If you have read Kolarska Tenerife: bicycle, logistics, prices, reduction and you decided to visit this wonderful island, I present a list of places that you should not miss.

I am a big opponent of posting ready routes, because personally marking out new ones is half the fun. I recommend this ridewithgps or Strava Route Builder - I will describe how to build great routes in an unknown place soon. Especially in Tenerife, where every little path can be a great surprise, driving on someone's route is shameful. For this reason, I put a list of places that I think are worth visiting. However you combine them you will not be disappointed. Even highway pedaling is not a big problem there.

A subjective map of the best places to ride

Combine them wisely! ... or not necessarily :)

  • Red flag - visit necessarily
  • Violet flag - worth visiting

Each flag can be clicked to see a preview of the place.

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Mandatory points of the island:

1. Teide

The name of the volcano comes from the Guanches, the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands. Tide meant the Hell Mountain in which the Guayot demon lived.


Tenerife is Teide. Being there and not climbing the volcano is like living in Warsaw and not visiting Gassów, or being in the Tri-City and not coming to Nowy Dwór. There are several ways to enter - each with a little different views. E.g:

Los Cristianos - Arona - Villafor - Teide 45 km of driveway with an average of 5.2%. Profile and description here. We're rising from 0m to over 2350m. The driveway is cool, because max. does not exceed 12%.

Santa Cruz - Teide it has 63.7 km and average 3.6%. Yes ... almost 64 kilometers of driveway.

Teide is big. Even very, considering that this photo was taken at an altitude of 2150mnpm. On the right, a reflection on the hotel where Sir Bradley lives.
Teide is big. Even very, considering that this photo was taken at an altitude of 2150mnpm. On the right, a reflection on the hotel where Sir Bradley lives.

There are many possibilities, because there are many roads - you can modify as you like. Anyway, it is the largest driveway in Europe. I think it's worth it:

drive: Los Cristianos - Arona - Villafor - Teide (because probably the most difficult driveway)

exit: Teide - Villafor - Granadilla - San Miguel (because the most beautiful exit, both scenic and asphalt)

drive: Chio - Teide (the asphalt wrenches hands and turns the steering wheels, but the view is truly lunar at the end)

take the exit / driveway to La Orotavabecause it is definitely the most boring path.

Teide is long, but it is not a difficult driveway. By limiting your speed and distributing your strength, probably every ambitious cyclist will enter. The problem is temperatures. When driving from hot 25 degrees it is usually done a few. At the top it can be either warm or cold, and it is mainly due to the cloudiness of the sky - so it's hard to predict what awaits us. If we additionally plan to take the cable car to the very top of the volcano (3555m), we can be sure that we will hit negative temperatures. We haven't checked it because the entry costs almost 50Euro.

The landscape and its diversity make an impression. Regardless of the surface

You have to get dressed for a ride and if there are only 1-2 back pockets available, we will be chilled to the bank. It's hard to have more free space, because apart from Villaflor there are no places where we can get food and make up a water bottle. 1.5 hours of descent ends, therefore, usually freezing and next kilometers along the beaches full of sunbathing tourists, we overcome dressed in three layers ... to everyone's delight around.

Coming back to Villaflor - this is a typical cycling village - it consists of several houses, a store that is classically open at random hours, a gas station where you can buy the same only more expensive, but which is still open and a cafe where you can stop for a coffee break and make selfie on a fejsa. There are at least a few people with bicycles regularly at the weekend.


2. Masca

Masca comes up, doesn't come down. Let's be honest, you need to take her down have balls, hands and brake pads made of steel.

On the way, we pass the village of Tanque Bajo, from which the view on 9 dives looks like in the picture below and instead of rushing down, as usual, we stand and weave:

May May Gad ...
May May Gad ...

 The average adventure with Masca looks something like this: after 12 kilometers of spectacular driveway on perfect asphalt roads and winding roads you land on top. People drink coffee looking down, you dress with one hand, you look at the surrounding views with one hand;): the neighboring island, green mountains, streamers ... You look at Garmin to see the profile and estimate how long you will ride and something disagrees. You move away, you move away, and the profile in front of you still goes beyond the ceiling. Again, something broke - normal, 810 we bushes several times a week. A moment later you already know the Masca segment, 4 kilometers with 11% slope. Along the way, 300 meters with an average of 30% - you can drive up only thanks to numerous turns - we snake on the outer edges.

Steeply enough that it's hard to go but it does not mean that you can not take pictures
Steeply enough that it's hard to go but it does not mean that you can not take pictures

What we see cannot be described in words. I think Stelvio is hiding. Photos won't do it - they would have to be panoramas. At the top there is a wall on which you can sit and contemplate. If you ever wondered if shields on the road are an amateur, I invite you there.

 Someone asked where in the following days Jacek disappeared. This picture dispels doubts

Someone asked where in the following days Jacek disappeared. This picture dispels doubts

 Masca crushes, no matter if you're riding a bicycle or a car. It crushes more than Teide and when you think that you've seen everything the best in the world appears:

3. Anaga Park

A rapist of the senses, a destroyer of memories, a moment in which a man regrets that he lives where he lives ... no matter if it is Hawaii or Indonesia. No matter where you go, it does not matter that half the roads end with a parking lot and a pub where the last man was last year. A place that is greener than marijuana. There are streamers, there are hills, there are forests, there is an ocean which, passing a ridge, we see on both sides, there are beaches, roads are like a table. Do you need anything else? Maybe shops are missing as usual, but this is because tourists are also disappearing. From time to time, however, there is a pub with fresh meat or fish. PERFECTLY.

Greenness and asphalt
Greenness and asphalt

Looking at the map, it may seem pointless, because after most exits you have to go back the same way up. Nothing could be more wrong, the way down and the way up are two completely different ways. Even if according to the map they are the same. Anaga, however, is not only panorama, it is also a germ of the jungle. Driving serpetiny reminds something between photos from Madeira and views from Fast and Furious in Japan.


and again, you drive the park, it seems to you that nothing can be any better, and there a downhill ride to Almaciga. WOW. Road along the empty coast with local pubs lightly filled with retired tourists and locals. Beautiful beaches, even asphalt, ocean, exit and driveway. In our opinion, the prettiest place on the island. Ba, one of the prettiest places in Europe. It looks something like this, and if someone wants to do more, then a lot of photos have recently landed on Facebook:


I only remind you that the ocean in December is still extremely warm and there is no problem with entering. I do not recommend it while driving: even a small amount of salt on the skin will cause abrasions that will end our cycling adventure. The disadvantage of the place is that the sun from the south begins to set behind the mountains, so the sooner you get there the better.


Although, of course, the setting sun has its advantages. Returning to Santa Cruz, which is extremely ugly, you can find pretty and romantic panoramas. Santa Cruz is terrible because it is ugly and not very cycling. A bit like Sosnowiec moved to the sea. Big blocks on the slopes falling into the sea - after some time it turns out that it is so ugly that someone may like it. In addition, if we used up all the blocks before, we'll blow them like the heroes of Lucas Brunelle's films. 500 meters of elevation makes the chain unnecessary unlike the brakes.

Santa Cruz
Romanticism, one thousand five hundred

You must drive Anaga. No matter how. Every road there is great and do not look at it being the same.

4. Small, random roads - El Bueno

We come to El Bueno by accident. Driving along the eastern wall running above the highway, which acts as local Gassy (we pass dozens of cyclists, probably using the most flat road in the area ... or maybe even the only flat, of course, for local conditions). On the way, we pass Las Vegas, if you want a funny photo of Fejs, this is the right place. The road to El Bueno is probably one of many undiscovered roads leading completely to nothing. I will not explain why you should go because the view at the end does not knock down. I mean, it's nice, but you slowly become immune to the beautiful views of Tenerife. There are a few kilometers of perfect and very steep uphill. The ending is more than 30% and for the first time this year I'm going with a bicycle with a bicycle under my arm (not counting cross-country). The route is great, and judging by the inscriptions on the asphalt, rallies were once played on it. We find one car for 10 kilometers. The subtitles that are marked with the date also show little traffic .... , 2005.

There are such climbs that you can not see the views

 5. Ocean

Contrary to fears, the ocean turned out to be much warmer than we expected. Warm enough that you can enter it in principle without much resistance. The water is not salty enough to disturb the crowds, because there are no crowds, because pensioners somehow do not want to swim, so ideal conditions. Nothing on tired legs does as well as regeneration in cool water. Apparently one of the best beaches is the one in the north of the island in San Andres: sand brought from the Sahara desert plus palm trees are doing their job. We limited ourselves to the south of the island - also cool, although less exotic.


6. Teno Cypress

Located in the north-west of the island is not a must, but if you are in the area by car or pass by a short distance by bike it is worth visiting. Provided, of course, that our hands have the strength to do so. The surface is unusually poor, but the road along the Los Gigantes rocks - 300 to 600-meter cliffs falling into the sea makes all the difference. On the spot we reach the lighthouse, look at the rocks, push the golf tow truck, which lost a tire on one of the holes and the same way home.


7. A walk if you have too much time.

A week on the island is definitely a sufficient time to get off everything planned and a little longer, provided, of course, that like us, you do 100km + and 3000m + vertically every day. Not every knee can withstand it, so as a break day you can easily plan one day for a hiking trip. The route is full and well marked. Just remember that strollers are weak from riders. Walking is also a great alternative for those accompanying us, if not necessarily big fans of the road.

Michał lost his head and fell from the rocks

Tenerife is a perfect place when it comes to December cycling. Bitumen, unbelievably long descents and driveways, with views that make up for the torment and above all peace and quiet in most places. For both cyclists and people who accompany them. If you do not care about doing the correct training and you can give up the watts for some time, I recommend. Otherwise, I invite you in March :)


Take friends and have fun!

(because if you go alone and shoot the bend, they will find you in the thickets in a few years)