Warsaw is known for the fact that it is quite easy to get high on it. You can go to Agrykola, which is 22 meters long, to the dam in Dębe and make 28 meters or go to Góra Kalwaria, which owes its name to the surrounding snowy mountains. Using one day off, we decided to look for somewhere in a more interesting way to make symbolic 2km in vertical. So we went to Kielce and probably managed to designate there 150 kilometers of the perfect route. Track is located at the bottom, and in the post I will try to point out why she is the best and what you must visit.


Go to Świętokrzyskie

In Świętokrzyskie, the center of Warsaw is around two hours. So we leave around 8 to get there at 11 o'clock. Maybe it's the roadside McDonaldsy, maybe my deadly speed, but if there is X time in some place, we're going X * 150% there. It does not matter if it is Kielce or Livigno where the journey lasted 20 hours, or San Remo, to which, subjectively, we were driving 40 days and 40 nights. You can move from Starachowice or Suchedniów, but choose Kielce, because there are some good burgers, which is later. We park at the hotel Uroczysko, where the best parking is located, because "paid unguarded" - it's easy to leave without paying, because there is no barrier and you collect the fee at the reception, so we have saved for one day for a good day. Depending on the pace, we should be on tour for less than 5 hours, if we go with my friends and no one will say out loud that he would like to stop for a moment, to 8, if we like checking local tourist attractions. And those are not missing, as below:





Municipal street is obligatory. At 800 meters, we're doing about 87 meters vertically. Using the maximum inclination around 20%, we remind ourselves what the largest laces are used for and why we paid extra to have 27 teeth instead of 25. This is probably the only place within 200km from the capital, where even for a moment you can come back to buying a compact. This thought, fortunately, passes quickly - righteousness above all.




Depending on the combination of such things as: current form, available gears and automotywacja, it is also an ideal place to make your march of disgrace in front of your colleagues waiting on the mountain (unfortunately returns the same way)




or fight for quite well-polished KOM in honest conditions (without the use of a bus or a peloton). Coming back you can practice getting into corners at high speeds and enlist the scent of a burnt brick if you're not going first.




Nowa Słupia - Italian blueberry ice cream

In the vicinity of 2/3 distance, just before the start of the key vehicle on that day, we are on the market. For PLN 5, in a small ice-cream parlor bordering the Euro Market (shopping is only done in places that are Euro-Pro: we suggest the name) we get the best ice cream of this month: cream and blue. A large portion is just enough to eat and for the next 2 kilometers of driveways remember them. Sometimes all too well. I do not know if I spent 5 zlotys better. In principle, it can be considered that it is worth going only for ice cream.




Holy Cross - Łysa Góra

A key element of the trip: the hill that we can see practically all day. Almost 600 meters high, the asphalt climb to the top, the most steep kilometer is ~ 7%, and on the way falls about 250 meters high. It is exactly what I do not like: a ride without a destination, because the road ends with a tower, a church and nothing more - there is not even a sensible panorama of the area. As a compensation, we can get a plenary indulgence on selected days of the year. This is useful, because if we are going according to the clock directions and two hours earlier we were in Kałków, we have definitely sinned for sure. And even if we were not there, we are passing so many Christians and Marys that we had many other opportunities.




We have seen this mountain from every side, from east, west, north, south, lying, hanging, sitting, suffering, rushing, and there is not a single picture from the top - it's so cool there. The driveway itself is of course worth coming up, by anyone who likes to get a little tired or for whom a sufficient attraction is that he is going forward but a little up.



Golgotha ​​of the East, Sanctuary in Kałków-Godów

We will go to hell, but it was worth it. If you want to move to a higher level of abstraction, you can not omit this place. There is a nice church, there is a small ZOO, underground, stalls, probably a wedding at the weekend and, for example .... small castle with built-in semaphore. I think everyone knows this unpleasant situation, that he is walking up the stone stairs, next to stone statues funded by PKS employees, or poviat authorities in something, and here the train is suddenly leaving. Here we will be safe, the train will stop on the landing.




If this is not enough, then you can also visit the concrete Tupolev. Yes, somewhere in the middle of nothing, between llamas, sheep of St. James, a building with a semaphore, hundreds of Jesus and Mary, tours of retired tourists, he stands: white, majestic, with familiar people looking at us through the windows .... although without a remote control. If you wonder if the human imagination has any limits, this is the place with the answer.




A big plus is that everywhere you can enter for free. As people who will not let go of any stairs, we pass a 3-meter-long Dżiza, who greets us with his arms spread, climb the building and find one of the best panoramic views. You can go your finger on the horizon and set a further route.




A few pics to capture this little object found and move on. However, we will never be the same after what we saw.




When we move again over our heads, hundreds of birds appear. It is a sign. A sign that we have acted uncomfortably laughing in such a haughty place and we will face an imminent destruction. There is something in it, because the sun is warming mercilessly, and the store with a cold drink as it was not, it is not. I think that if we fall, they will eat us. 




Brodzki Reservoir

Maybe from the cycling point of view this is not an obligatory point, but if we break the loop in the heat, this is definitely the best place to set up a buffet zone. In particular, on the east side, where it borders on a small lake, with everything saying the name: Oczko. Along the way, we pass a few wild campers with tents, which gives us an idea for another trip ...




Roads empty

I always thought that there was little traffic in Slovakia. Overcoming the first 80 kilometers, maybe 5 cars passed us. In principle, there are not many more people. There is a field, nice asphalts, sometimes some trees, a village and where people have buried themselves somewhere. 




This has undoubtedly many advantages but also some drawbacks, especially those that I mentioned above. I do not recommend going into those areas without two water bottles and a mobile phone. The statement "in the nearest store we make a stop" means that we will stay within a time range of 5 to 90 minutes.



Behind the hill there is a descent and .... hillock

I admit that I do not know when we acquired these two kilometers vertically. A bigger driveway on the route is one, steep one too. However, when analyzing the route, you can see that flat sections were scarce. Almost every elevation can be overcome by the very momentum (well, some), because they are very flat, but frequent and quite steep.




The area reminds a bit of Masuria, only instead of lakes there are bigger hills, or Kaszuby. However, it is definitely more free than in both places. There is also no unnecessary bicycle infrastructure, thanks to which we move everywhere on a good, asphalt surface. 



Hambuks for the persistent

JOHN BURG - a place I recommend on the way back. It is located in the Echo gallery, which we pass in Kielce. Open salad bar, decent prices and solid portions of meat is exactly what you need after a full day of pedaling. And I sincerely sympathize with every place that has the formula "open" at the moment when riders fall into it.