This post is a bit stupid and obvious. What is obvious to us is not always obvious to everyone. For many years it was not for me. I've tried for many years. Then I stopped and just started driving.

To me, the biggest lie today is that:



Life is too short to ride a bad bike


Because it is enough to go on any cycling holiday to understand that life is too short to ride a good bike around the chimney. It's enough to meet all these ultras and long-distance travelers riding on average equipment and set them up with people on very nice bikes.


While driving, we take a break to read what people write on the internet and worry about it.


Therefore, if buying a bad bike seriously affects your financial capabilities, then from experience I will tell you: it is better to ride a bad bike in beautiful and new places than a beautiful and new bike in bad places. Life is too short to think about material choices for too long. A bicycle is a bicycle, it rides it rides. People hadrons collide and quarks watch, and we are excited that the derailleur changes without a cable. Technology like a TV remote control.


It also follows that:



Pushing the bike uphill is a shame


Pushing is actually funny, but I don't have much in common with shame. The fear of pushing is a shame. As i see that someone "Doing after pants" three days before entering Mortirolo, because "Doesn't know if he can do it", it makes me particularly happy. Because if he can't do what? Or if he doesn't go there at all, because surely "no way". Failure to do this is nothing wrong. You have to approach this with humor and distance, and even pushing gets ridiculous. This is similar to saying that:



You must not give up


Because it is slow and there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, in my opinion, the decision to withdraw is more courageous than to end at all costs. I often see competitors who finish the competition (especially triathlon) in a state in which they should definitely not finish it anymore. They give their best, the 110% mentioned earlier, then gather applause on the internet that they have finished "despite everything". Increasingly, we see the tragic effects of ending "despite everything". Let go, draw conclusions, finish tired / exhausted, but without risking long-term damage to health (or life). And as we are at the competition:



You deserve everything.


But hey, you don't have to! ;-)



The day I discovered that you do not have to give your best and that you do not have to "deserve" a large pizza and ice cream at all, was the perfect day. After a year without training, without a trainer and without mental restrictions, my FTP dropped from just over 4.5W / kg to less than 4W / kg. I suspect that the route I took in 6h would now be overcome in 6.5h. It has not changed my life, and I'm not planning to be a better version of myself tomorrow, because it never ends. My better version of me eat stress free ice cream and pizza.



The rules are cool, because thanks to them we are all the same and we have the same inconvenience



Once on the Velominati website it appeared set of rules road driving (Polish version you will find here). It's a code of rules that drives cycling a bit towards golf. Definition of socks length, color choices, level of suffering and generally VERY SERIOUS AFFAIRS. I even bought the Velominati book because it was excellent - it was October 2013. A lot has changed since then. Just like once on the way to Gassy (although many years ago it was rather towards Czosnów), I knew practically every passing road cyclist, today I don't recognize almost anyone. Probably because this number has grown many times (because it is certainly not related to the fact that I have been to Gassach for the last six months 10 times).

Road cycling is unfortunately heading towards mass sport, at least in Warsaw. Why unfortunately? Because neither the infrastructure is ready for it, nor do I think that it is the optimal sport for practicing in cities. Quoting an excellent paste: "more and more amateurs are pushing for fun". This in turn raises more and more questions ... i.e. questions are unchanging, but are repeated more often.


I'm looking for sense.


Almost every day a man writes to me asking "can I / does it fall ...". I feel you? A stranger asks a stranger on the internet if he can ride a bicycle with a large seatpost attached as a hobby, because he doesn't fit into his pockets, and another stranger wrote on some page that you don't do that. Or: maybe short socks, because he doesn't like long ones. A thin line of being golifistą has been exceeded. That is why I am asking for a change in the rules. Yes, you can sometimes laugh at someone that he is a flut, but taking it seriously is in my opinion a serious abuse.


Let's take some completely random:


Saddle, handlebars and wrapper colors they must be chosen according to the standard ... unless you do not want to look like everyone else, or just like it differently.

Tanlajns must be razor sharp... especially if you like to have cancer (photos of the hand in the red and white flag sell on Instagram like nothing else).

There is only one right length of socks... unless you find it uncomfortable, then not.

The seat bike is not put on the road bike... unless it is comfortable thanks to it, then it sticks up. Or, for example, you go far and have a lot of luggage.

Pushups are carried in a pocket, not at the frame ... especially if you like to have broken ribs when falling.

Legs must be shaved... unless you feel uncomfortable then you don't have to.

Goggles shoulders always on straps, not under ... unless you fall then, they don't.

That you must not combine the bike with swimming and running... unless you like it, you can.

Bridge always with a negative slope... unless it's uncomfortable for you, then you don't.


and so on…


Because in life you should ask yourself one very important question: do you care more about following the rules invented by others, or that you would be comfortable and that the hobby would continue to be a hobby (a yeti yeti, and zombie zombies).


"Pa! They write on the internet that he hit it with his bicycle on the bus. "


Nothing makes me laugh more than the commentary under any photo of a man riding in beautiful natural circumstances and saying "hehe, but Tarpatian socks". Unless it's a joke, but it's hard to find out what's in the joke and what isn't.



What should I not do, and I thought it should be?


I will not write about littering, helping, showing holes, and so on. Everyone with a touch RiGCZu knows about it. This is a point about something much more debatable.


It seems to me that I will surprise you a bit here, but I will also fall into many people (as if I hadn't fallen enough after the previous point). It has been accepted that cycling is a group sport. You race in a group, you ride in a group, sometimes you even train in groups. In general, cycling is largely about following someone.



This causes such a pathological situation that when I go on the road, regardless of whether alone, with a friend or with Panda, already a few kilometers outside the city a man follows us ... or several people. Usually, like a real professional, a few centimeters behind us, so as not to lose power unnecessarily. Recently, I even saw such a well-known vlogger, who explains that as part of training he sits on the wheel stronger and tries to hold on.

Where is the problem? When I was little, the trainer explained to me that the failure to pass the ball is always the pass, not the catch. In cycling, the one in front is responsible for this from the back. It is about showing dangers, taking the track, snot, getting up (and throwing the bike backwards). If you don't feel like doing it (that's why you went out alone) or you don't know that someone is following you, the situation gets a bit complicated. Therefore, ALWAYS say hello and ask if you can before joining a person or a group. Don't be an asshole (that from behind).



Unless I'm not meeting the above rules, I'm not a cyclist. Then I don't want to be him and I can be a cyclist ;-)


PS And I also lied to you on this blog countless times, but I did not do it on purpose. I lied saying that cross-country is the most universal bike in the world, that Wahoo is better than Garmin, that electrics are better than mechanics, that training is better than not training and vice versa ... the answer to all questions should be: IT DEPENDS, but that's the topic completely separate entry.


* photos in the entry: Matthew