In January 2020, I'm not a better version of myself from January 2019,
my FTP is lower,
our sporting ambitions have disappeared somewhere,
the prize shelf has not grown,
kilos came
I stopped looking at others
I sold a trainer, a time trial, the foam got dusty,

I reached Góra Kalwaria 14 times,
of which 10 just to eat a cake,
I lost 879 hours for sports
climbing Everest over 18 times,
but I saw a lot
I've done a lot of stupid stuff
and I do not regret it

and this is not an online entry titled:
& #8222; look how I take it ** #8221;
this is:
& #8222; look and take ideas or drop yours & #8221;
& #8230; while you can, because no one knows what will happen in a year or three

2018 finished in Morocco statement
that there are quite a large number of countries in the world,
which Panda will definitely not visit anymore
(unless cultural differences decrease slightly)

And this is her
great time on Belgian Championships
in cross-country cycling.

This whole Netherlands
it's great at all
because it was raining
or it was raining
it's good that there are no hills for it,
because the wind can accelerate

But during the city-break in Amsterdam
Panda discovers a new passion:
enjoying the cheese

It's Piotrek
somewhere but no one knows where
at a distance of about 80km from Valencia.
He just discovers that it's cold in winter there,
his hands are already too cold to dress warmer.

For the first time on a bicycle I freeze so much that I can't ride straight.
We stop the downhill ride just to get back up the hill and not freeze.

About 4 hours taken out of life
trying to push two bikes into one suitcase
tickets in Ryan so expensive,
never again.

I'm traveling with a suitcase on the expressway
I'm going downhill right now
straight to the hotel

We pay a total of PLN 1313 for all these holidays in warm countries
with flights, bicycles, sleeping, food, rides,
it's moderate but funny
I don't really go back to Valencia.


Panda discovers
that gravel can do anything
as they said
but probably not in Świnoujście

We recognize the island of Usedom
for the best place in the world
thanks to herring sandwiches

Podgorica is scary
but the neighborhood is not
why nobody said that before

The road is cool
will go everywhere
but maybe this gravel & #8230;

Albanian-Montenegrin border,
crossing is illegal,
so we don't cross
and this picture is lying

Pig at a roundabout in the mountains,
says Albania is great
we have a new goal

Cursed mountains
you see and know
next month you will go through their middle
& #8230; and you get stuck in the snow to your knees

If you don't kill a driver in Montenegro,
then you will kill yourself.
My whole life is summed up here,
when the snow fell
& #8230; but the photo is

You see Albania
you think it's cool
so soon you will check in there

And you go to the mountains what you had to go
but it turns out that it is not yet time

For this Albania & #8230;
how to live?

Also on a bicycle,
especially gravely,
only King Kong was missing

Panda canceled World War III,
from their atomic shelter near Tirana
a director like that

And we went safely to Macedonia,
Ohrid Lake was a bit surprised
because it's kind of like a lake.
And Quran & #8211; the best fish in the world

I haven't heard in my life

Let the senses even out
Łukasz and I went to the ugliest city in the world
& #8230; va fa Napoli

From where a stone's throw to the Amalfi Coast,
which I see for the first time
and the last one

Also close to Santuario Di Montevergine,
I did not know,
I knew Łukasz for it,
who died there

After something like that you can rest only in one place,
Bornholm, the most peaceful island in the world:

Where Panda has an accident
and breaks the helmet
in this most peaceful place in the world

For consolation, we ride the Trail of the Eagles' Nests,
this is good

If he looks good,
you can find hotels and feel like
what our perceptions about Albania looked like
& #8230; in Olkusz

June & #8211; 2 weeks in Podkarpackie,
shock like never before in this country (cycling)

It's romantic
sometimes too much

Panda starts the manufacture improving bikes,
we are rich again

In July we go with Piotr (other) and Mateusz to Norway
we have traveled a long route,
regeneration will last 3 years

One day,
terribly tired of the previous day,
we did 240km and over 4km vertically,
in rain and frost,
thick tire
bringing food, clothes and a cup for example
for the second day in a row we quit cycling and we wanted to die

& #8230; but we could not, because we had 6 such days.

Norway was very wet for a while,
then very hot
I do not know how this happened,
that we survived

time leaves only positives
so we'll probably say it again,
even though silly, memories of a lifetime

We're going to Świętokrzychy,
once again this year.
It is so boring that I lie sick in bed all next week.
As a consolation, the drone falls from the sky & #8230; my

And then in Jeseníky,
Jeseníky are excellent,
the photo from the trip is on the cover of the ROAD.
I have achieved everything in my life.

We discover the Suwałki region,
we decide to go back there,
once they are at home gravele. 

We try to relax without a bike,

I'm going with Łukasz in the Sowie Mountains,
Wojtek joins us with his friends,
there is even Boris from the ROAD

It's great again
again an area I don't know
I decide to go back again
with wider rubber

Autumn is coming
we are starting to bikepacking to Ostrava,
we discover a direct train connection,
a new life is born & #8211; now I will travel everywhere by train

Classic Czechs
greet classic Poles

November is a longer stay in Taiwan,
we are very wet

And then it's very
very good

And we are doing one of the largest road climbs in the world & #8230;
and certainly one of the most famous

We will be back to Taiwan,
I think faster than we think.

We finally manage to buy a gravele,
Nobody expected the factors.
I bet that the most unreasonable bicycle life purchase.
Whatever & #8230;

I'm going to baptism on the best path of the world & #8211; trenches

I'm in Vegas in December,
it is snowing, cold and blowing.
My feet freeze on the bike.

It's not better in San Francisco

Through renovations on Big Sur,
I'm exploring the interior of California.
It still blows, pours and is medium

After several hundred kilometers driven south
hope appears
a new hop (e)

So I'm coming to Mexico
taco, taco

One week later,
coincidence unknown to us,
we are checking in in Hong Kong

It turns out,
that walking can be better
than a bicycle

And Hong Kong does not connect with our image of it at all

New Year's Eve
the worst firework show in the world,
in place of,
which is known for the best fireworks shows in the world.

I'm tired,
I need to rest

Because when someone asks me
where I see you next year
I certainly won't answer:

& #8222; frozen to the bone,
soaked to dry thread,
crowding with girlfriend and buddies,
covered with random Taiwanese jackets,
who stood by the road
to warm us in your car & #8221;

Yes one must you don't have to live
& #8230; but it is interesting and recommended