charm of the route splashes in Kazimierz Dolny. This is ridiculous because it is a Mazovian mecca of long-distance cycling (in the concept of an ordinary person). The city looks like Zakopane during rush hour - we pass through the center of Krupówki. Cars everywhere, people everywhere, traffic jam, walkers stand more than they go - a tragedy. Just like passing through this hell. It is also not so good, we are going to Puławy in the crowds - the strips are separated by a pseudo-sidewalk, which makes overtaking of cyclists very difficult. Then it's on average and gets worse every minute. The movement is growing, no views, the wind is blowing. Behind Wilga, irritation reaches the zenith and we decide to return to the "right side of the Vistula" - in Góra Kalwaria we jump over the bridge and we are at home (ie 50 kilometers from the house, but this is a route taken from memory).


tourists in kazimierz


In general - perception of distances is a funny issue. When I leave the bicycle after work, 100km seems a considerable distance. Not an extremely long one, because thanks to our surplus, this distance is usually 3 hours, but still. When on Sunday the meter showed that it was still 110 km, it looked like: in 2 hours I will be in the Mountain of Calvary, and so practically at home. Longer distances, which everyone repeats, are a matter of the psyche and attitude. This helps in this very determination of points within a radius of 50 km, from which it is possible to go back to PKPem accidentally. Even when such is not the case - we are in a civilized country, not in the Himalayas - someone will eventually help us.


empty road
You can think that I choose only photos that somehow do not have cars, but actually it was like that all the time


Such a getaway is great, I recommend it to everyone

Nothing, it never tastes as good as a sweet bun from a small shop in the middle of nothing

No memories are as funny as the ass on which you can not sit

Visiting a foreign city by asking random people for the best pizzeria and then searching for it is the best way to get to know a foreign place. Just like looking for a place in the park where you can eat it

Two days of the weekend are enough to make you feel like you are on vacation. On Sunday evening, when we reach our block, I feel like we have not had a week

On Monday morning, when you sit in front of a computer at work, you are happy that you are here and you can rest. The feeling passes by around 11 o'clock, when you find that it was actually fun and it can be repeated

Even the smallest suppressor reminds you that unnecessary weight is not welcome at the rider. The bigger hills, the more.

Warsaw - Sandomierz route: link

Sandomierz route - Warsaw: link