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Vienna Life Marathon Wilanów, or how I became a beater

* the full name is: Vienna Life Marathon Lang Team, but its length is proportional to the number of balloons for TdP, so I allowed myself to cut off.


If you do not like reading, the text shortcut looks like this: I did not win, I went stupid, I got tired terribly, the cross is faster on this route than 100% MTB.


competition town


This was not a MTB marathon

I do not want to make an entry hating this party, it's too mainstream. At the beginning it would be appropriate to mark several things: nowhere in the description of the race did I see the word MTB, so in theory it is not a highlander's race. The fact that almost everyone goes on MTB is probably just that MTB at home has almost everyone. There are also no hills, because where to get the hills around Wilanów for such a mass of people? The route is flat like a table and as straight as wire. Nobody tells anyone to start in such circumstances (okay - it orders, because the race is big, but it's sponsorship problems, unknown to me. Ah, and yet generalka after all). PLN 60 for the entry fee (no additional fees for the chip) is fair, considering what we get in return, although the route is not completely closed. I will say more, the tip is very open to car traffic. I do not know how in Wilanów it would be possible to do it well - it will not close every entry gate.


Wilanów - one of the most beautiful districts of Warsaw. In Wilanów, modernity combines with the centuries-old tradition. This is an extraordinary place where the great history of Poland and Europe meets with a dynamic, ever-changing present."- quote from the marathon, he he he ;-)


I do not remember when I last started in a marathon that is not road or strictly cross-country. Probably it was around 2010. At that time I was able to do some miracle (after the season in which I got the finisher for passing the 13th edition of the season - no life) to start from the first sector. The amount of aggression and nervousness in the peloton surpassed me so much that I switched from the fulla to the road. A beautiful decision.


competition town


Cycling is the hardest sport in the world, but piston on Mini, not Fondo

I admit honestly, I do not know how it is with a choice of distance. I sign up for the longest, because why not? Calculating PLN per kilometer is the best. What's more, on GRANDE FONDO (as you call it nice in the office of the competition, we prefer the term fondue) start sectors are not obligatory. Sectors is a funny thing, they are allocated for the best in last year's generics and ... according to the date of registration. I do not know if it is like in road cycling that a shorter distance is chosen, because it is impossible to drive a long one or more like running, where just a short distance is a different competition than the long one. I have some suspicions, but I do not want to offend anyone. After all, the longest one is just 86km long. Choosing a distance is a grateful topic for an entry that has a thousand comments. With 86km, I do 125 travels, which is a little bit of a pain in the cross-country, but it's Saturday. The next race is only tomorrow ;-)

As part of the race there was also organized the Polish Journalists Championship - it's nice, I would like to take part, although in general, I have not the best opinion about journalists. Only that these championships were at the mini distance :-)



Croquet - a dish of baked pancake with stuffing.

I compete on the most average of average bikes. It is so average that I lose the rear spoke before I reach the office yet. It's Trek Crockett on 105 - also called a croquet. Probably the most popular cross in the city. Simple, popular, reasonable prices, like croquettes. I bought it once from the European Vice-Champion in Duathlon (link to fanpejdża), so it can be slightly less ordinary. It's like a croquette chewed by ... I do not know pretty actresses, whatever I give here, someone will write that I have poor taste. After changing the tires to 35mm, it is ideal for this route. Without saying anything, I would say that the race in this race was faster.



The first route in the history of the world where the crossroads are the fastest

This is thanks to the route, which consisted of at least 50% of the very good bitumen, a bit of a very good, paved dirt road, a bit less of the same road only with large ruts and the eye of a 2.5-kilometer long section he was hopeless. On MTB, too, but less. It's so much grass that not only sucks, it still looks like a sinusoid. You can not sit down and you can not pedal while standing. It was here that I lost contact with people who rode beside me. Therefore, like a road race, I tried to go alone.


vienna life marathon

Pay attention to the riders on the right (next to the PCK container). People shortening the route with a sidewalk, between walkers are my idols.


I had no race assumptions. Not only that, waking up in the morning, I did not know what time it was to start, and standing at the start I asked my buddies how many kilometers the route is and whether it would be possible to pass. After the first kilometer I knew I would not win. The start was on the pavement and for good morning, I lost contact with the leaders. Basically it's with everyone. The peloton (saying the peloton, I mean in this text the peloton of people around 11 open and 3 in the category - the higher were out of competition) I caught up after a few kilometers of a lonely pursuit. The pursuit may not be lonely, but you know how it is - cross-country nobody can change, unless in heavy terrain. On the tarmac, sir yourself and pull everyone.



First round

The first wheel looks quite obvious, on the asphalt it is too slow, in this 2.5-kilometer area too fast. A small head took off and so much after them. At the end of the first lap (out of three), when I notice that this loop is made for cross-country, I go solo. Breaking at the shaft under the pretext that what a terrible shame when friends on the road see me riding in the peloton peloton. So I drive alone, it stays 60km to the finish line. Initially, I have problems to move away for more than 100-200 meters, but then we get to the gravel shaft, which is directed against the wind. I did not mention it, but the wind of the day was like in the best days in Pomerania. The wind was massacring. But really massacre. That's good, the advantage of the backbone is emphasized even more.

Driving at a steady pace, I get farther away. I like driving in the FTP area - at home they train mainly on the trainer. My 320W (about 4.4W / kg) is not impressive, but enough to make unsuccessful attempts. I am driving alone for almost 40 kilometers.



Round two

The second lap is ITT, at the beginning I am on the horizon of the riders - I am convinced that this is a headlamp. The worry grows a bit when I discover that it's just the beginning. Fortunately, it's a duble-full-culture:
- good morning, left, please
- oh, good morning, please, go ahead
- Thank you kindly and I apologize for the inconvenience.
Well - let's say it's almost. Some continue to "left please!" They react by going down to the left or panic and start slalom driving. With such a strong wmordeworld, the speed differences are very large - I would say even twice. At the end of the second lap, a drama takes place. I can hear the bike behind me, it can only mean one thing: the head of the shorter (faster) distance catches me. Exactly at the end of the heaviest and longest asphalt section. I turn my back on the crossroads and see what I was afraid of.



Third round

The third lap. I lost my peloton under the Medio distance. Thanks to this I have come (I think that thanks to this). Some two boys from Merida, such budgies-budgerigars, which do not descend from the circle whatever happens, they come in front of me. In fact, they run in the side of me, for which I thank them with a warm but vulgar word and we go on like this. I wkur *** ony, rest calmly in peletoniku. Asphalt begins, I think - Macio, now or never. At a corner with a straight angle, I throw a thousand watts out of a thousand and internally bypass everyone. Like Cavendish. Like Sagan. After 200 meters I turn around - they are gone, but I am a Cossack. But like this, Macia, you can lose your peloton from the field of view at 200 meters?



It turns out very simply. It was not a road race. Unfortunately, at this point, in this place, the man securing the route disappeared somewhere ... and there was an asphalt road exit. I made a mistake, I turn back, I will never catch up with them again. Road accustomed to getting lost.


route error


Then it's depression, a fight with cramps, a sense of loss and misfortune. I can color a little, because I still have the feeling that it's a great workout, but still. 10 kilometers before the finish I am already traveling with two debris who have fallen somewhere along the way. One of them tells me for 15 minutes that everyone has seen me change the route with asphalt (bypassing the worst grass) and that I am a crook. Initially I discuss, then I notice that it does not make sense. For 20 minutes, none of them give a change even for a moment, they do it only on the line, dropping centimeters in front of me. Classic :-)



Everything hurts me: back, hands, fingers, dignity. However, if you were thinking next year, what bike to take, do not change the opinion. The cross is the fastest here.

I rarely traveled, I lost as usual. It's good that the pasta at the finish is good (it consists of the proper pasta, garlic and parmesan cheese), because it's terribly cold. I would even buy some cold tea, but in an official food tent it cost 4 zlotys.

That's it. After returning home, I deliberately broke a number so that such ideas would not come to my mind anymore.


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