Web 2.0 probably works like this: you're known - you write different companies with proposals, you get lumber - you have something to write about, so you test everything you got - companies share what you write (if it is positive) by driving your ranges, ranges are growing - writes more companies to you and circles around. Only how to start? How to speed up this wheel ?! Here are the best tips:


Cycling #nikogo


I know that you are attracted to the picture, but I wanted to show how many people are in the audience during the competition on the track.

Do not be a road bicycle racer. Seriously, cycling #nikogo. Become a personal trainer, runner, crossfitowcem, mum, dad, anything. And it's best to sew 40 pounds and then start. Overweight people have a harder time in life, unless they start to lose weight and start a profile about returning to sports - then they have easier. The rationale is simple: check the ranges of the biggest cycling fanpages and compare with any style "X - personal trainer" or "anything Y fit".



The riders so well known ...


If you have to be a cyclist - write texts either obviously or for beginners. I will tell you something: the average person met on the street has no idea who Michał Kwiatkowki is, Rafał Majka, if he watches Teleekspress, he can associate it as "a guy with a pea shirt", and Maja Włoszczowska saw one day in "Dzień dobry TVN" and she probably does something with bicycles. So when writing about a professional peloton, your target will be 26 people (including family), and advanced equipment - 1200 people, of which 590 know better about you than you, and 602 people who are outraged write that it is not a bike, just legs. There are also universal truths in fashion that Captain Obvious himself would not be ashamed of.


Divide and conquer!

Fashion is hate. Always. That the shields kill, that others live differently than you, that someone seems stupid money. Put a picture of an overweight guest on an expensive bike and write that it's stupid ... or that instead of living a full life, he worked on this bike. Possibly a random guest on a yacht without a bicycle, writing that he is living ill. You can also take some photos of bad drivers and bad infrastructure - after all, the main recipient of your posts is ... oh, wait.


Change gender

Be a girl. Pogodynki are almost always girls - not without reason. If you're a girl, it's easier because pictures with you will be more aesthetic and basically it does not matter what you write. In moments of content crisis, you can always throw a photo of yourself. We all prefer to click on a photo than the next article on cycling technologies (@Panda: I of course not). If you can not be a girl (and you can definitely, if you really want - we are 21st century), buy yourself a cat. Cats are like girls, and even better, because boys click on girls, and everyone clicks on cats.


More means better, even if it is worse

Each blogging book indicates that more than the valuable content you have worked on for a long time, a better one is regular. Of course, it's best to be regular with decent content, but it's not feasible if you want to go on a bike. By adding more, you gain more: hence the fashion for breakfast - assuming that on this day you will not do anything interesting, you do not have to risk it. The morning cake counts the day. Of course, without a recipe, because writing the letters takes time, and besides, someone would learn something useful.

Because photos of food are the basis of every sporting site. When you prepared something nice for yourself, you did not just do it just to eat it. I understand it, I would throw it myself if I did.

Remember that training is the basis in any sport. Training that you did not share, however, does not bring results!

When the next crisis comes and you can not throw in the food, and pictures with new equipment and training are slowly running out, a problem arises. Other profiles come here for help - preferably foreign ones. If you do not know what to throw, download a picture from the internet and drop it with the signature: "but I would go there!". Remember: you have to download the photo instead of reshare it - this way you do not promote the competition, which could then get freebies instead of you. A photo from Stelvio will ALWAYS get hundreds of likes. Just like naked, women's buttocks in the company of a bicycle.


Translate everything ... unless it's secret knowledge

You are a celebrity, people are interested in what you do. Throw in breakfast, upload photos from fitness tests, from medical examinations. Do not add any details. Remember: Your results are secret and sharing numbers would unnecessarily strengthen competition. Readers just need to know that you are somewhere - what are the lessons, lessons, tips - who would read it. Well, unless something went wrong. Then remember that always, but it ALWAYS should be excused. You did not win or did not take the expected place? This is the perfect moment to post: "I did not go a bit, but I'm proud of myself, because the previous night I did not sleep ... or maybe this is a kebab for dinner?" Or "Time may be weak, but this year I only ran 4 times, so I consider it a success. " "But" must always be, and the next day you can return to the routine of uploading photos of your "more-pro-from-the-mill" of life

If you have succeeded (even according to yourself) - promote the post! Such positive information is liked even by completely strangers. It's a bit like a moment when you come to the bus stop in the morning and play a dialogue:

- Madam, and yesterday I ran 10 km in 38 minutes in the Independence Run

- oh, bravo you!


If you really want something and you can not, then you can



A good password is always good!


If you want a little more engagement under the entries, throw in the golden sentences of cycling co. Paulo Coehlo. Something like "It's never easier", "Cycling is the hardest sport in the world", "Today's training is tomorrow's form", "Do not be afraid of a new one!". People will let it go. It's good that our profile also be called that. People will like it because they agree with this thesis. You can also put something funny, go to the style profile Cycling Memes on Facebook and there is plenty of it. It does not matter that something is old, people like listening to the music they know and watching the same funny movies repeatedly. The pictures are similar. edit: xouted just threw in registration about what sentences to use.



If life was about ranges, I would do nothing but translate foreign memes.


I can not go to sleep because someone on the internet is wrong!

People love to read and share content they like or agree with - it's logical. Write the things you want to hear - they will pass it on. If there is something about which I have my own opinion and someone else has the same opinion, then to save myself the knocking on the keys I can simply forward the content that he wrote. Writing two articles: "why shields are the future" and "why will I never use shields" provide yourself infinite ranges that generate positive movement (people who agree) and buy in comments between people "for" and "against" - nothing drives movement like quarrels.


How to take a photo?

But let's assume you want to be ambitious. Create content instead of stealing it. There are a few unwritten rules (now written) that every respectable sportsman has to follow Influencer.



Picture from the front: the face should occupy exactly 36% of the image, preferably if it covers an important view behind it. The hand holding the camera should always be visible. Okay, if you're wearing the glasses with the camera we're taking a picture of.



Look what a pretty valley!


Picture from the back: there must be at least one buttock, thigh piece, 60% of the bicycle and a fragment of the wheel in the frame. The rest may present the asphalt ahead of us. With a bit of luck, we'll also have a view of the area ... but why? Such a photo gives us the certainty that even if someone steals it, it will still be "ours".



always aim at your buttock!

Picture from the eyes: in the frame there should be a beautiful view with perfect weather, obscured by shaved and tanned legs, put on perfectly clean shoes and fitted socks. If you do not have one, you can use sausages and pretend it's a bent leg. The perfect signature for the picture thrown in this way on a Wednesday morning is: "How are you in the office?" Or "I have a hard time". Especially if it's our only holiday during the year.


And how are you?


A photo from the side: there is a driving school here, requiring the use of a helper or self-timer. The side photo should include one of the following: planking, drinking coffee, eating biscuits, lying down. Everyone likes to see you drink coffee, squeeze loads or you are planning (see point: become a girl). The alternative is the side photo along with the product you got. Such product-placement straight from the Polish comedy:




I'm wearing colorful pencils in a box



It was so colorful today!

Each photo must be properly colored. Do not use ready-made filters from VSCO or Instagrama, they are too weak (although the seasoned photographer knows that the image can be edited repeatedly, each time using the effect at 100%). Let's take something that does not limit our creativity, then only a few sliders to the right (clarity, saturation, dehaze), some left (highlights) and it's ready! Possibly, a color change, let the sky be pink and the brown grass. Now only seventeen bicycle and nineteen hashtags (sponsor or "I would like-sponsor") and ready. The hasztag stays forever, so after each new cooperation: #Nazwa_firmy doplejamy to each new entry. Lajki - pour it on!


Give me a bike, and I'll write what's cool in it



You can write about the bike in the same superlatives: then the cooperation will surely be arranged or objectively: then people will believe.

Now all we have to do is wait for the first contact of the equipment distributor and throw in: a photo that we got something, a photo of how we unpack, a photo we mount, we use it for the first time and so on. Then a review - like this: "this bike is great because it drives and it has not broken me yet". Everything has its pros and cons. Although even if something is a minus, we will probably find a situation where it is a plus. Let's write about the benefits. People who read texts usually look for an excuse for buying something - a positive review will help. After all, if we write badly, the company will not contact us anymore. If you do not answer, we will not get anything, we will not have anything to write about, they will not posthare their lives by creating a movement and a chapel. Let's be honest: new things are almost always cool. They can be at best less cool than the same things of other companies, but hardly anyone has the chance to compare similar products made by various companies long enough to give a meaningful opinion.





If all other ideas are really over, there is always a method for "martyrs" - you can take the audience for mercy, while turning the blog into auto-therapy. All these problems, through which there is no time for a hobby, because life or family (here we use the perfect connection: "I can not because I have something with my family") are always gripping. We can count on comforting comments and those from people who are involved in pain, whose lives have also punished the family, through which they will not become the world champion.

You can suffer in many ways: that there is no time, that it has legs, that it is still Mazowsze, that training is heavy, that the weather is bad, that the equipment is not such that the peloton does not cooperate, that the tracks were bad, that the chassis .... if you think about it, it would be enough for the entire fanpage: "Patient cycling".


I am writing a letter to you!

If something in the above strategy fails, and despite all the steps, no one is still writing - do not be afraid! People work in the marketing departments of sports companies. It may surprise you, but many of these companies do not have much to do with marketing. I mean, they know that a bike is a bike, so if they have cool reflections on spokes, they contact someone who runs a blog about bikes, like me. Marketing works in such a way that ranges are important, because everything else is unmeasurable. Therefore, write massively to companies with proposals, sooner or later, you will find a golden vein of gold that will ensure a steady supply of goods in exchange for hasztagi.



And what are you ready to do for the T-shirt? ;-)


I do not know what to say

I admit without beating - this title clickbait. I have no idea how to become known and liked (or disliked, because all in all one thing - just to be known and have ranges) ...

Fortunately, the internet is such a beautiful place where you do not have to know anything about the things you write about. The newspapers are similar in total - look at what sells best. The choice is yours: you can be a Super Express read by almost everyone, or a specialist magazine for a few who, written by enthusiasts, barely connects the end to the end.


PS At the beginning I wanted to link examples "from life"But I refrained. You know - like Kuba God, God bless you then ;-) Come on Fejsa and find yourself.