- If you had one day, what would you do in Yosemite Park?
- I would sit on the bank of the river and weep

Carl Sharsmith, botanist, ranger of Yosemite Park


The above statement can be easily extrapolated to all of California, including San Francisco, where I had the pleasure of spending a week. It is rare for me to say in a single place (and vicinity) that I have seen a bit, but I definitely missed two weeks more ... or a month. And saying area, I mean the American area, which is an area that can be reached in half a day. San Francisco - I hate you! For being such a complete place and reminding me that people live in such places permanently ... and I love them at the same time! For having downtown like in a typical American metropolis, and half an hour down the hilltop with views of the ocean. For the sun, for people, for the views, terrain and approach to life. Let's start from the beginning ...

If you do not like reading and scrolling, the photo album is on facebook, o HERE.


They have the momentum of these Americans


We flew to San Fracisco at the conference of one of the big IT companies. This is a typical US & A style conference - with pomp and glamor.

And that's towards the% $ # which! To illustrate the project, I will say: 170,000 people come to the conference. Considering that SF lives normally with 800k, it makes the city a completely different place for a week. The Uber drivers, hoteliers, shopkeepers and everyone else are very grateful. Among lecturers are, for example, Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, the guest singing Descapito (even during the meeting), will.i.am, Pitbull, sisters Bush, concert of Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys and the mass of various types of CEO, CIO and other three-letter abbreviations of the largest companies in the world. Well, and the opportunity to see Marc Benioff worth some $ 5 billion, dressed in sweatpants and three-stripe shoes. Well, a little craze .... Will you ask me what I did there? I could lie, but it is obvious that since the entry fee is counted in thousands of dollars, they must have been free gifts and free food ;-)



This is also a problem, because if such crowds come to a relatively small city, somewhere you have to accommodate them. San Francisco is a city where a two-room flat is some 2 million dollars - a sensible hotel is not easy even in normal time. So we're deciding on Oakland, too the cheapest sensible We pay about PLN 500 / night. I can recommend Oakland with a sincere conscience. A train goes to the center of SF and it takes about 15 minutes. And if we want to experience some emotions, Oakland will provide it. Balancing on the verge of political correctness I will only say: it's good that we are still alive. That with a crime rate close to 2% is the 3rd most dangerous city in the US, we read a bit too late ;-) But overall it is cool. It may be dangerous, but we saved it. From the airport there is a cable car with a change in the center of San Francisco, an evening journey by Uber from the airport is about 50-60 $ (20-30 minutes), which is the same as from the center of SF during rush hour. Because he drives around the city with Uber and Lyft or just a queue called BART. Possibly a tram to take a classic photo. So let's look at the beginning of the city.



"If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair "


San Francisco is the best city in which I had the opportunity to be and what I can imagine. Dot, end of text. But also the worst at the same time. It rests on the ruins of the city, which remained from the earthquake in 1906. 3 an 4 inhabitants of the city became homeless then, 80% of the buildings were destroyed, and the number of deaths is given depending on the source between several hundred and several thousand. There is a 76% chance that a similar earthquake will happen over the next 30 years. However cruel it sounds: Hurry to explore San Francisco. An earthquake can occur at any time.



Boys in the evenings
they go out onto the streets


This is just one of the problems, the other are homeless. In this respect, probably only the center of Milan can compete. They are everywhere - from the streets in the very center of the city, through parks, to districts somewhat suspicious and not very friendly. Looking at the prices of real estate, it is the most reasonable. The homeless are different, from the classic, homely bubbler, to those who play with iPhones and travel with a trailer, where dozens of kilos of belongings are found. The image is complemented by the locals, sitting or sleeping next to the big boom boxes he plays local music, known for American gangster movies. It's a bit surprising, because a lot of not very pleasant company starts a few minutes from downtown. However, we do not have a single disturbing situation during the whole stay - we assume that people have learned to live here in symbiosis. If you want to feel a moment of horror, just walk around after sunset a bit to the south-west of the center or at any time of the day go around the station 16th St. Mission. People shouting, flying without pants, brandishing various things, throwing things away and dozens of loudspeakers around them - guaranteed.

Because there are so many freaks here, there is probably nowhere. They no longer surprise anyone. They are inscribed in a natural landscape.



In this post I should give you key places to visit in the city ... and this is very problematic. There are not many cities that I can venture to say that wherever you go, there will be something interesting. Steep streets in the north or south, city center, hills with panoramas to the horizon, districts: Chinese, Japanese, expensive, dangerous, rich, dangerous, completely jammed, or a multi-kilometer park, where people run, walk or roll. Here is everything.

What obviously strikes you the most is the endless arrangement of perpendicular streets and hills. Hills that are already attacking for good morning and redefine the concept of a steep road in the city. I've seen a lot in my life, but they're really steep.



One day if I go to heaven… I'll look around and say, 'It ain't bad, but it ain't San Francisco.

Herb Caen


Not only that, I can not advise on the best way to visit the city. At the beginning, the best is of course the bike, although I quickly discover that for the average bread eater, the local roads are impassable after just a few minutes of driving. I am not surprised that they point out the only right route in the rental - along the coast and across the bridge.

Moving by bike gains a lot, but also loses a lot. Same as walking only during the day, either by skipping sunrise or sunset. This is one of the problems that last a few days or so go down everything. I will try to collect the list in this entry the must-but it will not be complete. The best option is to mark your key places and a few-hour, random walk or ride between.




What I like best about San Francisco is San Francisco

Frank Lloyd Wright


Walking along random paths, there is a chance to discover interesting finds. For example, I find an ant-man who stands next to a large greenscreen and scattered cars. About 5 seconds after taking this photo, a gentleman, a security guard approaches me (visible in the picture, I have not noticed it before) and asks you to delete the photo. Moments later, there are several such men with me. It turns out that the pan-ant is hiding something and you should not share it. Challenge accepted - no one will tell me how to live! ;-)



When we get out of everything we can, we'll find faster transport. Here comes the irreplaceable BART: a subway train that goes to nearby towns. There are no classic tickets - for a good day we print a prepaid card and a ride in the vending machine. We drag at the entrance and exit - the receivable is collected only when we get off. It may turn out that we have loaded too little and we can not leave the station. If there is nothing to recharge for - there is a problem;) Getting from Oakland is about 4 USD. Having cars to get around the city makes no sense - especially that even bridges are paid. For example, such a Golden Gate has only automatic gates (such a gateway where you can not pay), so if you have not thought about buying a pass, we are waiting for a ticket that the rental company will gladly send us.

When it comes to rentals, we used it Dollar - without any problems. For a sensible 5 person car you can pay from 40 euros per night, with full insurance and several drivers.

Riding around California is easy, but it takes a bit of getting used to. First of all, Americans are a simple nation - there is a stop sign: they stop, there is a restriction: the majority follow it. Virtually everything is described in words, so besides a sign with a magic number, it will also be often written in words that the restrictions apply and who it applies to. It is the same with any dangers on the road, warnings, etc. At the beginning, it makes us laugh, later we find that it makes sense. Until we combine, driving is easy. Even in the morning traffic jams on large 5-band roads, the vast majority of cars travel here with a hose instead of jumping between the lanes. Who watched the perfect movie Fall, knows what corks can be.



Similarly with driving. If there are 5 lanes, then at least 4 lanes will follow a sequence of cars with equal speed. We were a bit short of permissive speed being exceeded on the second, doubled on the fourth, and on the fifth we do not know what's going on (with WB registration and company logo), but a long and trumpet.

The most important, however, are equal intersections and they perfectly reflect the local condition. At the crossroads, the one on the right does not. Well, why should the law take precedence? At this intersection, on each of the streets, there is a STOP sign, before which you must stop. Whoever first stops, the first one starts. Not at all, it's not about a classic slowdown to 10km / h like on a green arrow, but a real stop. On the one hand, it works without any problems, on the other hand it terribly annoys us. Such feet can stand even on the streets with a slope of 20%. This explains why only machines are used here. Standing is not so annoying when you do not have to run gears. I would love to see how this mechanism works with us ...

I have the impression that lack of gear generally affects people well. I'm treated like a king on a bike, even when I'm silting 7km / h for a few minutes, banging on a suburban mountain.



"If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there "


What's best in the neighborhood is people. It's hard to say how much this is caused by the conference, but it looks like everyone is on drugs. I do not know, maybe easy access to marijuana, advertised on billboards, it's actually the key to success, although the intense smell of drugs on the streets is very troublesome for our unused noses. We have the impression that everyone likes their work here. And it's so blunt that we get the impression that everyone is making balls of us.


I miss the situation when a lady selling me pandom-dolls (every good gift) for $ 5, seeing a client trying to pay $ 100 with a banknote, has a curse on his face. Here, this lady with a smile tells me how matrioshka works and why it is funny.


How else to explain the situation when you ask the security guard at an empty airport (Oakland at 22.00) how to get to the car rental company, and this shows the finger a bus away some 20 meters, with a big sign Car Rental Bus, then begins to explain to us that we have to go through these belts in front of us, then turn left, then enter the door and he will drive us. Then he hastily adds that we do not have to hurry, because for the next few minutes the next will come, and that it is close, and that he wishes us a safe path and a good vacation. There are many such situations here. 95% of people try to help in every possible situation, smile and solve to us, even a non-existent problem. It's nice, perfect ... and terribly annoying. This awareness that people can be nice.



Golden Gate Bridge: you think San Francisco - you see this bridge. It's great Cisco logo is like the Palace of Culture for Warsaw or the Statue of Liberty for New York. It does not matter if it is worth visiting or just like many others the main attractions of the world is overrated - being in the city, you have to see it. If you have read entry about Lisbon, you will probably notice that in Europe we have an almost identical bridge - 25. April (only 0.5 km shorter).

About three and a half million cars pass on the bridge every month, although the cost of travel is about 7-8 $ (you pay only when going to the city). Unless there are more than 2 people in the car, then less - it's one of those beautiful solutions overseas. This number of cars is obviously large until we get onto the bridge over the weekend. Piston on Gassach is nothing to him. I have not seen cyclists and cyclists on a square meter long ago. Therefore, on weekends they can move only one side of the bridge, the other one is left for pedestrians. The week is definitely better.



I can say with a lot of certainty that renting a bike and crossing it across the bridge is the main tourist attraction of the city. There is no problem with renting a bicycle, the whole coast is covered with rental companies. The best known are Blazing Saddles and San Francisco Bicycle Rentals with prices for an average Speca on Altus with gears 3-8 around $ 25-30 per day. On the bridge we will meet everyone: from the full dress of Rapha and dream bikes Ritte, Factor, Baum etc. to the gentlemen in shirts who, taking advantage of the break in the conference, jumped out to take a commemorative photo. The sight of the combination of a full-yajki, expensive bike and sneakers on platform pedals is not surprising. In general, no one is surprised by anyone in this city and until he tries give someone a shotthere is full tolerance and indifference.



However, crossing the bridge itself is not the most important thing, but what is on the other side. The bridge ends on an elevation where on one side you can see the panorama of the city, and on the other, start the ideal road loops. After passing several viewpoints, we reach the summit - Hawk Hill located at 281 meters. There are people with binoculars waiting for us there. This is the main observation point of the local birds of prey. Annually, you can see tens of thousands of them: eagles, falcons, vultures, hawks, osprey and others.


The impression itself makes the bridge amazing ... even if you can not see it. Yes, in this picture above there is a bench overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. With a bit of luck it may turn out that the fog covers everything - especially in the summer. It has to do with the temperature of water, land and terrain. It is not without reason that most of the most famous photos from this city present fog. It's a natural condition.


In short: the most obligatory (and the most obvious) trip point.



shops I'm dissapointed. The times when the US was going to the electronics and the trip was practically turning back, have already passed some time ago. Now everything goes with Aliexpress. Sometimes it is cheaper, sometimes more expensive, but there is no such crazy craze. It's a bit better with clothes. However, if you do not plan to buy in Bottega Veneta-style stores, the city is unlikely to be counted on. It's better to go somewhere under the city and drop in to Best Buy or Walmarkt hoping for promotions. I would not be myself if I did not recommend two, obvious cycles. Obviousness that stand on the opposite side of the barricade, and the only thing that unites them is prices. In addition to shops where we can easily get the most expensive models of Pinarello, or Colnago located mainly in the northern part of the Pacific Heights, they are Rapha San Francisco and MASH SF.

What Rapha is like, everyone knows. Two Tesla parked in front of the store, and inside a few people who seem to have an office there work on Macs. A combination of a trendy cafe and a clothes shop. The World Cup in Pruszków is currently on the TV. An additional attraction is the classic Citroen 'H-Van' standing in front of the entrance - sawn in half, with tables in between. The most important information: a discount hanger is hidden in the store.



The second one is MASH SF, the mecca of the spinners. It is not, contrary to what it looks like from the outside, one of those stores which, on 3 square meters, mainly contain dirt, tattoos and mustaches. Among the expensive Oakley, Cinella frames, and Enve wheels, you'll also find a large collection of clothes, among others Castelli and dozens of classic hats. Vintage style dresses dominate. After touching one of the woolen t-shirts, I still have goose bumps. The prices are quite high, but it is impossible to leave empty-handed, especially since many things are unique here. It's the kind of shopping that everyone will then envy.



Lombard Street it's another of the strange places that we can easily get to know from afar by the number of people standing at the intersection. The 8 sharp serpents crammed into a 400-meter section make it probably the most twisted street in the world. I suspect that this is not true, but in America everything must be the best. I have the general impression that for them Europe is like Slovenia for us - it's like it's somewhere, but why for whom? Thanks to turns, the average street slope was reduced from 27% to 16%. It seems sensible until you see the other streets in this city. If you are fans of numbers, I refer you to text about the steepest streets of the city: concrete on 41% slope? Why not!



An impressive list of all hills in the city can be found on Wikipedia, here. Below is a list of these completely subjectively and slightly randomly chosen as the best.


Twin Peaks - by asking your questions and yours, the name has nothing to do with the famous series. Twin Peaks is one of the highest hills in the city and by far the best driveway near the center. As the name suggests, it consists of two peaks lying 200m apart: Eureka and Noe. The 280 meter elevations have their current name only in the nineteenth century, earlier they were baptized by the Spaniards with a beautiful name Los Pechos de la Chola, which translates to excellent Breasts of the Indian Virgin. In front of the peaks there is a bend, famous for cycling pictures, on the top a perfectly level road creates a characteristic shape of the number 8, and the panorama of the city is similar to those seen from the other hills.



Mount Davidson - the highest hill in the city reaches 283 meters, and at the top has ... 30 meter steel and concrete cross. The end of the driveway requires you to cross the dirt road, and the view at the end is not somehow better than all the others. However, this is the only place in the city where I had to give up and get off the bike - Dalewood Way street is a massacre: long and mercilessly steep. Segment on Stravie named Dalewood Way To Hell he says about only 200 meters with an average of 22%, but I know that there is definitely more. Not only is the ride difficult, the photo stop is also a challenge. In general Stravy segments in this city is something beautiful. I get a 3-digit number from practically every ride.


Corona Heights - If I had to choose one hill with the best view, Corona Heights would have won in the runs with only 158 meters. At the top of this small park there is a heap of boulders, which can be entered without any problems to discover the 360 ​​° panorama.




Bernal Heights - hill like all others, slightly more distant and especially recommended for sunsets. An additional attraction is a swing suspended on a tree. The charm is added to the classic houses that the entire district is sown. A bit like the popular American movies of the '70s and' 80s, and a bit of a feeling that it must be quite expensive there.


Telegraf Hill - hill located closest to the city center - it can be re-inserted in several minutes. At the top there is an observation tower (or rather a turret), from which is definitely the best view of the whole downtown. The minus is that, like most of the attractions in the city (and state and national parks), it is closed with the sunset - a huge shame. The entrance is of course a few dollars, but even at the foot of the building the view is very good.



Alamo Square it's probably one of San Francisco's best-known and most-photographed spots. Several Victorian-style houses, located at one of countless parks. Similar buildings in the city are mass. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, almost 50,000 such houses were built (and then the quake disappeared). So what are these? By its location. The park located on the hill, allows to see impressive downtown a city that contrasts well with such classic buildings. It is not a place that knocks, but it is nice and you can sit on the grass a little.

This is where the word was created painted ladiesthat defines this style - houses with numerous decorations, painted in 2 or more colors, highlighting the details.



San Francisco consists mainly of Asians. Okay, maybe a little exaggeration, but the moment of browsing the Internet and it turns out that the official data is this: one in three residents of the city is Asian. Among people under the age of 18, this number increases to around 40%. Talking about a separate China Town is a bit overpriced here - I thought so. This district is one of the best places to go for a walk.



Glowing lanterns, murals and graffiti, Far Eastern architecture mixed with local and shops. Stores where a large proportion of sellers speak English worse than you and which offer things that you will not find anywhere else. It's like a visit to the department other on Aliexpress. Every possible variation of a panda or a cat waving a paw, thousands of magnets and more or less shining things to use for an unspecified purpose. To this pub and a characteristic smell. Considering that the number of Japanese cars has long dominated the streets, you can feel like in another country.



ABOUT Fisherman's Wharf You can say a lot of bad - especially if we belong to these more ambitious tourists. Those who are disgusted with the crowds and places everyone goes to and which bend under the compaction of souvenir shops in a small area. It is after all one of the busiest tourist attractions on the west coast. The mini-district located at Pier 39 (Pier 39) is on the one hand the main fishing port of the city, on the other hand, it is a typical tourist place. That's actually what it is, although it's getting a little better during the off-season, especially at night.



And just as normally I would look with a slight contempt on anyone who went there and liked it, so here I have to admit - a bomb for me. In fact, there are not many kitsch: vivid colors, souvenirs, socks shop, sweets, posters, NFL gadgets ... with everything. Different pubs, including the one I like the most favorite fan of my favorite book: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. There is also a shining and playing carousel, a street magician and a huge Christmas tree. Thanks to sea lions, which in large quantities have settled on the wharf, it is never silent there.

However, it all fits together. While the malicious one could compare this place to the promenade in Ustka, here the quality of crap, swing and classic kitsch perfectly match the image of an American tourist attraction. You can not like such places, but you can not deny Fisherman's Wharf climate and specific charm.



Being in an American city and not going to a match is a crime. NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB - the choice is considerable. Americans are obsessed with sports and trust me, times in which America meant fat They are gone. At least here, on the west coast. Of course, there are extraordinarily large units, but this is a margin. Any visit to the park means meeting hundreds or thousands of runners, rollers, cyclists, dancers, walkers and stuff.



We are going to the AT & T stadium, not to watch the baseball game, unfortunately. We are there at the concert of Lenny Krawitz and Alicia Keys. Two days later Metallica plays there. We are the first on the turf by some unexpected coincidence, so we are standing at the front, just under the railing.

How it happened - I do not know until today. I think that it could have been influenced by the American's love of queues and the fact that it would always be polite at the end, without any questions. This beautiful nation does what it should do ... unlike us. There is a sign to stop - they stop. We, citizens of onions taught to combine uphill, we do not find ourselves in it. It was similar when meeting with Ashton, when we pass by some 400 meters queue sideways and we set ourselves straight under the door, because there is a place there. Nobody delights in a special way because if we stay there, we probably had the right to do so. I'm not proud of this behavior ... :-)



And now I have to do something that I do not like. I state publicly that I was wrong. Well, I was much more happy for Alicia's concert - although I know two of her songs for a cross, but I know Lenny better and thanks to that I know that I do not like him with his music. However, everything looks different in real life. Kravitz did a good job - I have not seen such a good performance since Rammstein in Spodek and Lipnicka with Porter in a small house of culture (well, I think I liked it?). He kidnapped the crowd, and we were about to throw the panties away from him. I would say that the three ladies from the background choir played a significant role, but this will not go through my home improvement.

Yawning started on Alicia. Because, yes, she sang well, she played well on the piano, but that's not the order. After a few solos during the previous performance, it seemed that they should move her to a jazz café with the audience sipping champagne at small tables.



North of the Golden Gate Bridge, the most popular cycling areas in the area stretch out - I quickly understood why. Mt Tamalpais State Park is a different world. This almost 800 meter high mountain is visible from San Francisco and screams all the time Get me in! Of course, when you see it in its entirety, which does not happen particularly often. Various microclimate crammed in a small space make even when the city is the middle of summer, there just can be foggy and rain. This is how I get the weather - the temperature drops by a dozen or so degrees, the side wind moves my bike, and the fog makes the camera cover with water in a few seconds after taking it out. But that does not matter, it's even better.



From the top I can not see anything, but what awaits me on the extended return loop, compensates for everything else. If the States associate you with roads that do not have curves, it is largely very right, but Fairfax - Bolinas Road completely redefines the perception of that country. I do not know if there is a simple piece on about 30 kilometers. The road writhes like crazy through the forest, along lakes, on the dam - madness. There may not be epic views, but as a whole - it is probably one of the best roads I traveled. I can pass one car and four riders on it. In the season it looks probably quite different. An hour on this road is worth the whole trip!



From today in all forms, in the field profession I type silicon Valley. A visit to the famous Silicon Valley, especially in the IT world, seemed to be a duty. This is the family home of a mass of companies that we complain about every day and which we curse. Key points we chose here two, because unfortunately only their addresses we remembered: Hackers Road 1, or Facebook and Infinite Loop - Appla, and everything we see between them was supposed to be an addition.



In a nutshell, I will say this - our Domaniewska and all Mordor are not so bad. Offices like offices, only instead of one building, there are 10 of them. Each of them could be transferred equally to our basin. Same San Jose and Palo Alto are such unremarkable towns, except that from time to time, houses get a bit richer than anywhere else. Around the emptiness and 5-band highway, on the horizon of the mountains. I do not know what I was hoping for, but I was sure that after visiting such a place, I would dream of working in such a Mountain View. It definitely is not. What's best is secretly hidden behind the walls of office buildings.



Pacific Coast Highway is the road number 1, extending from the north west of California, somewhere behind Los Angeles. To illustrate the scale, Google says that it is over 1000km. It is known all over the world thanks to its charm, which gives it a beautiful coastline. Along the way, you'll pass a few towns known mainly for skateboards, surfers, slackers and naked, muscular bodies: Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Barbara or Malibu. And in fact, despite the fact that we are in mid-November, people on boards, both asphalt and sea, there is no shortage.

I have good memories of Malibu, about 15 years ago I was saved from the Baywatch ocean there. They came on a sand jeep, something waved to me, I thought that it was probably worth going back to the shore and then discovered what are reverse currents. A muscular rescuer, his naked body, shielded me from the waves and pulled me ashore. Not much later, I did the lifeguard course myself, but still, I did not remember that ;-(



What is the first thing that strikes the beach is the buildings on the dunes. Do you want to have a beach house and a view of the big windows on the whole wall? This is the perfect place for you ... if of course you have won 3 times in Totka.



Is it worth to drive one? Well, if you saw coastal roads on Tenerife or Gran Canariait will not make a greater impression on you. Visiting in one of the smaller towns, in order to bathe in the local climate of the grooms and cool compatriots, it is my duty, however. I do not know if starting any conversations from Yo dude! it will be perceived well, but it is worth trying.



Yosemite National Park is about 3-4 hours drive from San Francisco. It gives you 8h on both sides. The weekly pass for the car is $ 30 and there are no shorter ones. I was skeptical about such a trip, but I'm kayaking myself a hundred times. Yosemite Park is the champion of the champion! I will not recommend any place to him, because it's hard to say about the recommendation after a half-day visit in a place that has more than 3,000 square kilometers (and only because more parks are still starting) ... We are going on a 4-mile trailhead (which turns out 8 miles by trail, because you have to come back yet) - it leads to the famous Glacier Point. As predicted, the same point where the car park is located is the weakest moment of the day, although the view is good. The trail leading to it from Yosemite Valley, and then a bit further to the Sentinel Dome lying at ~ 2500m, is the best trail I know. I know them very little, but it's hard to imagine a better one. Because it is not only that the views are attacking from the first minute, it all the time goes up the slope admiring the landscape. All the most boring in the mountain excursions are omitted like the Kościeliska Valley.



But wait ... 2500m, what are you saying ?! Yes, there are high mountains in Yosemite. I did not know about it. Such an asphalt Tioga Pass lies at over 3000m and is the last southern isthmus between east and west for some 300 kilometers. It's a dozen Agrykoli higher than our iconic Stelvio. It is a pity that you do not feel this height. The hills approaching the 4000m border here are at least a few. Shock.



The valley itself is, of course, a barn above the bars. Monumental El Capitan, or more than a kilometer long wall known to all users of the Mac OS system, or Half Dome towering above all around is just a fraction of local attractions. How do thousands of tourists enter the latter? I have no idea, but youtube suggests that in the season it is besieged like our Giewont. Generally, the whole area gives the impression that in the season, on the most popular routes, it must be difficult here. In November there is a slack, but also some of the seats are already closed.







Even those who do not like the mountains will find something cool here. Sequoia Park did not impress me in particular, but I will probably never see bigger trees again ...

Thank you for Piotr O. for help in the preparation of the guide (his instagram), who wiped the trails in front of me and wrote down what to see in obscenely long e-mails.


This is another very long entry, but I regret to admit that it is very incomplete. You could run a large, full-fledged blog about California itself. As usually I am skeptical for longer visits in one place, so here you can not get bored. It is simply great!