[dropcap] About [/ dropcap] from time to time a phone rings to me. Rare but still. This time he called during my normal office work. When the screen displays from whom, I already know that there will be an adventure - I have a list of people marked with a special star. A phone call from them means that I will be tired, sleepy and happy. Ever since a friend last year, during one of the indistinguishable Sunday routes, asked if I didn't want to end up in the Alps, and a week later I was already sitting at Stelvio, I decided not to refuse any travel offers. I am permanently sleepy, hungry, cold, etc. I have the impression that everyone knows about it, thanks to why I spend my weekends at home very rarely. This time the question was from the thicker category: "Hi Maciek, do you want to jump on Giro? By the way, check Merida's new bikes. "- the answer was obvious, regardless of the current budget, employment and free time. I know that nobody wants to read many letters, so below is a brief summary. Thank you very much for the trip highway and Merida Polska :)


Hotel. 25 hours of travel with friends from Sport Review, Eurosport,  Bikeboardu and Merida and we're there. In the mountains, in the middle of nothing. Along the way, we are defeated by motorway gates that do not give the rest. I do not know if by oiling the Austrian 50 cent pay toilet system in favor of the nearby trees, I will be able to make up for this irreparable loss for the rest of my life.




Room. The last floor - view of the pool, waterfall, 100 bikes and ... a valley. Beautifully, in my student scale, I give him 7 stars out of 5. On the second day, the waterfall bothers you a bit, the third one has the impression that the cistern broke down and the water is still flying, the fourth brain begins to cut out certain frequencies.




So I'm going to get my bike and check the first better way around. You can choose between uneven bicycles, rigid bikes, bicycles "evenly all", each with a 25mm tire. It quickly turns out that the hotel was quite high, but the surrounding towns, perfectly integrated into the surrounding hills, are higher. They also have a better view.




Still a little driveway and the town that were upstairs become towns "down there somewhere". A 6-kilo bike seems to be coming up, but 28% of driveways do their job.



Goodnight, the main designer Merida tells about new bikes. Some people are asleep, some are sleeping. In half an hour the world will be informed that the lightest mass-produced bicycle appears on the market. It weighs about 4.5 kg. And that Lampre also goes on a new model, but different. Journalists are happy because this information on the bank will go well ... that is, it will go away if they can find the internet in this place in the middle of nothing.




Another day. Breakfast again and again straight for the bike. This time in a group. Anyone who starts with Hans and Steffen the first morning has the full choice - accessories, model, size, pedals. In front of the car with a photographer, so everyone wants to be right behind him - the hills quickly verify such ideas. With a double wrong, it's better not to have a photo for your magazine than to have one with a glut to the waist and in the color of purple and blue. I'm getting pretty cool ... but vertically. What will I do with the vertical photo?




We were communicating. The group ride will only return at the top. Until then, we will be moving slowly, with our head down, pretending that we took photos along the way. Or something else.




The turns are sharp, steep, gravel surface. From time to time, a man in a yellow vest appears, whose main task is to remind you that a place is coming where it is easy to die. Maybe for the sake of us, maybe for thousands of euro bikes. In any case, very kind of them. Journalists do not pay for risking their lives, but the windscreen machines have something that encourages people to cross ... their skills.




Finally in the city. In the end, we feel at home. How to leave during the rush hour with Domaniewska. Only scooters more. And the rules are more like suggested behavior than duties. Everywhere pink, cheerful, press and stress free. Stress-free for locals - as always in this area.




Then it's only 60 times a thousand samojebek on the way back and we're at home. In a hotel in a sense, for dinner.




It's not true, it's never like that. Always someone will shout: "Who is the first Nibali in the tower!" Besides, like at dinner, but not at all. Why eat food when you can still spin a little bit. We realize that not only sleep is unnecessary, but also food. Breakfast, dinner and a quick bar should be enough for everyone to live. It does not matter that he burned from 5000kcal during the day.




So we're pushing on those roads leading up and down counting how much time we have. You can always take a minute or two to check what is behind the next corner. Turns unfortunately do not end, and even changing the elevator on the run up the stairs, and brushing your teeth on Mentos, time is not enough for us to see everything we want. The views are too beautiful, the roads too undisturbed, COMES such intact ....




But back to dinner - it is the most joyful part of the day. 5 dishes with names, the reading of which is definitely longer than the time of eating them. The total meal time is about 2 hours. That's more or less what I do for the waiters to report all the plates. A good example is "Grilled tuna steak served with a bouquet of seasonal vegetables" (in the picture below, the second from the right) - I think that I forgot all the adjectives in this name.




Whoever has ever cycled this will understand the problem. In the place where the nearest store is an unreachable number of steps after a day of riding and running, food is essential. We quickly develop a way to survive looking at the bread, oil, salt and pepper lying on the table. We discover that bread can be put into indefinitely and appears complemented rather quickly. We overcome the problem of plates by ordering coffee, which is served with a saucer. We do not immediately fall for it - in principle, only when our napkins are completely saturated with oil and there are no items that can be set to hide it. In order not to be ashamed, we pretend to be Georgians. I mean, it seems to us, because none of us knows how to do it, but the waiters probably do not know it either. Maybe they think.




Then it's just better, because I'm in a place where champagne greets me and an endless table of appetizers. 




However, they are all intact, and this can only mean one thing. There is something more interesting than food and alcohol .... And it does not happen often. Well, I'm on the roof of the hotel. In the center of San Remo. Ahead of me journalists, a full team of Lampre Merida. On the right gentlemen from GCN. Can it be better? "Well, no sondze."




The end of the first part. Continued soon ...