This will be a short text, probably the shortest in the history of the blog - it's time to follow the laws of the internet a bit. Entries from the category: column were so long here that half of the people finished before reaching the point, and the other half at the end did not remember what it was all about.


This is not true, of course. The real reason is different, more prosaic and just look in the "about the author" section and then in the title of the entry to understand. If I were to prepare a TOP3 list of topics that I should not comment on, it would be: 3. Mathematical analysis I, 2. Mathematical analysis II, and before them, far, far away the first place - girls. You know how it is, if you sum up the number of girls with whom I went to study, high school and middle school (yes, I am a gimbus), the result could be presented on the fingers of two hands ... and those who in their youth liked to play with firecrackers. Assuming, of course, that guys with long hair are not girls, because then the proportions could be reversed. Women's Day is more than a good moment to write about such topics. I am a blogger and I can write about things I do not know about, but I speak with great conviction, so it looks as if I knew each other. I took it already when testing the equipment.


For the next year in a row, I do not feel able to describe the topic that I often get emails - "How to ride with a girl?". Interestingly, mainly girls ask him about it - could I make an entry explaining to boys how to do it (this riding). I do not know how. It's as if I had to answer the question: how to go for a walk together, having longer legs. You can slower, you can do it a little bit more, and a little together, you can faster to do the training and wait, you can stop trying to win everything, and you can just like it and do it or dislike it and not do it. Alternatively, you can be weaker and ask the girl to wait (as the buddies do not look). Once I come up with an answer, let me know.

It will not be a topic about buddies, what a girl is making a fuss about that crooked bottle on the race (true stories), because it's probably too obvious ... though it would be good to click.

There will be no equality in races, because this is a difficult topic for me.

Not about the balance, because how do I know where in your case there is a sensible, golden mean?




Girls (and wife) is sports evil, everyone knows about it


You do not have to look far, I read an interview a few days ago with Szymon Sajnok on the occasion of the World Championships in Pruszków, quoting

"The master also does not have a girlfriend. It means she was recently, but she lost to sport. - Maybe it would be possible to combine the relationship with cycling, but I prefer to focus on one. The girl is distracted after all. You have to think about it, and I did not want to neglect it, so I bet on cycling. "

You do not need to look far for other obvious things. Already trainer Rockie (this boxer) repeated, I quote "Women weaken their legs". The popularity of memes in the form of "No girlfriend on Valentine's Day? More cash on bikes "is a classic. Even in my album "Cycling explained"There was a place to mention about it:



Because it is clear - having any life, other than sports, is reflected in the results. Who does not have a friend who, after joining himself, disappeared forever from the bicycle settings, let him first throw a stone.

This, of course, is a bit of a joke, and a bit not. For sure it is a good excuse for amateurs. However, I do not judge life priorities.

Therefore, it is not an entry about it, but what's interesting, I never saw a girl saying: hey, the form has fallen because I met a boy (Jolanda - I am watching you).


This is an entry about the fact that my wife does not allow me. You mean you.



That I would buy a new bike, but my wife will not let me.
That I would go to training, but my wife would stay with the children.
That I bought a new group, but I have to hide the bill from my wife.
That my wife will kill me for this trip / purchase.
That you would not let my wife sell my bikes at the price you gave her.
That I would use my life buddies, but I have to sit with my family.
and so on.


And basically, it always made me laugh a bit ... until the day I realized that these are not always jokes.



Narrow, you impressed me


I remember when I suggested to a friend that maybe we could jump over the mountains a bit during the weekend. The usual answer is: "I can not, I have to sit with my family", "my wife will not let go, I was already in the last month", "I have to help in cleaning the house (WTF?)". The colleague said he would not go because he would rather spend the weekend with the girl. Shock and disbelief - how does someone prefer a girl than a hobby ?! And how would he prefer it, and it does not have to?

Changing one word from "I need" to "I want" and I stop to see man as an oppressed martyr household with a life full of duties, and I do not have bad thoughts about his chosen one.

... even if it's not true.


I spent so much on bikes that my girlfriend has to eat a roll with her finger
I spent so much on bikes that my girl is carrying a net with a ladybug instead of a backpack
I spent so much on bikes that my girl ate them an old slice of the cheapest yogurt
I spent so much on bicycles that we can not even afford a bench in the park
I have spent so much on bicycles that we go to warm countries when it is cold in them
I have spent so much on bicycles, instead of jackets we carry a foil, and instead of caps we have freebies
I spent so much on bicycles that we steal cows on pastures
I have spent so much on bicycles that we chew on the grill meat


Maybe we have a pathological home, maybe something we can not understand, maybe the issue that we both have a hobby, but the more we think about it at home, the more we do not know what's going on. I believe that people without children will never understand such with descendants and the other way round, but maybe someone will explain it.

And it is not that it's a matter of funds. As the old proverb says "it never gets easier" Yes too "it never gets cheaper". Appetite grows as you eat, and anyone with any hobby knows that over time it only gets more expensive.


Yes, no one can publicly admit that they do not know something, no one ever says that "something is too expensive for me" or "buying it would be unreasonable in my case". Instead, the fault and responsibility is thrown on to the symbolic wife. "If he finds out how much my bike costs, he will kill me." Does the wife know something that you do not know about your finances? Or maybe it's about showing that the wife does not understand our hobby and we have a hard time? Or maybe he does not have his hobby, so he will not understand, and the opportunity to share this with the world throws a bit of heart from his heart?


Of course, I also consult every serious, individual purchase at home, but mainly to verify that I did not fly away a bit on internet searches, which in the current, self-propelled wave of more or less sponsored entries very easily ... but the statement: "I can not buy, because my wife will kill "? Why?


I do not know myself, but think about continually blaming my wife / girlfriend. Think in what light puts both her and you. Such an appeal for Women's Day, because to pour out a wave hejtu for a chauvinist on the internet we are always the first.