You know what's not strange on a Sunday morning?


When driving along the Vistula around 5 am, you see the service pubs wondering what to do with people who have fallen asleep on chairs, and the contact with them is like trying to communicate with a sack of potatoes. When you see groups of girls who definitely do not resemble themselves from a few hours ago, and whose last hope is Uber's arrival, which he will click "home" in the application. When alternately you pass cars driving 100km / h, because after all it is empty and such driving 40km / h, because the driver probably heavily tired. When you are at completely empty intersections, lit up in orange, by the rising sun, which emerges from the place where the registration of the WSI is not a jar.



On the other hand, there are two riders who, before 5 am on Sunday, are guided in lajkrze towards the ZOO station. Until that day I did not even know that the Warsaw ZOO station exists. And if the fact that someone goes out on a bicycle before the dawn of the sun may not be surprising for everyone, the goal is probably a bit like that. We decided to choose:



Polish XCO / XCR Championship


... and damn, I'm such a beater that until now I do not even know what XCO and XCR are. As a Sunday supporter, it does not bother me at all.


In this way I am completing my great fanatic triptych this year, because it turns out that I visited: Polish cross-country championships, Road Championships of Poland and MTB Polish Championships (because I assume that this is XCO / XCR;)). In gratisie, we were also on Cross-country World Championshipsto have a proper comparison and be able to compare everything unjustly. Because comparing anything with cross-country events in Benelux is like mentioning the Germans, whenever the discussion goes down about the average earnings in our country.


Polish mtb championships


I will tell you, being a fan is not easy with us, and all kinds of relationships do not make it easier. The mere attempt to find the website of the event is a small challenge for me. I remind you that I am the visitor who sits 10 hours a day in front of the computer and creates internet ... maybe I try too hard and others come easier. It is not that there is a universal side of the Polish Championships in highlanders. The regulations may and on the PZKOL's website, but the link to the organizer is not much. Interestingly, all press releases also do not usually contain a link.


Fejs and his search engine came with help. This year the address is:, last:, 2 years ago ... I did not find.



Another entry about the same


And this entry was to be about the next championships. It was supposed to be about the fact that sport is a business and it makes money on it, and when people are not interested, they do not earn money. That there is no big relationship, because nobody would be interested in them. That all the players who are outraged on the earnings again did not show up to cheer on one of the most important events in the country. The fact that no one wants to take part in the organization of the championships is because it does not pay off anyone, and the sponsors' profits are negligible. He was supposed to be on this and many similar and many negative aspects of this arising. Because:


Reading about indignation, sells very well, because everyone shares it with the signature "Let someone do something!" Or "It looks like that in my sport!" And will go again to spin the wheel around the chimney with a bicycle.


But that would be pointless. It makes no sense how to pack on Sunday morning in a car, go to Masuria, look on and come back (like the entire capital on a Sunday evening) to your home. This solution does not work. This is an entry from the category: "Hey, the guy probably has a good idea - maybe we'll try the same in a year !?". Especially that the voices in the lobby say that the next year the event can take place in the same place, only with an even more spectacular route. A ready solution for you to spend a nice day.



We like to watch how others hurt


I admit without a beating, the whole day of rooting exceeds my broadly understood passion for looking at cyclists. So we are not in the Masters race on Saturday, we are not in relay races and unfortunately, we are also not on Sunday mornings (I call everybody who is younger than the elite, because I do not know). We limit ourselves to the race of women and men - it's more than 4 bite hours of standing on the scorching sun. Women start at 14, so it would be good to be here a while ago - it's a challenge.


Polish mtb championships


To Mrągowo is slightly counting with 3 hours by car, on the way back probably more 4. In total, it gives a minimum of 7 weekend hours lost to fight for life among Warsaw road killers. This solution is not an option - we decide to travel by bike. Visualizing himself at 4.30 on Sunday, opening his eyes and seeing the departure from the city ahead of him - through Praga, through Białołęka, roads that will be overcome by Ronda Babka peloton in a few hours, which I know practically by heart, anxiety and fear over me the success of the action. I am setting up with Michał for a train from the Warszawa ZOO station, which starts at 5:29, and an hour later it is in Nasielsk, after which the areas that can be named attractive. Sometimes we do not save a lot, mentally yes. The train is empty, the nice conductor, the track does not want to put on me at Wahoo, everything goes according to plan. In Nasielsk, we go out on the wrong side of the tracks and the track is already confused on the first subway. We have over 7 hours to ride 200km, that's too much, so we start tourism.



Mazovia is flat, but great


I will not describe the route around the bend, it's not the Dolomites, there is no sense in it.


The route is long, but every average rider should be able to make it. Take a starting girl or a beginning boy and head for the adventure. I am ready for this route and give it a virtual HOPKEJKA ;-)





Diplomatically I say this: living in Warsaw, people sometimes forget that the capital is not Mazowsze. The route by the embankment to Góra Kalwaria is not really a representative part of our province. For the record: our province is 10 times bigger than Majorca. The route we're driving is perfect. Really, perfect by a large D. It can be difficult to look for hills and impressive panoramas on it, but if a person goes to the mountains, he does not expect the sea.





I would have applied two amendments:
A very short section (several hundred meters) between Strzegocin and Conesthat can be avoided along the parallel road through Kosiorowo.
A fragment between Kałęczyn and Grabowthat is not very bad, but a man accustomed to the perfect surface, disturbs everything. The problem is that I do not know how to avoid it, but it is not obligatory to look for an alternative. It's simply not possible to walk side by side and talk, just like it was over the previous 150km.



This is please your genius route. We pass the first traffic lights in Nasielsk, then one more in Szczytno, but only because we drive through the center in search of stores. Bitumen is rated at 5/5, traffic is usually one car for a dozen or so minutes, sometimes even less. There are moments in which nothing passes us for a good several kilometers.



Authentically, most of the time we see only the forest and vast meadows with obscenely a large number of cows, from time to time storks (also in groups of a dozen or so) and of course small towns with dominant churches in the middle. Churches are full, because Sunday, in addition, non-trade - this is important information in this text.



The coach would be proud


If you wake up about 5 hours after eating dinner, breakfast is the last thought that comes after waking up. I eat some other yesterday's sushi, Michał takes two bananas and halva, which will save our lives later. Plus two large bottles. We both belong to a group of people who think that when you are riding a bike, you are driving, so you can take care of the morning meals and remind you about them only around the 90th kilometer.




We see the store, we miss a few kilometers to the half of the route - we decide to stop in the next, sensible one. Michał throws a joke that it's probably only in Szczytno, which is around 55km. Heheszki, heheszki, we laughed, we know well that we would die earlier of thirst. Along the way, we ignore another shop, because it does not accept card payments and is suspiciously small (I do not like how they spend the rest in coins, because you have to take it later). As it is not difficult to guess, there was a repeated process of repetition:


"To the nearest town 5km, there must be any store - we stop at 100%"


There was no. That day, everything was closed, even food trucks in Szczytno. Not only that, we realize that we are traveling so sideways that we do not pass any gas station. We start dividing this one, the only halva. We are like imprisoned climbers. Eventually we get to the open shop at 158km. We eat so much to survive to Mragowo, because we will start our fan food festival there. That was the second, very serious mistake of the day.




In addition to cows, churches, pastures, meadows and forests, the route provides several attractions.



Krossy, Unicorns, Herring


For example, we pass the KROSS factory in Przasnysz. The whole Przasnysz looks great at all - especially the station (I will honestly add that it's probably not working, judging from the tracks) that would fit in the classic Warsaw M3. I am a fan of this city from the first meters.



We go on roads that have no end. A few kilometers long, it makes us feel like Captain Tsubasa, who runs towards the horizon, and that curves into infinity. Authentically, it's such a small substitute of Nevada ... only through the forest, a bit shorter, with completely different views, temperatures and, in general, quite different.


The unicorn is a hit, which in the coat of arms has, as you can imagine, a unicorn. There is also a unicorn in the main roundabout in the city. There is also a school in Unicorn, an office in Unicorn and other places with which we must have a photo. Chad.




We have quite a lot of funny places in the area, we also go through, for example Bandysie, Zakota, Parciaki, Herring, Lejkowo (where it's good to stand on pee) and a few others.


We finish the route on the Mount of Four Winds. A bit of a shock, because it turns out to be a hill on which 5 ski slopes and 3 lifts are located ... in Mazury ... WTF? Almost Dubai. We pass a tape, we're going to the finish line and we immediately hear a scolding from the announcer that what a frivolous ride around the route during the race. Well, it makes sense. Instinctively, I click the stop on the meter, we step aside and start organizational activities. The state of the trip stops at 199.9 km and less than 900 meters vertically.


Regarding the return - there will be two possibilities: a train from Olsztyn, which is about 65 km away or finding someone who after racing returns to Warsaw (very simple) and has room for manors (a bit more difficult).



We start the fan part of the day.


By default, the entry has already 1,600 words, and the event itself, not a word. So I will try to close.

I was prepared for an intimate party, somewhere in the park. It was not like that. The Polish Championships in Mrągowo looked from my supporter's point of view, as they should ... almost.


Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships


Because everything is great. There is a route that maybe there are not very technical fragments (I'm almost sure that I could handle it with a moving pace), there is a great terrain - you can see a lot of the route from one place - a few climbs, exits, rock garden, bridge and finish. There is suffering, because the climbs are extremely steep. There are also a lot of fans and I have the impression that not all of them came in the same transport as the competitors. It is loud, cheerful, family, but with a strong addition of competition. There is a announcer, there is no screen with transmission (but I understand, costs) and it would seem - everything you need. Someone is exhibiting some stands somewhere, something can be tested, near a lake where you can swim, a specially substituted ferry and generally everything is great.



But! But! But! Give me jam!


It must have been but. The siege of the tent with Majka is as usual large (although after winning the title Polish Champion sits there alone - unprecedented situation, people instead of the autograph, stand by the route), but this is nothing compared to ONE food point in the town of competition. Yes, one. Everyone is hungry, the servants have a live-of-life, whoever goes for a sausage, pork or blood sausage - he won the lottery ticket. They disappear faster than they appear. We are so hungry that I buy a protein sheikh on another stand (with water, because the milk is over). Michał is not so lucky and gets a half sheikh, because the water is over. Then I have another coffee from another stand to kill hunger. I eat, because I add everything to it, which is at hand, so that the coffee stops having the consistency of the liquid. To the city too far to bring something, Uber Eats they do not have here. I would order a pizza, but I'm afraid a guest with food would be massacred here like in Lidl after quitting Crocksów. Looking at the siege of gas stations on the way back, more people had this problem.


Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships
Polish mtb championships


And that was really the only inconvenience. If in the future the organizer will provide a slightly better meal bouquet, it will be great.



How it is?


I still do not think that watching cycling was somehow interesting. I am not trying to persuade anyone to get in the car and go on cheering. A combination of a well-organized championship event with an interesting trip out of town. Such an adventure.



Sender with shorts, T-shirt, klapersami, two large water bottles, a telephone and the whole area is open to us ... however bad it sounds.

The event would be great if it was not for the lack of food that buried it for me (although let's agree, I was more hungry than the average fan). It is a pity that such a huge olewnik of cycling events is on the part of cycling media - only Marathons MTB XC PL they managed with their live coverage. She was what she was, but she was! Let's remember - we do not require people interested in cycling before we can give an example.