Forest cow

a place from the past

All this beautiful and not very interesting story begins so that I was supposed to go to Męcikał (or Męcikała - depending on how much local is) sow grass. We inherited a house there, to which we invite people and nobody comes, because someone once wrote that there is sand everywhere. At least that's what I explain to myself. I even did about the neighborhood once a post and invited leading Polish bloggers like (here is a video), but it did not help - no one comes yet and the main attraction for us is a courier or a garbage truck. But whatever.

Męcikał, with Leśna Krówka located near Mąkowarskie, has one thing in common - you think that no one has heard of these places, and then it turns out that everyone was there in their youth camps. Such where a person was afraid to go through a dark forest to a house 100 meters away pissing, so he pissed a meter from the entrance to the cottage, and then he had to clean the center as a penalty.

This weekend, the boys from Koło Ultra were going to Leśna Krówka to organize the Traveler Marathon, which happened there this year. I thought that I would take a ride and then travel 40 km by bike to Męcikał. I would have been able to do it better if I had taken the keys to the cabin with me. Not taking them made me spend less than 4 days behind the sign "Society of Forest Fudge Lovers and Active Recreation" Relax Association "- can there be a better place for a weekend than such a scout resort? Probably maybe, but it was still pretty good. Could it be wrong in a resort that has a coastline like the one in the photo below?
Facts as prosaic as falling asleep in a hooded sweatshirt so as not to freeze up and the logistics related to one contact shared by 4 people I will ignore, because these are topics for the weak.


that is, identically nice everywhere

I will tell you (using the text) that the areas in the Bydgoszcz - Piła - Koszalin - Tri-City square are very good. The more I go there, the more they surprise me - recently I have become a fan of the Sępólno area, but mainly because I have never wondered if there is anything there at all - what for? In general, it is like this: some hills, some very good and very bad roads (but very empty), a lot of off-road roads and, above all, completely pointless asphalts - such new carpets run through the middle of the forest, connecting nothing at all. Besides, nothing epic and nothing that will generate a thousand likes under the photo.

I have nothing interesting to say about them, but looking for flavors is a good job. For example, you are driving through an unremarkable village called Krzywogoniec and you see the Zielona Mila Holiday House. Whoever has seen the film and knows the genesis of its name, laughs - or is not exactly laughing.

Or a walk over the old railway bridge between the lakes or a marked funnel after a V-2 rocket explosion, or a free Wielonek ferry. A special memory is passing sheets with the inscription "You are following the road of shame in the Tuchola poviat - the inhabitants are sorry". Then even driving on the worst asphalt becomes a bit more pleasant. In America, they would probably make it an attraction called "the worst road in the world" and people from other continents would come to see it. Probably, we could organize an event there called HardaSukaAsfaltowa and people instead of complaining about the condition of the surface, would be glad that their wrists were breaking. In return, they would get a "I Rode the Road of Shame on the Road" T-shirt. You know - like in those runmageddon where the biggest attraction would be a guy hitting you in the face at the finish line. Then you can stand in the company kitchen and say that it was great or shout "I'm hardcore!".

It is worth adding that on the 350 km that divides Warsaw and Leśna Krówka, there is not a single store - at least on the route designated by Google Maps. At most, in Koronowo, you can drive through the center and, like us, visit Żabka at 10:57 pm, hoping that we will not be thrown out. In the area with food facilities, it is also rather difficult.

But again I drifted somehow from the subject - the roads next to the Krówka Leśna look something like this:

Traveler's Marathon

You can read about the marathon itself, routes, ideas, etc. here.

My main activity for 2 or 3 days was hanging around the organizers and making the impression that I was doing something urgent and needed. Corporate habits got into my blood a bit too much. The most sensible task was to stop non-existent traffic for 1.5 hours, while subsequent groups of participants started. This is one of those corporate activities when you give the junior a text to rewrite, and when he's done you show him the CTRL + C and CTRL + V key combination. So out of boredom, I took tens of thousands of steps around the area to take pictures with a camera that may not have any zoom, but is very expensive. The lack of zoom combined with the fact that regardless of the distance you move away from the start, everything looks exactly the same, made it a bit more difficult. Respect for Bartek (Ultra photographer's wheel) if he conjures up a good gallery out of it. If the difference in distance between the first and last rider reaches some 200 km on the route, and they report to the finish line between 18:00 and 12:00 the next day, it is difficult to plan.

At the same time, you would like to be at the finish line to look for this empty sight, as well as near Męcikał, where the temperature reaches 0.5 ° C instead of the announced 8 ° C. Let's agree, the best photos of such events are either with the gaze that looks at nothingness and looks a little for the meaning of life, and a little bit of nothing, or a face that has several hundred kilometers in its legs, asphalt resembles Roubaix pavement sections, and clothes are intended for 10 ° C more ... and of course the nearest store is 50 km away.

In the photos below it doesn't exist - there are only people, a forest and a blurred background ... sometimes a spider eating a snail.


However, a visit to the finish line is a completely different experience. As a man who avoids taking pictures of his face, I still do not know if a given face is "I can give you a shot - go away with this camera" or "take a picture of me so that I have an argument confirming the rightness of displaying the bike on OLX". Because the emotions at the finish line are very different, although completely different than those known to me from races, where there is only one winner (and a dozen more self-proclaimed ones who won with each other and are a better version of themselves from yesterday). There are no classification and places here, only the time limit - which, despite being exorbitant, has not been exceeded by anyone.

The worst part of it is that you think that you would be willing to take part in something like this yourself. But that's a topic for a completely different story.

It was, I'm not lying. I really respect that you have scrolled until here.