Here we are. That means we are "them" to you, but it's still us. There are fewer and fewer of us because it is getting harder to gather with age. The reasons are different. For example, sometimes the disk falls off suddenly from the chair. For example, when it turned out that pee could not stand preparing "just one more slide". Possibly a child who fell as unexpectedly as this pee. We don't meet new people well enough to dare to go with them, but fortunately, sometimes something goes on there. This time it is:

Most of the time, we look like gums from under the store. The pictures show the positive emotions that sport gives us and which drive us to further action. Because these ideas are always good.

That's exactly how we imagined ourselves, somewhere halfway from 30 to 40 years. Here, for example, we visit the place where Michał fell into the cauldron in his youth.

And others.

Other actors of the performance should also appear in this post - mainly dogs.

But also people, mainly with nets:

And sometimes some animals:


And the plan was very good in itself - taking advantage of the fact that we came to Warsaw for a few days - leave it for the weekend and experience the adventure. We were supposed to go to the sea, but the vision of traveling in the Covid world by expensive and crowded Intercity did not seem too good. Then I came up with a great route to Działdowo, but it was received as a joke.

Author: Michał W.

The decision was made on Friday evening and it turned out that in order not to travel by train from the Tri-City, we would travel by train four times. On Saturday morning we went to Czeremcha.

Hello what?

Yes, Czeremcha. If you look at the map of Poland, it will be quite right there. We were once with przemekzawada.com on a day trip somewhere near Bialystok. It was the most boring place in the world. We were also once at Easter, go somewhere near Brańska (it's also there on the right). It was the second most boring place in the world, and local guys they were offended at me for writing that. Even Facebook album I called then: "Probably the most boring cycling album in the world." So I thought that it would be worth giving the area a second chance to reinforce this belief. I confirm, I still think so. So if you are a resident of Lublin (?), Don't read this post any further, lest our relationship break down.

An additional encouragement was the fact that before my visit, of course, I had visited Non-Psychopedia and read a fragment called: Podlasie customs.

Sir Czeremcha, I have a very good connection. I get up early in the morning, at 6.50 am I get on the east train, in Siedlce I change train (along with a thousand other cyclists, thanks to which we have the opportunity to play the Sokobana bicycle and train) and at 10 am check in Czerem ... six?

What? Nico.

We came out of this 362km and if someone asks me what I saw along the way, I answer: nothing.

Day one (197km / 704m, 8: 10h moving time): https://www.strava.com/activities/3713943550
Day two (165km / 616m, 7: 20h moving time: https://www.strava.com/activities/3717848196

We sleep in Sokółka, because only there is reasonable (available) accommodation.

I will not hide that forests and trees are nice, but browsing the blog the last impressive trees I mentioned here are General Sherman, California and some tree in Taiwan, but I can't write the name because I don't know these letters. The fields are also nice, the houses in the villages are nice, the lack of traffic is nice, the lack of people is nice too. In general, everything is so quiet and pleasant. Like I'm retired or burned out korpoczłowiekiemI would probably be delighted. But I'm not.

Not that it's ugly - of course it's not. I'm not sure if the Białowieża Forest is the best place to go with a bike and Green Velo is what we were looking for. Because if you ask me what I remembered from the route, I would answer like this:

Infinitely long forest paths through forests:

Infinitely long gravel roads, a large part covered with such a grater, as if a ratrak had just run over them.

Infinitely long asphalt (or asphalt-like roads). Both perfectly good ones and those on which you pray for the return of gravel.

And of course pavements. Pavements such that their worst spring classics would not be ashamed.

One common thing for all these roads is the lack of shops. So if you plan to go as we do on a very light and hot July day, be aware that your pee will become orange-rust at the end of the day.

The first store is located on the 28th kilometer, in the much-speaking town of Topało - the famous OSZOŁ (here his facebook profile). Unfortunately, it turns out that they only open in a week. The second is at 50km. in Białowieża, we are avoiding it because it seems bad and we assume that in a city like Białowieża there are certainly more of them. It turns out that there aren't any on our route through this city. As soon as he hears the idea of backing up, a Panda bike loses air from the front wheel. We have the 21st century, so it fixes itself - just pump it up a bit, but it gives us a clear signal: don't go back.

The idea is very good, because another store, very cleverly hidden and with a very limited range we find around 100km, and then only one is left, I don't remember where. It is worth reminding here: 50km on the road are up to 50km on gravel gravel roads like 50 minutes in Maybach with a driver up to 50 minutes in yellow and red death at 8:47 on Mordor on a rainy November morning.


Accommodation in Sokółka is really our only way out. We book it on Friday and it is mainly he who is responsible for the final appearance of our route. Were it not for him, we would be condemned to: "And my city is Białystok. And my life is Białystok. " We decide on a place with a very perverse name Zacisze Inn. There are many pros: we have a kitchen, two rooms, a shared bathroom, Biedronka and at least two pizzerias at a decent distance.

The minute is that we spend the night with Sławomir and Zenek (Zenek is from Podlasie). A wedding is taking place in Zaciszu, which later turns out to be just a birthday. A nice back massage with a bed transferring a bit thrown behind the console brings relief on Sunday, which greets us with the forecast of 0% chance of rain that we see outside the window.

Maybe it was loud at night, but at least our bikes did not hear it, because they were attached to a quite weak fence on a side street. I am not afraid of such things because I have a serious line with a 4-digit security code. Ha! No normal person would be tempted to steal equipment for tens of thousands exposed in the middle of the night at the sight of passers-by and pinned in this way. This is an overt provocation *.

* I do not take responsibility for my words.

A strong bit accuses Dj from behind the console
Bass doesn't regret it, will not let us fall asleep
Sharp senses pick up waves
We do not lack strength, we do not lack strength at all

Toples - A good DJ plays here.

At night I still wake up to the blockbuster I didn't know, and now I don't want to leave my head. However, I have the impression that the DJ knows well that everyone knows only the chorus (or he just likes it exceptionally) and loops forever the fragment: "Good DJ plays here Nananana Good DJ plays here". Please do not click on the link above, because the song really does not leave your head, and pinned it a little to hum in the queue for rolls. On the other hand he replaced it King JKM singing "Bosak, Bosak" (0:33). I don't know what's happening to me.


As for Sunday, it differs from Saturday in that there are a little more bitumen, a little less shops, more Green Velo and definitely more against the wind. Somewhere along the way, we also run out of gravel and land in a wet manure - Dear sponsors, send new shoes. Below is a list of places that I can especially recommend on a Sunday route:

  1. Modern train station in Czeremcha and a shop with lokalsami with a beer opposite.
  2. You can also be tempted by funny place names, but unfortunately most of them can only be seen on the map, because there are no plates.

Is it worth it.

Unfortunately, the east of Poland does not catch my taste. The route is so that the more north, the prettier. I know that talking about the Białowieża Forest as "boring" is primitive, but for me it is simply boring on a bicycle (at least in the context of gravels). Just like the entire Podlasie region. Extremely nice areas begin to appear slowly after crossing (to the north) the height of the border crossing in Bobrowniki. Only that once you are there, you might as well go, e.g. to the Suwałki region, which in my opinion is more interesting - because more hills and lakes. Besides, I didn't see a bison, so a lime.

One thing is certain: there are so many gravel roads and such a long forest road network to be found elsewhere. From the perspective of a 35mm tire, unfortunately, these are not comfortable gravel roads. In return, however, we get a really minimal amount of civilization. If you want to take a break from people or convince yourself that this is a completely different world and life there, I am hassle-free, you will be satisfied.

Those who like to look at details - architecture, animals, nature in general will also be pleased. Only it is not an activity that is easily combined with this substitute for cycling that we do.

I apologize to all Podlasians.

In the meantime I am going to let go of a good DJ in the armchair, so that my back will massage.