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The best things, the most beautiful places, the fastest bikes


I have a friend who says "it depends on everything". This is the best answer you can give on 96% of questions asked online. The remaining 4% of questions were asked accordingly, so they are too long for me to read them.


Spring is coming - it's easy to get to know it. The day is getting longer, the dogs are coming back to the lawns, and on the fejsbuku there are more and more questions related to sport: what to buy, where to go, how to live. The day when I will not be awoken by a message asking "Garmin or Wahoo" is a lost day, and I do not know what to say - even though I used both. I can not sleep after that because I'm wondering. I respect sellers who can answer in a straight face: THIS IS BETTER. The world is better thanks to them, people are happier ... even if it was not true. Admit it - you like to read positive reviews of products that you have already bought.


I wrote such a text once: What bike to buy? The cyclist's most frequent question. One and a half year later, the same text was written by Przemek Zawada: More equipment than talent, or what bike to buy? (badam-tsss) You do not have to click on the links - both texts have exactly the same conclusion - you need to buy a bike nice. In retrospect, this answer was wrong ... or maybe even not as erroneous as it is inaccurate.


Because in life it's not about buying the most beautiful things, and the ones that we like the most, and, more precisely, they fit us the most. That's why for a long time there was no equipment on this blog. That is why, to a large extent, I have been looking at all opinions on the Internet for a long time, even the most objective ones. I read negative and positive opinions and I wonder if there are any advantages and disadvantages for me. Maybe if such tests more often describe long-term use - but who will read the description of the old equipment?


Do I ride a Rose bike because it is the prettiest? Well definitely not, it's the darkest black bike, the most boring of boring. Is it the best? Certainly not. Can I buy another 6.5kg highway on eTap for this price 3 years ago? I doubt it. It was just a golden measure of financial possibilities, aesthetics and technical requirements - a bike perfect for ME. And unfortunately, it is with everything. Why, unfortunately? Because no one will answer the question what will be best for you.



The best place for a bicycle?


According to me? Sao Miguel, Azores.

Do you know how many bicycle friends I have recommended such a holiday destination? Anyone. Why? There are no epic driveways, even asphalt, cycling infrastructure, cafes to squat, or even stores, not to die. Nevertheless, we found peace and tranquility there views like nowhere else.



Sometimes someone asks me where to live on vacation - take Gran Canaria, because this is a good example. The south is better roads, better weather, more reliable routes, better cycling infrastructure, and thus - 86 times more cyclists. So we decided to go north - it was an adventure. If we were going again - we would be attacking the north again. If I recommend it to a friend, I would probably spend the rest of my life clicking the "hate speech" button.


The trick is to skilfully extract information that interests us from such relations: surfaces, amenities, views, attractions, costs and confronting it with what we expect.



The best bike?

I was last year at the premiere of the new Spec, which is supposedly the best bike in the world (and even if not, I have no arguments to say it is not). Something broke in me. Because I come back and people ask me: "And how is it going?" ... and I do not know what to answer. I say that "he drives, black one, cool even, but the wheels are too high for me and position in testówce some strange was. "

I have learned to ignore people who say that the circular saw is pointless, that electric bikes are a scam, that a folding bike for PLN 7,000 is some absolute senselessness. Blades are useful for people, electric bikes provide adventures for people who do not spend the winter puffing on a trainer in the basement, and the overpaid bunker is the best bike I've ever had and I have never seen such a broad smile on Panda's face!

It's really hard to blend in by buying a proven brand bike. It's easy to read reviews that will involve you in the equipment, which for the reviewer makes sense, but not for you. For example, too racing or too fast - they look better after all and the reviews are better.



The principles of Velominati say something about the lack of hypertrophy, inverted bridges, suffering, length of socks, and sometimes people forget that certain things should be approached with a pinch of salt.

If I was guided by the opinions of people on the Internet, I would never buy a Brompton in my lifetime (a squad for the price of DI2 on the road ?! Only dumb will buy it). Unless I would find blogs of people that Brompton actually have and use on a daily basis.


The trick is to understand what we really want to use the bike and choose the budget so that riding on it does not cause more stress than pleasure.




Camera for a bicycle, or where did it come from?


Sometimes I get caught up in the fact that I can loop for weeks in search of the best equipment. I am passionate about photography, an amateur. Not that I could take pictures or know how good they are. I can, for hours, read about technical news, watch reviews of equipment, listen to irrelevant differences and browse galleries. Maybe because photography is a cross-cutting theme that touches every aspect of life. Just like a bike, which I basically do not drive for the fact of riding, but more for watching things and experiencing adventures.

I use several cameras on a bicycle. My favorite is a 5-year-old compact, with an effective number of pixels as in my 3-year-old phone. It is delicate, it does not fit in the pocket, it has a small zoom, and it is overpaid only because it has a different logo. If someone asked me if I would recommend, I would say that it is the worst possible choice. So objectively, it is not entirely suitable. 

Recently it broke down for the 3rd time in a year. 2 weeks I read what to replace it, because repairs are not cheap. Others were more handy, newer, better sealed ... I finally fixed it once again. It was completely pointless.



We live in a time when NO contemporary camera will be too weak to take pictures on a bicycle - even in mid-range phones. Besides, there's a 99.6% chance that if you're in a nice place, someone was already in it and made the view better. All these slow-me cuts in vlogs showing the swaying blade of grass in the wind, the ocean from a bird's eye view, the crashing waves - they are everywhere, we've seen it a thousand times. In taking photos, the point is to commemorate the moment, so the camera must be at hand or to make the act happy, so the camera must give joy to take a picture.


It's fun to record nice things, but if you do not have them on them, you probably watch them as often as fireworks on New Year's Eve or a fountain show in Barcelona.



I also use Sony RX0. If you read the reviews it turns out that this is probably the most useless equipment in Sony's history. It does not work anywhere except for professional film production, using 15 identical recording devices at once. Only that it works for me. Despite the 1-inch matrix takes photos a little better than my Samsung, the dark and fixed lens makes you forget about photos after dark, and the price makes it better to buy a good phone. Only that it is all-resistant, it takes me 1/4 of pocket in pants, and two buttons and instant action make that during the ride I need about 3 seconds to pull it out of the pocket, turn on, take a picture, turn it off and hide. Performing the same action with the popular GoPrem takes three times longer.

I mean it's different: the photos probably do a lot better than my phone, but it takes a lot more time to see it than the average internet user devotes to looking at one shot.


If someone tells you that the equipment is practically for anyone, check if you are not in the "no one" group.

I also have GoPro

Let's make an appointment, almost everyone has a GoPro or is a Xiaomian equivalent. This is the most universal equipment, but:




Buying dreams, GoPro effect

Do you have so much time that you would like to buy something? Drona, GoPro, gravela, bikepacking bags, counter with a webcam? You've been looking at things on the Internet that make this equipment and you think: but I will do it! I will be a hard-core, I will do things, I will get fejm, splendor, glory and followers. And clear: very good quality makes it easy to make a very good material. Only in the 21st century does nobody make an impression on anyone and in fact it makes no difference to me whether I am watching material from an interesting trip recorded with Samsung S7 or a RED camera. Not only that, it's easier for me to identify with this guy from Samsung, and the material from it will be more down to earth for me.



This is the thing that I was most afraid of when buying boomers - Bromptons. I watched people rushing around the world with their backpacks and luggage, conquering Stelvio, circling Japan, and thought: I want to do it too - I will buy a Brompton. This time it baked.


The more I read about a given thing, the more I need it. The more I imagine having this thing in the situation I needed it for, the more I think I would not like to use it ...


Every morning, at work, I buy new things. On Mondays (when I write this post) it is usually a new camera. I start with the Sony RX100 VI, because it has a nice zoom and objectively (beyond the price) is the best camera for the bike you can buy. Then I go to Panasonic ZS100, because it is cheaper and longer - pictures with zoom are always WOW. Then I find that it can go crazy with something better, because during the reading I also watch all these nice pictures and people's opinions about higher quality of something else. Maybe mirrorless with lenses and a pancake for a bike. Then I wonder what I will do and how I will wear it. Then I say that everything is pointless, mine is cool and the day is over and I go home.

At home, Panda waits, who for 2 months is not parting with a measuring cup, accurately measuring whether we can fit the armchair in which she will read books. He tells me how it will sit in a chair, with a mug of tea and read all the books he does not buy, because he has no chair. I do not have the heart to tell her that she is reading on Kindel and basically only on the way to work. There are also probably 10 boxes from Zalando, statistically 9,5 of them will be sent back, because "cool, but what for."


I have been buying a drone for a good two years (I am saying on each ride for sure: I would definitely not take it today), voice recorder to make my dream audiobooks (then I say I can do it by phone and I still do not) , equipment that will make me a better cyclist and so on ...



Too often you buy dreams instead of actual equipment. The day you discover when you watch your first GoPro movie that you are not hardcore, is very sad. There is always hope in your head that maybe the equipment will motivate you to start something ...


For 2 months we can not decide with Panda where to go for a picnic. It turns out that choosing the best place is impossible .... too many possibilities, too much diversity. The more I read about a place, the more I want to go there, and the internet never ends.


Somehow, little about bicycles.


But all this is exactly the same as with a bicycle. There will always be someone who will pass something further, better and faster than you. The bike will never be a perfect purchase, because it will always be somewhere better, cheaper, more suited to the trip / training that you just did today. Equipment should be a means to give positive emotions *. I write these obviousities, Macko Coelho.

* Mr Michał Kwiatkowski, if you are reading this, then of course this is only about the emotions of victory at the finish line, although it does not really matter, because he asks for the equipment they do not choose;)



Why am I writing this?


So that you would remember that if I write something about a place, I say that it was great, that the best or the worst, that some equipment is brilliant or hopeless, it will always be my opinion and it does not mean that it will be the same for you. Every review, test, opinion on the internet should be provided with relevant information and translated into your own needs, because the people who write it are the same people as us. Maybe they have a better equipment comparison, but do they know what you need?


... unless you are aware that you do not need the equipment you buy, and yet it will give joy - in the end it is the most important thing. Then in a deep push you can have all those who say it's stupid or senseless. Even if you have a bike that pleases you even though you do not drive on it.


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Every day I work in IT: I restart servers, I click on things and I ask if it has already been repaired. I spend my free time with friends on cycling. We visit the best parties, overcome the most spectacular routes, we ride in the toughest races. Blog allows me to develop my passion and describe the best of adventures, so that you do not have to repeat our mistakes. I am trying to stick to the unpopular rule that quality counts not quantity.