This entry is asking for trouble. The doggy is the most faithful and devoted friend of man, and if he is not, it means that he either has an exceptional trauma or has been very badly brought up. Then you should show him even more love, and everything will be fine. Possibly random people will tell you that you need to work with the dog a little. He will be grateful and everyone will be happy for the rest of their lives, because with work and consistency, you get results. After all, everyone has seen "My friend Hachiko" and knows how it is. It's just that it's not always the case, even if you're like Richard Gere. And your Shiba is not necessarily that Akita. It is also possible to win a marathon by work and consistency ... unless the genes are wrong. Then you can't. If you started work and consistency at the age of 30 instead of 7, you usually can't.

I represent the classic dog owner. Although maybe looking at the number of movies, books and conversations, I have already gone a bit above average. This is an entry about the fact that problems happen, even if you are doing your best. Hell is paved with good intentions. This is an entry that I would like to see six months ago when we were looking for a new home for our dog and we felt like the worst people in the world. Or 2 years ago, when we made the decision to add him to the family. We did not find such texts then.

Because about two years after starting the "do we want a dog" process - would we decide to use it again? Definitely yes.
And if we knew that our life with Racuch would look like it did? Definitely not.

Was this the moment when Sylwia decided to have a doggy? Probably so. Since the Czechoslovakian wolfdog killing machine did not scare her away - nothing could. Back then, it seemed like Shiba couldn't be a difficult topic. And be damned to everyone who says it isn't.

Shiba and the Internet.

Reading reviews on the internet is always the same. When you buy your first expensive bike and you read that it forces an aggressive position and is infernally stiff, you think it's great. After all, you drive fast (and safely). After six months you understand what these words meant. You can feel it in your back, neck, wrists, and a few other places. Only experience allows you to understand this clever, stylistic trick called euphemism. When you buy a camera, you read for hours about what your chosen model is good for. Only when half a year after its purchase, you start to wonder what is the debris on the matrix and throw it in google "Camera X dirt on the matrix" you discover an avalanche of threads about this problem. You have to be able to search. And you are looking for what you want to hear.

It is a good practice to assume that when looking for any help with a dog (already at the stage of adoption), you should not use the help of the generally available internet. The same as with any other important decision in life.

And, as you probably thought - this text is "the widely available internet" and therefore you should not trust any of my advice. All knowledge here is based on my own and heard observations. If you are wondering whether Shiba is a dog for you or what to do when you have already stepped in, look for a specialist among your friends. I'll just leave my story here.


And today, reading that Shiba is an independent, intelligent, stubborn and firm dog, I already understand what people meant. Today, while reading these words, a lamp lights up in my head - a big one and a red one. Then, according to the comments, I perceived it as "a doggy, maybe difficult, but a little heart is enough for him". I did not know that people who could write a different opinion are just sitting locked in their own bathroom and are afraid to leave it.

As people who are able to devote virtually unlimited amounts of time and funds to raising a dog, we decided that we could do it. To prepare for 100%, we started working with the behaviorist before the dog even came home. A year and a half later, we are already in contact with many behaviorists, canine psychologists, trainers, people from mental research for dogs and humans, people from aggressive dogs, veterinarians prescribing tranquilizers (both for dogs and for humans). Hell of a ride! Only the phrases "shiba aggresja", "shiba possesive" etc. spit out threads that reveal the whole truth. And I'm absolutely not saying, ahead of the “what the ***, my shiba is great” answers, that most of the shib's are problematic. I just let you know that you may be surprised and you don't have to look far.

If someone asked how much we spent on a dog in the first dozen or so months, I would diplomatically answer that it goes into tens of thousands. How much exactly? Nobody knows. On the other hand, however, we have saved a lot on "life" - through the lack of it.

Internet depicting Shiba and many other races as "dogs”Is a terrible harm to me. These are not dogs, they are normal animals, more or less domesticated. Referring to Internet tablesThe Shiba is a dog breed that is much closer to the wolf than other dogs. Closer than the Husky or the Malamute. For your own health, you can safely assume that primitive dogs are wolves, not dogs.

When looking for general information about Shiba, you will come across this positively crazy bubble on the Internet. Because there are many questions that, for fear of stigmatization, will not be asked in a public forum. It's exactly like with:

The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! Third rule of Fight Club: if someone yells “stop!”, Goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.

Understanding that Shiba is not a dog but a wolf made our contacts with Racuch a bit easier. You will not expect from a wolf what you would expect from a domestic doggie. The Internet says that it is more of a cat, but you know - on the Internet there are only city dwellers, they are wrong. My dog likes me (when he wants to) but I don't think it would stop him selling me for a slice of old sausage.

When I see a group of protozoa in front of me, I only have:

We, sir, are young wolves. We know how to extort a ransom, pay tribute, and fuck our heads. For this rape on commission, without commission, too. Amphetamine - production, distribution, masturbation.

OJ Racuch


If we were to name a dog today, it would be called Take it off - to "bye" OJ Simpson. Because he is such a super nice type, to which people come up shouting "what a nice fox" and he licks them, and then at home we get a hook from him from below, a pheasant in the eye, an elegant low kick, then a cup on the nose, an elbow in the chin , the bomb from the top on the cabanic, the waving of the windmills, the ropes and in the end we are bitten like peers.

Because when I say "problem", I don't mean the problems that I thought about: that the dog is eating a slipper, that he is peeing on the carpet, that he is barking, or that he is very alive. I mean problems with a dog taken from good breeding, for which the owners have prepared as best they can, and who sometimes wants to kill them. The scars on our legs and arms clearly show how Racuch's teeth have changed over the months. I mean a situation where your own dog, raised by you, throws up with his teeth despite being your best friend 17 seconds ago, and in 2 minutes he'll probably be back. Videos and photos showing what the bloody walls look like, I leave my cut hands only for individual presentation for doubters. There can be many reasons:

- I don't want to get into the car
- he got scared and redirected his anger
- he has a dream and from the nice guy who slept with you crouching in bed, turns into huge jaws in front of your face
- he found something that he decided to keep an eye on and kill anyone who approached
- you want to put on or take off his collar
- someone stepped on him while he was sleeping in the least suitable place
- you want to drag him away from another dog.
- he saw through the window a dog he doesn't like
- because something
- a move was made at him that he did not like
and so on.

And while all of these situations are avoidable, keeping an eye on your own home 24/7 is quite difficult. Everyone makes mistakes, and in this case they are painful.

shiba training

And I know that Lem is a fantastic guy this may seem funny. Because a 13-kilogram Shibka, because an argument, because such a funny dog with little teeth. At the time of the attack, however, it is not a funny little dog. This is a brain-off berserker whose main purpose is to screw your arms or legs. How will I tell you about a situation where I was standing in a chair and my girlfriend was pounding with a sling dog on the head to get those two balls in the brain to come together again and come back from hell that sounds funny. Believe me - it is not. Especially in the case of an individual with whom you have to spend at least a dozen hours a day and there is no escape from him (because who will adopt him, even temporarily). Because we tried to leave it with our friends - let me just say that on the first day of our stay in Georgia we were looking for return flights. It is true that two human bodies would not be difficult to dispose of in Kashubia, where they stayed, but we have too few friends to allow ourselves to such extravagance.

What it comes from? Maybe because of character, maybe our mistakes in the first 2-3 months, maybe breeding mistakes, or maybe - as they say in shelters - from mismatches. Or maybe some special one was just born. Because have you ever wondered

Where do the houndstacks come from?

That's a good question. Is a person born a chick, or is it the environment in which he grows up? I don't know, just like I don't know what causes problems with Racuch. The fact is, we have a doggie that is the equivalent of a neighborhood bugger who lives door-to-door with you. The one who asks you to kick a pipe in the morning and you kick it (and as a non-smoker, you only wear it to kick it). Because if you do not kick it, it will be a problem (about which, by the way, the same doggie asks - do you have one, and you never have). Or what if you sit on his neighborhood bench, you won't sit anywhere in your life again. Alternatively, when you put the scarf on the wrong way. You know it all, but firstly, you may miss something sometimes, secondly, others may not know. You know what happens when Nails is thirsty and you don't want to pour this Coke.

Better people.

I believe that people with a pet are better. I'm not saying that if you don't have a pet you are worse. I claim that by taking a thousand random people with and without a pet, the former will be better people. I am saying this based only on my example. Aside from any greater sensitivity, which translates into, for example, a desire to quit meat-eating, there is an understanding of certain issues. Reading signals that humans had no idea existed and a general awareness of how animals work. That it's not like we take hug so that he greets us with a smile at the door, and theoretically a wild individual on whom we will force our lifestyle. That a walk is not meant to force you to take a walk from work, and it is for a dog. That funny animal videos on Instagram aren't always so funny when you watch them carefully. But not only that.

shiba on the back

How do you call a man who, 9 months after buying a dog, wants to get rid of it by posting an advertisement on the Internet? Or one who wants to give his friend to a shelter? I know what I called it two years ago. It's easy to judge. Today I know that you cannot judge people without knowing the full situation. I will write it outright - IN MY ACCOUNT - there is nothing wrong with devoting a dog. The situation is obviously bad, but believe me - very often, even for the donor it is traumatic. It is such a dead end where you and your dog have been living under great stress for months, at the same time being unable to rest from him, but at the same time, conscience does not allow you to solve this situation. Man gets tired, the dog gets tired, everyone gets tired. It makes no sense logically, and with a high degree of certainty I can say that if you have not experienced this, you will not understand. It's probably like domestic violence, the solution of which always seems very simple from the side and takes probably 5 minutes, including packing the suitcase.

shiba on the back

shiba bites

We were in this place. We were the worst people in the world wanting to get rid of our own dog. Only this is where the stairs begin. Because how to return a dog with which there are problems - especially when you care about the dog's well-being? I will tell you that foundations and hostels will not help, and finding the right person on the Internet is almost a miracle. It is impossible to return a dog to a shelter other than by tying it to a tree in the forest and calling for an intervention. If, in turn, you give it back random from the Internet, he will either look for a home again in a few months or he will live in pathology as a stud.

Why did the dog stay with us? We do not know. Nor do I understand the thought process behind a situation where the devotion of a dog seemed better for everyone on all sides, and yet it didn't happen. The psychologist says something about the relationship violent, I see "too salty soup" in front of my eyes.

Even better people.

- Sir, can my son pet the dog?
- Better not, the dog can bite
- Mm, I get it. Okay, son, go - stroke it, just be careful

You may not believe it, but this is an authentic dialogue from a classic dog walk. I suspect that life with an Amstaff is so much easier that no one pushes their child over such a dog. Unless she doesn't like him. He also does not push his paws to scratch behind the ear. Well, unless he really wants L4. And he does not push his dog into "say hello, because it's also a dog". Unless she doesn't like him. Especially that protozoa greet each other like the worst type at work, whose handshake you remember until the end of the day - sometimes he will add a pat on the back, after which you can recall a meal from last year, work eve. Such a hug, as in the case of protozoa, only works when the same type is found. Then the thought appears in both heads "ooo, respect„.

After many months of hard work, we are in a situation that is not bad. The dog can grin, get angry, throw its teeth, but in flight it will think the matter over and will have time or will not have time to withdraw. However, he could still play the character referred to as in Pulp Fiction Bad Motherfucker. Now we have a problem with people, not dogs.

Imagine you are the guardian of a proud samurai descendant. You guide him to elegantly mark the spheres of influence in the park, and when he is about to pass stool, consisting of internally processed, top-quality wild animal meats, he runs towards him from the horizon blablador lablad labal Alsatian. His only dream is sniffing asses. The ears fly, the tail spins, the snout is drooling. The samurai is all tense, there will be a meeting. A similar meeting would also be if the alsatian was on a leash, because his guardian would come running with the conviction that the dogs must meet. If they don't meet, they will die. Like at this party, where your girlfriend says: "meet Piotr, Piotrek is also an IT specialist, talk to each other IT"And disappears. And you stay in this awkward silence looking for escape with your eyes. She could still pat at the back with the words "come on something". This is how I see such meetings in the park.

It is in vain to look in your head to understand that a little samurai perhaps would prefer to pass himself by calmly or nod his head with honor and due respect. Alternatively, pee on pee already left in the form of an SMS + delivery report. Moments later, I usually get asked if we've considered working with a behaviorist, or an endless series of advice on what to do to make it better. It is several seconds after we asked to skip and a few seconds before absolute confusion occurs. I'm pretty sure that one day, when I hear "my dog just wants to play" at my request not to go with the dog, I will bite someone on the calf. Racuch will pull me back with a leash and scream "good lady, take it easy„.

shiba and border
Photo from category: last frame in life

Especially since "find a good behaviorist" advice is just as good as "find a good orthopedist" advice when your knees hurt. Apart from the fact that if he is actually good, he will start exactly like an orthopedic surgeon explaining that it is not a problem with the knees, but overweight, training, approach, age, technique, genetics, ground, shoes, ambitions etc. I have the impression that that the behaviorist does not straighten the dog, but straighten the owner. The difference between a behaviorist who knows what Shiba is and a first-better, it is (generalizing) like between a sports doctor and an ordinary doctor - they will probably cure both of them, but one will forbid sports.

shiba and border

The entire (default) training system is somehow bad. Our several-month-old dog could sit up, give paws, lie down and do a few other things on demand, but we learned the most important things too late.

For example, that the dog has to sleep. A dozen or so hours of relaxation during the day is mandatory. Do not touch it, do not touch it, do not enjoy it when it follows us. If he can't rest, lock him in a small cage, cover him with a blanket and let him stay in prison. The conviction that confinement in a cage is not a punishment and that the equivalent of aging in kindergarten requires a bit of imagination, but it really works. Since the dog started to sleep a lot, it has become slightly easier.

Or that the doggie runs are evil and pathology. This is the equivalent of meeting on Teamsach as already they called everyone except the tutor and an exchange of glances continues with increasing awkwardness.

Or that collecting anything for a dog is wrong. If someone told me that taking a dog out of its mouth by force of a plastic bag that it probably would eat is worse than actually eating it, I would think it was stupid. Now I know that foil he enters the doggie and leaves the other side, and I will not rebuild the desecrated relationship with tearing it from his mouth so easily.

Shiba, what is it?


So nothing at all. I am writing this text so that you are aware that even a dog from a kennel, raised with full dedication, as best as the owner could, may turn out to be problematic. We are not an isolated case, and believe me, the number of people stuck in the hospital after confronting their own dog is greater than you think. Not everyone has a 13-kg samurai, some have 60 kg of Golota. If there are any things that have helped us then:

- stay calm, always. Plus, zero fear and consistency.
- understand that there is no universal instruction on how to proceed. Every dog is different, and while certain characteristics may be common, it should be understood that what worked for one dog may not work for another. Hence, online advice does not work well
- understand that the behaviorist's goal is not necessarily to fix the dog, but perhaps more to its owner
- accept the fact that, whatever I say here, it will be properly understood when it is too late.

I know cameras as well as dogs, that is: not at all, but I read a lot. Being a Shiba's guardian is a bit like buying a Leica M10 Monochrome camera with a Noctilux-M 50mm f / 0.95 style lens. You have then combo for about PLN 86,000, which takes only black and white photos and has no auto-focus or zoom. Does it make any sense from the perspective of a normal person? Probably not. Is it easier to take a picture better than a 20x cheaper camera? Absolutely not. If it is successful, does it give you more satisfaction and does it have something special? Supposedly.

Today, after 505 days of the dog's presence at home, I can fully consciously say that we are already going in the right direction. Minor attacks only happen as part of redirecting aggression or high stress and usually last a maximum of a few seconds. Domestic aggression and frustration usually make us laugh more than frighten us. It was not easy and it was a great merit of the people who helped us in a professional way.

In any case, I wish you good luck and I am going to spread my mission of honestly answering in the park the question "is this fox good for the family?"

*the title of the entry is a reference to the book "Pes z pekla" by Miroslava Kohoutova. It is not difficult to guess what dog is on the cover.