"There is no fear of the Fear of Getting Dropped."


A two-stage cycling race on the Częstochowa land


The first race of the season. Immediately from a thick pipe, because two days - the first standard loops, the second time trial. From the very beginning it was described as technically difficult. A lot of corners, a bit of shit on the road. Moderate pace as predicted. Although the race takes place near Częstochowa, we can see quite a few familiar faces. I try to stick to the first laps, but the headlamp of the peloton clearly escapes me on a few corners. I'm staring at one of them and I just have to look for a long time, as the others stay about 100 meters ahead of me. End, in the end - I get behind the peloton. On the second day, time does not matter anymore, but I give it my best. As for the admission to the season, this is not crazy. Even such a movie has never been seen. There will be something to think about


Well, but it happens to everyone.


I used to think it was a function of cowardice, because everyone is dropped, and people who are afraid of droppage, well, come on. Eddy got dropped. Lance got dropped. The fastest guy on your group ride got dropped. And of course you have dropped - repeatedly (...) Since droppage is inherent in cycling