I would like to write an interesting account of a cycling holiday in the capital, which was the 7th Memorial of Stanisław Królak: how we fought, we gave changes and how other people were falling out of our group. About dumps, collisions, suffering seen in the eyes of people riding next to me ... When we exchanged looks pretending to be loose and tired. But I will not write. Just like last year. This year's memorial was for me for almost 7 (out of 8) laps with an individual time trial. I came to the finish line 12th - according to the plan, but below the possibilities. I invite you to the next entry in the series:

(...) I keep my fingers crossed for the Saturday performance, and even if it does not go well, Maciek is the funniest one to write about his failures in the world.

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For the offspring, I have some advice and information about what the race looks like. It will be useful next year. Surely everyone will read the instructions how to win from a person who does not regularly win Stanisław Królak's Memorial ... that's not enough, he does not even see who wins.


The rider is one, the wheels are two, you win or they ... but rather they

Memorial of Stanisław Królak


Królak's memorial is a simple race - there is little calculation here. You go to the corpse when you can, and when you can not, do not you think that you will not turn over on the bend - the end. The winner is usually the one who was stronger and not smarter.

A beautiful thing, rarely seen in cycling. Apart from yourself, you can only count on a bit of luck that others will have a defect - however, the chance for it is, despite appearances, small.

To make it even better, the route is covered with fans shouting in euphoria - you can feel at least as at the end of the alpine driveway at Toura. Of course, when in the evening you go to cheer on the elite, it turns out that in the majority it was not cheering, and rage that you can not cross the street, and people waving their hands did not waving you at all, but tugged at the City Guards, but it does not bother anything - the imagination can work wonders. I am not surprised at all by these people, opening the passages for half a minute every several minutes can be frustrating - especially since there is no instruction how to overcome these difficulties. It's uncomfortable almost the same as the location of the competition office in the middle of the loop instead of outside. What was happening at the gates was probably just a sale of Crocs in Lidl.

But all this is not important. Królak's memorial is the most spectacular and the most interesting race we can see live. More interesting than classic Milan-San Remo, which we watched the springor even Tour de France watched last year. More probably even than Red Hook Criterium, but I will find out soon ...



Pain is temporary, glory ... lasts forever!

George Best

Unless you win. Then pain is temporary, a glory only on pictures on the Internet. Despite this, you need to be on Królaku, regardless of whether as a fan or a player. although I, of course, recommend taking off - the more a person looks, the more he regrets the pain that bypasses him ... or something like that. Contrary to popular opinion, it is hard to damage equipment in a more serious form than a hole in a tube. Yes, the surface leaves much to be desired, but the wheels and frame suffer a lot less than during a normal race, when someone in the peloton forgets to show us the hole or the railway crossing.



Racing - exciting, funny, empty

Memorial of Stanisław Królak


There are several races on this day. At the very end of the elite, which, let's face it, looks quite extreme comparing it to everything else we've seen ... except for children's races. It's worth coming to the start a few hours earlier to see the competition of 2 years old - for me it's the best racing I've ever done this year. Kids on cross-country bikes, belayed by parents walking. You will not read about it in online reports, but it is a real hit. As well as some older kids whose will to fight is beyond the capabilities of many an amateur.

After the youngest, it's time for MTB. I probably shoot myself with this statement, but I consider the MTB race to be a mistake. I mean, if you do not have a road it's okay, it's better than it is not at all - in my opinion, it's art for art. The organizer, of course, understand, highlanders are definitely more popular, and every additional starting is the income - the party in such a place is certainly not cheap.

Especially considering the later rivalries, which from the point of view of the fan, even the avid fan, are a slight mistake and calmly at that time you can go to dinner. Take, for example, almost an hour women's race (categories: elite + U23 + Juniorka), in which a total of 7 girls compete, 6 of which represent Sobotka.

Men's elite is a different sport. They travel differently than we do: smoother, faster and generally better.


How to play to win?

Kazimierz Górski would have a simple answer to this: it is about coming one second faster than the opponents.

Well, I will not tell you a secret to win because I do not know him. However, I collected some advice based on my own experience, on the opinions of my friends and on conversations overheard under the busses of teams.


Start, that is wppnij and depnij

The setting in the sector is important and everyone who ever competed in the MTB marathon knows about it. Last year I set up somewhere behind and before I moved the headlamp was with two turns away. Now I was smart and I'm standing in the front before people notice that the previous race ended - honestly, somewhere around 3 lines, the place where I should finish. And all great, only when me and dozens of other smartsters are warming up in the sector, guys from Żolibera they finish their coffee ... moral destruction.


Memorial of Stanisław Królak


I'm starting like a beater. I am riding in borrowed BePro pedals with power measurement (about which soon) and bad luck that I can not get in. There is not much difference between Look and Time, but it wins wont. I am losing hope and 20 positions, I gain 8 enemies (those who stood behind me). I'm moving so that they do not let me know about it. By the end of the day I am explaining my place beyond the first decade of this poor start. Then in the pictures I find Belshazzar (from the picture above) who went far behind me and the second one arrived. So I go back to my favorite, racing feeling - depression.


Memorial of Stanisław Królak


Do I have a chance to win Stanisław Królak's Memorial?

Let's analyze three competitors: me, or cycling mediocrity, Marcin Kobiałka, who won this year and Adi Zu, driving almost twice the distance in the race of the elite. Both of them Ośka Warsaw. The following numbers should give an idea of ​​the difference and how much the person opening the second decade from the chub divides.

Average speed:
ja - 34.3 km / h (38:29)
Marcin - 37.1km / h (36:44)
Adi - 38.3km / h (1:04:19)

The difference of 2 minutes seems small, but between 34.3 km / h and 37.1 km / h there is a chasm. The first point: to win you have to be strong. In this criterion you can not win by accident. It's not a roundabout to get on the right wheel to get on the finish line, giving yourself undying glory.


As for the average watts from the encirclement, I get them under 200W, with Adi 270-300W: the difference is quite clear.

By the way, I would like to point out that when it comes to numbers, this race represents ridiculousness for me, because the weighted average came out 256W, which is almost 50W less than from the 2-hour round Babka ... maybe you need to tighten the turnouts and corners? 



Memorial of Stanisław Królak


Mi Karowa always takes a minute +/- second, the other two 56-58 seconds. The loss, like a small one, but 3 seconds multiplied by 8 laps is almost half a minute. The downhill is not very pleasant, because it's an ankle. I ride him sadly, but from time I assume that everyone is passing so - the differences probably result from the initial and final asphalt, in which the group moves faster than my individual race against time. Karowa's rules are simple:

first turn right from outside to inside (left to right)
first left turn: from outside to inside (right to left)
second to the left: we keep ourselves as close as possible to the inside all the time, because it's the worst frament, with an undulated ankle that often throws players outside
third to the left, standard from outside to inside and the pipe to the front, taking into account that behind the bend there are painted lines that can be very slippery when it rains.

The conventions can be practiced every week Copernicus loop.



Memorial of Stanisław Królak


This is the essence of the entire race. You hear: Stanisław Królak's memorial, you see: a cube on Bednarska. The most spectacular cycling moment in the country. Dozens of spectators, cheers, flares, people running a bicycle from a shoe after a defect, photos, flash, power and glory ... 200 meters with an average of 7% does not sound any impressive, but the work is done by paving stones that have already passed. For boys, 31-35 seconds, I go differently, but around 40. Defeating her in their time requires me to keep around 500 watts.

The rules of driving on the pavement are simple:

  • prepare the equipment (which in the further part of the report)
  • we are sitting in a sitting position - only this wheel will have any grip
  • lower term is better than higher
  • the top is better than the "girl's shield" - less chance of losing the chain
  • tuber is a good choice (pressure, chance for snake), but if you are thinking about the condition of your equipment, cheaper wheels will be faster
  • the upper grip is better and more convenient than the one for the door handles, but getting used to it requires a little time
  • better to overtake just before or soon after Bednarska than to leave your well-developed track
  • hands hold the steering wheels loosely


Careless Bednarska

Memorial of Stanisław Królak


It is not this famous cobblestone street that is the most important in this race, and what follows immediately after the 90-degree bend ending it: a place recommended by the elite boys to attack. Cheering the fans motivates you to give it your all. Dozens of eyes directed at your pain will not let you slow down, resulting in a momentary collapse at the top ... followed by a piece of driveway, and you're tired of going now 12km / h. Fortunately, there are no fans, you can suffer in peace.


Mazovia as Keira Knightley

Memorial of Stanisław Królak


In addition to the downhill and uphill along the route, there is also a bit of Mazovia - a classic flatness varied by turns. The principle is the same as usual - you are following someone: rest, drive alone: ​​you are not going. Of course, I choose the second option, thanks to which I see a group of a dozen or so people on the horizon in front of me, which regularly decreases, generating next "waste", which I am ahead of. There is nothing better than to fight alone on a straight line, seeing how people 100 meters in front of you do not have to pedal to go the same way. The group, which consists of only three competitors from Ośka, I come and miss on the last lap. At least this. Every now and then I hear a shout "You give, you already have close to them!" - the problem is that 100 meters in the peloton is about 10 times closer than 100 meters for the peloton.



Memorial of Stanisław Królak


Duble is, unfortunately, an inseparable part of the race - it is caught by over half of the competitors. Luckily, this does not bother you on the road, as the number of riders is two times lower than in MTB - no traffic jams. Busting on Karowa and Bednarska, however, knocks out from the previously developed ideal line of passage, which is easy to notice in the results that the 4th lap is in many cases slightly different from the others (it is also easy to notice that Kop Maciej's first lap, in which he could not get in drive over 20 seconds slower than the rest)




Apart from the form in the race, we can help us with equipment, not only electric:

Changing the tires from the 19th-century 23mm to 25mm or even 28mm is in this case the most noticeable. Thick means better (with the exception of kebabs)

This year, I made a change that I can call the most significant change in my cycling history: the second wrapper. A little bulky and not very aesthetically wrapped the steering wheel with the second layer, alternatively GCN also writes about gel inserts or just a tube as the first layer. Nothing has ever improved driving comfort - a more reliable grip and lower vibrations directly translate into both the result and less pain in the hands. I would recommend.

Memorial of Stanisław Królak




The memorial of Stanisław Królak - a mandatory point


summarizing: Królak's memorial is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting races: both for watching and cheering. It is a pity that the version for road amateurs is a bit too short (it could easily be lengthened from 40 minutes to an hour) ... on the other hand, the number of dubli and races that are organized on this day explains this decision.

Video from Sunday: