We have been in Zakopane for a long time. A little we skiedwe've done some sightseeing area by bike. We were in Niedzica, Krościenko and a few other classic places, but ultimately, we decided to go a little further. We mainly associate with Jarna Klasika - Slovakia, proved to be an ideal destination. Two days is just enough, enough to have quite a bike and go back with a smile to work. There are no problems with accommodation. Both on our side of the border, even during the holidays, we can easily find a good accommodation for 40-60 PLN / day, as well as our neighbors, starting from 7E / day.


Day one: emptiness, Gypsies and Milka with pretzels



We are starting from Żdiar - I will immediately point out that this is a hated place for me. The Tatry Tour is a great, straight and even downhill, where the speed of the headlights capture 3 digital values, but the other way ... The other way is bad. Neither long nor steep - mentally, it goes on forever. We are reflecting on Osturna, a local road, not cleared of snow. It leads to a barrier with an inscription informing that in winter, it is out of traffic. And good - it means fewer cars. Widokowo, this is one of the better spots in the area, we shoot some photos and go down:

exit from Ostróda

In my case it's hard to call it a ride. While on the top the asphalt was relatively snow-covered, the lower, the worse. In places it was dark, in the forest - differently. Pretty soon, however, I discovered that black is not black at all. To be more precise: the color is correct, but it is the white bike that holds the grip. Black asphalt can be deceptive, in places puddles appear, which frozen, perfectly mask on the ground. That's the day I lie twice. What the right of the minimum speed, however, the traces remain - both on the clothes and on the body, and worst of all - on the psyche. Go a little uphill, a bit flat, a bit by the villages, the road leads to the village of Slovenska Ves, in front of which there is one of the quickest descents I have seen in my life. Gentle turns, visibility for a few hundred meters and a relatively large slope make us exceed 70km / h on cross-country roads - despite the snow lying by the road:


Then there is only a lap to the car through the vast glades on which, from time to time, the village appears. A village that does not let you get bored - an example is Vyborn. Someone had a fantasy giving this name. We are welcomed by a crowd of gypsies: children trying to put a stick into the spokes or even bite in the leg (maybe slightly exaggerating). Fortunately, a large part of them are busy playing in the mud or guarding laundry and carpets everywhere. We suspect that the arrangement of color rugs - especially on bridges - serves as an Indian way of communication. For example, the green one in the front means: a formation array, bikes are going to the Słomczyn marketplace.

Due to the fact that in the winter we are grandfathers, we are moving by car to Stary Smokovec and we are moving to climb the Szczyrbskie Pleso. 11km with an average slope of 4% does not sound impressive, but due to the climate there (slippery and unevenly snow-covered road graveled) is hard. The view from the top, however, compensates us for the torment.


Day two: more emptiness, more dangerous gypsies and a funny footprint

This time we drive further by car. It can be said that even indecently far away - it was, however, worth it. The Slovak Paradise owes its name to a cyclist. Not counting the middle, flat part of the route, which we go along two mountain ranges, the road leading to Hungary, this is the perfect place.

Long descents - in places even very long (the longest circle of 12 km). Well contoured corners, even tarmac - everything is great. However, the biggest attraction awaits us in one of the villages we pass by. The town of Dobšiná welcomes you with a large container with the inscription: AZBEST. Then it's just better: a gypsy doing a pile at the road, falling blocks standing next to a local garbage dump, ubiquitous laundry and muddy kids. We make a quick photo and run as fast as we can in our legs. 


A bit further we encounter one of the most spectacular driveways of this year. The beautiful panorama of the mountains rewards us those hard minutes. Then there is a frozen lake, some empty villages and a Norwegian landscape. However, we are tired enough, and at the same time so motivated by the coming dark, that there is no time to look more closely. Ultimately, we fail to make it before dark. We drive through the forest, on icy roads, in the dark - as a part of weight reduction, we forgot lamps. We pass a local roadside patrol on the way, which instead of stopping us, seems to shock us only with our eyes. At the end of the shop, to buy sweets that we do not have. We are attacked by Gypsies taking us for Germans. I am not surprised, two skinny boys carrying kilograms of sweets are probably the best victim in the world. In the end, however, they are limited to the famous "Give, give, give!". Slovak Paradise - I recommend it. I will be back for sure.



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