Skitury, what about?

I never walked the mountains. Even in the summer. So when the proposal was made to go to the Tatras in the winter, I did not think about skiing for a long time. About skitourow skis (or skittets, I do not know which form is correct until today) I heard for the first time a week earlier. What is it about and why is it so cool? They are the optimal combination of cross-country and downhill runs. The advanced snap-in system that I could not fully figure out allows you to fasten your shoes stiffly when you are going down or loosely as when running. The main advantage, however, is that you do not have to run ... and that you can turn off at the exit without worrying about your own life every time. We go walking and enjoy the views. Sweat and suffering do not quench light, like during the last visit to the Beskids. On the underside of skis we glue the so-called "seals" that act like scales. They prevent slipping and allow you to easily overcome relatively steep approaches. Before the exit, peel it off and hide it into a rucksack. For this adjustable length poles, thanks to which we adjust them to the current śnie-political situation (as befits us: one bent, the other spoil) and we have a set. I admit honestly: sticking "seal" is annoying, especially in difficult conditions, but the patent is so great that it is worth reconciliation with this moment of struggle.




"Hey, maybe let's get to Kasprowy. It can not be difficult "

The weather of the day seemed perfect. The blue sky and light breeze promised relaxation and sunbathing. So I treated as a joke the fact that the newly-known friend Tomek (also called Mikołaj (?)), Takes with him an avalanche system and a shovel to dig out from under the snow. Somewhere in the back of my head I remembered that our trips are never easy ... Never.
In the rental, I propose to appear 5 minutes before opening, in this way we will save a little, so valuable in winter, time. Escaping before dark is not a pleasure. The cost of the equipment is relatively high: poles, shoes, skis and seals are around PLN 90 per day, but the next one will probably have so many feet, that we will not make another attempt. We're starting from Kuźnice. The first kilometer, as usual, I wonder why ski on my legs. It would be faster without. Similar observations appear at the first slopes. Neither convenient nor fast.

It is necessary to abandon the habit to approach the edges in favor of putting the whole ski on the snow - then it holds the grip. At least she should - my blue knees remind me that she did not always succeed. I have not spent so much time on my knees in a long time.




Everything is explained, however, when I put my boot on snow for the first time and land on my knee. Skis really help. We go slowly but joyfully .... by the time. We leave the forest and the first major obstacles appear before us. The increased wind and the backfilled path of the mountain are quite uncomfortable for my fear of heights. Sometimes we are not sure if we can go on. 




From time to time, however, a stranger passes us, who claims that as soon as he or she defeats the closest, relatively unconquerable obstacle, it will be better. As real professionals, we see no reason not to trust a stranger in the middle of anything and try to go. He looked like an expert from TVN, so he could not be wrong. Views at each subsequent stoppage reward the risk. However, a new opponent appears: the wind. Wind through large W, I would even say that it is enormous. The wind is so strong that if I kept my starting weight, we would have shots like a drone today.




The day we stopped being chojrakami

In retrospect, I already know that it was not a good day for walking. At the time when I write these words, it was announced that on Saturday, by wind and avalanches, 3 people lost their lives and one fought in the hospital. I also understood why we need avalanche help. The gusts swung me quite freely, knocking me over the frozen ground. Peeling on the face with scattered ice chunks made the baking come down in autumn. Half a year they will look ashamed. A couple of times my leg slips on the slope. I have the impression that if it were not for the braking surface of the skis, I would have arrived on the butt under Pcim by the power of momentum.




After defeating the flat path through the forest, a steep path through the forest, a steep path on the slope, and the traverse of a fairly serious hill, the worst fragment waited for us: the slope and the surroundings. It is blowing so much that it probably can not be more. We take 20 steps forward, 3 minutes break, take us back 5 steps and over again. We give up a bit before the summit. A poor technician causes that the entrance of these ~ 300 meters would probably take a few hours. The only thing left is to unseal the seals and return to the starting point. I will say it directly: it is an extreme activity. It was even hard to take a frozen banana out of a backpack, let alone fight with glued-on skins. Letting go, including the backpack, means that after 3 minutes, you will be able to pick it up from near Nowy Targ. In the end, we did not do such things anymore (although I do not know if we tried bigger hardcore in the winter category) and we manage to get to the car park in Kuźnice. Faces slightly frozen, legs battered and battered from falling, hands in all the colors of the rainbow, but happy - as always. According to the attached picture, sincere joy 100%:




For what? Because we are cool, tough and we can.

As usual, reading my text and looking at photos, I have the impression that someone can think of such a venture as being pointless. After all, the swimming pool in Poprad or Bukovina is great too. It was hard, yes. As usual, there were minor dramas. As usual, there were moments of doubt and moments of concern for your health. But this is one of those trips that we will remember more than once. The ones that your friends will ask in the upcoming meetings ending with each statement: "but you are not normal?" And we are not - it is the best in all of this. There is nothing better than to sit in front of a computer and start a movie like: 600km at a time or 500km on holidays and think: "but it was hard and good. Massacre. I would like to once again. " Is it cool in retrospect? It was the best, as always.



 * if our mothers, wives and mistresses read it, I would like to emphasize that all the facts are highly redrawn for the purposes of the blog, and the trip was as always 100% safe and responsible (even this record, because we know well that with our way of life there is no place for wives and mistresses)


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Windy video: