I am an online troll. Remember that one entry about the Kłodzko Valley? So great views, hills, nice and all? We basically discovered the basin only because the borders in our country were closed. However, this did not prevent me from smuggling the fraud more or less consciously. Well, the header picture (featured) in this post was actually taken in the Valley of the Eagle, but it shows ... the Czech Republic. Driving along a wonderful road along the border river, as usual, everything on the other side seemed better. The grass was greener, the asphalt was more wavy, the houses were more interesting ... To be fair, this opening photo is from Poland. It's Kamienczyk, quite a driveway on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic - because to get to Orlickie, you have to work a bit.

But don't listen to me, I'm not objective. When they ask me about the most beautiful Polish mountains, I say: Slovak Tatras, Czech Jeseníky, Czech Karkonosze and so on. Let's look so objectively at the map (Open Cycle Map) - I marked the border of our country in yellow, and the bicycle routes are marked with colors. I do not know, but I see here a certain relationship between the number of routes and location relative to the yellow line.

In the Czech Republic it's just better for cyclists and cyclists, end of topic.

I quote myself because I can

But what are the Eagle Mountains and where did it come from that I had never heard of it before? I do not know. We have not done as thorough verification of each road as we should, but a certain view is already there. Below, as always, a very professional map, on which is marked in red what we drove by bicycle, and in yellow where are the Eagle Mountains (roughly because I draw with a touchpad, because I can't afford a stylus):

To better illustrate this situation, look at the photo below. Do you see this lookout tower on top of the peaks? This is Velká Deštná. We would have a walking trail on kamulce. In the Czech Republic, it can be entered from two sides, on asphalt (closed to cars), there are at least two off-road roads to enter there MTB and some paths to enter as well. Sick country. We never went for a walk in the Orlickie, because it made no sense.

Eagle mountains - what?
(me because I can't fade out)

Road, preferably 28-30mm, but on 25mm you won't lose a lot. The Czechs have some unexplained asphalting mania, so even if you see a huge mountain in front of you and an observation tower on its top, there is a good chance that you can enter the road. First of all, people who have ever entered the Karkonosze Pass and discovered that the highway is on the other side know this. Later, they also discovered that our neighboring hills could also be reached by our neighbors, and the bigger problem than the width of the tire is the selection of appropriate gear ratios upwards and brake power downwards.

A highway is enough in the Eagle Mountains. There are some typical gravel roads and some on MTB, but only those who come for more than 3-4 days will appreciate them. That's how much I value this area. The road does not lose many views, you do not lose many mandatory roads, and you can appreciate the huge number of very good roads. Why would someone come here for longer? I do not know. There are so many interesting areas around that it would be unique marnancja. Unless I was Czech, then I would have to add that it is worth going here with a scooter or a three-wheeled bike to ride the lift down the hills, and then fly down without a helmet.

Eagle mountains - why?

  1. Because there are so many roads
  2. Even in places where they should not be, and certainly not asphalt.
  3. Because the roads are practically empty and everything is so empty and quiet in general
  4. With the exception of weekends, when each parking lot is collapsed with cars and there are people in every pub. Most with bicycles.
  5. It's nice, and there are a lot of miradors ... even those available from asphalt.
  6. Because it is the Czech Republic, exactly as it should be. There is a church in the middle of the golf course, there is a church brewery with a Prophet beer, a bus stop connected to the book rental / reading room, Smažený sýr and so on ...

Orlické mountains - what to go?

I wouldn't spend more than 2-3 days on the area. You can, but you don't have to. It is worth to take into account that despite the inconspicuous appearance, these are, according to my personal criteria, full-fledged mountains and almost every loop we had was more than 1000m high over 50 kilometers. And of course the mountains themselves are worth connecting with the entire Kłodzko Valley.

From Masarykova Chata hostel to the border in Kamieńczyk.
38km, 400m up, 700m down (from the north)

Very pleasant road along the border, 100% road. In addition to excellent asphalt, the main advantage is a very pleasant, empty road along the river and a church with a glass roof in Neratov and a brewery in the same town (here a description on the forum about beers). The hills are small, so the route can be safely treated as a return route from a more ambitious journey ... unless we go the opposite way, then at the very end we will have a depressing driveway under Masarykova. Apparently there is good food in it, but it is hand-written menu beat us.

Ridge of the Eagle Mountains
17km, 300m up, 380m down (from the north)

In my opinion, the most obligatory fragment that you can go through in Orlické. Asphalt road practically on the tops. For example, it passes right next to the lookout tower on the hill called Velká Deštná (1115m.npm). A bit serpetnyn, nice views both on the valley and the flat Czech Republic to the horizon. In Czech guidebooks they write that it is a route for the whole family, but it is worth noting that it is probably about the Czech family.

Cabin porn
31.5km, 910m up, 600m down (from the south)

Please do not suggest the paths that are marked as major in Orlickie - they are still empty and pleasant, and this one is unique. It's hard, but the whole western part looks like browsing a book or an instragram profile from the most beautiful houses in a remote area. Combined with the route above, a classic must-do comes out and one to rule them all.

Tuscan slopes
38km, 760m up, 820m down (from the east)

Here, there is a fragment for which you should have a gravel, but you can skip it. The driveway from Cervená Voda is such a classic streamers on the main road extended by climbing to Suchy Vrch, on which there is nothing but a tower, which cannot be reached. Then there is a copy of the terrain, excellent views of the slopes (and from the slopes), a very pleasant road along Orlickie Potok, nice hills and finally a small Garda ... that is a lake with asphalt around. If you want to eat fish, there.

Narrow, asphalt paths

For small explorers who do not like to have everything served on a tray, I recommend delving into the roads north of Masarykova - even on the road. There are a lot of scenic surprises there ... they surprise as well as 2-meter wide asphalt road junctions in the middle of the mountains. You can get there from the south (Destne) along the Bela River.

In addition, there are, unfortunately, a whole bunch of places that are discovered completely by the way, when joining the sections mentioned above. This is the Czech Republic, you will definitely find something funny among the endless roads - both asphalt and off-road. I doubt I would recommend the Eagle Mountains to anyone from Warsaw as the destination of the trip. Competition in the brave it's quite big here - for example immortal Jeseníky. However, if everything in the area is already downhill or you just have 1-2 extra days, it is most worth it. Or if you just came to the valley after hurray-optimistic entry about the Kłodzko Valley with your road and you discovered that such attractions are no longer on your back. Then it is definitely worth including them in your loop - especially if you break through the Burned Pass and you feel that at the top you will become hungry.

Subconsciously, I feel that I will never come back to Orlickie, but the memories with them remain very good.

I wish you a successful trip and good luck in search of your Czech wife / husband to get citizenship and be able to stay on that side of the border without stress.