Exercise is healthy, the air is not polluted. What wins?


At the outset, we must ask ourselves one very important question: how much we care about improving our time, and how healthy or even life. Because of course, training in high pollution zones (means at the moment when I write these words, in many places in our beautiful country) is harmful for the lungs and the brain, but the lack of training also threatens the fall of form. Complicated, foreign research show that prolonged exercise in a polluted environment negatively affects the efficiency of lung and cardiovascular health. Shit makes us absorb less oxygen and our efficiency decreases. The most frequently repeated rules say that we practice outside, when the indicators are green and yellow, with red and burgundy we practice under the roof. Will the lack of exercises result in a greater decrease in efficiency than the exercise in smog - no one will answer this question, because no one will carry out such a test ... unless on mice in Brazil :)



Is here foreign text that compares mice that did nothing for 5 weeks with those who practiced in smog (diesel exhaust) that did not do anything in smog and that they were practicing fresh air. The study concluded that oxidative stress only increased in mice that sat without smog exercises. The movement was protective, reducing the effects of exposure to muck. What's the conclusion? I will not reach out to him. I also do not know what a man with a mouse has in common.


Only why all this is where the golden mean lies?


Air pollution is bad for you.

Michael Koehle, MD, PhD, University of British Columbia


It hurts when I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check the Plume or Airly air condition. It hurts me when I'm happy with the standards exceeded only twice and from the moment when the application tells me that today is the average day for physical activity. It hurts me when I pass a cork car on my way to work, stretching to the horizon. It hurts me when these cars, instead of treating me like a savior of the world, try to ride me on a green arrow, because they are in a hurry - after all they are driving, they are more important than a man commuting by bicycle. It hurts me when I pass villages and towns when training outside the city, in which one house can do so much brown smog that you can not see anything. It's just the same when I go to the mountains and instead of seeing the blue sky, I see fog that is not fog at all. But what can I do? I will not fix the world myself. These are the moments in which I return to the US Embassy website and look at visa applications ...



A lot has been said about smog. I will not write here, what smog is, where it comes from and what to do to defeat it. Articles about it is an infinite number. The blog that you are reading is stretched quite well - I think it's easy to say that some 86% of readers are quietly killed by their neighbors or neighbors. We will not change the world easily, but you can try to defend yourself. The question is: how ?!


I am Miss Polonia and I would like peace in the world.


People with scientific titles say that a cyclist, during a 3-hour drive with his winter pace, inhales a similar amount of air as a human , armchair during 2 days. If that was not enough, he usually does it with his mouth and not with his nose. It is not difficult to imagine even if we cut out the hair from the nose (marginal gains), it filters slightly better than the mouth. If we think that there is a lot of shit in the air, it starts to get weird. Because it is known norms are like saying: Best before - if it breaks a bit, it does not matter. Worse, that on our magic meters, exceeding by 500% no longer makes an impression on anyone. Even a hungry student would not eat such food (unless drunk).


(...) But when you got into your home, you got to bed, put three matches in it and said that the tongue sleeps with us - I could not stand it.


And all good, we can think about comprehensive solutions, system programs and repairing the world. It's like all corporate SCRUM meetings, everybody says what he's going to do today, and then he comes back to browse fejs. Let's focus on what we can do now, that the effect is immediate. Skipping here the solution named: putting a hedgehog under the door of every mounding house on the Warsaw - Gassy road.



And I am not convinced by the question of whether there was ever a smog and whether it is a campaign and a conspiracy of producers of something and taxpayers for something. If I run and feel in the mouth the aftertaste of the socks we wear for a week, which stays there for half a day, I feel like I am dying from the inside.


Krakow's Smog Alarm has one nice calculator. It turns out that for the average person, living in Krakow is like burning out 2,000 cigarettes a year. If I confront it with the situation when someone smokes a pipe with me and it bothers me, the situation is quite uninteresting. Especially that, as an athlete, I definitely drink more of this air.



What to do?! How not to die ?!


The first and at the same time the most sensible and the cheapest solution is to buy an anti-smog mask and parading around it in the city. As usual these days, a problem arises. Masks are many, prices are different, sellers lie, producers cheat, and you just want to experience the winter.



Masks work or do not work


I worked in a company that dealt with insurance. It annoyed me terribly because we were technically selling something that is not there. I mean, we knew it, but the client is not. At least until the insurance actually needs it. He had to trust us and believe that his virtual value in the electronic table would not disappear. As if that was not enough, the statements: I have never insured on a trip and have never regretted it, They do not help. The masks are similar. If the manufacturer writes that there are certificates and that the mask works, you must trust him. It's even worse here - even if you die of lung or brain damage, you still do not know if the mask actually did not work. So it remains for us to believe the word - good.



So what to choose?


[Pullquote]Filtering PM2.5 and PM10 is an absolute minimum.[/ pullquote] Not that I do not trust smaller and cheaper manufactures or Far East friends, but rather focus on proven, large brands. Large brands have the advantage that someone probably somehow tests it. I do not know if there are newspapers with masks in which the editors would test the effectiveness of masks in the hired laboratories - probably not. But maybe someone, somewhere ... a student or something. I think that if it turned out that the biggest market players lie, the chance that we would learn about it is considerable (I greet Volkswagen). Secondly, it is worth looking at what mask filters: PM10 (large particles) and PM2.5 (the small ones, which kill more effectively) is the minimum. As it filters even smaller with a HEPA type filter, it is better, of course. If it also has a filter with active carbon, it's great at all, because it also filters harmful gases, not only solid bodies. Generally, as usual: the more the better, the better it is.



And of course, it is also worth adding that the certificates are important, but it is more important who issued them. I think that I will find a private laboratory for a fee, which she finds a simple face cloth helps you filter out 86% of all impurities. If not, someone will soon set up such a laboratory for the purposes of this test. For example, me :)


Anti-smog masks are terrible shit

Maciej Hop


I apologize for this ugly word, but it's true. If you see someone smiling in the mask on the face, (by the eyes, because your mouth is hidden) it lies. He probably smiles because he has signed a contract to promote masks ... or a masochist. There is NO POSSIBILITY to think: oh smog, how cool, i can put on my mask.



Answering the most important question in this entry: if you think about training in the mask - forget it. Of course, I did not check all the possible masks, maybe there are some that are suitable for this. I have not seen one like that, I do not know any objective person who would have one, nor can I imagine one. EDIT: one person on the Internet wrote to me that as a courier he drives a mask RZ Mask M2 and that he even goes into the anaerobic zone. I do not take responsibility for these words. (edit 2: two people have already said they can do it).


We decide to buy masks spontaneously when buying the most expensive-socks-world in the shop Mybike. We take Ozone Mask Carbonbecause it filters everything and Sicaro Healthbecause it is a chimney, not a mask and gives hope that it will be possible to practice it. And in fact, it probably will be possible, although I do not like to cover my mouth during training, but so what. As it turns out (exactly after consultations with my ecological guru Tadeusz z Organiczni.eu), chimneys do not filter PM2.5 molecules, which are the most dangerous by their size, which allows them to explore the blood and lungs. Chimney for felling - what is it for whom ?!



The mask makes it difficult to breathe, it is not very comfortable, and it looks stupid. Well, what to do - in the helmet, it usually looks stupid. If there is no way out, then there is no way. Glasses evaporate, the lungs are suffering and strangely. People look at you and cross the street. If you forget and enter the store there is a good chance that you will go out with more money than you entered. He catches glasses, breathes his mouth rather than his nose, the velcro on the back sticks to the hat and I generally feel comfortable, as in a corner kneeling on a pea. I drip from my nose, I eat my own glutes. It does not matter. Since I can leave the comfort zone during training, all the more for health.

To make it not pleasant, the masks are usually in Smyk colors. Finding such simply-black, ordinary gray or any unobtrusive, borderline with a miracle. Each of them must be visible and shout on the street: Look! I'm paranoid! or Look! I'm pretending to be a superhero. I'm Spiderman, I'm Bane and I'm going to kill Batman! Bravo you, producers and designers.



8 tips thanks to which survive you will live longer.


 1. Plants at home.

Even children know that green plants eat poisonous air and produce good ones. Without going into details, furnishing your home with the best filtering ones like Coil, Palma Areka, Epipremnum Złociste should help a bit. In addition, the vision of a visit to a florist with the question: is Epipremnum, I am very angry. All of these plants are easy to maintain, so even a man in sports, he should not kill them so quickly. Wise people say, however, that to be able to do this, you would have to have a small forest at home.


 2. Air purifier

To have clean air at home, it is worth buying an air purifier. Advice as perfect as advising a hungry man to buy a bread roll. I do not know about purifiers, I will say - I would buy Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 or PRO version for larger apartments ... and I do not know why I have not bought it yet. People on the internet are advised by Sharpy and Electrolux. Who has the Internet knows that Xiaomi is always better than everything ... always.

Such a quick combination of the most frequently recommended devices (I do not know, I did not test, I read the entire Internet) in order from the cheapest:

Webber AP8400
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2
Sharp FP-F30EUH
Electrolux EAP300
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier PRO
Daikin mc70l
Any Sharp from the KC-D series
Sharp KC-A50EUW
LIFAair LA502

Cleaners differ in appearance, efficiency (depending on the size of the apartment), price of filters and minimal functionality. Filters in some of them are replaced every six months, in some of every two, but the expense of PLN 200 for a new one should not kill us. Each of the public devices will work, but the choice is yours. I'm leaving this to read Blogwhich, despite being a storefront, seems to be the most sensible and answers a lot of important questions. Eg. so why someone would buy for PLN 3000 instead of Xiaomi for PLN 800.

It is worth remembering that a more powerful machine can work at lower revolutions, which will make the work culture a bit better (similar to cars). Also, the estimated area of ​​operation should not be very suggestive, because it usually only applies to the room in which the purifier is located. If we place it in a large room, it may turn out that the air in the bedroom is not effectively filtered. Depending on the layout of the flat (if you do not want to move the device), it may turn out that two smaller ones than one bigger are better.


3. Adjust the training hours



Serious, anonymous people from the Internet say to practice in the morning or evening and thus avoid the smog created by cars. This is obviously true, but the third one. It is definitely better to observe the air condition in our area on any application depending on the day of the week and the hour and based on this, set the training hours. I use the application for the phone: Plume - it predicts the state of air in the coming day. This, of course, is very nice advice if we do not have a job, a family and official duties.


4. Gym and swimming pool

It's winter, why do you want to freeze outside? Go to the gym, there should be good ventilation and air conditioning, so it will be better. Or the pool will be better ... or the wall, the crossfit box - anything under the roof. Unless not, because someone decided to save on things that are not visible (like filters and air conditioning service), but in total even then it should be better than outside. And everything is fine, only that every other athlete in your city thinks so it will probably turn out that the pool is crowded, and the gym is busy with people with New Year's resolutions.


5. Trainer

If you do not like people, you can always stay at home and ride on Zwiftt. Maybe it will work for you, because you have good air, climate, plants, purifier and windmill at home. I start to drown on the trainer after 15 minutes without the window open wide. The option is off.


6. Food

Food is the basis of everything. There are people who say that some meals can help us fight toxins, smog and pollution in our interiors. For me, it makes sense: smog is in Mack, food is in Mack - maybe they can get into some reaction? It is true that one in the stomach, the other in the blood and lungs, but it's all one family. Let's start from the beginning: green tea and garlic are good at everything. Internet forums claim that they even treat cancer and leukemia. Of course, the water is peeing on the water, so something from Maciek is flying out - maybe the toxins are being sucked out with peeing? Although following this trail, spicy kebab should also be able to make it. These more serious pages also speak about: fruits, broccoli, sprouts, algae, avocados, nuts, citrus, seeds and onions.


7. Rinse the sinuses



In particular, after every major effort in the air. In your pharmacy there are various disgusting devices with a beautiful name, which you can use for this: pear, teapot, aspirator. Information on how to do it will be found here. It's such a disgusting activity, during which you pour liquid into one hole and he flies out the other. Of course, we're just talking about the nose here.


8. Moving

If we look closely at the above points and take into account that you can not practice in the mask, there remains only one thing: the worst advice ever - move. Personally, I recommend it California, about which I wrote recentlybut our Pomerania should be able to do it too. Seriously, the advice sounds stupid, but if you do not hold credit and work that you will not find anywhere else - why bother?




We will all die.


So back to the masks. I can not give a specific model to buy. There are a lot of factors, prices are different, and the producers probably cheat. With masks it is like with cycling shorts: the same model can be completely different on different buttocks - one passes and the other does not. You can also find a subjective test of some of them on Velonews, o here. The description looks sensible and I trust the author.

One thing is certain: the purchase price of the mask is ridiculously low compared to the equipment described on this blog, and it gives incomparably more. Just ask yourself: how much I can pay per minute for more. And above all: the more people look morosely in masks, the less idiot they look. So go and buy!


At the age of 60, knock on, probably most of us will already have some diseases of civilization. Destroyed lungs, cancer, anemia, problems with the circulatory system. It would be good to be able to say: I did everything I could in my youthinstead of wondering why I saved PLN 100 on the mask and PLN 800 on the air purifier.


I am finishing this post, because the more I write and read about the crap, the more panic I fall in ...