In an ideal world, this would be a very short entry. I had a bike, very nice - bought partly to sell it. In my idealized vision of the world, I put it up for sale in Facebook groups, on OLX and possibly on Allegro, the same day I received a message from a buyer who was running after him with a flower in his teeth, and I with tears in my eyes parted with him. Well, damn badge, nice bike, good, well-kept, cheap and for a slightly unusual height, because rather 185cm +. OLX brought me down like Hulk Hogan ... and then finished off.


A little over a year ago I wrote this text: My first goat: A time bike generates expenses. Note, I quote myself: "So I decide on a reasonable solution: a stimulant. Hunting for a drug at a good price is a great alternative to renting things. Mainly because it's just cheaper. There is a good chance that it will be sold at a price close to the purchase price. " After quite a long search and additionally strongly motivated by being outdone by people on time trial during Karkonoszmana, I found the ideal. Fortunately, I don't remember how much I gave him, but probably around 5-6k. White, carbon, Ultegr, Wojtek on Bikefitting in Absolute Bikes was proud, despite the fact that I got the bridge as if I had just returned from rehabilitation in a sanatorium.



The RON company, from which I bought the wheels, also spoke to me quickly. The wheels had to be very good because they were expensive. Ie. for a "triathlon wheel" it's cheap, but for a "wheel for a bike" it's expensive because it raised the price of the bike by well over half. It couldn't have been bad wheels - half triathlon, the Polish world uses them, and bloggers praise every picture. However, we will come back to the wheels.




The bike was exhibited at various prices - I started high, ended low because I was running out of mental health. The final selling price after 2 or 3 months was 5000 (starting from 7k, but mainly because I had no idea about prices). I decided it was over, because if I part with him for less, then maybe I would come back to triathlon. You have to have rules, even if they are senseless and financially unfavorable.

I got VERY MUCH answers and questions - in total, during those 3 months, about 50 people wrote. It reminded me of one of the recent visits to the bicycle store, where a nice gentleman asked about the details of the Garmins, and then left the store, informing the seller that he would thank you, check if it is cheaper in other stores and how it will not come back. Today I know that I do not want to be a seller in a store.


I have such a passion in my life,
sport and tradition can be said
I buy things expensive, I sell cheap


By far the most common question was: HOW MUCH FOR THIS BIKE. Not that "good morning", not that what condition or anything, just fuck straight from the spear - how much. I answer that as much as in the announcement and the conversation breaks off.

The alternative was people who continued to flood the questions, some of them for 3 WEEKS. And that the size for whom, and whether with wheels, or without, and which crank, and whether without a bottle, and whether tubular wheels, and that a photo of this or that, and whether it will be good for me and whether it will be faster than on the road, and can MTB shoes be plugged in, and what are the wheels for, and that I would see, but I am not in the country, and that I had or did not have one, why sells, and is it me and what has a course, and whether it can be done without accessories or without a frame ... And of course these questions make sense, but answering them did not lead to anything.


After a few weeks I got bipolar disorder:
seeing the caller, unknown number, I was glad that someone was calling about a bicycle,
and then I realized it was someone about a bicycle and I was afraid to pick it up.


My favorite type, however, was the one who calls to ask how to fly a drone when I sell a drone, how the camera works when I sell a camera and so on. Like under the pretext of buying, but you don't know. These are the questions "you know, I am currently riding such a Kross road for 5,000, how much faster will I ride this bike?".

And these questions, which I will never understand, because I was probably playing a game at the time when you had to learn Polish:


Well, these guys from the Nigerian scam


Triathlon bikes have their own rules. Almost every "seriously interested" needed a bike right away. We agreed, for example, on Thursday to pick up the bike, because starting on Sunday. When asked if they had ever ridden a time trial / lemonde / high cones, the answer was one: no, but I already rode the road, so don't worry. Well, I for my first 100km on lemondce I probably spent 3 minutes, but maybe I'm just not capable. It only reminds me why I got phobic to start in mass races.

But nothing surprises me, in parallel at OLX I also sold other things and such news was everyday:


and all the patterns are repeated, because the ability to bargain in the nation probably died a bit


One of my favorites was a nice gentleman who supposedly rode a few hours for a bike, rode him around the block, on the sidewalk and stated that he would not - he would not ride on the time trial. Here I suggest: the slower the ride, the harder it is.


After a month, I hired Panda to read - while reading the news, we had to cool her head with freezing packages:


Favorite buyer
through which I didn't look in the mirror for a week


It was Friday, I was traveling with Panda to Ełk. A man called, asked a bit, said he was willing and would let me know. I already learned from experience that these conversations were like:

- We'll call you
- But you don't have a number
- Does not matter

Not this time however. The gentleman called after 10 minutes that he had missed too many opportunities in his life and that he was taking ... only that he was neither in Warsaw nor me, and that the start would be in a week. After a moment of reflection, full of faith in people, I suggested that I could put a bike in a service, they would carefully check the equipment, let it know and pick it up together with the payment for the service and previously for the bike. I suggested Airbike Ostrobramska, a nice gentleman, a few phone calls and arrangements later he stated that they only make cheap bikes there and that Airbike Wilanów necessarily, because he knows people there. I think cool, people from Airbike Wilanów probably know everyone from YouTube and Instagram. I agreed what I was not to agree. We returned from Mazury earlier, we returned the bike to Airbike on Saturday, on Monday it was to be ready, the guest was to pick up by Wednesday. Earlier I confirmed with the guest that it was certainly up to date.

The initial quote said something about bearings for a hundred and service for PLN 50, because there was nothing more to do. I called a man, I say how it is - he says it's great, we do everything and he comes to me with money, and then picks up the bike. On the website I gave the guest number to let him know how it would be ready. Wednesday came, no information. Here again I remembered that I was stupid naive. I call the guest, the guest does not answer. Filled with fear and even more embarrassed, I quickly scratched on Facebook down Ministry of Cyclingthat she would let me know in the store that the bike should not be given to anyone but me, because it is probably a new form of Nigerian scam. The guest will pick up and that's how much I will see.
... yes, I'm the guy who writes in a private messenger about "company"And, what is even worse, starts the conversation with" hey, I'm sorry for writing in a private channel, "as if it meant that prohibited things would become unprotected.

Then I scraped an SMS and everything was clear.



In the evening I drop by with a (virtual) paper bag covering my embarrassed face to Airbike, pay PLN 350 for bike service and return home with it. Maybe this Bicycle King makes such jokes? ;-) Plus such that the non-buyer actually returned PLN 150 for the service (because I was dating him so much, according to the first quote).


Somewhat tired of life, I change to olx and Allegro the description for something like "full grazing, perfect condition, fresh service, etc.", I raise the price by PLN 500 and the next day a guest who wants to buy it at 100% calls me. Quick negotiations, I leave the price by PLN 250 and 2 days later the man is with me and we sign the contract (because in 3 days he has a start).


Great as wygrywy we are going on a weekend to celebrate in the Suwałki region, I sit down for an entry about "how I sold a bike" ... and I do not finish it. I am not finishing, because as soon as information appears on the phone screen that the man who bought the bike is calling, I already know that it will be bad.

Apparently, already in the first kilometers his rear wheel fell apart. The holes in the rim are so large that tires with nipples fall out - a diagnosis on the site that the garbage can. Unfortunately, this did not happen during the test drive under the house, but only at his place at the other end of Poland. I go out as a cheater, which hides faults, and the guest stays without a bicycle for the competition. I propose a refund, cancel the transaction ... until I am reminded that the wheels are still under warranty. A week later, the guy has new wheels.


Wheeled digression


And here you should insert a digression that I have not seen anywhere on the Internet. Something that the blogging and triathlon world disappointed me completely. Enter the RON wheels on Google and see these peany. Well, I informed each of the buyers that these are bad wheels. I added that the front has a slight beating and minimal cracking of the carbon body. I also honestly pointed out that although the wheels are clearly bad, it does not bother so much in triathlon - it does not twist, do not brake, does not hit the holes, and the entire price of a bicycle with wheels is more than fair - they have maybe 500km mileage.

Where i'm going How often can you say about a product that it's BAD. Pros are always there and you can focus on them. With these wheels on the websites I was a few and everywhere heard "I do not move it", "the conscience clause does not allow me to fix it" etc. Where the conscience clause was forbidden by the boss, the mechanics convinced me that as they spin and go straight, it is a pity to combine. IN EVERY website I heard stories about people who had problems with these wheels. That it's not round, that a few sets before they hit the ones that sensibly go, that they are bending, that crap, etc.



Plus, it's fair to say that the warranty actually works for these two years and if something goes wrong, you can easily replace it ... but is it really a plus? How often do you advertise company expensive wheels? If you pay 3 thousand or more. however, you can expect more than just random Chinese.

I already understood how many questions about buying without wheels - but how did they know ?! I feel cheated and I have had enough of faces of service technicians in the city when you come to them with RON wheels.

I felt painfully cheated - a product and bloggers.


Fortunately, I sold the bike, end of story.


Why did I sell?


Because two triathlon starts is more or less what I needed to prove myself. After quite a good result in half in Bydgoszcz (4:25) I knew that to noticeably improve this time, I would have to start training and spend money - I don't feel like it. I still have triathlon plans in my life, but I'm not ready for them yet. Until then, the time trial will not be used, and taking into account my self-motivation, it could turn out that the bike will go to the category vintage.



Well, just riding and training on a time trial is a pathology (although looking at the picture, I'm not sure if I used it correctly). Neither it is safe in Gassach (when I see people on the lemondade going opposite, I wonder when I was in church last time) or pleasant.



It doesn't work like that, if you make a good price then you can sell it in a perfect condition. The bike is supposed to be a go-go and end. There is also nothing to be honest about the disadvantages (of which you are aware and therefore the price you do low and fair). The buyer is to know himself, and if he does not know, let him know.


The sale of the time trial made space on the wall in the room, and this could only mean one thing ...
but this is a completely different story.


* photo on the thumbnail stolen from the profile: Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon

* cover photo - Peter.